Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1200

living (2)

Number Seven, who was driving a giant excavator, found a jet barrier blocking the road ahead and increased its speed to maximum speed.

Marsha, holding the stick, shouted.

“it’s crazy?”

“Then do you fight? I have no choice but to break through.”

In the next moment, the excavator’s drill pierced the jet’s barrier.

The cockpit shuddered every time the android on the track was crushed like a tin can.

‘The aircraft is so hot. It’s no joke about durability.’

Finally, the view was clear, but a similar number of jets were gathered in the block across.

“Remove the defilements.”

As the bullets flew, Number Seven shouted.

“Emergency escape!”

The moment the mining team was spit into the sky, the excavator exploded and the group flew 10 meters.

” are you okay?”

At Number Seven’s words, Marsha gritted her teeth.

“It’s a good thing.”

“You couldn’t help it. But we are almost there.”

The operator asked, looking at the tallest building in the city 20 meters ahead.

“Are you sure? There is no guarantee that this is the main system.”

The idea that the largest building is the core is also humane.

“I have no other options. I can’t go anywhere now.”

Everywhere glistened with the android’s silver light.

“Where is the entrance anyway?” I couldn’t see the door.

“I will try.”

Lollipop Mark looked at the wall, and Freeman pointed to the back.

“Hey, over there.”

Suddenly, jets were gathering.

“We will stop it.”

While the parakeet mercenary officers rushed in, Lollipop Mark checked the system.

“What code is this? It’s on a different level from the era when Mucus existed.”

It changed from a future ruled by fairies to a future where the God of Law directly intervened.

the operator said.

“You don’t have to completely decipher it. Can’t we just open the entrance by jamming the signal?”

“No, that… …

Before he could finish his words, the heat of the explosion rushed in.

The parakeet mercenary officers were being pushed back by the jet’s shelling.

They are also masters in reality, but they are useless in front of future self-interest.

The lollipop gritted his teeth.

“sorry. I can’t make it on time.”

“There is one way.” When Number Seven took out the Under Coder’s card and said, the operator asked.

“Did you bring any other equipment?”

There was a possibility if it was an engineer who implemented even the data of the excavator ‘Extra’ in Apocalypse.

‘Please, something big and strong… …

I was expecting a high gear boss creature, but Number Seven was not confident.

“Data capacity is not infinite. So I had no choice but to cook.”

“Okay, do it quickly. What?”

Number Seven turned to the operator and said.

“do not be angry.”

The moment I pressed the button, I heard a wind chime from the top of the sky.


The operator’s eyes widened as she looked up, and at the same time, with a thump, the mechanical device swallowed her body.

The lollipop made a blank expression.

“Mid gear?”

It was a device for charging and preserving the high gear gas.

“Actually, I was going to use it when the atmosphere was good.”

The lock on the mid-gear was unlocked, and the operator’s aircraft exuding a black aura came out with a bewitching gait.

I felt like I had become a woman from a girl.

“It was a good atmosphere.”

It may not have been the romantic atmosphere that Number Seven wanted.

Number Seven scratched his head.

“Sheesh, anyway, you need to adjust the output well. Data can be pulled, but charging is impossible here.”

opportunity once.

“that’s enough.”

Looking at the officers of the parrot mercenary who were now pushed in front of her nose, she kicked the ground and jumped out.

As fast as the wind, mingled with the group of jets, she took out her attitude in black.



As the magnetic field spread in the form of a black sphere, all androids in the radius began to gather there.

The mining team instinctively covered their ears, but the sound of the metal impact pierced the bones in their palms and reached their eardrums.

Slowly opening his tightly closed eyes, Number Seven found a huge lump of scrap metal that had been crushed into a sphere.


The operator, who spun beautifully in the air without worrying about it, landed beside him.

“Why are you making such a fuss? Have you forgotten who I am?”

Until Yahweh took it back, High Gear was an undefeated legend.

The operator looked at the building and said.

“Move. I will break it.”

Lollipop backed down.

“Yes, I guess we have no choice but to destroy it. Honestly… …

It was unknown whether it would be possible to hack the main system, but I did not dare to say it.

“I will break it with maximum power.”

Number Seven’s face turned pale as the operator pointed his black field and made a stance to jump out.

If you can’t break it, the aircraft will be destroyed.

“Why don’t you think again?”

“No, mediocre power only wastes output. It has to end with this once.”

While the party watched with a grim expression, the operator increased the output of the lower body.

At that moment, a rectangular line was drawn on the wall of the building, and the doors opened to the left and right.

The engine sound of the operator with both feet together quickly diminished.

Marsha asked.

“what? Why are you open?”

“Isn’t this a trap?”

The operator shook his head.

“no. If a lollipop can’t even open a door, there’s no reason to sell traps.”

Wearing a black robe on her back, she continued speaking as she moved into the darkness inside the door.

“Let’s go believe. We are not alone in this city.”


Marsha looked across the city.

‘It’s already past the time to arrive?’ Come to think of it, Sirone didn’t come

there was.

An emergency conference was held at the temple.

This is because Harvitz’s influence has become strong enough to break the cause of the Crusade.

“It shouldn’t be like this.”

The argument continued as the kings of each country, more precisely, ‘those who could attend’ gathered.

“How long are you going to be suffering? Even though they are weaker than before, the demons are still threatening humanity. It is time to gather our strength by electing a world leader as soon as possible.”

Even when people died, they didn’t blink an eye, but now they realized the seriousness.

‘Circumstances have changed.’

The albino thoughtfully touched his chin.

‘Twenty minutes ago, Harvitz attempted to assassinate the King of Corona. The cause of human peace is meaningless now that the head of state has begun to be hunted in earnest.’

Expecting responsibilities and duties befitting the title from the king is close to collective delusion.

‘I believe that a god who doesn’t exist is good

It’s the same thing.’

said the chairman.

“There will be no disagreement. So, when would be a good time to vote?”

As soon as the detailed schedule was entered, the heads of countries kept their mouths shut.

I wanted to get rid of the vote right away, but no one would admit it if I became a leader in that way.

‘It can’t be too late. in case

An hour later, the idea that he could be the one who was killed by Havitz prevailed.

The time set in this way was 7:00 the next morning, which would have been the minimum authority that the heads of state could yield.

The chairman arranged.

“Then, with the unanimous consent of the nations attending the temple, we will hold a vote at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, ahead of schedule. Working-level staff from each department are requested to announce the adjusted schedule to each country within two hours.”

There was no particular schedule.

At most, the finale, in which artists from all over the world will jointly perform, will be held tonight.

“So it happened. Now nobody knows.”

Rufist nodded at the albino’s words.

“The one who digs through the mud and gets the treasure first wins. Tormia also has a chance.”

“The people gathered here are actually professional gamblers. If you’re not sure, don’t bet. Being the leader of a country is not a chance that can only rise by luck.”

“Bluffing doesn’t work anymore. It will lean toward having a clear hand rather than high odds.”

“Well, even in the early days of the temple, there were quite a few solid cards. Uorin’s Kashan, Moon Kingdom’s Divination, and Kitra’s Astrology X-Three Hach.

However, Uorin could not attend the crusade, the Moon kingdom was destroyed, and Kitra was also separated from the front line.


said the albino.

“In this situation, the one who has the most reliable information must be Kessia.”

Where he turned his gaze, King Fermi of Kessia was guarding his seat.

‘I wish I could open the head cap.’ The albino’s eyes narrowed.

‘What do you know, Yolga’s son?’

Fermi checked his watch.

‘It’s 7:00 tomorrow morning. then… … Ymir is faster.

To this day, Fermi’s future remained unchanged.

Ymir, in-depth level 1.

Garold and the others arrived at the maternal psyche where the unconscious at the moment of birth is asleep.

Beneath the realm of numbness was an unfathomable land made from the bodies of 10 billion Gaians.

“Even if there are 10 billion human beings, it is not possible to construct a land of this size. So, the symbol here is… … Arius said.

“It must be his everything.”

It was Ymir’s body, born from the unification of 10 billion Gaians.

The group surveyed the ground.

The land was distorted like a fingerprint, as if melted by lava.

Arms were raised here and there, and faces that looked like reliefs were looking up at the sky.

Arius said.

“It is also different. There are no features that appear in the normal psyche. Things like the castle, the cradle, the climate. It must mean that nothing was contained in Mir’s cognition. You are the strongest since you were born.”

Miro asked.

“Is the air cloudy?”

“yes. Waiting for desire. Gaia’s becoming land means that Ymir has full control over his body. From there, the gas of desire rose and filled this world.”

“The volcano that erupted in the depth level 2 must have exploded in the atmosphere here.”

“yes. A situation in which gas on the first floor is ejected to the second floor. Given Mr. Garold’s power, even that would have been an extremely rare event.”

Arius turned.

“Anyway, the composition of the world is simple. If the land is the body, the air is the emotions, the spirit… …

The Ultima of 10 Billion Gaia.

“It should be there.”

Following Arius, everyone raised their heads.

“oh my god.”

Kang Nan opened his mouth blankly.

There was a huge hole in the center of the sky filled with light.

“black hole.”

Arius nodded at Miro’s words.

“yes. If the light spreading in the sky is the spirit of Gaia, that black hole holds all the light. So that… …

A voice was heard from the front.

“okay. This is the Ultima system you guys are looking for.”

Ymir sat with his chin resting on the spot where everyone lowered their eyes with a surprised look.

“It is the power to change the law.”

In other words, gravity.

It was a measure of how fiercely it existed in the background of the universe.

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