Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1185

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Meaning of incident (4)

Youfra, who collapsed with her back against the wall, glared at Sirone with bitter eyes.


He howled in a low voice like a beast, then raised his sword again and charged.

Sirone was lost in thought.

‘Is the human heart free from the law?’

Veron problem.

Seeing the gold that fell on the floor, having a beautiful reason right in front of you, holding mighty power in your hands… … .

‘How many will not be shaken?’

A world governed by the law.

And now, the cold god was manipulating human beings by directly intervening in the cause.


A man who has lost his mind is nothing but an object.

“Yahweh, you are an error.”

Therefore, the words spoken now were God fabricating and conveying the cause of Yufra.

I broke out in a cold sweat.

‘Amidst the overlapping of events, Youfra must have chosen an endless life. But in the end, he couldn’t do more than become God’s tool and became Opartz.’

There is only one reason.

‘Because they are animals of desire.’

Because I can’t choose displeasure, because I can’t die, because I don’t want to give in.

‘The desires of oneself and others collide, and the process eventually becomes a predictable law… …

calculated by god

‘Can you manipulate the human mind? Are we just instruments of the law?’

The moment the blade touched Sirone’s neck, the rich light pushed Yufra aside.

As he crashed into the wall with a thump, the smoke of light gradually changed into the form of a hand and crushed him.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’m not in error As long as I am present, the Veron issue is still valid.”

Because you can never be wrong.

There was no word called yuprah.

God manipulated him with the law, but he did not have the ability to interpret his true nature.


The light went out in Yufra’s eyes.

“You are an error.”

His head fell completely down as if the machine had stopped working.


No, is it blocking access?

When the Hand of God was annihilated, Yufra’s body collapsed in a standing state.

Seeing the results of the oparts with her own eyes, Sirone turned her gaze to the fallen Glenn.

“Please save Glenn. please… …

‘It’s not an o-parts.’

He must have reached the brink, but he did not completely lose his mind with Rukia’s appearance.

“I’ll see you soon.”

The joints in the demon’s left hand were twisted, but thanks to the quick release of the hand, nothing was broken.

Recovered with the Miracle Stream, Sirone pushed the light of Agape.

“Big! Kill me, Rukia. I will kill you.”

Sirone shook her head.

“Even Yahweh cannot change the cause of Mr. Glenn. He has experienced numerous incidents, and in the process, did he reach this state by his own will?


Still believing in the power of the mind, Sirone did not want to say that she was manipulated by God.

“It’s hard to deny the whole life you’ve lived. But in the end, it is only you who can change your mind. He has no choice but to trust Mr. Glenn.”

Rukia wept.

“I saw it too. Glenn’s past, and how High Priest Maximus treated me.”

Sirone brought the news of Maximus’ death in the Heavenly Village.

“I see. I don’t know now. I trusted Glenn. I don’t think love is all that beautiful.”

“It is beautiful.”

Sirone said, supporting Glenn.

“It doesn’t matter what the name of that feeling is. The important thing is the heart that carries through with it.”

“A heart that perseveres… …

“If you really love Glenn, don’t give up. Then whatever it is, it will be beautiful.” Realizing something, Rukia woke up.

“Now I know why I didn’t become like Glenn or Mr. Youfra. I had to come here.”

‘Come to think of it… …

A superposition of events occurred within the pyramid, but the cause did not change for Rukia.

“I see.”

There was only one reason.

“To God, Rukia-san is already a finished result. It’s no coincidence that you met Ares or that Glenn brought you here. but… … Why?”

Why did God need Rukia?

“The Devil’s Left Hand.”

It was a sudden change that came to the woman who was performing miracles with the right hand of God.

Rukia shouted.


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“I think I know how to meet God! Please find people!”

It must have been the reason why God called Sirone here.

‘I guess I’ll use it as a tool too. But it won’t go your way.’

It sounded like hallucinations.

-Save yourself from the terrible truth.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Following Sirone, Rukia looked at the unconscious Glenn’s face.

‘No one can help. You have to do it, Glenn. I won’t be shaken either.’

Green Ocean.

The elves’ weapon against the fairy invasion was natural Mother Nature, the flood itself.

Giant trees brandished their branches like whips, and rock golems trampled the tiny bodies.


The terrifying sound made the Fairy troops wince.

“Sheesh! There is no resistance.”

“You expected this much. Rather, we should focus on catching the test subjects.”

Crown wanted an elf.

“That was also the story when I penetrated this strange forest. cowardly bastards. Hiding behind Mother Nature.”

“A fire tribe or something, they have tremendous abilities. They say they control the whole flood.”

Then a great vibration was heard.

“Is it yet?”

When the fairies turned around, the archangel of destruction, Yuriel, was striding forward.

“Ah, Archangel.”

He said, turning his knuckles of paradise.

“Back off.”

Before he could hear an answer, Uriel rushed into the forest and struck the ground with his goon of paradise.

‘Chun Bo-ryun.’

A radius of several hundred meters in the forest exploded.


The seismic wave arrived at the same time Protea, the leader of the Fire Tribe, crouched down.

Enox, the head of the elves, approached.

“What happened?”

“The small world creation was cut off for a while. The power of an archangel is so ferocious.”

Most of the Hwajok died in the Asmodian War, and only a dozen or so remained alive.

Florino, who controlled the river to extinguish the fire in the forest, spoke in a despairing voice.

“I will be pushed away like this. Why is Yahweh not coming? hello we are… … Is it something that cannot enter human life?”

“It’s not like that, Flallino.”

Enox said.

“We must save ourselves. If you don’t have a heart to fight and struggle like a human being, nothing will change even if Yahweh comes. They will eventually become livestock.”

“but… …

“Humans would have been afraid. Humans must have suffered too. You cannot reach it unless you go beyond it.”

at the center of the world.

“ruler! Let’s go, elves! How long are you going to be stigmatized as a coward by the fairies!”

300 elves agreed with their eyes.

“All troops out… … !”

Before Enox could finish his words, a huge shockwave surged 100 meters ahead.


As the dust was blown away with wind magic, the gigantic Yuriel was approaching.

‘Awesome power… …

Among those with will, it is probably one of the most powerful weapons in the entire universe.

“Why do you get involved in a showdown between the servants?” Like Yahweh, the Archangel has no reason to interfere in the battle between the Elves and the Fairies.


Uriel bent his lower body.

“Is it because I am also a species’?”

Just by lowering my posture, I felt the power as if I was watching an explosion.

While the elves’ faces were pale, Enox was also dizzy.

“End the war.”

The fairies shouted.

“Mrs. Uriel! Leave the elves alive… …

Before he could even finish his words, Uriel was already rushing forward, spinning the wheel of paradise.

‘Is it over… …

Just as Enox fell into despair, a man slashed the side of Uriel.


As Yuriel flew away with a bang, the faces of the elf and fairy became dazed.

“… … you are?”

A handsome man in a gray coat, with curly hair and steel eyes.

“Golden Dragon Metira.”

Then, a gong sound was heard, and the remaining 12 apostles landed simultaneously.

“iced coffee.”

Enox’s eyes turned red.

‘Yes, Yahweh did not abandon us.’

Poine, the poison dragon, smiled.

“It is against the law for another species to intervene in a fight for the fate of a species. Isn’t that right, Uriel?”

He walked with a thump thump on the ground.

“You are an uninvited guest.”

The light dragon Phaeton, a blonde boy sitting in the center of the 12 apostles, opened his mouth.

“why? Are you suddenly upset? do not worry. Because you alone are enough for me.”

“It’s 1 in 12.”

Uriel raised his right arm.

“Fighting with one arm would be balanced. If you want, you can take out the paradise too.”

“Heh heh! Hehehehe!” Half of Phaeton’s face, which had hardened into a smile, transformed into a dragon.

“You, come here, it’s a baby.”

As Uriel waved his hand as if to invite you to come, the boy’s eyes glowed.

“Sir… …

Before Phaeton could fly, the fire dragon Inpercus rushed at Uriel.

“Let’s get right.”

Her body, clad in leather tights, burned and turned the hall into a sea of ​​fire.

Enox, who cast water magic, gritted his teeth.

‘This is the beginning.’ The war between elves and fairies.

Whoever wins this war will be absorbed into humanity and will change the future of the world.

‘Who will carry it through.’

The results of the tribal war were still being piled up at the destination of information after passing through the filter of the law.


The sudden shaking of the ground made the Sirone mining team look around.


The intensity wasn’t strong, but it was a vibration that felt like the entire world was changing.

“Sirone! this!”

The artifact Marsha was holding in her hand began to rust and wear out quickly.

“A new future is being built. That’s a lot of speed.”

Sirone bit his lip.

‘That means that the change of the law is rapid. What big variables are applied?’

sedimentation of time.

In a situation where all current events were pushed back to the past, the mining team was very tense.

“End, is it over?”

A world of apocalypse that was completely different from before the earthquake awaited.

“… … Clean.”

A state-of-the-art mechanical city was built instead of a messy landscape of building debris.

Marsha asked.

“So who won? Elf? Fairy? Who built this city?”

Seven androids came out from between the buildings.


It had an egg-shaped head, a black liquid crystal on the front, and a silvery metal body.

‘It’s like high gear.’

All of them were wearing the same monk’s robes and had electronic rosary beads stuffed around their necks and hands.

“Finding Rebirth.”

Android turned around at the same time.

“Sheesh! I got caught.”

While the parrot mercenary was on guard, a behemoth ran vertically on the screen of the android.

“Color immediately. color immediately.”

Sirone was surprised by the depth of realization written on the liquid crystal rather than their cold mechanical sounds.


Marsha asked like someone who was in a hurry.

“Sirone, is this your enemy? huh? please call me an enemy That way you can run away without looking back.”

“Color immediately. color immediately.”

Humanity’s final evolutionary stage – Final Type Jet (Z).

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