Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1184

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Meaning of incident (3)

Spirit of Ymir, 1.5 layers deep.


Gangnan said.

“You don’t have to be by my side, so do whatever you want. I will never resent you.”

What I realized when Ymir’s Ultima, 10 billion eyes infiltrated the 1.5th floor.

‘A man who lived a life I could not have imagined’


It was Gaold’s unusual self-denial and his obsession with Miro.

‘Sain must have the same idea.’

As long as Miro chose Gaold, the father-daughter relationship was now just a façade of emotions.

The Sein family entered Gangnan’s house.

“There was.”

After dismantling the Tamo organization, the market was smooth, but they closed their business.

‘Find the wrong picture.’

The line between dreams and reality became clearer, and what remained was a matter of choice.

“I decided to live here.”

Gangnan said.

“This is the conclusion I came to after much thought. Because I realized how painful the reality is. I will live here.”

Even Sein could not object.

As Arius whimpered, Miro approached Gaold at the table.

“Are you okay?”

It was only for a moment that he tasted the pain of reality, but Gaold was in a state of shock for a while.


“Kang Nan and Dad gave permission, so it’s over now. It’s good for you. Because I got a pretty little bride like me.”

little bride.

asked Gaold, who was smoking a cigarette.

“Aren’t you asking for my opinion?”

“What do you want to ask? I know now how tenacious you are. Why, don’t you like it?” It was awkward for Miro to get to know Gaold in real life, even if no one else knew about it.

“Aha, got it. Mister, is it because waiting until I grow up is crazy?”

Gaold quit smoking.

“Don’t be ridiculous, kid. If you know how I’ve been, just shut up

there is.”

Miro also knows.

That Gaold was the one who endured 20 years in the terrible hell of pain.

‘Yes, this is correct.’

The world has been perfected by Miro’s compromise, and Ymir will not be able to penetrate it.

Sein asked.

“by the way… … How about Sirone?”

Since that day, Sirone, who had fallen asleep, remained asleep as if she had died.

Mong-a, who was standing next to Louver, said

“I tried many methods, but to no avail. Even if it was a dream within a dream, it would be possible to approach it… …

“There were conditions.”

Louver said.

“Isn’t it only when the dream keeper approves that even the dream keeper cannot read the dream?”

Gangnan asked.

“Did you ever approve?”

“A long time ago… …

I once accepted the offer of a man who is now called the first yora.

“The conditions are simple. with the same ideals

I heard there is a story I want to tell you. Call it a dream come true. This dream may revive the will, but… …

I don’t know.

“When will you wake up?”

“I don’t know. Time doesn’t matter in dreams. It is a matter of how much information is processed. When all the data of the lore dream is transferred, the dream within the dream ends.”

At that moment, Sirone suddenly straightened her waist like a bow and shook her arms.

“Oh Dae-sung!”

Mong-a looked around, but he was unconscious.

“What happened?”

Looking at Sirone, who was almost convulsing, Louver put on a serious expression.

‘In a dream, Oh Dae-seong is not affected by simultaneous events. So what is being affected is… …

Demon Sword Armand.

The ability integrated under the name of material is working strongly in reality.


How strong is it that the unconscious master suffers so much?

The louver looked at the sky of the world on the 1.5th floor.

‘What are you doing?’

Glaring at the sun, Sirone gritted her teeth.



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A huge amount of material was pouring out from between the gaping palms.

Materials that transcend human knowledge even endured the harsh space environment.

‘I can’t finish it all at once. First of all, a ring-shaped skeleton that wraps around the diameter of the sun… …

-The construction progress is 0.00134 percent.

The work efficiency reached approximately 64 billion man-months, but it was far from reaching the 1 percent progress rate.

‘I have to do it.’

When God’s law is fulfilled, this universe will come to an end in one of the bubbles.

The solar wind hit.


Again, the law was twisted, and the aftermath was immediately perceived through simultaneous events.

‘are you okay. Mommy will buy you time.’

If you can finish in it.

As the power of the material was increased, the boundary line where the material was output became red-hot.

At the same time as it was born, mechanical devices assembled at the speed of light glided through outer space.

The aftermath of the final adjustment directly hit the Pyramid of Truth in the kingdom of Paras.

As the letters on the wall were replaced with new concepts, the baptism of seals flooded in again.

“Aww! no! No!”

Glenn, a priest of Lamie, desperately held on to the spirit that was about to turn.

“I mean, I love Rukia… …

Glenn’s cause.

Rukia dismissed it as mere memories, but for Glenn, it was an event that changed the outcome of his life.

Born into a poor family, Glenn had to live a harsh life from an early age.

It was when Glenn’s parents believed in Lamie that a ray of light shone.

Luckily, I was able to enter the monastery, where I met Rukia’s family.

“hi? I am Rukia.”

“uh… … okay. It’s Glenn. Nice to meet you.”

The two seventeen-year-olds quickly opened up, but the parents’ situation was a little more complicated.

It was a monastic missionary day.

“Glenn, mother. Thank you for coming here even though you are busy. May the grace of Krea be with you.”

Rukia’s mother, a priest, was kind to everyone, and Glenn’s mother liked her too.

“Thank you. It’s something you have to do.”

Even at that time, Glenn and Rukia were working together to preach to the villagers.

Rukia’s mother smiled.

“The two always stick together. nice to see Glenn is such a brilliant young man.”

I shouldn’t have listened.

‘At that time, I wasn’t listening to that.’ Glenn’s mother was also embittered because no parent would take offense at her son’s praise.

“Rukia is really nice and healthy. He is said to be the next high priest in the monastery.”

“no. What is the high priest?”

“I hope Glenn and Rukia do well. If the two of them continue after they grow up… …

The word was cut off there.

It was because he saw the anger in the eyes of Rukia’s mother, who was always kind.

“Ah, I said something presumptuous… …

“Mother Glen, don’t say that again. Even if you are a believer, I want you to keep the line.”

“sorry. sorry.”

Glenn, unable to watch his mother lower her head any longer, turned her head away.

Rukia asked.

“Glenn, what’s wrong?”


“Nothing? Is there a lot of anger on your face? Did I do something wrong?”


Glenn clenched his fists.

“I am not feeling well. I’ll go in and rest.” As time passed, the feelings faded, but the wounds in Glenn’s heart did not heal.


Glenn grabbed his head.

“You said you wanted to have Rukia just for that reason? I am… … I loved you with all my heart!”

love, beautiful language.

“Why are you bewitching me! Do you think you’ll be shaken by something like this? I am a priest of Lamie!”

How many things we ignore just because they are beautiful to hear.

“God, look down on me! Drive this devil’s cunning out of me!”

Glenn, praying, heard hallucinations.

Glenn, Glenn.

“I believe in God. Please save me.”

There are no demons.

“Huh! have mercy on me… … Whoa! I entrust my everything to you… …

Wasn’t it the result of what you did?

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

Body fluids trickled from Glenn’s eyes, nose, and mouth as he buried his head on the ground.

It was the night back at the monastery.

“Glenn, why? You haven’t spoken to me since before. Should I tell you what’s going on?”

“go back! Just leave me alone!” yelled Glenn.

“… … okay. talk tomorrow good night.” Hearing the sound of Rukia spinning, Glenn wiped everything in her room.

“Something like dogs!”

still unresolved

“Yes, this is poor. You’re saying it’s disgusting for a guy like me to have a daughter, right? But you know what? Rukia likes me If I, if I put my mind to it… … !”

Glenn raised his chin.

“I can break it right now. I will never dream of becoming a high priest for the rest of my life…”


The moment Glenn shouted, countless letters lit up on the walls around him.

“You son of a bitch! why are you doing this to me! I really love you now! I was so angry at that time… … !”

Then the events began to overlap.


He banged his head against the wall but did not die, and that was Glenn’s last courage.

“Hugh! Hehe!”

He made many choices, but in his life, which is getting more and more ruined.


Glenn finally realized.

‘I disappear.’

It is just a human being among human beings.

Just when I felt my skull open, I heard a familiar voice from across the hallway.


Rukia was running.

“Glen! You were here! How many times have I found… … !”


Glenn, who made a monstrous noise, stood up and strangled Rukia.

“die! I mean die!”

“Uh, Glenn… …

Glenn’s face, looking up from the floor, was distorted like an animal.

“You didn’t love me! I regretted it! I had no choice but to accept it because you were with me that night!”


Rukia was also baptized by phosphorus, so she knew what Glenn was talking about.

“You are too young! I was just scared! I love you now! Really, Glenn!”


Compressing his neck, Rukia grabbed Glenn.

‘God’s right hand.’

It can stir and change people’s minds like water, but it rarely catches on.

‘I lost my mind.’

“die! die! die!”

With the weight of her body in her hands, Glenn had no choice but to use her last resort.

‘The devil’s left hand.’

Just holding his shoulder for a brief moment made Glenn’s body twist like a pretzel.

As Glenn collapsed on his side and struggled in pain, Rukia looked at him again.

“Glen! are you okay? Come to your senses!”

“Turn it off… …

As he groaned as his whole body twisted, he heard footsteps in the darkness behind him.

“Mr. Youfra.”

Where Rukia turned around, Great Swordsman Yufra was walking with unfocused eyes.

He slowly raised his sword and said.

“Everything is according to God’s will… …

Humans who have lost their cause become oparts, mere objects.

“God is waiting for us!”

As the sword was about to cut Rukia’s head, a chunk of light flew from the side.

With a thump, Yufra crashed into the wall, and Sirone appeared from around the corner.

“Miss Rukia! are you okay?”


The moment she saw Sirone’s eyes, which contain human emotions, she shed tears.


It was a heart that was not shaken by the law.

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