Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1186

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The destination of mankind (1)

Apocalypse’s mining team couldn’t identify the pia with the android in front of them.

“What are you guys? Are you a human or a machine’?”

“We are Jet.”

said the leading android.

“Those who realized the principles of the universe. It is a completely flawless existence without any afflictions.”

“Run away.”

The moment Sirone spoke, the people who called themselves “Jet” assumed the posture of a class leader.

“Salvation of sentient beings.”

When the Sanskrit was engraved on their faces, a metal sphere was born around them.


It was a way for machines to penetrate living things.

“Color immediately. color immediately.”

As the spheres that protruded like flashes bombarded the front, the roar of the explosion embroidered the city.


The mining team hidden behind the Miracle Stream was surprised to see a floor that was not even incontinent.

“damn! What is it made of?”

“The Law.”

Sirone said.

“This is a city that is governed by the law. Our hearts cannot influence it.”

maybe flawless.


Sirone cast Hand of God.

“I will stop them, mine information. We must know the cause.”

Marsha said.

“But how? more in this world

There are no abnormal artifacts. It’s been cleaned.”

The relics that Marsha possessed had already turned to dust and disappeared a long time ago.

“Because it is the law, there must be a database. Find the main system and hack it.”

Marsha asked perplexedly.

“Is that Buddha? So now… … Are you telling us to hack the Buddha?” The jets that printed the word on the facial liquid crystal analyzed Sirone’s Hand of God.

“The pinnacle of agony.”

The leading Jet said.

“Suffering sentient beings, come follow us. Afflictions come from ignorance, so if you realize the principle of the entire universe and get rid of doubts, your anguish will disappear.”

“Are you going to make me a machine too?”

“Creating the boundary between life and death is just an obsession. You just have to accept one truth.”

one truth.

‘After all, it is the Law, not the heart, that is integrated. And if the result is the world unfolding before your eyes… …

God won.

‘No, nothing has been decided.’

If a variable occurs anywhere in the five systems, the apocalypse will also change.

‘In a world that has reached the pinnacle of the law, it would be difficult to hack the database right away… …

If the Sirone Spear is completed, if the 12 Apostles win, if the world behind it is purified.

‘Or whatever!’

Sirone clenched his fists.

“The fight is not over. Humans, mankind will definitely rise above the law.”

“Desire only breeds pain. Get away from the obsession of existence and open the door to rebirth in paradise.”

The tone was benevolent, but bullets containing vicious laws were born around Jet.


Shirone, who blocked the fleeing mining team, deflected the bullet with her Hand of God.

pop! pop! pop! pop!

Every time the law exploded, my mind was dizzy.

‘ tremendous.’

It wasn’t as much as me who chose apostasy, but the machine’s realization was powerful in itself.

After blocking the attack with the skill of the mind, the jets expressed their emotions with a moment of silence.

“… … King of the living.”

A single behemoth fills the liquid crystal.


Between the buildings, the jets that printed the same letters rushed in with a low sound.


Cold sweat broke out on Sirone’s back at the uncountable number.

‘I won’t be able to last long.’ As the time for Geese’s press conference approached, the protests in front of Delta grew louder.

“Gys, King of Jive, resign!”

“Bring out the ruler who commits corrupt things with the tax of the citizens! Bring it out!”

Amid all the echoes, Geese stood in front of the office window.

“You bastard children!”

With his chin lifted and his teeth clenched, he was masturbating with his right hand.

“Talk more, huh? Try to excite me more.”


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Myron, who was reviewing the materials for the press conference, approached me, fixing his glasses.

“The draft was written. Please check.”

“Haha! Haha!”

Exhaling heavily and shaking his upper body, he roughly grabbed the papers Myron held out.

“Ah, sir! Shake it up.”

“Ah yes.”

While Myron replaced Geese’s hand, snake-like sharp eyes scanned the contents.

“what is this? Who wrote the draft?”

“Secretary’s office… …

“No, done. does this make sense? To shed tears over the death of her daughter?”

“By stimulating the sensitivity… …

“Who doesn’t know that! That’s too contrived! Do you know how quick-witted the citizens are these days?”

Geese tapped the papers.

“No matter who it is, the reporter is not going to ask. Then he suddenly cried… … uh? Why can’t I read the trend of the times? That’s why you can’t get ahead.”


“The pain of losing a child is nothing in the world and erase this sentence. It’s too aggressive. Will parents who have not died live in sorrow? It seems like you’re trembling just because the kid died.”

“All right.”

“Don’t use the inversion method. The point of stuttering is concentrated in the second half. Spread out a bit… …

As Geese went to the desk to get the pen, Myron ducked.

“it’s okay. Fix it like this.”


Released from the role of his right hand, he received the papers and Geese went back to the window.

Citizens’ voices were heard.

“The King resigns! Resign!”

“Quack! will i die of boredom? The more I do, the more I will eat. You guys eat this and fall… … Whoops!”

Geese flinched.


While editing the draft, Myron looked at Geese’s back as he groaned wildly.

‘Are you really human?’

How much do you have to belittle others to not feel shame when you do something like this?

‘Just as there is no human being to be ashamed of taking off clothes in front of animals. To Geese, human means… …

The concept of cattle or less.

“Whoa, cool. Are you done editing?”

“Ah yes.”

As Gis approached, raising his trousers, Myron politely handed over the amendment.

“Okay, let’s go like this.”

“It’s 10 minutes before the press conference. You must go to the conference room. Xinjiang will protect you.”

In the place prepared at the Delta Headquarters, there were not only reporters but also important people from each country.

said the albino.

“If Gis comes, it must mean that the aftermath is over. You’d want to shake everything off here, but… …

Tormia’s trap was still there.

“His Highness is in the position!” While all the reporters stood up, Gis came up to the podium with a firm expression on his face.

“hello. Citizens of the capital, citizens of the noble territories. I am always here… …

After the speech, questions from reporters continued.

“Is it true that you attended a secret banquet? They say there was perverted behavior.”

“That is not true.”

“Then are you saying the article is false? It is a matter of death. Please be honest.”

“Of course there was a banquet. However, it was just a normal seat in the temple. There was no s*xual entertainment, and there was no substance to the deaths.”

Everything that happened at the temple was a top secret unless you were determined and leaked information.

“Are you sure you didn’t do it?”

“Everyone, this sanctuary is a place that will determine the future of mankind. Under such circumstances, would it be common sense for the kings of each country to gather and hold such a meeting that is difficult to mention?”

I do not know.

Because no one has ever been king.

“There are rumors of Princess Rebecca’s death. Can you shed some light on that?”

In an instant, the blood drained from Geese’s face.

When I thought of my daughter’s face, my lips trembled and my heart felt like it would break.

“My daughter… … Whoops!”

Gis sobbed without suppressing his emotions.

‘It’s just that.’

The albino’s eyes grew cold.

‘It’s not without emotion. No, to be precise, it should be said that he understands emotions.’

It is true that you are sad about your daughter’s death.

‘So what is it?’

Geese thought to himself.

‘My son died, I’m sad, what are you saying? sad is sad Do I have to starve at least?’

said the albino.

“I feel emotions, but that’s it. I use it because I can see it coldly. No shame, no conscience, even grief over the death of a child.”

“So strong.”

It will be the pinnacle of psychological murder.

“By natural selection, carnivores have fangs. If human society is also an arena of weak meat, it is correct to view the lack of emotion as a kind of evolution.”

“If you look back on human history, the rulers of the times were all cruel.”

“okay. If feeding and breeding are what accelerated the evolution of animals, money and power change humans. Isn’t it a power that can’t be compared to the fang of a beast? That’s how emotions are quickly castrated, and the 1.5th generation of mankind is born.”

“at last… … Will only those people remain?” “well. I know it goes against the banner of humanity. It’s just that if you release 100 people from the 1.5 generation and 100 people from the first generation in the same space, what will happen? The first generation will end in an instant.”

I couldn’t deny it.

“emotion. Every human being knows how weak that soft word can make a human being. You know, but you can’t throw it away. Just as herbivores love grass, emotions are the reason humans live. But predators have a different taste.”

“Eat the grass, eat the animal.”

“okay. Even now.”

Geese continued to speak, hiding his black feelings.

“I feel responsible for disturbing your planting. So, here I am… … he bent over

“I formally ask for your forgiveness. If you give me a chance to make up for it, I will show you in the temple.”

The pen tips of the reporters almost flew around in the unprecedented situation of the king’s apology.

the albino murmured.

“It’s a decisive blow.”

In fact, Gis, who was lowering his head deeply, felt refreshed as if he were going to fly away.

‘Yeongda, it’s your favorite food. how is it? Are you feeling great? Is this your first time?’

The king apologized to the citizens.

‘You guys can live if you just build up your self-respect. but i am not You should have all the most expensive things in the world. You have to take all the girls you like. They say that we have to enjoy every day luxury that human beings cannot enjoy even if they earn a lifetime.’

But pride?

‘You’re talking nonsense. You idiots, the waist and the head are organs that are meant to bend from the beginning. I think I use it to pick up things that have fallen on the ground. What if you give meaning to what even a three-year-old can do… …

that it is so easy.

‘Ah, good.’

The thought that he could reign over them again from now on made his s*xual desire boil.

‘I am the king. take it all away why? Because I have the ability to do that.’

the reporter shouted.

“Don’t make fun of me! Citizens are not stupid enough to be fooled by political gestures!”

Another reporter objected.

“Be careful with your words! He is definitely the King of Jive! Be polite!”

‘Quickly finish it. or go back annoying.’

Sooner or later, the reaction of the citizens who read the article would be hot, but Geese did not care.

‘No matter what you say…

There will never be a unified opinion.

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