Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1201

living (3)

behind the world.

Yeo Ui-bong of Son Yu-jeong, who had attained enlightenment, made Lete’s body into a honeycomb.


It was at this point that she was about to transmit power to the ground.

‘What’s so fast?’

Just as much as Lethe was surprised by the fact that he couldn’t react, Son Yoo-jung was surprised by himself for breaking through his limits.


Because it’s right.

One truth that anyone can know if you sit in a room alone, close your eyes, and think.

‘This is intelligence.’

If the methodology of evil is easy and complex, the methodology of good is difficult but simple.

When that simplicity is fully accepted as life, the line becomes unshakable.

Also, this is… … .

It was a sanctuary prepared only for good, which evil could never have.

As the incarnation rose from Son Yoo-jung’s body, Lethe raised her head while regenerating one eye.

The incarnation of Jecheondaeseong, shining in golden light, filled the sky of hell.


Lethe bent her legs and searched for a way out.

‘If you stay like this, you will miss Yahweh. I have to stop going to Jin Seong-eum.’

Even if it means giving up the system control branch.


The moment Lethe flew away like a bullet, Mortar Singer pulled her into space with Hidden Peace’s ability.

Returning to her original position, she turned around and saw Son Yu-jeong blowing steam.

Lette snorted.

“… … You will regret it.”

“I will not.”


After splitting Lete in two, Yeoui hit the ground and a shock wave swept through the branch’s warehouse.


Just as the agent was about to run away, the flames of the earth gushed out and formed a gigantic shape.

“That one?”

Devil or God?

A monster the size of a building was roaring, dripping flames.

“Insignificant creatures dare to disturb the administrator of hell!”

When the heat touches it, the agent opens the distance again.

‘Is this the Mother of Hell, Lethe?’

Lethe raised her head and gnashed her teeth.

‘Yahweh, you won’t be able to fulfill your will just by tying me up.’

At the end of the sky that I could see with my eyes, black clouds began to roll in at breakneck speed.

Perhaps all the monsters in Hell were flying towards Sirone and Lian.


Morta Singer approached with a frightened expression, but Son Yu-jeong, looking up at Lethe, was calm.

” are you okay.”

The incarnation of Jecheon Daeseong pointed a club at Lethe, spouting golden smoke from his mouth.

“Because I can talk now.” No matter what happens right in front of your eyes… … .

“I am right.”

A flash of light containing her ideas penetrated the monster’s stomach.

Ymir Depth Level 1.

Miro held a black orb in his eyes that couldn’t be darker than this.

‘black hole.’

The light flowing along the outer edge of the sphere did not send a signal anywhere.

‘Well, if the sun symbolizes the law… …

Ultima, the limit of the mind, should be called the black sun.

Arius said.

“The fact that light cannot move means that there is no signal. In other words, the law has been completely redeemed.”

Ymir looked up at the sky.

“okay. All materials reveal their own presence in the background of this universe.”

This is the mother’s psychology, so Ymir’s language was the source information that he had from birth.

“How is it expressed?” Ymir rose from his seat.


It’s just a human standard.


It wasn’t a perfect definition.


Ymir turned to them.

“How much do you permeate your own existence in time and space? If I had to rank them, I would definitely pick the stars. but… …

As Ymir strained his body, he felt the surrounding scenery crumple.

“There are stronger ones.” perseverance of existence.

I thought that no law could stop Ymir from doing what he wanted to do.

As Ymir took a step, the light from the sky was sucked into the black hole, turning the landscape gray.

“My existence reaches beyond the cosmic veil.”

It was the outside world.

“All doubts have been answered.” Arius said.

“The black hole is a phenomenon that symbolizes the unique spirit of Ymir, which unites the minds of 10 billion people. That landscape itself is Ultima, but to be precise, the Ultima we are looking for will be at the end of the black hole.”

Singularity at infinity of density with no volume at.

“In Mong-ah’s nightmare, Ymir was defined by 10 billion pupils. Why are you afraid of it? This is because Ultima will shatter if gravity collapses even slightly. In other words, the existence of Le is already denied.” Miro said.

“Simply, if you turn away even one eye from him, you mean we can win?”

“yes. It seems that 10 billion Gaians already define Le, but also that this Mir controls 10 billion people. The number of laws that refer to each other. 2. Ymir is the unity of 10 billion and one Ultima.”

Arius turned towards the black sun.

“It’s in there, what we’re looking for.”

“Can you?”

Arius could steal if he understood the target’s mind, but Ymir’s mind was an exception.

“It doesn’t matter if you go in and die, but even then, robbery would be impossible.”


Miro said.

“It’s impossible if you don’t do it.”

Realizing something in her voice, Arius immediately lowered his head.

“All right.”

what to be afraid of

The spirit of the woman named Miro is a perfect work of art.

Although her blood, flesh, and even her heart were stolen by Old, Arius had no regrets about seeing her spirit at the cost of losing his eyes.

‘okay. I have to go in again.’

Like a haenyeo getting back pain on a cloudy day, Arius looked up at the black hole.


Miro said.

“Come back alive.”

I knew I wasn’t the kind of person to spit out these words without saying goodbye.

Ymir did not move even as Arius, smiling, flew toward the sky.

“I will send you.”

Because his presence, which united 10 billion Gaians, will not be shaken by mere flies.

‘There is no chase.’

Arius was relieved at first, but was terrified about the problems that followed.

‘Inside me… …

What is waiting in the black hole that even pierced Ymir’s mother’s mind?

Gritting his teeth, Arius opened the door to the center of the black hole at an immeasurable distance.


Falling into the deepest place in the universe, Arius felt his mind disintegrate.

‘are you okay. It’s not the body.’

‘Cause it’s just a dream

However, I dared to assert that if I stayed like this for a few more seconds, my ego would be destroyed.

‘Hold on. I’m going to hold on.’

If Ultima’s true identity can be confirmed, the possibility of robbery is much higher.


All you have to do is plant a special shock in Ymir’s mother’s mind that longs for sensations.

In the state of being dismantled into the smallest units, Arius had an experience that destroyed common sense.

‘ iced coffee.’

In a state where the existence that makes up the self was blurred, he finally reached a singularity.

At that place… … .

‘ light.’

Being blind, paradoxically, a huge light awaited him that allowed him to see more clearly.


My soul screamed at the height of exaltation.

Meanwhile, Miro and the others who sent Arius away were confronting Ymir.


Ymir has arrived.

“You guys are probably the first to reach level 1 in depth. No, not you.”

His gaze turned to Gaold, who was sitting on Miro’s back.

“Hey, what is it? Did you just lose consciousness that much?”

The group faced reality.

Gaold had broken through the realm of numbness and opened the first level of depth, but from Ymir’s point of view, he hadn’t even started yet.


Miro, who had put Gaold on the ground, moved towards this Mir.

“I pretend to be proud, but not being able to feel pain is not bragging. You’re just strong since you were born. But autumn is different. You came all the way here in a human body.”

After thinking for a moment, Ymir asked.

“What difference does it make? After all, strong is strong, right?”

“So I will teach you.” When the incarnation of Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin was born, Lou Ver and Mong-a took Sirone and went out of the radius.

“We protect Oh Dae-seong.”


It was only natural that Sirone was the one who needed Ultima.

As Kang-Nan and Se-In posed behind the maze, Ymir raised one eyebrow.

“Only you guys?”

The polar line, the wolf of the south, the best mental magician of the black line}.

But Gaold was the only one who gave Ymir a sense of life.

“Pick it up.”

As Ymir’s fist shot upward, the gas of aspiration that filled the atmosphere exploded, releasing a light as powerful as the sun.

Literally, with one gesture from Ymir

It was the situation in which the sun was born.

“Wait, until he wakes up. I feel like I’ll just throw away my appetite while dealing with you guys.”

Sein had no choice but to admit it.

‘This is Ymir’s spiritual world. Here, his ego is like a god.’

The fall that penetrated Ymir’s mind was rather out of common sense.

Ymir sat down and rested his chin.

“What are you doing? Everyone sit down. There’s nothing to do anyway. You won’t even be able to fight, are you going to just have a snow fight?” It was a good proposal for the party, but the feeling of accepting it was different.

‘damn! I’m looking at you funny.’

Miro looked back and asked.

“How about Gaold?”

Kang Nan, who looked at the situation, shook his head.

“I don’t think I will wake up right away.”


Miro nodded and walked towards Ymir.

“I’m glad.”


The moment Ymir’s eyebrows twitched while resting on his chin, the incarnation of the Thousand Arms Guanyin opened his arms.

Time was compressed to infinity, and Ymir, who sensed danger, jumped to his feet.

Considering that Gangnan’s eyelids were not even moving, it was a tremendous speed, but… … .


The maze was faster.

The world shook as the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin’s jangbeop pounded Ymir from side to side.

‘Eat this.’

Lastly, Ymir, who was hit on the right side, bounced away from the ground.

Kang Nan and Sein’s mouths opened.

‘I was shocked.’

When I raised my head, I saw the face of Thousand-Handed Guanyin, frowning like a goblin.


Just when he was thinking about whether it was possible for Geukseon, Miro moved to Ymir.

“Listen smart. If you make Gaold’s eyes shed bloody tears one more time… …


She spat as Ymir, who offset the shock, blinked between her arms.

“Then it’s a polar line, and I’m going to tear you apart.”

‘ I see.’

Sein understood.

‘The labyrinth is not Yahweh. Not even someone’s death can disturb her perfect spirit.’

But Gaold is different.

If you are given something that transcends death, Miro has no choice but to respond to it.

And the intensity of that anger… … .

“Come on. You should be more fit.”

The lid of her head was completely open.

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