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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1156

Unsolved case (4)

behind the world.

If the headquarters of the Chemical Corporation was the heart of hell, the system control branch was the brain of hell.

Commonly known as the company, it was an institution that systematically handled all cases and corrected errors.

“It’s free.”

A man in a suit yawned as he looked at Melkidu’s system log.

Their job title is a low-level impro, but they were also managers called agents.

“What is free? There’s a lot of work to be done. It’s just not doing it.”

There are no layoffs in the company, but… … .

“Sheesh, do you know how long I’ve been doing this?”

no resignation

“Why are you making such a fuss anyway? A guard job would be nice. You can roam around as you please.”

“They say Yahweh has come.”

“Hmm, Yahweh.” It took quite a while to get my hair back, which I hadn’t worn in a long time.

“what! Yahweh?”

The man jumped up with a surprised look on his face, but his colleague was just indifferent.

“Quiet. Is it because you don’t know what will happen if this facility gets caught? Yahweh is also in Melkidu/

The man who looked at the monitor sat down.

“… … What happened?”

“The team leader said that dozens of agents were beaten at the entrance. If it had been raised equally, the company factory site would have been devastated.”

“I mean, did you bring Yahweh into the company building? No, before that, did you lose the approval of the branch manager?”

“You don’t seem to understand, but it’s not at that level. Because the boss himself ordered it.”

“Lette-sama… …

“The reason Yahweh came was probably because of the issue of true voice. Fortunately, the boss seems to have been near the Valley of Wailing. It’s an order to wait until he comes to the company. So he must have entered Yahweh bloodlessly.”

The man wrinkled his brow.

“Lethe-sama himself? do you need to do that? The underworld is the system with the most managers. There is nothing that cannot be stopped if we mobilize all the monsters and agents around the world.”

“They annihilated the chief of staff, Monoras-sama.”

The man’s mouth gaped open.


“I thought so too at first. If Lethe-nim reduces everything in hell to demons, then Monolas-sama can eat all the demons in hell. And what he ate was none other than Ymir, the strongest creature in the real world.”

The colleague turned his head.

“Who do you think it was? Yahweh? No, it is a human who goes with Yahweh. You can control the chains of Gehenna. That’s the same as Lethe-sama in a narrow range.”

The man finally realized the seriousness of the situation.

“Be quiet until Lady Lethe makes a deal. I don’t think it will come to an end easily.”

“What if it doesn’t come to an end?”

“What then… …

The colleague looked back at the monitor.

“One of them, or one of us, is coming to an end.”

“Why are you so late?”

After passing through the factory site and entering the office building, Sirone and the others waited in the guest room for about two hours.

“Can not stand anymore!”

Son Yu-jeong jumped up.

“I’m going to see Mortasinger right now. If you destroy the one who gets in your way, that’s enough.”

Sirone sighed briefly.

“Son Yu-jeong.”

Her shoulders twitched.

“Stay still. Don’t mess things up.”

“Grunt. all right.”

Hand Yu-jeong, who turned around with her head down, tried to sit back in the chair.

“… … I know how to say!”

Suddenly, he kicked off the ground and jumped out, holding his right yeoui stick all the way toward the door and shouting.

Then the door opened.

“You guys here… …

Son Yu-jeong bared her teeth as soon as Sirone saw Lethe’s familiar face.


Sirone’s eyes widened.


At the same time as the number of long orphans decreased, Son Yu-jeong collapsed as if a thread had been cut.

“Oh, I was wrong. please… … Lethe saw Son Yoo-jeong wriggling, or more precisely, the face of Richera hanging from her waist.

‘it’s annoying.’

If Hell hadn’t had the crispy runner’s head, Sirone wouldn’t have been able to make it on time.

‘Is this also fate?’

Raising her gaze, she scanned Sirone, Lian, Etella, and Chagall one by one.

‘Yahweh, Gehenna, Taegeuk. How many years have you been working?’

It was a super-special VIP.

“hello. My name is Letera, the president of the chemical company. We finally get together like this.”

There was no answer.

She jumped over Son Yu-jeong with a great stride and sat down at the table across from Sirone.

“Okay, I give in.”

In the midst of a long snowball fight, Derethe closed her eyes as if resigned.

“I will offer myself. If I am the most beautiful person in the world behind the scenes, there will be no complaints.”

“I’m not in the mood to play.”

Lethe hit the table.

“No, then what are you going to do! The true voice cannot be liberated! It’s system-impossible!”

“Is it possible. If you purify hell.”

“Then, all the demons will perish? How do you know the duties of a behind-the-scenes world manager? Do you know how hard I work here?”

Lethe was very excited.

“Yahweh and Buddha, to be honest, they don’t get treated very well in real life. Thoughts and beliefs, you must be wandering around, so why are you only a gangster in hell? Why are you here to be a rogue!”

Satan fights with humans. She just wanted to maintain the system.

“Tell me what you think. Just as Taeseong exists for humans, I exist for demons. All you’re saying is that you want to fight.”

Taeseong exists for humans, Sirone really liked hearing that.

“I do it like this. I will get rid of the demon realm in reality. Instead, you are dealing with karma here. If it’s your business, all the demons in the world can live on for 10,000 years, so there’s plenty of room for trading.”

“Get rid of the demon realm. But Jin Seong-eum cannot give up. And I heard there is a way.”

Lethe blinked.


“You can escape through Shiok. One seat will be vacant now. Because I killed him.” To be exact, the wizard killed one more person not too long ago, so two seats are empty.


Lethe leaned back in her chair.

“It’s frustrating, really. Of course, the company makes code related to Shiok, but do you know what Shiok is?”


“So that fanatic… … . no, it’s done Let me show you. how is it?”

Son Yu-jeong, who was sitting in the corner, said with a hateful expression.

“Can we meet Mortasinger too?”

“Mortasinger? Oh sure. I am in the Siok candidate group. To be honest… … You seem to have no talent.”

Lethe got up from her seat.

“song. Opportunities to tour the system control branch and company aren’t common.”

Lethe’s head spun rapidly.

‘I have to drag the time.’

Yahweh with the heart of agape is a tyrant in the underworld, but it is different in reality.

‘Satan’s law will do it. If you end him in reality, the world behind it will be safe.’

He said Gyorgi had an idea.

“Then let’s go.”

Hiding her true feelings and smiling innocently, Lethe opened the door and went out into the hallway.

People in suits were waiting.

Even with the same agent, it was a presence on a different level from those whom Chagall defeated at the entrance.

“Who are these?”

Lette introduced.

“I am the board of directors of the chemical company. There is also a branch manager of the company. They will guide you.”

The gray-haired old gentleman bowed his head.

“I am Benistov, the branch manager. You seem to be interested in the Hidden Code, and I will serve you.”

With him in the lead, Sirone’s party and the board of directors walked down the aisle in line.


As Sirone muttered, Lethe spoke.

“Among the five major systems, this is where we have the most administrators. Processing emotions is just as difficult. But agents can. Because you understand the hidden code from the very beginning of your existence.”

“Emotions are logic.”

“yes. An agent, defined in terms of the outside world, is an autonomous process that performs a specific task. They see Hidden Code as natural as humans feel gravity.”

The reason for bringing up the perspective of the outside world is probably to gain the trust of Sirone.

I just thought it was dangerous.

“This is where you can adjust the density of the fire… …

In line with the purpose of the tour, Benistov added explanations as he passed each department.

‘It must be Lethe’s instructions.’

If you let Sirone understand the other side of the world, future negotiations will be much easier.

Benistov pointed to the stairs.

“Let’s go straight to the twelfth floor. It is a place where candidates for Siok are tested. If you go there… …

“for a moment.”

Sirone stopped talking.

“What is that door?”

It was just a door with no department name engraved on it.

“There is one door installed on each floor. There is the same door on the twelfth floor.”

In a situation where nonsensical lies are poisonous, it was clear that he was trying to divert attention as much as possible.

“So what?”

“… … This is the door to the engine room.”


Benistov looked at Lethe, and she nodded with her lips closed.

“I will guide you. Please follow me.”

Instead of explaining, he opened the door and boarded the sphere elevator going down to the basement.

A heartbeat was heard, and the sphere carrying the party sank at a frightening speed.

As I stood at the beginning of the straight tunnel, a terrible white noise came through the wall.

It was as if hundreds of thousands of people were screaming in different voices.

“Beyond that wall, there is a central processing unit that processes all demons in Hell.”

“Right. It really was nothing.”

Lette made an unfair expression when Sirone looked at her.

“That’s why I brought you. special righteousness

There is no turn. It’s a core device, but it only has the ability to process information. What I didn’t want to show you, it’s for you.”

The device of the other side world was made of living things, so it wouldn’t have been a beautiful appearance.

“I’ll have to see for myself.”

Lette sighed and nodded, and Benistov moved forward without hesitation.

“This is it.”

A giant brain-like object floated in the valley where a human city could enter.

‘No, it’s not the brain.’ From the size of a fingernail to the size of a human forearm, countless fetuses were clinging to each other.

Even the bold Lian frowned at the sight of him making all sorts of noises and crying.

“Here… … What is it?”

Lethe said.

“You said you would regret it. As you can see, those are fetuses. Among them, the child who was aborted. They don’t have the same logic as humans, but they have the same emotions. It is through that fear of death that you come over to the other world.”

Sirone’s expression was also not good.

“Central computing unit… …

“yes. Only the fetus can calculate the world’s magic. The reason why the company was established here is because such demons flow in according to the topography of the law. It is a chaotic demon with no logic, only emotion.”

The party watched the fetus wriggling in its immature body to avoid falling.

Down in the valley was a fire.

‘Poor children.’

Etella, who was making a sad expression at the rear, suddenly frowned.


The sharp pain I felt in my womb led my hand to my lower abdomen.

‘no way? No, it can’t be.’ Chagall connected by the Taegeuk chain

He looked back at Etella with this firm expression.

“you… …

“it’s nothing. Never mind.”

After mercilessly blocking Chagall’s attention, Etella was frustrated in front of the gruesome truth.

‘I’m sure I haven’t menstruated since I came here. I thought it was because he was already dead.’

What if there were other reasons?

‘perhaps… … It might be possible.’ It is because he fell into hell in the state of being alive.

“huh… … ah! huh… … Ahhh!” Abandoned fetuses were crying.

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