Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1235

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Definition of Love (3)

“Passing on the dream.”

Louver was deep in thought.

‘Systemically, it’s possible. However, it goes against the manager’s duty rules.’

Drimo is not exclusive to a specific race.

It was a space that processed the ideals of all dreamers, from the most basic creatures to the advanced creatures.

‘Above all, Terra Force.’

Currently, they are also constantly demanding channels that can influence mankind.

‘If you allow the Dream, you must also allow the Terra Force channel. Of course, both have their own good reasons… …

Creating a precedent meant that the operation of Drimo would become a little tighter.

Mong-a bit her lip and called.

“Mr Louver.”

Soon, at the point where Yorahhan’s dreams fill Dremo, there is no choice.


Louver nodded.

“Your dreams will not be processed in Drimo, but will be manifested and handed down in the dreams of others in the future.”

“thank you.”

Yo Ra-han’s smile was so benevolent that even Louver ended up sighing.

“Then let’s save your dreams to the database. Before that, give me a name for the dream.”

“name… … yo. this’?”

“You won’t understand it in your time. Choosing a name is the most important thing in the universe.”

At one time, even Sirone did not understand.

However, through the journey so far, I could now vaguely guess.

‘Why choosing a name is important.’

Because this universe we live in is a database that God calculates and processes.

And if the name so defined is connected to Idea through a missing link.

‘Only those with names transcend classification.’

To become something special among countless creatures that can affect everything in the universe.

“It’s a name.”

Johann thought for a moment.

“Jorahhan and Armand.”

And I looked up and told Louver


“I will call him Yor.”


Whatever the reason for the name, what really matters is the life the name has to go through.

“In the future, many people will dream of you. It will be passed on endlessly through generations. Maybe it could be religion. You will become the god of the religion of Yor.”

“… … okay.”

He did what he desperately wanted to do in his lifetime, but he still had a calm expression on his face.

Then Armand said.

“I have conditions too.”

Louver frowned, but couldn’t deny that the two were already one.

“Tell me.”

“I want to keep my husband’s dream. Please send it to the present room.”

“But you already… …

“There is no need for life. I’m a Hwajok. Even if it becomes an object, I can be satisfied as long as I can see Jorah Han’s dream come true.”


Louver knew how.

‘You can take it out as an object. But the government office won’t allow it.

Finally, with my instructions… …

The Drimo started shaking.

“Okay. You will become an object with a special concept and go out into reality. What do you want to be?”


Armand did not hesitate.

“A sword would be nice.”

“… … I approve.”

Jorahhan and Armand looked back at each other.

It’s goodbye forever, but their hearts will connect with someone else’s heart and stretch out.

“love you.”

The two kissed, and it

Finally, the incarnation of Jorahhan disappeared.

Mong-ah looked back at Louver.

” Would it be okay?”

“Because they define it.”

He looked at Drimo, who had regained stability before he knew it.

“Destruction averted.”

Armand regained consciousness.



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It has no eyes, nose, or ears, but information about the space came in through the feeling of small world creation.


The king and guards of Mikas were down, and I could feel Jorahhan on the wall.

4 notes.’

The sword wobbled because she had no legs, but she soon learned how to use herself.

‘Because it always resonated with the sword.’

With rated control, wealthy Armand flew to the wall where Yo Rahan died and leaned side by side.

‘ honey.’

Perhaps because he had forgiven everything, he had the happiest expression on his face.

‘A very nice person.’

I hated humans at one time, and I can’t say I like it now… … .

‘I’m glad I met you.’

I would not trade the time I loved with Jorahhan for anything.

An illusion of Armand was born around the magic sword and embraced Jorahhan’s body.

‘You’re so kind, and you’re so soft-hearted, so you always get hurt by people.’

I just wanted everyone to be happy.

‘I will protect you.’

The blade of the magic sword opened like the leg of a jointed insect and swallowed Yorahhan’s body.

‘Become a hard shell more than anything else so that no one can hurt your heart… …

Jorahhan wearing the armor stood up.

“I will protect you.”

The Golden Armed Forces.

The voice was Yorahhan’s, but it was Armand who moved his vocal chords.

“let’s go.”

Find the dreamer of Yorahan.

Demon of Flame.

Lethe roared at the incarnation of Jecheon Daeseong, who threw a flash from the sky.


Once again, Lethe’s body was pierced, and hellfire from all directions flew in and repaired the hole.


At that point, she realized.

‘I can’t go.’

There was no way to get to Yahweh.


She is also a manager, so she has no special feelings for this world.

‘But I… …

The only thing different from other managers.

‘I have to protect the world behind it.’

Lethe, who had recovered her body from hell fire, poured out flames toward the ground this time.


The thick flames, which lasted about three minutes, spread several kilometers in concentric circles.


When the flames disappeared, Sohn Yu-jeong stood on the ground with Yeoui at the forefront.


It was undoubtedly Jecheondaesung.

‘I don’t have time anymore.’

Thinking so, Lethe’s body gradually shrunk and returned as the president of the chemical company.

Son Yoo-jung gave her a nyeoui.

“Have you given up?”

“There is no point in fighting like this. Time is running out now. We have to choose.”


“Whether or not Ultima is possible.”

Son Yu-jung, who was lost in thought for a moment, aimed at Yeo-ui.

“Chief of the Demon Tribe, your evil deeds have gone too far. Come on. I don’t want to get rid of a resigned opponent.”

“I will not die.”

Lethe smiled bitterly.

“Employees at the chemical company don’t get off work. Until this world closes. But would you know? It also means the end of the real world.” Richera’s face clinging to Son Yoo-jung’s waist shouted.

“What are you doing? Kill them quickly! Without that woman, I wouldn’t have to live like this!”

“You be quiet.”

After releasing the chains on her waist, Son Yu-jeong entrusted Richera to Morta Singer and approached Lette.

“Is this a threat? But I don’t compromise Because my rightness will not change.”

Lethe’s eyes narrowed in sorrow.

“Your rightness and my wrongness, in the end, happen because someone defined them. If integration is what you guys really want, this won’t help.”

“I don’t know the hard words. I am different from Yahweh. If you want to convince me, you will have to defeat me.”

At that moment, a light came into Lethe’s eyes.

Son Yu-jeong stopped approaching and was wary, but Lethe stayed that way for a long time.

‘Can not help it.’

Because protecting the world where the demons live was more important than the manager’s responsibility.

“I am?… ”

For the first time, she began to speak confidential managerial information.

“The mind program.”

Son Yoo-jung was just listening.

“The universe is made up of five systems. Reality, Dremo, the underworld, the abyss, and the undercoder that connects these four systems. Except for the undercoder, everyone has more or less custodians, but only me works with quantum signals.”

It is called hidden code.

“My name is Lethe of Oblivion. He is the only being who can manage the demons. As long as I don’t infringe on the administrator’s authority, I’m supposed to be oblivious to any crime I commit. A thousand times, ten thousand times, giving it a chance.”

Just like he did to Chief Secretary Monoras.

“If it wasn’t for that kind of program, the chaos of demons who don’t know where to go would be recognized as an error. Therefore, unlike other managers, I can change the standard and I am designed to actively deal with chaotic situations.”

Son Yoo-jung does not know difficult words.

However, my intuition is that perhaps this information is the most important problem in the universe.

‘I don’t know. Why is this important? If Sirone were here… …

Would he have reacted differently than he did?

Lethe continued.

“And now, with you overpowering me, my mind program has changed. I want to protect the world where demons live. That’s the same logic that Yahweh wants to protect the real world. But the universe will close at this rate.”

If the perspectives of good and evil were reversed, Lethe would fight for the same reasons as Sirone.

Mortasinger said.

“Yoojung-ah, you can’t believe it. She is the woman who has tricked us countless times and brought things to this point. You can lie because you can change the standard.”


Son Yu-jeong was once at the height of chaos. But also the reason why she was able to reach the incarnation of Jecheon Daeseong now…

‘Because I have a heart.’

Lethe said.

“Yahweh understood both good and evil, but in the end he could not embrace evil. He dried himself up.”

The cohesion of the demon is the catacombs of giyorgi

“As a manager, I am certain that I will never reach Ultima at this rate. I will help Yahweh. If you let me go, you can prevent the end of the world.”

Son Yoo-jung gritted it.

“why? You hate Yahweh, don’t you?”

“okay. Every manager just does his job according to his program. I also hate Yahweh. But would you know? That’s why Lethe touched her chest.

“Only I can love Yahweh.”

Perhaps this is the key, Son Yoo-jung accepted with an animalistic sense.

Yoojung Son asked.

“The end of the world… … How many hours do you have left?”

“2 hours.”

It was midnight, 12 o’clock in the temple.

“You have already distanced yourself from Yahweh. Considering the time I go, 10 minutes is the limit.”

Lethe spread her hands.

“Decide in it. Whether to send me to Yahweh or to keep me here.”

only 600 seconds.

It was an extremely short time to risk the fate of mankind, but in the end it was such a world.

Sohn Yu-jeong endlessly repeated the judgment of whether or not it was possible.


Her hair, which fell like a wild horse’s rake, gradually turned white.

“Yoo, Yoo Jung.”

Mortasinger called out anxiously, but there was nothing she could say either.

Because we can never know the truth of others.

‘Should I trust Lethe?’

Son Yoo-jeong shook her head.

‘No, you can’t trust anyone. Only I, I have to save myself.’

Suddenly, I had this thought.

The unknown truth… … Maybe it’s the most terrible thing in the world.

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