Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1157

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Five Systems (1)

Ethella pressed hard against the ship.

‘It’s a big deal.’

According to the topography of the law, this place must have been a place where illogical demons flowed.

‘I’m reacting.’

Every time I heard a cry, my stomach hurt as if stabbed with a knife, but the fear was greater than that.

‘I will miscarry at this rate.’

Perhaps Chagall’s, a follower of Zen, the child of the man who dropped her into hell.

So it was confusing.

‘I don’t know. I am… … how should… …

It’s still hard to judge, but her instincts were telling her to avoid this place.

‘First of all, I have to protect it.’

It was embarrassing to even say it, but just when she was about to pluck up the courage, Chagall stepped in.

“Sheesh! what are you doing?”

Everyone turned to Chagall.

“It’s just the same hungry ghost anyway. The ghosts who live because they can’t die. I’m here to break these F*cking chains. I don’t want to waste my time in a place like this.”

It was never a good view to look at for a long time, so Sirone and the others immediately followed Chagall.

Only Etela savored the emotions transmitted through the chain for a moment.

On the way up to the twelfth floor, Benistoff explained the chemical company’s system.

“The hidden world run by chemical companies is largely classified into three categories. The first is the branch under the chemical company, the second is the city where the demons live, and the last is the logistics warehouse managed by Black Seung.” Sirone and Lian experienced both.

“The reason why the company is special is that it has a six-brain and central processing unit that you just saw. Emotions are illogical, but not without cause and effect. If reality is centered around events, we deal with emotional causation. This is called karma.”

Sirone asked.

“If you purify your physical brain, will your true voice be liberated?”

“Hmm. Otherwise, the world would be paralyzed. I don’t know what will happen after that. But this is just an assumption. Actually, the flesh brain cannot be purified.

Shall we?”


“Fetuses that form the flesh brain are classified as a race called Limbo. They don’t have karma. Therefore, it is not purified.”

Benistov raised his index finger.

“It’s not just the aborted fetus that goes into limbo. The standard is up. A child who is born into the world but does not know logic does not have karma. Such Limbo escapes outside in pursuit of prey. You can see it when you go to District 7 of Baramaon.”

At the time of their descent into hell, Ethella and Chagall saw them in the ‘grave of the backbone’.

“It is good to be careful. It’s weak, but it’s brutal. No, it would be correct to assume that there is no such concept. The only driving force for the existence of the Limbo is their obsession with life.”

Sirone asked again.

“What if I destroy the flesh brain?”

In order to understand the subject accurately, one must also have a cruel imagination.

“Limbo, like prison, is the law. Even if members disappear, the concept does not disappear. Even if you burn the fetus, it will be replaced by a new meat brain. Of course there will be serious errors, but as a system guru, I want to stop it. Because what Yahweh wants will not happen.”

Benistov emphasized.

“Destruction is not a good solution. Even more so if there are a lot of things hanging around. Both the real world and the underworld will be messed up. Would you hit a precision machine with a hammer in the hope that it might be fixed? Of course it can be fixed. But in my opinion, it will most likely be scrap metal. There is no turning back.” Sirone was lost in thought.

‘I’m not lying. If it wasn’t the truth, there’d be no way I’d show my physical brain. but… … I feel like I’m hiding something really important.’

It was the reason why it felt like an enigma.

The moment I reached the twelfth floor, I heard a loud sound that made my complex thoughts fly away.

“Worship Satan!”

It was a magnificent space like the Colosseum, and people were tightly packed on the 10th and 11th floors.

Holding onto the microphone with multiple human ears attached, the demon raised his hand and shouted.

“Oh oh! Hey Satan! joy! Pleasure! Give me success!”

Then, from hundreds of mouths hanging on all sides, his voice boomed and amplified.

The people gathered under the altar shed tears of emotion and followed the demon’s words.

“I believe! I believe in Satan!” Sirone asked.

“Here… … ‘?”

“It is a satanic meeting. The believers gathered here are human beings who have made a covenant with Satan.”

i.e. the birth god.

Approximately 6,000 humans attended and all of them were candidates for Siok.

“Obey! crave it! Satan will surely answer!”

The momentum of the rise was visible, and the believers raised their hands and shouted.

Everyone wanted something, but to Sirone it sounded like a scream.

The demon held out his hand.

“I hear you!”

The noise disappeared like a lie and the demon’s long finger pointed at someone.

“I can hear the remorse of a mother who lost her child! Marie, this is a woman named Marie.”

“That’s me! It’s me!”

A woman jumped up and down in place with her dead baby in her arms.

“Come to me. You who obey Satan have the courage to do so.”

Shedding tears of emotion, Mari stepped up to the podium, and the demons handed over the child’s corpse.

“This child will live. Do you believe?”

“yes! I believe! I am… … I believe in Satan! If only the child could be saved… …

“No conditions required! do you believe


the woman screamed

“yes! I believe!”


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“great! In the name of Satan… … !” The demon holding the child’s corpse with both hands smashed it with all its might.


When the child’s corpse fell to the ground with a thump, all the believers clapped and went wild.

“Praise the greatness of Satan!”

Sirone felt like watching a bad comedy, but what was even more surprising was what happened next.

“Oh oh! my baby!” Even the mother danced with joy as she embraced the corpse of her child.

“Come here, my dear.”

The sight of kissing the corpse of a bluish child gave goosebumps to the party.

Sirone murmured.

“how… … what’s this?”

After that, the demons called a soldier who lost a leg and an old woman who was blind.

“Walk straight!”

The soldier who roared with joy began to walk on the podium on one leg.

He fell down before taking a step, but he continued to get himself up.

“I feel better!”

Falling down with a thud.

“Look! Now I can walk just fine! I will definitely avenge you, dog-like bastards!”

fall down again

“I see your eyes! I can see ahead! check! I won’t take my checks anymore!”

The old woman, her hands floundering, hovered endlessly in the same spot.

Sirone gritted his teeth.

“… … Fanaticism.”

Lethe said.

“is it so. Shiok is born like this. Blind faith to the point of destroying logic. Hidden codes are a special phenomenon that arises from such contradictions.”

She turned her head with a sad expression.

“I don’t think I took it lightly. But if she is Jinseong Yin, if she is her strong mental strength, then she can take Siok’s place, right?”

Sirone did not answer.

“This is a huge desire. How many emotions do you need to make a contract with Satan? A woman who lost her child in a terrible accident could be the standard. It means that the desire of that old man whose money was taken away by his family is just as strong. I can’t do genuine voice. Because she is a human who gave herself up for the sake of the world.”

Lethe was right.

When the Demons returned the followers to their seats, 20 humans walked to the podium.

“They are strong candidates for Siok.” It wasn’t as fussy as the followers, but the situation looked far more miserable.

“Look, everyone. I became this rich because of my belief in Satan.”

Trash kept dripping from the pockets.

Followed by applause from the congregation, his microphone passed to the woman next to him.

It was a terribly ugly face.

“hello. I am a Mortasse singer who entered the final 20 people for this Siok selection.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

‘That person… … Mortasinger?’

As Sirone remembers, she was a beauty who deserved to participate in world beauty contests.

Even Son Yoo-jung was shocked, and had a dazed expression at the appearance of the friend she had been looking for so long.

“Satan gave me the most beautiful appearance. look. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Devotees whistled.

“uh… … So I’m so happy. I will continue to dedicate myself to Satan… …

The command room on the 13th floor watched her as she spoke in an awkward tone.

The first o’clock of the pride said.

“It’s gone. You deal with hidden codes quite a bit, but do you feel that something is not 100%?”

According to Havitz’s order, they were trying to complete the prison as soon as possible.

6 o’clock of wandering said.

“In the beginning, growth was fast, but implementation is a problem. Probably because I was a regular eater.”

8 o’clock of jealousy said.

“Even if you twist the logic, in the end it is your own logic. Trying to understand the hidden code with childish pranks like eating out of the rules makes me so sick. It’s stupid.”

“More than that… … Look at the twelfth floor.”

An old man with a warm expression pointed downstairs with his chin at 11:00.

“Yahweh has come.”

The moment he had his eyes on Sirone, life gushed out, no matter who said it first.

“We are suffering because of Yahweh, who is a beggar. Wizards were also raised by that guy, right?”

If I could kill you now.

“……Shall we go?”

“Are you okay? Lette is next to you too. It must be because there is something to decorate.”

“What do you know? We exist only for Havitz. Those are the twelve temptations of Satan.”

It was a fanatic named Siok.

After the introduction of the 20 Siok candidates, the demons took over the microphone.

“This is the power of Satan. It is the power of God that is impossible! I will pray.”

A passage from the devil’s bible, which Giyorgi probably had, was recited.

When the meeting was over and the believers dispersed, Lete took the group to the 10th floor.


The Demon, who was resting on the platform, found Lethe and hurriedly ran to it.

“Oh! president! How did you get here?”

“I was giving them a tour of the company. say hello know? Yahweh, and the workers.”

Of course, if it was a demon, their eyes would turn around, but Mupa smirked and held out his hand.

“Nice to meet you. It is Mufa.”

When Sirone frowned as if to stop dreaming, he shyly withdrew his hand.

“Oops! that’s too much People in the same industry.”

“Same industry?”

When Sirone’s voice mixed with anger, Lethe hurriedly opened her arms.

“now! That’s done. Among the Siok candidates, there is a kid named Mortasinger, right? Where are you now?”

“Are you praying? It’s when you work hard. But why is Mortasinger… … ?”

“Son Yu-jeong!”

At that moment, Mortar Singer ran out from the door leading to the inside of the auditorium.

“You are indeed! I saw it earlier and I did it! It really was Son Yoo-jung!”

Son Yu-jeong couldn’t believe it until she came running to him and hugged him by the neck.

“you… …

A friend with a cool personality who had many accidents while wandering around heaven together.

“Ho Ho! Well, it’s natural to be surprised. My ugly face has become so pretty.”

However, the one in front of him now was a madman with a face that looked like he would have been better off with a skull.

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