Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1199

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Sirone bit her lip as she raced through the buildings of a future city where the law had triumphed.

‘There’s nowhere to hide.’

Only an android called Jet remained in the city without even a particle of dust.

I heard the jet’s mechanical sound.

“Color immediately. color immediately.”

Sirone, who flew into the sky avoiding countless bullets, looked at the ground and opened her eyes wide.


In the vast city, jets swarmed as if only Sirone’s feet were painted silver.

‘Where does it all come from?’ When the jets raised by the power of the magnetic field made a sign, all jets output the same Sanskrit words.

“Extinction. Immortality.”

Uncountable bullets from the ground hit Sirone in the form of a net.


A roar erupted, and Sirone, defending herself with the Miracle Stream, landed on the roof of the building.

‘ why?’

Questions I Ask Everytime I Explore the City


‘What am I missing?’

A future in which the law won means that the fairies still won in the tribal war.

‘That’s why I sent the 12 apostles to the elves. However, the result does not shake…

It must have been a variable outside Sirone’s cognition, that is, a variable in the outside world.

“Remove the afflictions. Get rid of the defilements.”

Jets cling to the wall like spiders

My hair stood on end as I climbed the building.

‘Winning here won’t change anything. Until when… …

Then a mechanical sound was heard.

“You lost middle school student.”

Jet 1 was sitting cross-legged.

‘Which break?’

As Beomeo floated on the screen of his face, the jets of the sky scattered in all directions as if he had lost an eye.

When Sirone, who had been watching the scene blankly, lowered her eyes again, the entrance to the floor was open.

“If you are looking for the other side of the world, please follow me.”

Feeling the vibration of the jets traveling along the wall, Sirone threw herself into the black entrance.

Numerous pupils began to infiltrate the ceiling of Gaold and Miro’s wedding hall.

Miro couldn’t take his eyes off Gaold even as he heard the sound of the 1.5 floor collapsing.


The borderline between dream and reality was eroded, and memories overlapping as if none of them were real.

What was clear was that Gaold’s choice now was something beyond desire.

Gaold groaned.


it hurts again

With the limitations of his sense of pain gone, he perceives this world more clearly than anyone else, and the power of magic exerted by that sense is by far the strongest in mankind, but the sharper the sense, the greater the pain.

Is it a curse or a blessing?

Gaold simply says: it’s life

‘Life is pain.’

As the eyes that define Ymir penetrated more than half, the reality was closer than the dream.

‘It’s neither a curse nor a blessing.’

With no death from shock, he had no choice but to commit suicide to escape the pain.

‘Why don’t you want to die?’

I want to hang myself, cut my wrists, or jump off a high cliff right now.

I’d rather have been struck by lightning, if a rock had suddenly rolled and crushed my body, if someone had cut my throat while I was sleeping.

‘Why can’t I die?’

Gaold grinned, knowing that he had more to live for the rest of his life.

‘Because I’m human.’

Maybe something good could happen tomorrow.

That will never happen, but it’s a fact that won’t change even if you wait for decades, but tomorrow, that tomorrow that hasn’t come yet… … .

Hot tears flowed like lava.

‘You don’t know!’

For the first time in my life, no, it’s okay if it’s the last, so I wonder if the day will come when I can laugh with peace of mind.

‘only once.’

I don’t need anything, I’ll give up all of my flesh and blood… … .

‘Only once.’

I want you to feel happy.

‘It’s a maze.’

my idea

‘There is no tomorrow here.’

Pain makes a human being a philosopher, and the destination of his philosophy was the polar line.


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‘You are not here.’

perfect order.

If you just close your eyes, everyone is already aware of the rightness, the state of extreme good practice endlessly.

‘If only you could laugh in that world.’

As Gaold gritted his teeth, the stoicism of the great heat hell unfolded.

‘Will I be able to laugh at that time?’

Will rest come to my heart wandering through hell?


Will tomorrow come to me too, Miro?

As Gaold’s face grew younger, as if reversing time, water began to seep in from all sides.

Louver let out a sigh.

‘Will it end like this?’

The human heart is like a sunflower, so if you see the light of hope somewhere, you have no choice but to go there.

‘Even the slightest doubt cannot leave a human being alone. That’s why existence in the outside world is dangerous. The world must be closed forever.’

Monga shouted.

“Lover! What should I do? At this rate, 1.5 floors could be flooded!”

It was no longer possible to stop it.

“Protect Oh Dae-seong.”

“but… …

Didn’t they evacuate to the 1.5th floor because they couldn’t withstand the water pressure of the second level in the first place?

“It’s the only way for now. Hold on as best you can. Oh Dae-seong should be the one who will at least stay alive until the end.”

It would be good to leave even 0.1 percent hope.


Realizing Louver’s determination, Mong-a quickly left the wedding hall.

“oh my god… …

Looking at the distant sea from the sky, a tidal wave of unfathomable height was pushing towards the city.

“Oh Dae-sung!”

Mong-a, who arrived at the house by the shortest distance, hugged the still-sleeping Sirone.

‘Water pressure is not the problem. Just the shock of the tsunami…

At that moment, an astronomical amount hit the city, and Garold’s party sank into the abyss along with 1.5-floor debris.

Gangnan’s eyes widened.

‘ ah.’

everything is clear

‘I subdued Leviathan in the depth level 2. Then the water surface suddenly rises… …

this is the situation

‘It must have been a dream, everything.’

The nearly 20 years I spent on the 1.5th floor were only fleeting memories when I woke up from my dream.

‘Gaold refused to compromise.’

Gangnando is now a reality, so I don’t want to blame it, but the situation hasn’t changed from a moment ago.

‘What are you going to do? Are you really going to die?’

The pressure they felt now was Ymir’s spirit, so if they couldn’t get a stronger impact, they would be annihilated.

Gaold glared at the darkness of the deep sea.

‘you can do it.’

It was because they overpowered the Tamo organization on the 1.5th floor.

‘I can’t feel the sense of Ymir.’ Because it is too strong.

‘Frustration in the absence of sense pushes him into battle. Perhaps his threshold is as deep as the depth of this sea.’

Therefore, if he couldn’t shock the ground, Ymir wouldn’t even know Gauld’s party was there.

‘Air press.’

The moment he cast the magic, he felt tremendous pain, but he couldn’t hesitate anymore.

Because I gave up on my happy lies.

‘This is where I went.’

Gaold’s eyes widened, and the power of the air press soared without knowing the end.

It was a seesaw game between a human who has reached the height of senses and a giant who is at the height of numbness.

The size of the air press was enormous, but it would be like a needle to Ymir.

The air pressure pounding at super high speed broke through the water pressure and started to go down.

‘shit! Still far away?’

It was so deep that you could feel the frustration, but the will to transcend desire was no less than that.


It was to the point where it wouldn’t be strange if everyone else suffocated.

‘no. too far. I can’t reach it.’ Gaold.

A voice I had never forgotten even in my dreams lingered in my ears like hallucinations.

‘It’s a maze.’

As if someone had pushed it away, as the mind pierced the extremes of pain, great pain flooded in.

At the point where the blood from the eyes mixes with the sea and the limbs twitch… … .


Resistance was felt.

‘It’s reached.’

It was a shock to Ymir’s nerves.

Following the scorching heat, the entire sea evaporated, and Gaold’s screams were heard audibly.


Kneeling on the surface of the seabed and wrapped around his body, he couldn’t even think of the word pain.


The reason I can endure even in hell is because there is tomorrow.

While Louver and Monga were checking Sirone’s condition, Sein, Gangnan, and Arius ran to it.

“are you okay? Wake!”

The moment he saw Gaold’s face, Kang Nan stopped his hand.

The fear came over me, as if I were putting my hand on someone whose skin had been peeled off.

“Look out of the way.”

Miro approached and, before stopping, put his arms around Gaold’s neck and stood him up.


A light came on in Gangnan’s eyes.

“it’s crazy? Knowing what it is like now!”

Either way, Miro pulled Gaold by the neck and tousled his hair with the other hand.

“good job.”

Gauld, who finally came to his senses, shuddered from the pain and slowly raised his head.

Miro said with a grin.

“No matter what, isn’t it best to be hugged by the real thing?”


Gauld’s eyes, covered in blood, were filled with anger.

‘Right, he was like this.’

How could I not remember that?

‘It’s like a psychopath. Dog shit! under heaven… … !’

Gauld, who slowly lost consciousness and closed his eyes, said with a smile.


I love this woman who made my heart flutter since my school days.

As Gaold’s head collapsed, Miro, who had been watching him, put him down on the floor.

“Anyway, here you are. This is Ymir’s mother’s psychology, the first level of depth.”

Miro stomped on the floor.

“Huh” W?

Then, as if the anger was not resolved, he stepped on it again and again.

“Eight! die, die.”

“It’s useless.”

Arius, who had lived as a dog in his dream, approached him on two legs.

“Mr. Gaold passed the stimulus through the deep sea, the realm of numbness. But this ground is also hard. If you beat me that much, I won’t even send a message.”

“okay? Shall I break it then?”

When Miro activated the incarnation of the Thousand Arms Guanyin, Jiang Nan thought she was a little angry.

‘I want to return even a little bit of the pain Gaeuld suffered… …

If so, Kang Nando had no choice but to admit the reality.

Arius continued.

“That is also possible. The realm of numbness has already been broken, so if you dig in, you will reach it. But I don’t think that’s necessary.” There was an undersea volcano beyond the horizon Arius pointed out.

“The moment Mr. Garold’s air press hit the ground, the volcano would have exploded. That heat evaporated the sea.”

“Is that possible?”

“Because the spiritual world is made up of symbols and metaphors. To put it another way, it means that Ymir’s desire is as hot and powerful as that.”

The group kept their mouths shut.

Gangnan was overcome by the desire to blow up the sea just by feeling pain.

“How much did you accumulate? It’s scary to go into a different meaning.”

“haha! Do not worry. Because giants don’t have the ability to reproduce. Of course Mr. Gaold would be madly glad. And Sirone-san… …

Louver walked with Sirone on his back.

“You are sleeping safely. It must mean that information from Seungmong is still coming in.”

Miro nodded.

“I can’t wait forever. Time in reality will flow by quite quickly here.”

Miro carried Gaold on his back.

“Let’s go. To the final gateway, where the incarnation of Ymir is located.”

Sein has arrived.

“I will carry Gaold.”

“are you okay.”

As they walked towards the volcano, Miro looked back.

“I have something to say later.”

Sae-in, who savored the meaning of the words, nodded.

“?… “okay.”

so towards tomorrow.

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