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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1236

Definition of Love (4)

Ethella walked endlessly.

“mom mom.”

The children of Limbo, who had died without being born, were now a space.


Because the fear Limbo feels is the same as the fear of the child in his belly.

“I’m sorry mom.”

Ethella’s heart was about to break.

Perhaps her body was torn to pieces, but the schema delivered endless pain.

Just as the Buddha offered himself to the ghosts, she also moved toward the end of the system.

‘If you go there… …

She, as well as the child in her belly and Limbo, disappear into the world of eternal nothingness.


he was worried

‘You must understand me.’

Perhaps that is the only way Chagall can atone for the world.

“mom… … mind… …

One step is heavy.

Instead of moving forward, I felt like I was carrying this space, the weight of my life.

‘I can’t fall down.’

The mission to purify Limbo was not broken, but it was true that it was impossible.


Her knees bent before the weight of life, which she could not move on no matter how hard she tried.

‘Is this enough?’

The reason this world is cruel is probably because there are things that cannot be achieved even if you give your life.

‘I have to go. You have to save these children… …

Therefore, responsibility is the heaviest burden and the most beautiful conviction for human beings.

“mom mom.”

I was saying that I want to live.

“You have to stand up!”

At that moment, an auditory hallucination occurred in her mind.

?Ah, checking.


Ethella, who had a blank expression for a moment, asked.

“who… … See?”

– Succeeded in etheric resonance. Now… … . Ah, Your Highness. Back off everyone.

‘what’s this?’

The sound of reality in Hell was eerie.

-Romi Ethella.

Following the cold, solemn voice, a woman started interpreting a moment ago.

The voices of Jingang and Anchal came almost simultaneously.

-I am Jin Kang, the emperor of the Jincheon Empire. Maybe that place is hell. where my daughter is


Jin Seong-eum’s father.

– Not conveying anything would be considerate of you in hell. But again, out of my own selfishness, I speak cruel words.

“Your Highness, can you hear me?” Seeing that there was no meaningful response, it seemed that Etella’s words were not being conveyed.

‘etheric resonance:

It must have been a method of loading information into spatial waves.

– Save my daughter.

With her thoughts in order, she remained silent and listened to Jin Kang’s words.

– You have developed a perm mineral that can transmit information to the space of the underworld. You are an excellent monk and wizard, so you must have guessed your principle. The problem is coordinates. In the first place, I was going to condense her energy into my daughter and blow up hell… … .

‘It’s a great tenacity, this person too.’ It was a sense of responsibility.

-We made the final decision to send energy to you by changing the coordinates.

Ethella nodded.

‘It’s possible. I’m in the process An explosion would not only save Limbo, but would also paralyze the world’s purification system. so be it

noodle… …

The karma of true voice will also disappear.

– I don’t know.

After the miscellaneous explanation, Jin Kang spoke.

-What situation are you in? Of course, it will be painful, but if the energy of the pama mineral nature is condensed, even greater pain will come. Is this really the right thing to do? I would rather pray for your rest, even if it means killing my daughter… … .

“no! no!”

Ethella shook her head.

‘You can save it! I can save the true voice!’

Of course it’s scary.

But in the Valley of Wailing, I saw what kind of sacrifice Jin Seong-eum made for mankind.

‘You have to live. That person… … I deserve it.’

– It’s a terrible thing to inflict pain on someone you can’t see or feel. In particular, to drive you, who gave your life for humanity, into pain… … It feels like I’ve become a demon.


The moment Etela shouted, Jin Kang’s voice trembled.

– Save me.

Ethella kept her mouth shut.

-Please spare my daughter. If I’m going to die, I’d rather go to hell… … .

Jinjiang is willing to do it.

Parents’ desire to save their children is something that cannot be achieved even if they sacrifice their lives.


You can’t even die at will.

– Romi Etella, I do not know how you will react to my words now. Maybe you can curse me, maybe you can scream no way. Though that kind of imagination drives me to a more terrible place… … .

Jin Kang took a deep breath.

– I will believe. Romi Etella is the world’s greatest seeker, a man willing to make sacrifices for humanity, I would believe.

Ethella smiled and nodded.

-… … good luck

With that, I could no longer hear my voice, and then a hot energy surged through my whole body.

‘It’s the beginning.’

Ethella gritted her teeth and stood up.

To maximize the efficiency of perm mineralization, it would have to burst at the deepest part of the system.

“you can do it.”

I can take responsibility for this life.

‘Jin Seong-eum, humanity still needs you.’

Pain surged.


Chagall screamed.

Almost mad, he was running limbs like a dog.


As Etela’s pain surged through the chains of Taegeuk, he knelt down and opened his eyes.

-Time remaining until purification… …

It was more than half the time since I first came here, but it was still an eternity.

“Why did you do such a stupid thing! If you leave like that, if you disappear like that… …

I mean I have to meet you

The great heartache flooded in, and again the karma was greatly purified.

Chagall suddenly realized.

“shit! Shit!”

The fact that this pain he is experiencing now, this sense of hopelessness, is the same as the one he gave to Etella.

‘I bullied you. i so… … he destroyed her


Chagall, who had wiped away tears, tore his hair.

“… … What do we do?”

Did I really screw it up?

“What do we do? What do we do? What do we do? what to do… …

can’t be held responsible


Denying that fact, Chagall shouted.

“Why are you doing this to me! What do you mean to me! You can just come back!”

There are things that cannot be achieved.


It felt like Etella and herself would become nothing without this middle brother.

“I will kill you! I will kill you!” Chagall threw the body suffered by the demons into hell.

Dang. Dang. Dang.

At ten o’clock the temple bell rang.

The faces of the representatives and officials of each country who had already gathered at the annex theater from 30 minutes ago were spleen.

After the finale performance, the temple

Although the official event will come to an end.

‘What’s going on?’

The situation was so fierce and tense that it did not seem like it was over.

‘The country that killed Maya becomes the world’s leading country? What prophecy is this? Can I trust you?’

It was a conclusion based on the results of analyzing the information Fermi delivered to each country.

the albino murmured.

“It’s going to rain again.”

Rufist asked.

“Is it really so? The source is Apocalypse, but it may have been fabricated.”

“Fermi doesn’t tell half-baked lies. Because lies give birth to lies, and eventually self-destruct. The reason he is strong is because he is armed with logic.”

Albino recited the records of Apocalypse.

“At the end of the temple, two women sing. Her applause falls upon her Maya, and her Iron’s army kills her. Iron becomes a world leader.”

“It’s not Jive, it’s Iron.”

Rufist checked the seat.

“There is no gas.”

“It would mean that the flue was successful. It seems that other countries are not greatly agitated. Anyway, things are going according to Fermi’s information.”

“But what does killing Maya have to do with the World Map?”

“I don’t know. It feels like Apocalypse’s information only recorded the results of key events in chronological order. like… … It feels like there are fewer machines, not people’?”

Only man needs a cause.

“Anyway, I have my doubts. Will Maya die? Don’t the artists know?”

“yes. It is confidential.”

“What about us?”

“first… … I have prepared it.”

If the information is true, the country that kills Maya should be Tormia.

“Ogent rye?”

“no. Among the towing family is a pianist named Raina. It’s something she can’t commit to.”

“I guess so.”

“It will be difficult to implement anyway. If Fermi knows, it means Sirone knows too.”

“I didn’t see it.”

When Sirone was nowhere to be seen, the albino twisted his beard.

‘What the hell are these tricks?’ It can be assumed that the reason Fermi disclosed the information was because security was breached.

‘Maybe it’s Iron. Otherwise, there is no reason to significantly reduce the value of information.’

Whether the following is true.

‘The timeline fits. Something that left an hour gap in Harvits’ killing game. Geese’s death… … :

So, will Maya die?

‘Sirone is not coming. Is it really false information? no, this is true I’m just missing something:

The albino’s expression hardened.

“Shouldn’t I be thinking the other way around?”


“Isn’t it not that we are going to kill Maya, but that we have no choice but to kill Maya?”

Rufist blinked.

“This is an information update trap. Human thinking proceeds from cause to effect. If you kill Maya, you become the world map country. But from God’s point of view, it’s rather the opposite. It doesn’t matter who the world map country is. The important thing is that Maya die.”

“But how is that possible? What will happen to us to kill Maya?”

“It will be at that point.”

The albino stared at the door of the annex.


The entrance to the Delta Headquarters was a mess due to clashes between protesters, the anti-horse department, and southern warriors.


Ntara felt that the balance of power, which had the upper hand, suddenly tilted.

‘Something is familiar.’

The feeling of something roaming among the warriors being decapitated for no reason.

‘And it’s getting closer.’

Havitz, eyes glistening with life, killed the warriors and headed towards Ntara.

“leaving out. leaving out. leaving out.”

The wave of phosphorus also affected him, but no special change occurred.


Anyway, there was chaos in his mind.

“It ends here too.”

Havitz, who arrived in front of Ntara, did not move with his long sword held up.

If the South falls, the protesters will enter the Delta headquarters and take over the world.

Irrespective of the situation, Havitz slowly stepped back while unbanishing.

“I finally see you.”


Surprised, Ntara held her breath, but Havits’ eyes were already elsewhere.


“You saved your life, Satan.”

The appearance of Sirone, tinged with the light of Elicia, pushed the scene of the death toll into the background.

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