Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1237

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While waiting for the official ceremony at the Delta Annex, the temple operations team came in first.


The face of the operation team leader was flushed.

“I think the event will be delayed by about 10 minutes. Currently, the annex has been converted to a Level 2 alert area and… …

Leaders of each country who had heard this far acquired information more quickly through direct channels.

Dante’s subordinates also approached from Tormia.

“President of the association.”

“what’s the matter?”

“A skirmish broke out at the main entrance of Delta Headquarters. The target is the warriors of the south and the Anti-Magic Department of Lamie.”

Rufist asked.

“Nambang and Lamigyo?”

“yes. that is… …

The albino stopped talking.

“They are from the pyramid side. Did you come to the temple after all? When does it start?”

“The time of the engagement is 9:45. Also, Yahweh and Satan have joined the battlefield.”

‘Were you there?’

It is clear that it is currently the hottest place in the temple, but there is something that has not yet been explained.

“I think you’d better avoid it.” The informant lowered his voice.

“According to intelligence, something is a little strange. I heard that the moment you come into contact with the people coming from the pyramid, you lose your will and join the crowd as if hypnotized.”

Rufist said.

“Personal wave. If all of them are Oparts, it means that the sphere of influence of the magnetic field can also be moved.”

“yes. Currently, the annex is designated as a Level 2 boundary area and is not accessible. We have taken measures to allow up to two people, including heads of state, to leave the temple secretary’s office.”

Nobody moved.

‘If the future information is true, the World Map Bureau may be decided here. Even if it’s not, the vote is tomorrow morning. If the king runs away, his cause is lost.’

Only the secretaries from each country were busy talking, and the annex was chilly and quiet.

Rufist asked.

“How dangerous is it? What is the probability that the Pyramid’s crowd will break through the headquarters and reach the annex?”

Dante would have analyzed it.

“Fifty percent. It depends on what judgment Yahweh and Havitz make.”

‘Fifty percent.’

It was the most human and meaningless number.

“No, 100 percent.”

said the albino.

“It’s all sorted out now. Why did Fermi provide future information to countries? What he feared was not that the Kingdom of Iron would become the world’s leader. I was afraid of a future where Maya might not die.” the informant asked.

“What does that mean? So you’re saying that Kessia also wants Maya to die?”

“No, not exactly… …

The albino looked back at the empty seat of King Kessia.

“It must be what God wants.”

Lufist’s eyes sparkled.

“It’s a human wave. If the reason they flock to the temple is to kill Maya… …

“okay. Sirone won’t be able to stop it. And we will also be swept away by the wave of phosphorus and kill Maya. Most of this place will lose their minds.”

“But I don’t quite understand. Why does Fermi obey God’s will? There has never been any intelligence that Kessiah has contact with the Kingdom of Paras.”

“Hehe. Hehehe.”

The albino laughed like someone with itchy lungs.

“I know what you are going to do.” The laughter stopped.

“Fermi doesn’t want to change the future. Information entropy must always be zero.”

“What does that mean in this situation?”

“I know the future.”

The albino raised his index finger.

“The pitfall of updating information. Living without knowing the future, and knowing the future but not making any changes. It looks the same at first glance, but the quality of the information is completely different.”

“Because you can choose.”

“okay. That’s the power of information. For example, there is a trap on the road. I fell into a trap without knowing it. And again, this time assuming you know the trap. And yet I fell into a trap again.”

“The result is the same. But is it really the same? No one will think so. Because I chose the latter. Fermi doesn’t want to change the future. If I had known the trap and had gone the other way… …

“It’s the unknown again.”

“okay. Another pitfall may arise. No, the option to leave it is forfeited. The more entropy increases, the narrower the range that can be controlled.”

The albino twisted his beard.

“The core of this design will be sirone. Because it is the subject that changes the world, information must be blocked. This must be the identity of the sense of incongruity felt in Sirone and Fermi’s actions.”

Rufist faced the front.

“What are you waiting for? Protecting the future so that the world can reach this point…

Because it means something much more terrible will happen in the future.

“You are bold.”

Lufist nodded.

“yes. But it would be impossible.”

“That’s something I don’t know. A liar who only tells the truth. I wondered what the hell he was doing… …

Looking up at the ceiling, the albino tore his mouth.

“Are you going to cheat God?”

King Fermi of Kessia did not go to the annex and found Seriel’s room.


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The good thing about being together was the same with Seriel, but I was worried as well.

“Can I really not go? It’s an important position.”

“It won’t be fun.”

Seriel, who was leaning on Fermi’s shoulder, straightened her upper body.

“What kind of weird things are you up to? Looking at your expression, I’m sure

uh.” Seriel hesitated at Fermi’s coy gaze.

“What, what?”

“we… … Shall we get married?”

“Do you even say that in a situation like this? It seems smart, but sometimes it’s weird.”

He coldly refused the proposal, but in fact it was because he suddenly felt afraid.

Seriel asked softly again.

“Why are you doing that? Could something bad happen to you? huh? So let’s get married… …

“Haha, this is why competent people are tired. no other meaning I just thought of you when I saw you.”

“no. You will never be that kind of person.” Fermi was genuinely hurt.

“Tell me clearly. Then I won’t ask anything else. Are you, are you okay? yes?”

“How am I supposed to know that? You could hit your foot on the corner of the desk right now.”

“Don’t talk back.”

“I’m not talking about it, this is a battlefield. What will happen if you do this and that… … Ugh!”

Seriel, who knocked Fermi to the bed, climbed onto his back.

“ouch! it hurts……

Tears welled up in her eyes.


Contemplating, he opened his mouth.

“… … Apocalypse’s information doesn’t say that I’m particularly wrong.”

“also! Don’t try to fool me with the truth! I’m not wrong, I’ll be by Seriel’s side even after this war, just say this!”

Because Fermi doesn’t lie.

“Look! Also, you… …

“I am.”

The words continued over and over again.

“It won’t go wrong. I will definitely be by your side even after this war is over.”

Seriel whimpered and added.

“… … alive.”

“Ha ha, yes. alive.”

Only then did she relax and fell on Fermi’s chest.

“You keep talking nonsense. If you say that one more time, I will kill you.”

did you hate it that much?


Fermi looked out the window.

“… … it’s raining.”

“What are you talking about? The moment Seriel asked why it was raining all of a sudden with a puzzled expression, he heard the sound of rain like a rainy season.

‘Mother, knowing the future is difficult.’

Fermi thought.

I hope even this sound of rain I hear now is a lie.

The violent noise at the main gate of Delta seemed to be buried underground by the sudden rain.

Sirone and Havitz, who were soaked in an instant, did not take their eyes off each other.

Sirone asked.

“Why didn’t you run away?”

According to the law of the beginning of birth, Satan can escape from Yahweh forever.


Havitz’s gaze was also cold.

“Why didn’t you kill me?”

If he had only intended to destroy the vanishing, Satan would have cut Euntara intact.

“Should I guess?”

Harvits said, closing one eye.

“Because once an hour is the only opportunity given to you. If I dodge your attack, then it’s over.”

“Can I avoid it?” “Don’t say anything. I know why a coward like you struggles to hold on.”

There are now less than two hours left for the final confrontation between truth and lies to end.

‘In the meantime, one fact must be proved


The proposition Harvitz proposed was to kill Urin or kill Sirone by midnight.

‘If I kill Sirone here, I’ll gain the upper hand.’

Of course, the propositions of the wizard are the kind that can be cleared as much as you want.

‘Love me or hate me.’ according to your mind.

‘If you love me, you don’t have to win. If you hate it, then I too… …

It’s enough if you do whatever you want.

“A coward?” As Havitz’s temperament changed, purple life began to leak out.


12 fanatics rose from the ground.

“It is Satan.”


At the same time as Satan’s instructions were given, 12 people surrounded Sirone.

‘And I… …


Shi-ok whispered as Havits, who had escaped from the law, aimed at Sirone’s back.


The 12 hidden codes are the power to ridicule the world.


whatever you want

Joy and aspiration, conquest and domination, all the wishes you could hope for after being born as a human are all within you.

Sirone still had a cold expression.

‘It won’t work.’

Observing the situation from the rear, Havits put strength into the hand holding the long sword.

‘But I win.’

The reason Vanishing has been destroyed so far is because Havitz followed the rules.

‘That’s no fun.’ Right, Vulcan?

Harbitz charged through the tunnel outside Sirone’s perception, aiming his sword.

Yahweh’s back seemed wider today.

‘you can do it.’

Above all, God’s frequency.

I feel a great sense of incongruity, but I haven’t heard the name Habits anywhere.

‘Still, it’s the closest among humans in the world. He’s definitely annoying.’

Habitz, who had finally penetrated the prison, held out his sword with strength in his eyes.


At that moment, a tremendous shudder ran down my spine.


The moment the knife touches Sirone’s back, Havitz’s elbow bends at the same speed as he is moving forward.


When it seemed that that would not be enough, he hurriedly passed by Sirone and rolled on the ground.

“Sah, dear Satan… …

Vanishing was released, but Sirone just stood there.

‘Is that so?’

To realize it only after coming to the end of the world.

“Are you okay?”

As if he couldn’t even hear Si-ok’s voice, Havits sat with a blank expression on his face.

‘Why couldn’t I kill him?’

There was only one feeling at that moment.

run away

Harvits watched his fingers tremble against his will.

I couldn’t even think of fear because it didn’t define anything.

“Come on?”

It never felt good.

When I stabbed the back of my left hand with the handle of my sword, the bones of my left hand were broken.

“What, why are you like this? huh? yes? Come on?”


Havits, who had been moving her arms indifferently as if breaking a stone, stopped moving at Sirone’s voice.

“You cannot kill me.” Hee, hee, Said Sirone, with Habits’ nostrils clinging to him as he drew in his breath.

“That’s why you run away.”

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