Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1212

Veron problem (1)

King Basak of the Iron Kingdom finished the banquet and returned to his bedroom.

“Whoa, I’m tired.”

He had no stamina left because he enjoyed parties soaked in pleasure every day.

“I am old too. At one time, I couldn’t even move ten times, but now I feel like my soul is being robbed… …

“Don’t worry. A man’s things never die until they die.”

Hearing a woman’s voice in the bed, which was fiercely defended by the guards, Va Sac jumped to his feet.

“Who, who…

He let out a sigh of relief when he checked the woman’s pale snake-like face.

“It was you.”

It was Shura, seventh in the order of the Ten Commandments.

Even after Buddha passed away, she was still searching for the secrets of the world.

The reason why he stayed in Iron was because he had an iron pole of Veron, the head of the Council of Ten.

‘The Veron problem.’

-Can humans truly change the future?

It will be the hottest topic in the destination of the year 999 of Omega defined by God.

Basak fell back on the bed.

“You were surprised. what happened all of a sudden Recently, nose plucking has not been shown.”

“How do you go to a banquet with such a small liver? You are a very strange person too.”

“Cheolkeol, if you don’t like meeting women, you should just live there. More than anything else, the fortress is hideous.”

A random person dies every hour

I was on my way out.

“Yes, where have you been?”

The situation would have been different if Shura had been present while tracking down Urin in each country.

“… … I came to see a friend.”

‘A friend.’

Bassak’s head, which seemed to have no idea at all, spun rapidly.

‘What else are you up to?’ I heard that the Crusaders were disbanded, but there was a lot of lack of information about whether they were alive or dead.

“Never mind.”

When Basak came to his senses, Shura was looking at him with cold eyes.

“Who said what? Of course I believe in you.”

“Whoops, a false god?”

“I am a believer in lies. Only when buried in lies, the truth shines.”

Shura leaned against Basak’s body.

“Then what truth hides in my lies?”

“That it could kill me.” “But if you didn’t kill me, it must mean that you still need me. Then we can be good friends. This is the truth I have discovered.”


“Chuck! Can I ask you a favor in that sense? Because you always made my dreams come true.”

Shura is strong.

However, if she expands her range to the world, there will be no one who can defeat her.

Even so, the reason Basak believed was because he excelled in non-forceful skills.

‘also… … After all, he is a direct disciple of Buddha.’

said Shura.

“Let’s just listen. What do you want?”


His body, which did not respond even to Shura’s touch, was ablaze with desire.

“Gish is also good at politics. Admit it. But, didn’t I lay all the plates?”

Basak turned his head and widened his eyes.

“The head of the World Map Bureau. Wouldn’t you be able to take that position for me?”

Shura’s eyes narrowed.

‘There really is no end.’

She couldn’t have known that Jive was the most promising candidate for the world’s leadership?

‘If Jive eats the world, Iron will be treated the same. He is still not satisfied, and he wants to rise again.’

Basak spoke again.

“Give me the world. Then let me hand over what you really want.”

The truth that shines in lies.

“… … We will do our best.”

As if time had been reversed, she stepped out of bed and turned toward the door.

‘It’s difficult. but……

It seemed that there was no way at all.

In the King’s bed in Tormia Sector, Sirone watched as Pony groaned.

‘I was conscious. Is it a sign of improvement, or… …

Is it a light reflection?

When the doctor finished examining and left the room, Sirone touched Pony’s forehead.

Pony, who had been blinking, recognized him and smiled like she did in school.


“are you okay? How are you?”

“Well, I don’t know. How do you look?”

Pony was dying.

“Be patient. ‘Cause I’ll do anything I will definitely save you, until then… …

At that moment, Pony’s eyes widened and blood poured out.

poison of emotions.

The resentment in her heart forced her metabolism to regurgitate endlessly.

Sirone cast Miracle Stream.


who can appease

The emotions of a woman who had to die in terrible pain surrounded by vicious men.

‘Even that would be resentful. Even words of consolation would make him cough up blood, but it was the strongest flesh ever, amplified to the limit through the hell system.

‘The only way… …

It was to reset the system of the other side world and remove Pony’s demons.

“Hold on a little longer.”

Pony laughed bitterly.

“You don’t deserve that.”

“Where are you qualified to live?”

“It’s all because of my greed. Even if I didn’t try to be king, jeez

There would have been no work.”

“You’re doing that to live, too. In a situation where the royal family is being purged, it was the only option.”

Pony shook her head.

“When I was in school, I hated my pedigree. Others will say that I am full, but in fact it is. A royal family that cannot become a king. It’s like a wizard who can’t use magic.” “Why did you hate royalty? I gave a lot of reasons, but now I think I know. In fact, I wanted it more than anyone else. The title of King.”

“That’s not a bad thing.”

“Did you dream of a king in a fairy tale? I thought he would be different from others, but I thought he could change… …

Pony was sobbing.

“I mean, I really wanted to do well. But Sirone, that’s not going well! It’s so disastrous!”

Watching her cry as she coughed up blood, Sirone bit her lip.


There is a truth that everyone takes for granted, but when you think about it, it becomes terrifying.

‘This world is strange.’

Is it possible that it is a world where you cannot achieve what you want in the first place?

‘I couldn’t have made it this way. A world where everyone is happy was possible enough.’

Is God a pervert with bad taste?


Maybe God created a perfect world, and only humans are making a huge mistake.

‘Thus the mind is erroneous.’

The right thing is empty.

But even knowing that, Jet wanted to pass on his error to the future.

‘Tachyon’s resolution. If that’s the key to connecting with the outside world, at least for myself… …

you can fight god

Just when he was determined, the door opened and Albino, Lufist, and Dante entered.

“You are here.”

The albino smiled and approached.

“I heard you called. You know the situation on the Tormia side. He’s been busy, so hopefully… …

“I’ll do it.”

The albino kept his mouth shut.

“I want to cooperate in making Tormia a world leader. What can I do?”

‘Hmm, this… …

The albino brushed his beard.

‘Exceeding expectations?’

The belligerence flared up again, but he didn’t show it and looked back at Pony.

“How is the condition?”

He had lost consciousness a little while ago, probably because he was excited.

maybe that will be better

“Sit down for now.”

Rufist moved to the table and asked.

“What exactly does it mean to help Tormia? Does that include war?”

“I will not break the will of Yahweh. But if war is advantageous, there is nothing that cannot be waged.”

For once, that much.

“I understand. But why did you change your mind’?”

“We need a focal point. I want to unite humanity around Tormia. More than anything… … We cannot hand over the position of world leader to someone like Gis.”

It seemed that Sirone also felt a lot through this demonstration.

said the albino.

“Since mining Ymir’s Ultima is a long way off, political competence is essential. But would you know? Even if we bring all of humanity together, it will not be true unity.”

“Ultima is done.”

Everyone blinked their eyes at the violent words.

“Of course, we will not give up integration. But now is the time to find the next best thing.”

“So did you find it?”

The sphere surrounding the sun was not disclosed.

“I think I conveyed my opinion sufficiently. Please choose what you will do.”

said the albino.

“hmm. Currently, Tormia’s candidate ranking is 6th. The odds of getting enough votes to become the leader are 16.4 percent.” And I looked back at Dante.

“I am curious too. If Sirone fully supports us, what are the odds?”

After finishing the calculation, Dante opened his mouth.

“… … The albino was not surprised.

“Rather, it fell further. Are you saying that joining hands with Yahweh is the same as holding a bomb?”

“The initial variable is because Yahweh’s name was listed in Arachne’s scandal article. It wouldn’t matter if it was over, but the incident escalated because Geese set fire to it.”

Dante takes all information into account.

“Originally, Yahweh was a symbolic image. But as your name rises in politics, your enemies increase. As much as the protesters are split in half, half the citizens of Jive will hate Yahweh.”

“However, in the temple, citizens have only the right to vote delegated to Gis. Wouldn’t it have nothing to do with the votes of other countries?”

“Of course it is. but… …

Dante’s expression became serious.

“The problem is that the pope’s power is growing. If Yahweh is criticized at the site of the temple, the world’s largest religion, Lamie, will spread it all over the world. Besides, even if it’s a cosmetic procedure, the World Map Bureau is officially approved by the Pope. The variables that Sirone will create are obviously large, but politics is different. It will probably be difficult to get votes.”

rather an unlikely situation.


Albino understood.

“I agree with the intelligence director. It’s embarrassing to say this in front of the person concerned, but what should I do now? Should I decline Sirone’s offer?”

“of course… …

said Dante.

“You have to accept it. We have to risk everything in our country to capture Sirone.”

The albino raised an eyebrow.


“Because it feels good.”

The explanation continued while the audience was silent.

“Just because an ace is in your hand doesn’t mean you win the card game. You have to be a hand and a maid on the floor. But once you have an ace… …

“I feel good.”

“yes. Even if the deck on the floor is a difficult combination to make, if you consider the possibility that your opponent may not be a maid yet, your momentum will increase significantly.”

“Because you don’t know until you open the ballot box.”

Dante nodded.

“Of course, looking at the current situation, Ace is a bad hand. However, if the gap cannot be narrowed with probability anyway, I think Tormia should also bet on the game.”

Lupist raised his chin and blinked his eyes.

“sorry. The informant said something like momentum. This is my personal opinion… …


The albino laughed.

“You are the best source of information. Didn’t move 16.4 percent. go with this let’s do it.”

With that conclusion, Sirone opened her mouth.

“Then what can I do?”

“Unanimous. All 11 countries must vote for Tor Mia in order to suppress Lamie’s global public opinion.”

Rufist said.

“Whether it’s threats or bravado, take the ticket from the king by any means. Everything.”

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