Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1239

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“Do you know why I hate evil?” Sirone said.

“It is because they mistakenly believe that happiness and unhappiness are equivalent exchanges. If you hear ten compliments and ten insults, does that person have to be extremely calm?”

Sirone’s fist hit Harbitz in the face.

“100 million!”

“… … No wonder you feel dirty.”

The human mind is not neutral.

“Don’t try to be the same over and over again. No human being puts equal value on happiness and unhappiness. There is not a single person in the world who wants to be unhappy. Even you, who enjoyed pleasure by preying on countless humans… …

As the particle destruction magic poured down, Harvits collapsed on the floor and howled.


“Isn’t this one more painful now?”

why the hell

“I want to bully others somehow, so I bring up logic that doesn’t work… …

Sirone grabbed Havitz’s head with both hands and applied the magic again.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

Sparks flew in Havitz’s eyes, and blood flowed from his eyes, nose, and mouth.

“Why do I have to forgive you guys?”

Sirone almost cried.

“say it! I’ve been happy up until now, so it’s okay to be in pain! You mocked others like that, so you should laugh!”

In order to reach Ultima, even evil must be accepted with heart, but… … .

Sirone couldn’t bear to swallow it.

“Say, dear Satan.”

Twelve Siok, whose faces were charred, approached Habitz in the Koonggeumonggeum gear.

“Kuaaa! Aagh!”

Havitz let out a groan and peered into his own brain as if he had gone out of body.

The feeling of light running at a speed that is not in the world.

“Uh uh uh uh?”

When the accident reached the point where it was impossible, strange words came out without realizing it.

“… … mom.”

Surprised even after spitting it out himself, he suddenly came to his senses and invoked vanishing.

‘Let’s run away.’

Anywhere is fine, to a place without Yahweh.

‘I know how, so it’s okay. I don’t have to kill him. Giyorgi just needs to kill him.’

Sirone stood up.


He had already anticipated Havitz’s vanishing, so he murmured.


As the brilliance of light spread like an explosion, Havitz’s chin trembled after the vanishing was released.


“Huh! Whoops!”

Unable to even look back, he ran with all his might.

‘ mom.’

Was it a dream, or was it a near-death experience created by the destruction of brain cells?

Havitz let out a silly laugh as he ripped the flesh off his tattered face.


I didn’t actually see anything.

I just felt it, realized it, and knew what kind of existence I was in this world.

‘Why is it chaos?’

Because there is no need to protect anything.

” mom.”

He didn’t mind the fact that his skin was peeling, he said like a child with a seagull laugh.

“I want to have fun.”

At the same time as he finished speaking, Elikia’s flash flew towards Havitz’s back.

“Protect Satan!”

The moment Shi-ok blocks the road, the flash spreads like electricity and burns them all.


Shiok, which had turned to ashes, stayed in the air for a long time without being washed away by rainwater, and then disappeared.

Sirone’s expression was calm.


Even before coming here, he had guessed that he couldn’t kill Havitz.

‘Satan can transcend the law and avoid Yahweh. If he so set his mind.’

Perhaps if he had activated Elikia from the beginning, Havits would have run away without a word.

“I hope it was a little comforting.” Caught in the clutches of the stars of the ivory tower and Satan

I hoped to realize at least a little the suffering of the victims.


When I heard Harvitz, a few things came to my mind, but they were just hypotheses.

‘Rather… …

The Paladins of Lamigyo and the warriors of the south were still continuing the slaughter battle.



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Chieftain Ntara approached with support.


“I watched you fight Havitz. It seems that Elicia’s strength was lacking.”

“I would have run away anyway. It is a law that cannot be resolved by direct conflict between me and Satan.”

That’s why Wizards were needed.

“is it? Anyway, the situation is tight. Those zealots seemed to want to enter the temple.”

Sirone looked back at Yin, who had lost her mind.

‘Those who lose heart and follow the will of God. Perhaps what you’re aiming for… … It must be Maya.’

The reason is unknown, but Maya’s death is recorded meaningfully in future information.

Sirone remembered the words of Youkus Man.

– The singing voice was so loud that I had to stop it. There was so much singing, it had to cover the planet. Thicker, thicker, thicker… … .

‘Maybe it has something to do with this? But there is too little information to make hasty conclusions.’

Sirone said.

“I will stop you. Please help me.”

Satan has fled and Shiok has been wiped out, so now only Yin’s faction remains.

“Of course I should, but… …

Euntara looked back at the main road and said.

“Can you stop everything?”

Where Sirone turned his head, a procession of phosphorus filled his field of vision.

It felt like people from all over the world were rushing in.

“… … We have to stop it.”

After activating the Miracle Stream, Sirone swept the front of the crowd with her Hand of God.


I felt a great shock.

‘magnetic field.’

If it is just an object, it can be changed according to Yahweh’s will, but oparts are different.

‘If Yin is God’s long-term partner… …

Existence is the extreme of the law, and each of them was as strong as Nane’s sermon.


Cirone grabbed people with the Hand of God and swung her arms while clenching her teeth.

Hundreds of people broke away, but many more missed as if grabbing water.

‘… … It’s not easy.’ However, if it was destroyed with magic, it might be a massacre of mankind.

People said in one voice.


It was a message from God to Sirone.

“You are an error.” Maybe.

In a cold and indifferent world, creatures might have had to live by simply obeying the law.


Sirone’s eyes widened.

“We will define it.” To move toward a world where there is no discrimination, no more sacrifice, no terrible misfortune.

“The master of this world is the mind.”

Sirone spread the Miracle Stream to the limit and swept away the crowd of people.

oh oh oh oh!

As if the world was screaming, the streets were shaken by the conflict between the heart and the law.


Amid all the laws denying the heart, Sirone’s eyes exploded with brilliance.

“This concludes all the official schedules of the temple… …

Applause spread throughout the annex.

No one clapped carelessly, but their expressions hardened.

Everyone was thinking the same thing.

‘The aftermath of the front door collision is not coming. maybe even stop it then… …

Should I kill Maya?

‘If you go by vote, Tormia has an overwhelming advantage. But I don’t know yet. If you seek a reversal here, the result will be reversed.’

The desire to become a world leader instigated the kings of each country endlessly.

“Then, from now on, there will be a finale performance to pray for peace in the temple. Please greet them with applause.”

match… … .

A few people bumped their palms, but it became quiet again, as if they had promised.

Perhaps it was his hesitation about sending a welcome signal to the person he was about to kill.

“uh… …

The moderator was embarrassed, but skillfully led the talk.

“Now, let me introduce you! It is a pannier band, a performance performed by the world’s best artists.”

Applause broke out as if to make up for the mistake of a moment ago, and 36 artists came out on stage.

Rufist said.

“Sirone is blocking well. I’ll be able to hold on until the show is over. If so, has the future changed?”

The albino’s eyes narrowed.

“Hmm, there are still a few variables. First of all, Basak, the king of Iron. According to the prophecies of the future, he will kill Maya and take over the world map. I will definitely move.”

To seize the fate given to oneself.

“But now everyone knows the future. Other countries won’t leave it alone. If we can stop Iron here, we can change the future.”

No matter what Fermi was thinking, Rufist judged for Tormia’s sake.

“I agree, but it will already be in the calculation.”


“About Fermi and Syrone. The two guys share the same information, but their actions are opposite. Fermi knows but doesn’t want to change, and Sirone knows but wants to change.”

“Because that’s how it is.”

“This is the point. Shall we say that those two steps seem to split God’s calculations into two? Sirone will do her best to stop the procession of phosphorus. However, since it is also under God’s calculation, God bypasses Yahweh and carries through with the result. And the result of that implementation… …

Rufist realized.

“Fermi again… … changed it’?”

“That would be a strategy. Perhaps Sirone knew. I’m sure you’ve found a way to control the information in some way. That is the true meaning of deceiving the gods. Are you saying they’re both insane? I came up with a very stupid idea.”

Lufist had the same idea.

“Anyway, the future is up there as far as we think. No matter what happens right now, that will not be the true future.”

As long as Fermi controls information.

‘then… …

Rufist stood side by side on the stage and examined the entertainers one by one.

‘What is the future we don’t know about?’ Pope Constantine strolled through the aisles.

“Oh, Pope.”

Even though she was not a member of Lamie religion, she was a world-famous celebrity, so the ladies-in-waiting paid their respects.

“Yes, it’s a lot of work.”

“What are you doing here? If you’re like the Pope, in the annex… …

The maid’s expression became blank.

” ah.”

A blue light flashed in her eyes for an instant, and then the emotion disappeared from her face.

“Follow the truth of Lamie religion.”

“… … yes.”

The maid turned that way and headed for the inn where the temple staff were staying.

Perhaps in a few hours, most people in Delta will become Lamies.

“What is the problem?”

And Pope Constantine belatedly moved to the annex.

“What God wants.”

As the entertainers played music under the direction of Panier, El Qiana took the lead.

Her voice singing world peace was so beautiful that it seemed like light was flowing.

But the crowd did not waver.

‘When will I kill you?’

What they are waiting for is the moment when Maya gets the spotlight in the center of the stage.

‘According to the prophecy, Iron killed him after the performance. We have to hit first before that.’

Panier could not see the audience, but felt a chill run down his spine.

‘What is it?’

I’ve done a lot of performances, but this was the first time.

‘Next, Maya.’

Panier, who had come to his senses, turned his gaze to Maya and nodded slightly.

The spotlight moved and Maya stepped out to the center of the stage with a calm gait.

Officials from around the world widened their eyes.

‘Is it now? now?’

Turning to the audience, Maya raised her eyes slightly and slowly parted her lips.

“I… …

The shock of that moment.

“When I was very young.”

By stimulating people’s heartstrings to such an extent that they can’t even think of the world’s map country or the muddy murder intent.

“Meet a boy.”

It evoked a stillness more still than stillness.

“I loved you.”

Everyone’s eyes were wet as she smiled as she had just finished a line.

‘Why did you kill me after the performance?’

Albino realized.

‘maybe… … It must be because I couldn’t kill him.’

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