Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1169

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Satan’s proposal (4)

After leaving the plaza, Fermi and Seriel went into a bar on the market side.

asked Fermi as he opened the door.

“Are you okay?”

“Are you afraid you can’t even drink? get in quick I’m hungry.”

It was early for dinner, but I was very hungry because I had skipped lunch.

“Let’s get it together.”

Seriel sat down and ordered.

After about an hour, the faces of the two people who drank on an empty stomach turned slightly red.

Even though they weren’t close friends, the conversation didn’t stop because they were in the same senior class.

“It is always difficult.”

Seriel, who was watching the evening street through the window, said with her chin resting on the table.

“The really hard thing is that you don’t know what might be hard when you get used to the routine of your senior year course. I grow by finding my weaknesses, but the results aren’t coming out well.”

“It is steadily rising. If you look back one day, you will see that you have grown. Believe me, the longest-living senior in my senior year.”

Encouraged by the veteran’s words, Seriel smiled, but her heart soon cooled.

‘Graduation exam broker.’

Why are you still in school with the ability to graduate at any time?

‘Shall I ask?’

Fermi smiled.

“You look like you have something to say. do anything.”

It wasn’t a bad time to be honest, and it was fun to talk about the senior year.

“no way!”

Seriel, who was conflicted about breaking the atmosphere, drank the alcohol in front of her at once.

After about three hours, Seriel’s pupils began to open.

“Hey, Fermi. you can’t do that Don’t live that way, you son of a bitch.”

It’s already the fourth time he’s heard it, but Fermi was listening with a gentle smile on his face.

“I know you’re a really great guy. however… … I know! You can’t live like that. How hard other friends work to become wizards… …

“How can you sell your diploma for money?”

“Yes, child. Money… Huh?” As Seriel, half sober, opened his eyes wide, Fermi lit a cigarette.

“I took the graduation exam for many years. I passed a lot of people and rejected even more than that.”

A long smoke billowed out.

“Who did you get the money from? no. I’ve never been asked to, and I’ve never been paid.”

“Then why… … ?”

“Because that is my belief. to control the system. Some people just fight and win, but I can’t do that. Just like you guys compete to prove your skills, I just fight my way.”

is it a lie?

‘Not a broker? Maybe he wants me to side with Fermi at school? no… …

Fermi is obviously an incredible person, but from what she felt for half a day

‘This guy doesn’t lie.’ I’d rather be silent.

“cigarette. I didn’t see you at school.”

“I don’t particularly like it. I just don’t want to apply the concept of taboo to my life. I can do anything if I need to, and I won’t do anything if I don’t have to.”

It was the way he controlled the system.

‘What kind of life did he live?’

The fact that the more I learned about Fermi, the more confused I became, the more curious I was.

“Okay, trust me. But if you’ve done this, you’ve proven your abilities. Why are you staying at school?”

Fermi remembered.


The figure of Yolga, who is still wandering as a specter of a specific incident in the upper layer of Istas.

“well. Why?”

Seriel was terrified.

Fermi’s expression was infinitely clear, but I felt like I was going to burst into tears any minute.

“you… …

I couldn’t think of anything other than wanting to hug him.

“let’s go. late.”

After completing the calculation, the two of them were driven to a street covered in darkness.

Should we part like this?

Fermi asked in a situation where the time, atmosphere, and this and that were ambiguous.


Seriel gave a small nod.


It was past 4:00 in the morning when Seriel woke up in an unknown inn room.

It was quiet outside, and I could hear the breathing of Fermi, who had fallen asleep next to me.


Just a few hours ago, during the day yesterday

Things that had happened passed by like a kaleidoscope.

‘Aren’t you crazy, really?’

It wasn’t a worse feeling than I expected.

No, to be honest, it was pretty good, but emotions weren’t everything in the sober world.

A competitor in the senior class, or a faction, I spent the day with the head of the enemy army.


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Seriel slowly turned around and got off the bed like a snake and gathered her clothes.

‘Careful, careful.’

While kneeling, putting on clothes, and even checking belongings in the bag, no sound was heard.

She opened the door slowly and quietly closed it as if she would not allow even one decibel.

Then, after checking the inside, I ran down the hallway as if I were running away, and left the inn.

‘This is a lifelong secret. I can’t even tell Amy.’

Seriel left the room, and within a minute Fermi lifted his eyelids.

As if he was already awake, he stared into the darkness and covered his eyes with his arm.


In the hallway of Delta, Seriel thought.

In the graduation exam that year, Amy was knocked out early after being lynched with a gold ring.

‘I passed.’

Of course, unlike Amy, who was the first to graduate, Seriel was not the target of the ring of gold.

However, due to the work of the day, it remained an unsolvable homework for Seriel.

‘Why did Fermi drop Amy? Simply tactical reasons? Or me…

It was the reason why he couldn’t speak up even in front of her face that seemed like a weakness to her.

“Fermi, what happened… …


Fermi stopped talking and turned around.

“I have an urgent matter. I’ll tell you the angel recipe soon. It won’t take long.”

Seriel was relieved to see his back moving away, but on the other hand, her heart ached.

‘ what?’

That expression from a moment ago, I heard from Sirone and now I know what it means.

‘I lost another precious person

Hey, at 8 am, the temple opened.

Heads of state and officials from each country attended, but the temperament of the air was different from yesterday.

The country that was hit in the flesh was angry, and the country that avoided the flesh was watching with caution.

Albino touched his beard.

‘The atmosphere is bloody. I guess you already know. The temple must be tough today.’

The leaders of Moon Kingdom, Tormia, Jincheon, Corona, Paras, and Gustaf were unable to attend.

Sirone thought.

‘Even the Moon Dragon of the Moon Kingdom was killed. In the end, is the only tribal union left unscathed among the countries that were hit in the flesh?’

One thing bothered me.

‘It doesn’t make sense that Kitra was attacked. he is oparts Even if he gets hit in the flesh, he won’t be shocked.’

Is it strategically hiding information? While Wu Lin was thinking the same thing, Corona’s think tank Ivory Tower spoke.

“I am an ivory tower 2-star resident, Byeolya Tsuoi.”

Her voice resonated in the hall, befitting her nickname of Black Mars.

“Last night, there was an assassination attempt in Corona Kingdom. According to our investigation, at least four countries have been affected by the same attack, and the prime suspect is…”

Tsuoi’s gaze drifted to the side.

“This is the Moon Kingdom.”

The monk of the Moon Kingdom jumped to his feet.

“This is a mothership! Be honest! We are also affected by this incident…

“That’s done.”

Tsuoi raised her hand to stop her words.

No matter who the culprit was, if Moonryong, who had the right to vote, deserted, there was no need to pay attention.

“The whole story should be revealed gradually. What Corona wants to ask is how it attacked other countries. According to the investigation, it is flesh, and it is impossible without the help of the other world.”

The monk of the Moon kingdom quietly sat down.

“The person who amplified the emotions of the ghost rather than simply using the ghost. In other words, Satan is involved. And as we know, Satan Zuoyi’s gaze turned the other way.

“Aren’t you in the Kashan Empire?” As everyone’s eyes focused, Uorin stood up with a smile.

“First of all, I would like to express my condolences to the country that has suffered a great deal. The Kashan Empire has done its best to prevent this situation, and it is clear that it still has no intention of breaking any peace treaty.”

It was plausible to lie confidently.

“Then what about Satan?”

“It is true that Kashan and Moon did Code One, but it was Satan, not me, that Moon wanted. To be clear, Kashan has nothing to do with this incident.”

Albino named arsenic.

‘Cut off the tail.’

Then the doors of the temple opened and Havits entered.

“I will tell you.”

The presence of the unshackled Satan was so great that half of the officials jumped to their feet.

“What are you doing! Hurry up and call the guards!”

Harvits raised his hand.


After the vanishing was triggered, 30 seconds later, the officials recognized him on the podium.

‘Damn it!’

Fearing that he might fall off his head, the officials shot Uorin.

“Kashan! I didn’t promise you! If you can’t control the Harvits… … therefore… … Habits! uh? that is… …

As the vanishing was turned off and on repeatedly, the officials seemed to have a hole in their thoughts.


It became quiet in an instant.

“The Moon Kingdom loses first for breaking the rules. Until then, I had never harmed anyone in the crusade.” As confirmed, it was true.

“The Moon Kingdom tried to kill all 11 countries. In Code One, Wulin’s only choice was to cut the target country in half in exchange for handing me over. It is to minimize damage to other countries and, above all, to protect Kashan.”

International law recognizes a defensive-aggressive posture in situations where national security is threatened.

“Thus, Kashan is also a victim country. I also wanted to actively follow the rules of the temple. But the Moon Kingdom threatened me, and they took away my control.”


‘Uorin wants me to deliver it.’

Havitz was the proof that she could hear the sound of her heart in real time and recite it as it was.

“This is the whole situation as far as I know. And now I too have my freedom back.”

The monk of the Moon Kingdom gnashed his teeth.

‘This is what I was really looking for. If you make the kingdom of Moon a war criminal country, you will get a justification for using Havitz. You know we can’t dispute it.’

Even if the case went to the International Court of Justice, the odds of Moon Kingdom winning the case were slim.

Woorin’s lips went up.

‘Because it’s true that I lost weight. I seasoned it a bit, but I’ll have to accept that much.’

It was the power of Jinbeom.

“now stop.”

While the officials were bewildered, Harbitz, who had muted Uo Lin’s voice, spoke.

“Anyway, it’s been sold out, right? Even if we kill each other, die, and live, we won’t live long.” “So I’m going to make a suggestion. Of course, it would be a very good suggestion for you guys too.”

“What are you talking about? By what right do you want to move 12 countries?”

Even when I didn’t hear it, I was scared.

“You don’t have to follow me. but i have no choice but to do it Because this is not a right, it is power.”

Satan’s pupils, perhaps for the first time in a long time, contained Yahweh.

“Kill Sirone. Until Yahweh is dead, I will kill anyone every hour. Everyone in the temple is a target, including you now.”

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