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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1170

Before Murder (1)

While everyone in the conference room was chewing on Havitz’s words, only Uorin knew.

‘Havitz randomly kills one person every hour. Until Sirone dies, of course. But suddenly why? Until now, Satan has been reluctant to face-to-face with Yahweh.’

It was such a law, such an incident.

‘Personality and atrocities. It’s the tendency to dislike direct entanglement over the world. Like a divorced couple. Hate each other but don’t want to run into each other


If they have to run into each other directly.

‘child… … Is it the same?’

Yesterday afternoon, Havitz said he met a girl at a casino in the capital.

‘From the moment you met the child, whereabouts for several hours, that’s the point. There was something that drove him crazy enough to give up the history search.’

Who are you?

Uorin, who gave up her thoughts, stood up from her seat.

“This is unacceptable! Havitz’s remarks are an argument against the peace treaty and a provocation against the 12 countries! The Kashan will not back down, and we hereby formally declare that we regard the Havits as public enemies!”

There was no applause and the albino twisted his beard.

“… … The Empress set the fire.”

Rufist agreed.

“There will be bloody winds blowing in the temple from now on.”

“Havitz is sincere. As long as Sirone is alive, he will kill one person every hour. He may be a low-ranking official, but he could also be the head of a country participating in a crusade. The biggest problem is… …

“It’s vanishing.”

“yes. Even if Havitz kills someone, we don’t know about it. If this happens, even if another country assassinates, it will be enough if they put the blame on Havitz.”

innocent of anything.

“In short, this is not a threat. Rather, Havitz was given to us.”

The albino’s eyes narrowed.

“A license to kill.”

Satan’s will to kill you to your heart’s content, since he will overwrite all of his sins… … .

It made the brains of 12 countries shut their mouths.

“Sleep, I’ll take a break for a while.” Officials slip away, the albino

I looked at Uorin, who had just stood up.

‘Have you counted this far? would have done But you know it’s not a perfect strategy, right?’

It’s a jaseungjabak

‘Thormia will pick you up.’

Sumodo and Jetaro, who participated in the holy war on behalf of Vulcan, who had taken sick leave, began to think a lot.

Sumodo said.

“There was a way. It’s genius.”

“Because I have a knack for breaking the rules. Anyway, new rules have been set, so what should I do with this?” Zetaro’s expression darkened. “what’s the matter? Can’t think of anything?” “I have an idea. To be honest, ah

A good idea came to my mind… …

Harvits will also like it.

“I know how you feel. Did you want to kill yourself?”

Zetaro’s only wish was for Harbitz to be in the most joyful state.

“I think Vulcan and Natasha deserve you too. Harvitz’s best friend is you. Not a Wizard.”

A contradiction that can kill to love.

This is why Satan has the emotional symmetry of Yahweh.

“Yes, thank you. Let’s talk to Vulcan for now. It’s a strategy that won’t work without that kid.”

The two sincerely wished that Vulcan would survive until Havitz died.

The temple meeting declared a break, but subordinate departments were running without a break.

Seriel headed to the small meeting room.


The heads of each country had big and small incidents, and Kessia was included among them.

‘So Fermi… …

I thought I would treat you a little more kindly.

“excuse me.”

When I entered the small meeting room, about 200 people were filling the seats.

Small meeting, aka working-level meeting.

While the general meeting deals with the biggest initiatives, the sub-sessions coordinate specific opinions.

The heads of the military, economic and social ministries, religious ministries, and the International Sanctions Board, excluding the general meeting, gathered among the five major departments of the sanctuary.

Experts from the temple’s affiliated organizations, such as world climate, telecommunications, health, heritage, and education, also attended.

“I think Pope Constantine, who is at the Great Council, will be ten minutes late. Please wait.”

Seriel caught a familiar face in her eyes.

‘Dorothy, the deputy of the military department, Liz, the co-founder of the Nade Group, and Alfeas Magic School… …

Alpheas, Olivea, and Shiina were also there.

“Forgive me for being late.”

When Pope Constantine came in, the paladins of the anti-coach followed armedly.

‘Armed troops in working-level talks. It must have been late due to legal proceedings against the guard.’

With Havitz’s declaration, the pope was also forced to be vigilant.

The meeting has begun.

“Before continuing from yesterday, let’s organize the agenda from today’s meeting and move on. Last night, the Moon Kingdom made an assassination attempt against a specific country.”

The air got cold.

“Several countries suffered serious damage, and even the death of a king was unprecedented. As you can see from the report we gave you in advance, it is a matter of doubt regarding the legal proceedings against Moon Kingdom’s charges and Kashan’s involvement. I think it would be better to listen to the position of the international tribunal first and express your opinion.”

At the same time as the temple was opened, Socrates and Cyrano, who resigned, sat side by side.

The contrast between Socrates, who weighed over 150 kilograms, and Cyrano, who only had bones, was also bizarre… … .

“Why are you looking at me? When did you quit?”

The problem was this.

“No, Mr. Cyrano, as far as I know it hasn’t been repaired on paper. Therefore, officially Mr. Cyrano Mito is the head of the International Sanctions Board.”

Sparks flew in Cyrano’s eyes as he glared at Socrates.

“You, you little pig… …

“Chuck! It can’t be helped! The manager has been the head of the Red Line Association for generations. There is none but you and me. Shouldn’t you have been the manager first?”

“Kill them.”

True to her nickname of the swamp witch, long nails protruded from Cyrano’s right hand.

“Ohh? Are you going to open one? To be clear, my detonation magic has no mercy.”

Socrates’ eyes narrowed.


The paladins of the Anti-Magic Department were wary, and even the general public felt alive.

‘It’s a big deal! It should dry quickly… …

A 2nd-class or higher wizard can bypass even the highest-level magic devices.

Socrates burst into laughter in an explosion that seemed to happen at any moment.

“Puhahaha! Other than farming! Would you do something like that? sleep old virgin hysteria

Please accept… … !”

As Cyrano slapped Socrates in the face, there was a pop and destructive sound.

Although it was violent, the scene where the giant fell in one shot was truly bizarre.

Cyrano brushed his wrists.

“Tsk. They treat you kindly, so you have to listen to what they say. what are you doing pig Won’t you wake up soon?”

Socrates jumped up and sat down in his chair, and Cyrano spoke to the audience.

“The papers will be repaired within today. I will not get involved in this matter.”

“Did you know from the start?” Dorothy was where everyone’s eyes were directed.

“Did you resign because you knew that this would happen from the moment the temple opened?”

“… … hmm.”

Cyrano crossed her legs.

“Yes, military commander. The International Court of Justice is an organization that represents the red line, and generations of retired presidents of the association have held the position of director. Do you know why you are the ‘retired’ president of the association?”

Dorothy kept her mouth shut.

“I don’t know how to step down from active duty. If you are a magician, of course you should. What verdict do you want me to make? Since the Moon kingdom is weak, should you raise Kashan’s hand?”

“Hey, Cyrano… …

Socrates’ expression became serious for the first time, but she raised her hand to interrupt him.

“The temple is a den of snakes. Swallow once, think about digestion later. No one knows exactly what is going on here. If you make a wrong decision in such a situation, the blow will go to the juniors.”

Dorothy was also a red line.

“Anyway, the people here are also responsible.

Aren’t you leaving everything to the international tribunal because you don’t want to? So, I will take responsibility. Dismiss me or arrest me, as you wish.”

The hall became quiet.

“Cleaning up poop for juniors among the snakes that rule the world is what an elder does. The International Sanctions Chamber will not rule for the time being.”

There were no objections.

“What the hell is going on!”

Geese’s daughter, Rebecca, entered the Delta Headquarters under the escort of a new bodyguard.

“The hand is about to come in! I only lost money because of you guys!”

She was the one who gambled all night.

“sorry. Jive 1st class vigilante. You should refrain from going out for the time being.”

“joy! Then it is. I thought Dad called again.”

“It’s an alert that only the supreme ruler of the armed forces can issue, so it’s true that my father called.”

Even though the result was the same, the feeling was different.

‘it’s okay! I’m tired of it all now. I should eat Dream Star and play to my heart’s content in Under Coder.’

High Gear is still running, but the fun has plummeted since Yahweh left.

‘huh? Come to think of it… …

Aren’t Sirone at the Delta Headquarters?

‘That’s right!’

As Rebecca’s steps became faster, her kidneys also supported the left and right sides with the correct stride length.

‘Looks like he’s got his mind.’

Arriving at the hallway where the conference room was, Rebecca saw Sirone walking far away.

‘ there is!’

A man fighting for the world. And she was the daughter of Kish, king of the Jive.

‘If you capture Yahweh… …

I have no interest in worldly affairs, but I wonder if something huge will happen.


Rebecca called out loud.


Sirone’s code name came to mind before the name.

‘Des Gonche.’

He raised his hand with a smile because his relationship with Undercoder was just as important as his real life.

“Hey, who is this?”

Escorted by Xinjiang, Rebecca strode towards Sirone.

“haha! Did we really meet? very… …

The next moment, Rebecca’s head was neatly severed and separated from her torso.

“oh my god… … Grrrr!”

His face splattered on the floor, and Havits passed by and brushed off the blood on his longsword.

“Now one person.”

59 minutes and 59 seconds until the next fatality.

Even while Habitz was leaving the hallway, Xinjiang was not aware of the death of the factor.


Tears welled up in one of Sirone’s eyes.

‘Why am I crying?’

Since all human misfortune was his own, Yahweh felt dead at this moment.

The only reason Yahweh cannot kill Satan is.

‘What happened.’ Ironically, it is because Satan never wants to face Yahweh.

Sirone’s eyes flashed with life.


As the hallway roared, Harvitz’s hair stood on end around the corner.

‘It was close.’

The moment I exceeded the limit of access allowed by the law, I felt like I was struck by lightning.

But Wena Wizard.

‘This is the beginning. All humans will come running to kill you. You can look forward to it.’

The prelude to the murder has risen.

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