Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1171

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Before Murder (2)

11 am.

At Delta Headquarters, only Sirone was still the only one who knew of Rebecca’s death.

Sirone’s eyes flashed with life.


Not recognizing her death means that vanishing is still unresolved.

‘Should I tell you?’ Perhaps, but who would believe Sirone if he said it?

‘Even I am ambiguous. I don’t even know exactly who Harvits is. It feels like the response of the senses is twisted.’

It was like hitting an object with just the touch of your hand, covering your ears and listening to what the other person was saying.

In any case, it was clear that it was real.

‘Should I track it?’

Sirone bristled her 11th sense to extract information about Havitz.


It was the action of the law that occurred when good and evil were separated in Ultima.

‘The case of me meeting Havitz doesn’t happen. So, the situation just before… …

What Harvits intended.

‘why? Wouldn’t it be nice to approach me? What’s the reason for the sudden change?’


If something big had happened to Harvitz, it would have been just contact with her.

‘If Harvits is alive… …

Wizard was most likely not alive.

‘Let’s not think.’

There were too many variables that could occur to make a conclusion based on one condition.

‘I believe in the wizard.’

Upon entering the Tormia Sector, the waiting guards told Syrone.

“Everyone is waiting.”

While the officers of the Tormia Guard were gathered, Dante was preparing a briefing.


Rufist asked.

“Do you know anything? I have no idea why we are gathered here.”

“Haviz… …

At that moment, the vanishing was released.


Dante came to his senses, and each of the others looked around.

The albino muttered with a disgusted expression.

“Has it already exploded?”

“yes. Rebecca died. He mercilessly ended his life right in front of my eyes.”


” when?”

“About 30 minutes ago. I don’t know why I didn’t solve the vanishing right away, but… …

“It controls the time of death.” said Dante.

“It kills one person every hour. Knowing the time of Rebecca’s death would specify the time when another victim would occur. That’s not what Harvits wants.”

Lyria asked.

“But can you fool everyone like that? The exact timing to release vanishing.”

“Is it possible. It is no coincidence that we realized the moment Sirone entered. It’s intentional.”

“ah… …

God’s frequency.

The albino nodded.

“We kill someone by vanishing, read our minds, and free them at the desired time. All he wants is a game. I just want to enjoy how the board turns.”

Rufist said.

“First, let’s figure out the situation.”

Dante went to the chart, and Sirone sat down with the officers of the Guard.

Guard Captain Lai, Mobile Captain Tess, and Guard Captain were Amy’s older brother, Diane.


Taking Tess’s outstretched hand, Sirone bowed her head to Rai and Dian.

said Dante.

“Let’s start the briefing. Now that Harvitz has declared the killing game, the most important thing is identifying friends and family.”

Dante pointed to Kashan’s flag.

“As it is a strong leader candidate, the alliance structure is not complicated. Currently, we have a strong alliance with the Moon Kingdom.”

Tess raised her hand.

“I know that Kashan supplied water to the Moon Kingdom. Are you still a strong ally?”

“Politics is not about emotions alone. Moon’s only cards now are Self-Destruct with Ka Shan. As Kashan would know, the alliance system will be maintained for the time being.” Dante continued his explanation.

“Then Tormia, Jincheon, Corona, and Tribal Alliance have weak alliances.”

Rai asked.

“What are the criteria for strong and weak alliances?”

“It is a strong alliance if the other allies take damage when one side is down. Conversely, a weak alliance has weak cohesion, but even if an ally suffers damage, it does not mean that the country is immediately harmed.”

Dante pointed to the jive.

“Jive, Iron, and Arachne are strong allies. You know why without explaining it. Currently, Jive’s King Gis is involved in a sex scandal. Depending on the result, Iron and Arachne will also suffer damage.”


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the albino asked.

“Isn’t this sex scandal the work of Arachne? This is Kashan, doesn’t it have a different temperament than Mun?”

“Of course it is, but according to intelligence, it is assumed that the party in collusion with Arachne is a faction within Jive, namely Raymond, Geith’s political rival.”

Anyway, it was Jive.

‘It must have been an internal faction.’

Sirone realized the true nature of the sense of incongruity he felt during the interview with Rangi.

‘So I couldn’t reveal it. Well, I’m not lying. That’s why I couldn’t catch Mika either.’

said Dante.

“I know that Paras, Kessia, and Gustav did not follow the alliance strategy. This means that their purpose is not to become a leadership state. We will have to approach it carefully to get their votes.”

Rufist asked.

“What happened to Paras? He was right in the flesh, right?”

“It is difficult to gather information. It’s because we’re not doing any exchanges with other countries. I received only a preamble stating that the official death of the King would be announced soon.”

The albino laughed.

“It will be a show worth watching.”

“I’m holding the strands that way too, but until I actually see it, I won’t be able to judge.”

Dante turned around on the charts.

“The reason the alliance structure is so important is, after all, voting. Rom, Garto, Temica. Depending on where this mark goes, the charter will change, and only the representatives of each country have this authority.”

Lyria said.

“Even if you get hit in the flesh and lose consciousness, you still have the right to vote.”

Dante nodded.

“That’s why Harvitz’s declaration is so important. Currently, Highness Pony is in critical condition, but that fact does not reduce the risk of assassination. If someone aims a knife, there is a high probability that it will happen within the interests of each country briefed.”

said the albino.

“Isn’t it rather a good situation? If it’s an assassin, Tormia has good hitmen.”

It was Parka Quan.

“yes. I simulated the performance of 12 countries in the category of assassination by classifying them as airborne. Certainly, Tormia’s attack power is at the top with 94 points.”

It was a good thing, but Rufist saw through Dante’s true intention.

‘Attack power doesn’t lag behind anywhere. Conversely, defense can be a weakness.’

Of course, Lai, the captain of the Guard, was an excellent swordsman, but war was, after all, a function of relativity.

‘If there was Lian… …

I had sweet imaginations for a while, but unrealistic assumptions were always poison.

“I know.”

Sensing the atmosphere, Rai confessed.

“Compared to other countries, our defense is weak. We will engrave our weaknesses into our bones and reinforce them as much as possible.”

It was a calm tone, but everyone could guess the shame he felt.

‘Damn it.’

Rai clenched his fists.

‘Why me… …

Is it not as strong as Rian?

I have never been caught off guard because I was born with a talent that is superior to others.

‘But why didn’t you reach it? What did Ryan do more than me? Rather, that guy is the world’s… …

Suddenly, I had this thought.

‘ ah.’

Was it because he had no talent?

No matter how many miles he ran, did Rihanna have to run much more than that?

‘How many times have I wielded a sword, Lian, that guy.

‘Let’s not think.’

Rai shook his head.

‘Don’t try to find it in others. i will reach You become stronger with what you have.’

When the atmosphere was settled, the albino asked.

“Where is the strongest?”

“Kashan is the country with the highest score on the sum of their ability to perform assassinations. The offense will be taken by Fengzhang, and the defense will consist of Kashan Guard near, mid and far. However, I think the most difficult challenge is Kido, the captain of the Guard.”

‘Kid too.’

Although in a confrontational situation, Sirone’s feelings for hearing Dante’s words were subtle.

‘that’s right. He’s not that tall either.’

I don’t know much about Carl, but he was a friend who gave his life when exploring Andre’s world.

‘Because that guy’s beliefs are amazing.’

the albino asked.

“The evaluation is done, and in terms of numbers, can Tormia’s attack break Kashan’s defense? I mean, can Quan cut Kido and decapitate Uorin?”

said Dante.

“Kido’s profile hasn’t been updated since he moved from Radum to Kashan. However, it is expected that he has accumulated considerable enlightenment through the ability to eat, ‘the taste of memory’. Even the head-to-head simulation with Quan could not produce results.”

Rufist agreed.

“It seems like you can respond to Harvitz to some extent. There must be a reason Wu Orin keeps her by her side.”

Dante’s expression hardened.

“Kido is a strong wall. However, as an information mage, my personal opinion is that no wall can stop Quan. His level is unmatchable when it comes to swords.”

Dante’s true talent lay in evaluating the abilities of others rather than his own.

The albino sipped tea.

“Ho-oh, can you stab Kashan too?”

“It is possible if harmony between air and water is common sense. It is not known exactly how other countries will adjust the airborne ratio. For example, if Kashan uses Windzhang as his defense and Kido as his attacker, the total performance will actually drop. It’s inefficient. However, I would like to make a general comment by saying that inefficient gambling always happens in war.”

Rufist understood.

“Right. From Tormia’s point of view, there’s nothing more ineffective than putting Qu An on defense and Lai on offense. Oh, don’t be offended, Captain of the Guard.”

“it’s okay. Because I got it.” This time, Rai had no room for emotion.

“You can predict the opponent’s layout, but it’s at a level where you have to be able to respond to irregular strategies. That’s enough. We will push ahead according to the existing strategy.”

the albino asked.

“I mean, what about white hair?” It was Woorin.

“Looking at the alliance structure, Tormia is the only uncontrollable force. There is a sense of loss, but a thirsty guy will have to dig a well.”

“I agree. Expecting others to do something for you is a ploy to eat raw. The problem is, no one in the world actually eats it raw.”

said Dante.

“Strategically, Quan’s attack power is impenetrable against any nation. However, the variables that came out of the internal rehearsal should be checked before that… …

“Olifer Shiina.”

The albino twisted his beard.

“She is a woman that the sword demon likes enough to give his life. It’s also the reason why she became one-armed.”

“yes. In intelligence strategy, risk reduction is more important than performance. Olifer Shiina is a competent teacher, but she can become a shackle to Quan. I think this should be based on the dragon’s judgment, apart from the information.” The albino looked at Sirone and asked.

“Are you asking me to consider the efficiency of protecting Olifer Shiina versus just killing her?”

Dante nodded.


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