Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1213

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Veron problem (2)

Even while Cessia’s minister was reporting on government affairs, Fermi was trapped in a solitary brain.

“… … So, we sent an official letter under consultation with each ministry. What is that, the International Court of Justice.”

The ministers, who were distracted by the medicinal effect of Angel, were relaxed even in the midst of a race against time.

“I had a hard time dealing with this. There is a mountain of work to deal with after the former king has passed away.”

Fermi’s eyes narrowed.

‘How many alternative drugs did you administer?’

If the usage is followed, the angel will reduce the pain to a level that allows for daily life.

Of course, it won’t completely disappear, so the discomfort will be indescribable… … .

‘Why do you keep ignoring usage!’

It was astounding to see those who couldn’t stand that much sitting there as ministers.


Fermi hid his emotions.

“You worked hard. What happened to Lanstin’s whereabouts? We need to get the information within six hours.”

There was no answer.

When Fermi raised his gaze, the ministers were silent with an amused look on their faces.

“Are there any problems?”

“Well, I haven’t had a day off since I came to the temple. Everyone is very tired.”


‘It annoys me.’

Of course, there is a limit to human ability, but isn’t the minister the head of each ministry?

said the chief of staff.

“Your Highness, the workload is too much. Everyone is tired. I can’t stand it like this.”


That’s called defeat.

If he had rather meekly admitted it and swallowed the bunru, he wouldn’t have been so angry.

‘So what are you saying?’

It is a kind of violence to want a problem to be solved even if the workload is not supported.

Because you want someone else to do it for you.

‘They’re threatening with the fact that they were on the same boat. If she doesn’t want to sink, you have to sacrifice more.’

The contradiction of an organized society in which those who work hard should suffer more.

‘Should I throw it away?’

One minister could be replaced, but the work efficiency of the entire organization had to be calculated.

Above all, time was tight.

‘If you beat it up and throw it out the door, you’ll feel relieved as if your life span has increased by a thousand years… …

Far from solving the problem, Fermi smiled politely.

“Yes. You made an unreasonable demand. I know how much you work for the kingdom.”

There is no emotion.

Knowing that they really thought so upset Fermi’s stomach.

‘Let’s wait.’

It is a fact that I realized even before I learned to write that human beings are self-centered.

‘are you okay. I can do it. no need to blame others I do it because I want it.’

It’s not that you can or can’t, it’s the world that you have to do it anyway.

‘That’s what victory is.’

Fermi modified the original plan.

‘We have no choice but to leave it to the practitioner to find the guitar man. The diplomatic network of each ministry is important. I can handle other tasks. Arrange the most important agenda among the six tasks… …

It takes 23 minutes.

‘no. Cut it down to 18 minutes. After reviewing the diplomatic records of each country, substituting the records of Omega 999… …

At that moment, Fermi’s head spun.

‘how… …

Can the word hard come out so easily?

‘It’s always hard to win. I know even the passing child. It’s about gaining an edge by fighting other people who have the same amount of time as us. But you guys are just… …

Fermi clenched his fists.

‘Chill out. If you let your emotions sway you, you’ll ruin things. I can’t sink here.’

Former King Manolka defined Fermi as:


A person who is not swayed by circumstances and is able to persevere and endure until he achieves his desired goal.

“Miscellaneous work… … Fermi opened his mouth slowly.

“It’s not particularly important, so I’ll leave it out. Everyone, please put all your energy into finding Lanstin. Any other time is fine to use. Thank you for your effort.”

“I see.”

With nothing more gained, the ministers left the room in a dry manner.

Left alone, Fermi bowed his head.


The condition of emotional illness has worsened.


The reason Angel cannot be administered is because the brain must maintain 100% of its function.

Sirone’s agape could delay the disease, but it was an option Fermi didn’t have.

‘It must not be entangled in any way.’


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We must lead the world with 0.1 percent lies and 99.9 percent truth.

As a last resort, Fermi tightened his grip on his fourth finger and twisted his body.

Accidentally, I broke my bones and the pain hit my brain, but this gave me relief for the time being.


Fermi, unable to even think of treatment, leaned his upper body on the desk.


How did you throw it away?

The driving force that was able to continue the lonely fight while everyone was only for themselves… … .

‘The law of large numbers.’

He was a man with a vision that transcended the criminal.

‘I was impatient. Because my field of vision is narrow, fear arises, and I become intolerant.’ Although it is almost impossible to predict what a human being will do in the next moment.

‘As the sample grows… …

Statistics are accurate, and populations are plotted in predictable patterns.

‘He was a prophet.’

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the sample contained in Yoga’s wide field of vision was the entire human race, and the judgment that came out of it was beyond prediction and reached the level of prophecy.

‘He was the one who even knew about his own death. You must have already seen the end of human history.’

That is why he left his son.

When his emotions calmed down, Fermi slowly got up and healed his broken hand.

Fermi’s eyes turned cold as he looked at the watch on his wrist as he wrapped the bandage.

“… … It’s Harvitz time.”

“Kiki Kiki Kiki!”

Harvits laughed like a madman.

“I don’t know, who am I going to kill? huh? You will never know. Because I don’t know.”

The reason why I was excited like never before was a kind of anger.

After trying to assassinate the king of Corona, he ended up in vain, and as a last resort, he killed the lady-in-waiting.

It wasn’t against the rules, but the sense of shame for playing the game uninterestingly was considerable.

‘It’s already past.’

Havitz, who had no regrets about the past, rather intended to take advantage of this.

“Who is it? Who will die?”

The tension that he didn’t even know was growing as the appointment time approached.

And finally… … .


In the kitchen at Delta Headquarters, a man carrying luggage caught my eye.

Elikia activates.

“Today too… … Kuck!”

As the vanishing shattered, the man felt his neck tear away from his body.

“ha! ha!”

Now, what are you going to do?


She appeared at the same time as the location was captured, so Havitz wet his lips.

“come. This time I… …

And at that moment, through Elikia’s signal, I realized that the wizard was not moving.

Havitz’s impression crumpled.

“Big uh… …

It was because Sirone was standing in front of the wizard.

When Elicia’s light enveloped the headquarters of Delta.

‘One, two, three… …

Heads of state frozen in place

I couldn’t breathe for 10 seconds.


The man in the kitchen had his throat cut.

“Whoa, it’s okay. That’s it now, forward

One hour.”

someone was relieved

“Damn it. How long do I have to simmer like this? At this rate, I will die of a heart attack first.”

while someone is complaining.


The Wizard said to Sirone.

“No, Master.”

Sirone was speechless.

While Tormia was arranging Code One, The Meeting of Kings, he found the Wizard.

‘Because we had to meet once.’

But when he had her in front of him, he couldn’t think of what to say.

‘ first of all??????

got stronger

Even when he finished training, he was perfect, but his eyes seemed to have crossed one more wall.

However, those strong eyes softened as soon as he caught Sirone’s face in his eyes.


The assassination of Harvitz failed.

Of course, they are still fighting, but the result Sirone wanted was never going to be.

“I am in charge… …


When Sirone stopped talking, Wizard shook his shoulders as if he had committed a crime.


Since he was already a child beyond logic, all he could say was sincere.

“I made you bleed. because of me.”

It should have been once, but how much did you want that once in your life to be the last?

“I dragged you into hell. So let’s stop now. Get off the battlefield.”

Wizard was furious.

‘You’re disappointed. If only I had been a little stronger… …

In any case, I couldn’t resist.

‘It’s over.’

On the one hand, I feel relieved at the thought of being able to get away from Havitz.


Her steps stopped abruptly.

‘This is a risky gamble. It can’t end here.’

God’s frequency.

The moment she unlocked her heart, Havits would know everything.

‘I can’t escape.’

until the truth is revealed.

At the spot where he committed the murder, Havits remained motionless and focused on his senses.

‘It’s blocked.’

Just as he was about to feel something through God’s frequency, the Wizard closed his mind.

‘You said you loved me.’

If her heart goes to Sirone, the game automatically wins for Harbitz.

‘No, if there is even a little kindness, my heart will be inclined to lies.’

If so.

At the time, even Havitz himself could not imagine what would emerge from the chaos.

Wizard said.

“The mission is not over yet. Please give me one last chance.”

I guess the reason for the sudden change of attitude, but Sirone firmly shook her head.

“I am not blaming you. I can’t let Satan play this game. Now hand it over to me.”

“It’s not Master’s responsibility. Since the failed assassination, this is my fight.”

Sirone gave a pitiful look.

“I know why you are doing this. But from now on… …

The moment he grabbed the wizard’s wrist, the incarnation of the free god appeared and swayed loudly.

“?… “Chogong.”

It is unavoidable.

It felt like the door to my heart would really open if I held on here any longer.

‘White porcelain power!’

The wizard had delivered the most powerful blow to Sirone with all his might.


One frame disappeared, and the walls of the building exploded as the air expanded.

“ha. ha.”

Wizard glared ahead.

‘I’m sorry, Master.’

At that moment, the dust cloud lifted and Sirone appeared, enveloped in smoke of light.

“Yes, you are really strong.”

While the Wizard dazed in a state without a single wound, Sirone laughed bitterly.

“But who do you think taught you?”


If incarnation is the expression of the ego, Sirone could be said to be her superego.

“Honestly, if I hadn’t known, I would have been beaten. but i know you well so… …

Wizard’s heart beat fast.


It felt like half of the sense of cosmic mission had been reduced just by blocking his own blow.

‘You can lean on at any time… … my only adult

“so… …

Sirone opened his mouth after thinking.

“I won’t follow your will this time. win instead. A disciple of Yahweh to Satan

Can’t you lose?”

The Wizard’s fists clenched.

‘it’s okay!’

that has been proved

On the other hand, Sirone’s heart ached as she looked at the happy Wizard.

‘A seven-year-old who transcended the limit.’

Although he blocked it, it was true that it was a technique that no one could imitate.

Sirone gave one last piece of advice.

“you can do it. whatever it is yes?”

The Wizard, who was pondering those words, put on a cold expression and raised one corner of his mouth.



It was a perfect pitch.

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