Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1215

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Veron problem (4)

The ability name is image copy.

It is a magic that can be extracted by printing out what I memorized in my head, and it belongs to eating out of the rules.

“This is quite expensive. because… …

When Fermi activated his magic, the paper he was holding earlier was duplicated.

“Because it can drastically reduce the labor force. Once you memorize them all, you can keep printing them.” It was because time was running out.

“so? What are you going to do with it?”

“Information entropy. The value of information depends on how many people know it. For example… …

Fermi made a face.

“It’s just the two of us. It should never leak out, right?”

Seriel’s face flushed slightly.

“do you want to die?”

“Anyway, that’s it. The people who know the information about the present future are me and Shura. Perhaps even the King of Iron will know… …

Fermi handed over the papers.

“Now, take one.”

Knowing the value of the document, Seriel had no choice but to accept it even though she knew it was a joke.

And I realized.

“You, can’t you?”

“okay. Information that everyone knows is worthless. From now on, I will mail this document to all 12 temple countries. In short, this information is worth shit.”

“But is it okay to do that? If everyone finds out, it will be out of control from then on. I wonder if there is a way to update the information.”

“That’s not allowed.” Now that Omega 999 has come to an end, it would be impossible to go back to Apocalypse.

‘Even if I go, mining will be impossible.’

God’s intervention was almost certain.

“There is no need to renew. Does the document contain information about the Temple Directorate? I didn’t include anything really important.”

Of course I’m not interested.

“Important information?”

When Fermi, recalling Amy’s death, kept silent, Seriel didn’t ask anymore.

‘I’m sorry, Sirone.’

The reason she apologizes to her eternal antagonist is that the only person who accepts her thoughts is Sirone.

‘No one…

Even if you know the death of a loved one, you won’t try to erase the memory.

Leaving Seriel behind, he opened the window and watched countless events outside the Delta.

‘The time of the end.’

Feeling the world’s compass spinning, Fermi raised his hand.

‘Image copy.’

Fermi, holding dozens of documents with the same content in his hand, asked in a low voice.

“How far can humans see?”

won’t run away

‘I am the son of Yolgah.’

one who sees far

No, to become the one who sees the end.

Turning his head again, Fermi threw a bundle of papers all at once toward the window.

As the white paper flew like a butterfly, everyone outside the headquarters turned their heads.

“What is that?”

Fermi turned to Seriel and smiled.

“Zero entropy.”

so that… … The future was back at square one.

Meanwhile, after receiving information from Fermi, Shura walked down the hallway with cold eyes.

I looked through the papers quickly, but I didn’t care about the World Map Bureau.

Rather, what filled her mind was the topic Fermi threw.

‘It’s called the Veron problem.’

It was a story about an iron pole planted by Veron, the 1st in the Order of the Ten Commandments, in the Kingdom of Iron.

‘His will is still imprinted in that time and space beyond the law.’

An iron core planted in the world.

‘Can humans truly change the future?’

Even if you knew the future and took other actions, what if even that was a pre-determined future?

‘Veron wanted to take the matter to the limit. It’s not just one philosophical pillar. Even now, the iron pole is stuck in place, enduring the divine law.’

If God pulls out that pillar, it will be God’s victory, but if he doesn’t… … .

‘Humans can change.’

It will create a future completely different from God’s will.

‘I’m waiting.’

Shura held the papers in her hand.

As long as there is iron pole in Iron Kingdom, she will listen to what the king wants.

‘Until the true king returns.’

Sirone’s face was pale as she climbed the ivory tower.

‘There is no end.’ The demons were divided into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd armies and occupied key points on each floor.

“Kill Yahweh… … !”

Caught in the flash of the Miracle Stream, the demons screamed and rolled on the floor.


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Originally, it should have been purified already, but it was all that half of the body had melted.

‘It’s gotten stronger.’

Above all, it was a question of how much stronger Baal, the commander of the 1st Corps, would have become than before.

“Kill! Don’t be afraid of extinction! The more we resist, the more Yahweh will suffer!”

The demons lost their fear.

‘It’s not bravery.’

Making others unhappy is more important than your own happiness… … .


Is it an unavoidable demonic nature?


In front of the amplified power again, this time even the demons could not maintain their shape.

In the place where the flash passed, only a pair of demons’ ankles remained.

“ha! ha!”

Sirone regained his sanity again.

‘It’s dragging out time.’

It was a strategy for Baal to remove Taeseong while keeping Sirone tied up here.

Of course, the stars of the ivory tower are guarding the upper floors, so it won’t be easy to reach them.

I wasn’t sure anymore.

Passing between the demons with only their ankles left, Sirone was filled with emotions.

“There is no human being who rejoices in the misfortune of others.”

Just because you’re not happy right now, because there’s no other way to be happy.

“It’s just following the methodology of evil.” I want to believe that.

Sirone also hates evil, and thinks that he should take responsibility for the consequences.

‘I want to believe that I can change.’

If good and evil are determined simply by the cause, what on earth can human beings choose?

Chagall screamed.

“It doesn’t change!”

His mind was half blown away by Etella’s pain transmitted through the chains of Taegeuk.

“What do you guys know?”

Tears of blood flowed from Chagall’s eyes as he killed any demons that stood in his way.

If all the past is just a memory fabricated by God.

“You haven’t lived like me!” Can anyone become Chagall?

“I am evil! Absolutely evil! I will kill them all! If I kill everyone and only I am left… …

Will this resentment go away then?


In great pain, Chagall fell to his knees.

Ethella’s bitter feelings fuel Chagall’s anger, and that anger is returned to Ethella.

In this way, Taegeuk grew without knowing its limits.

-Remaining purification time 82 years 873 7,601 trillion… … ha… … .

I heard the informator’s sigh.

It was an obvious broadcast accident, but Riona, the informator at the chemical company, didn’t care.

‘Four years of time evaporated at once.’ Such a huge up.

Of course I knew it, but when they first came to the world, Leona couldn’t imagine it.

How the hell am I going to purify this karma?

‘This is the result.’

I thought deeply about the conclusion of the two people who seemed to be in hell until the end of the universe.

Vivian, in charge of Lian, asked.

“Leona, what are you doing? Instructions should be accurate. What if the boss finds out?”

“well. I suddenly have this idea. What is the use of all this? Maybe we too…

I know because they were also administrators.

“This will be the last time.”

The fact that it’s not long before God closes the world.

“It was fun, we.”

After rubbing Vivian’s hand on her shoulder, Leona turned her gaze back to Vision.

“Humanity’s Last Evil.”

As an informator in charge, I felt a sense of duty to watch Chagall’s final stage.

Sirone is sure.

‘If you can’t choose, there’s no integration.’ Therefore, Gaians who have reached an integrated mental system are those who have mastered the mind.

‘Because I’ve seen their world.’ Everyone understands each other, so it doesn’t matter what happens to this universe.

‘Towards that stage… …

Arriving on the 23rd floor, Sirone caught sight of the dreary scenery waiting for her.

3-star villager Arte and satellite Tokei lay on the floor with their heads cut off.

‘The balance part is annihilated.’

On one side, Heukgangshi of the Ministry of Law, Tanjura, the Supreme Court, and his satellite Daeho were knocked down.


When he confirmed that Heukangshi had stopped breathing, Tanjura let out a harsh groan.

“Miss Tanjura!”

Sirone hurriedly ran and cast Miracle Stream, but to no avail.

‘Already dead.’

Tanjura, whose upper body was left, struggled to raise the corner of her mouth.

“Supreme Judge’s verdict, probation. Until Oh Dae-seong came, I maintained a pitiful spirit.”

With the heart stopped, only the brain was operating.

“What happened?”

“As you can see… … annihilated by Baal. The guy became a monster. A man-made monster.”

Sirone gritted his teeth.

“I did my best to hold on. If you follow quickly, you should be able to make it in time.”

He wanted to head to the top floor right now, but he couldn’t let go of his attachment to Tanjura.

Tanjoura shook her head.

“It’s okay, I’m dead. If there is one thing that is unfair, it is to leave without being told the correct answer.”

Is Thing right?

“I believe that no one can know the truth of another person. That would be the limit of my intellect. but… …

Tanjura put her hand on Sirone’s shoulder.

“I must be wrong. Yes?”

At the last moment of his life, it seems that the answer Tanjura wanted to hear was different from his intellect.

” I am??????

Sirone also knows.

Suppressing the tears that fill up, all he can say is a huge hope.

“I believe so. I will definitely prove it.” Tanjura laughed bashfully.

And as if he didn’t want to burden him any more, life quickly drained from his pupils.


Sirone’s chin trembled, but the eyes glaring upward were full of life.


The rightness that everyone knows collapses like a sandcastle in the face of turbid desire and anger.

‘These… … I wanted to protect it until the end.’

The light of intelligence was going out.

Ivory Tower 2() 1st floor.

The first group of demons following Baal were slowly killing the residents of the Ivory Tower.

“As expected, it’s something to be seen becoming stronger. No matter what you say about intelligence, in the end it won’t work for us.” The demons who were passing their time in that way suddenly turned their gaze toward the stairs.


Sirone was walking towards him as if soaked in blood.

“what? why are you so late Now that I see it, Yahweh is really lazy too? what about… …

The smoke of light hovered over the demon’s body, and flesh scattered in its place as if it were about to explode.

While the demons who finally grasped the atmosphere erased their laughter, Sirone spoke.

“I believe there is nothing that cannot be changed.”

“Hey, the admonition… …

“But you guys don’t change.”

The demons shut their mouths.

“Just don’t change. Stay as evil in front of my eyes. Even if it’s just for a few seconds.”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

Sirone desperately suppressed her heart.

“Still, I have to believe that you guys can repent. I really hope so. however… … I hope you don’t.”


The demons burst into laughter.

“Puhahaha! what is he talking about now? Yahweh, have you been drinking? Why is this gibberish?”


Sirone’s eyes widened.

“I was really angry.”

The moment Yahweh’s anger exploded, blinding light filled the 2nd floor.

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