Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1214

Veron problem (3)

Although the procedure for Code One to be successful was complicated, there were less than 12 hours left before voting.

The diplomats of each country exercised flexibility, and so the albino met the prime minister of Arachne.

“Hey, you’ve served a difficult person.”

Prime Minister Phaedra was not a king, but he was arrogant as Arachne’s powerhouse.

“Thormia seems to be in a hurry too. Is there a problem? If it’s an urgent matter, you can move.”

The albino shook his head, knowing that Arachne’s organs were beautiful.

“It’s done. Are you going to kill the old man?”

“Chuck! What are you so afraid of, Sana? Just leave it to me. I will take care of you.”

“I’m requesting Code One from Arachne.”

Phaedra’s laugh disappeared.

‘Has this old man gone senile?’

Jive, the No. 1 candidate for the world’s leading country

Arachne allied with Code One.

Above all, isn’t there no way that negotiations would be possible just because you met the king who was only a facade?

“Are you going to complicate things? If you have any regrets, please tell me. And to hear… … I know that His Highness Pony is also in poor health.”

“I will not hide it. His Highness Pony is not coming out.”



Phaedra’s eyebrows twitched.

“Yahweh will negotiate on behalf of Tormia. You should know that he is from Tormia. Of course, the negotiations will be with your King, not with you.”

Pedra did not understand what the old man was talking about.

‘Are you inviting Yahweh? In this situation?’

Unless there are only idiots in Tormia, you should already know that the momentum has declined.

‘Should have done it before the jive scandal broke. The pope never approves of Yahweh.’

thus… … .

‘Where’s the fix?’ The jive and the string fell off, and this country was making the last desperate effort.


said Phaedra.

“Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. Will you threaten me if I don’t have enough to offer you? If it comes out like that, do you think I’ll get it and approve Code One?”

“I don’t know.”

The albino didn’t blink an eye.

“What I am saying is that Yahweh wants to meet the king of Arachne. Of course, this is just the beginning. If you have the confidence to handle it, get up and leave now.” The world’s strongest wizard, the representative of humanity, the Five Great Stars of the Ivory Tower, and the philanthropy of the times.

Yahweh is Yahweh.

‘I’m going to go crazy.’

Albinos are just the beginning, he said.

‘What are you going to do? Are you going to go to war against the whole country? Even Yahweh is hard to beat.’

But also.

‘… … I can’t even see it as losing.’

When Phaedra’s conflict was finally revealed on his face, the albino’s eyes stood out.

‘I’ll have no choice but to do it.’

Being the weakest among the Jive allies means that they are extremely sensitive to changes in the current.

‘I can’t help it if I push it with momentum. There’s a difference between a really strong guy and a guy who pretends to be strong.’

“Why aren’t you meeting me? You should know that everything in the kingdom runs through my hands.”

“Because I don’t have the right to vote.” “Listen. You’d think they’d all won, but each country only gets one right. Rom, Garto, and Temica. On the day of the vote, Arachne is only one of the 12 countries.”

The albino lowered his voice.

“And you are not the one voting. Whether it be a puppet king or a real puppet, the king himself walks into the ballot box, signs it, and puts it in the ballot box.”

What choice the king will make at the last moment is a matter of quantum, not law.

Phaedra bit her lip.

‘Until I open the lid, there’s no such thing as 100 percent.’

“think carefully. If you’re really confident, do it. But you don’t have to tell me what will happen if you don’t get the results you want.”

Phaedra took a cigarette and lit it.

Then, with the smoke in my mouth, I stared blankly at the floor next to the chair.

The albino smiled inwardly.

‘Dante. You did it right.’

Sirone is the ace of this game.

‘Even if the situation is adversely affected, even if the odds may drop.’

Dante knew.

‘If Sirone extends his hand, there is not a single nation in the holy war that will not take that hand.’

It was a magical power called the best.

‘It’s not just because I’m strong. The power of the concept of the best is that it ignores relativity.’

That’s why, in a situation where the card that everyone wants to have has now entered Tormia… … .

‘it’s over.’

The albino laughed to himself.

‘Humans don’t spend more than a minute making judgments. In the unconscious, the decision has already been made. All it takes is the process of convincing him that he made the right choice.

Phaedra, who had kept her mouth shut until she had burned a cigarette, spat out a low curse.

Then he smiled and turned his head.

“I know it’s a bluff. You’re trying to hook me up now. I would be a real fool if I went over here.”

The albino was unconcerned.

“Whoa! yes.”

Phaedra nodded.

“The plate is too big. I know I’m being fooled, but I can’t bet. I will fall. Instead, if they eat the plate, I won’t touch it.”

“I will.”

He lit a cigarette in the ashtray and leaned out.

“Go ahead, Code One.”

Fermi organized Omega 999 based on diplomatic documents collected by ministers.

‘Value judgment later.’

First of all, if the events are arranged logically and the structure is matched, the outline will be revealed.

‘The country that will become the world leader… … iron kingdom.

Fermi, who was looking at the name of the kingdom with cold eyes, was busy playing with the pen.

Time was running out.

‘Where should I cut the information? I never thought that a broken file would be this fatal… …

Fermi, who finished the work with great concentration, put it in an envelope and sealed it.

‘Once completed.’

Thinking of a funny idea, he smiled.

‘How much is this document?’

If it were a file that organized all the information about the future, especially the World Map Bureau.

‘About half of this planet… …

I didn’t even need to know exactly how much.


It just wasn’t a fun idea.

“I became the richest man in the world.”

I vaguely thought that one day it would happen, but when it became a reality, I felt strange.


I counted 10 seconds with a gentle smile on my face.

“All right, now.”

Just as Sirone became an infinite wizard

This, even Fermi, finally realized his dream.

‘Now, there is only one thing left.’

And when that was done, I would be satisfied for the first time in my life.

“Your Highness, a member of the World Health Organization is seeking an audience outside.”

It was Seriel.

“Ask me to come in.”

Seriel, who had passed through the inspection process, was smiling, but her eyes were uneasy.

“What are you doing at this hour? Did you miss it that much?”

“Pe, Fermi.”

Her face gradually contorted, and a tear flowed from one eye.

“Run away!”

Seriel’s face showed real emotion, as if she had been freed from something.

At the same time, a silhouette shimmered beside her, and a woman resembling a snake appeared.

“Shh. It’s bitter when a lady screams like that.”

Shura, 7th in the Order of the Ten Commandments, hugged Seriel by the neck and gave her a cold gaze.

“I’m sorry, Fermi. I never meant to let go, but this woman is taking over my mind… …

“are you okay.”

Rather fortunately.

If the body faction had kidnapped Seriel, she would have fought even to the point of death.

Fermi turned to Shura.

“Would you like some tea? Where, what tea should I drink? This is not on the record.”

“You know the future, too. And the fact that I’m coming back with this woman.”

“There is no need to mention the future. Oh, I was the only one who went to Apocalypse

Because you are.”

It was the reason Shura thought of Fermi when Bassac asked for the world.

“I know you’re digging for information. give it away Otherwise, this woman will die.”

Seriel shook her head.

“No, Fermi.”

I can’t understand their conversation, but somehow it’s bad for Fermi.

“Back to the beginning… …

Fermi walked over to the table and poured tea.

“There are two types of tea in my room. Caffeine and decaf. the future me

What tea would you like?” “It doesn’t matter. What really matters is whether I would have followed the same car even if I had known the future information.”

Shura understood.

“Which country will become the leader?”


Here comes the problem.

“Now, then why iron? Number one, because that is the future. Number 2 is because you came and took the information of the future. Number 3, even when you come and take the information of the future, it is because it is recorded in the information of the future.”

“The answer is… …

Shura spat.

“Three times. Otherwise, you cannot know the future that I will come to.”

“okay. Even if you know the information of the future, even the information obtained from that future becomes the future. So you are wrong. The answer is… …

Fermi picked up the papers.

“Four times. It has to be because I, knowing that even that is the future, handed over this document to you.”

That’s the most accurate description.

“In other words, the moment I destroy this document, the world map station will change.”

“Can I?”

“doesn’t care. Iron is the only one who loses money by destroying the documents. Because other countries don’t even know I have this information.”

Shura widened her eyes and tightened Seriel’s neck.

“It really kills.”

When Fermi calmly opened his mouth, Seriel spoke.


now i know everything

‘It’s future information.’ In a situation where the future could change just by knowing that fact, he was fighting alone.

‘That’s enough.’

Knowing the truth, she was able to laugh.

“It’s okay, Fermi. do what you want to do You must not give up because of me.”

“shut up. I will kill you for real.”

Even when Shura strangled Seriel, Fermi did not show emotion.

‘Seriel, Amy is going to die soon. I proposed to Sirone. She said she shouldn’t live.’

Then what about Seriel?


The moment Shura made an evil expression like a snake and was about to break Seriel’s neck.


Fermi held out the papers.

‘Let’s not run away.’

Even if you are criticized by the whole world.

“Ouch! Kuck!”

As Seriel fell to the floor out of breath, Fermi threw the papers like a commendation.

“take it. It is future information.”

Quickly snatching it up, Shura opened the envelope with her fingernails and checked the contents.

“… … joy.”

Then, as he glared at the two of them alternately, he evaporated like air on the spot.

” are you okay?”

The moment Fermi bent down to check Seriel’s condition, he immediately heard a bruise.

“You crazy child! What if I give you that!”

“I do not prophesy. you’re going to hit me on the right cheek 100 million!”

Fermi, who was hit in the stomach, stepped back.

“You said, number four. It’s not 1, 2, 3 times. You can’t give it to Shura.”

Because it is the future that contains Fermi’s will.

“Then you die.”

“It’s a trifle! You missed the only chance to change the future! You should have killed me!”

“Because I can’t kill you… …

Fermi laughed bitterly, clutching his stomach.

“It is the future.”

The option of killing Seriel was nowhere in Fermi’s mind.

“this… … idiot.”

Feeling both moved and scared, she buried her face in Fermi’s arms.

“… … What are you going to do now?”

“I got hit once, so I have to return it 12 times.”

Seriel’s head lifted.

“Is there a way?”

Winking at her, Fermi threw a chip into the air with his thumb.

“Transactions in Depreciation.”

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