Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1155

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Unsolved case (3)


Before his friends had time to stop, Nade took the thief’s longsword and threw it aside.

“Keugh! quite!”

Although he could not use his special abilities, his senses and experience in combat were by far the best.

As the dagger stabbed into his side and twisted, the enemy groaned with a surprised expression.

“Huh uh uh uh!”

‘Look how dirty your hands are. It’s so real.’

Quickly taking another blow to the stomach, he raised the dagger and pierced the thief’s neck.


Bertinade stepped back until he felt the full weight of the enemy on the handle.

The thief fell like a broken old tree.

“What is the point?”

-Currently, your crime points are 58 points.

’18 points for catching one person. Are you saying that defense is also part of the crime? It’s really inefficient.’

If he had performed a mission targeting civilians, he was confident that he would finish it with 5 points.

“You cheeky bastards!”

When I turned my head at the thief’s cry, Iruki and Eden were running around avoiding the longsword.

“It’s quite a matter of running away!”

Iruki, dodging the longsword as if falling down, swept the ground and completely twisted her upper body.

As he swung his right arm like a whip, the dirt hit the thief in the face.

“Aww! my eyes!”

At the same time, Eden did a run-up and hit the man between the legs with all his might.

“??????turn off!”

I couldn’t even scream.

As the thief fell down with his eyes rolled up, Nade cut the back of his neck.

“What is the point?”

-Currently, your crime points are 17 points.


I don’t know who used how many points, but it was much more wasted than catching them with a knife.

Nade looked back at Eden.

“you… …


She stuck out her tongue and shrugged when she heard Sirone’s voice.


Shironet was rolling on the floor, strangling the thief from behind.

“Turn it off! away!”

The thief grabbed the longsword that had fallen to the ground and pointed it at Sirone’s face.


The moment Nade threw the dagger in his hand, his fingers bent and grabbed the handle.

-Insufficient crime points required to commit crimes. Current crime points are 14 points.


Rain seemed to have more points.


The moment the thief with his arms raised above his head was about to lower his long sword, Sirone cheered up.


Let’s twist the thief’s neck with all our might! He turned his head with an eerie sound.

The thief’s arm fell helplessly, and everyone was at a loss for words at the gruesome sight.

“ha. ha.”

Sirone let out a heavy breath and pushed the thief’s body aside and stood up.

“Sirone, are you okay?”

His basic physical strength is much better than that of ordinary people, but his back muscles were still throbbing.

“huh. Take a break and you will be fine.”

The civilian investigation team watched them blankly as they subdued the thieves with only one sword.

‘What are those guys? Everyone looks young.’

It was even more absurd to know that the points given to rookies were only 100 points.

“you… …

The moment we spoke, time stopped.

– Mission end. A reward event begins.

Nade, who was watching the frozen ones, waved his hand, but nothing caught.

“Is this also a hidden code?”

said Iruki.

“I guess so. It must be a system that makes it impossible for us to know in any way how many points we received as rewards. not fair Points are everything.”

– Perks! Cleared Honorable Evil. Doubles the amount of crime points earned.

As soon as the words were finished, two crime dice fell in front of the party’s feet.

Nade said while no one was picking it up.

“It’s a special. It must be because I cleared the hidden event. Wouldn’t it be pretty good if it was doubled?”

Iruki shook his head.


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“I can’t see it that way. It takes effort to find hidden events, and as you know from experience, killing in battle is always a loss. Points go into every action, such as defense, evasion, and punching in the vitals.”

Eden said.

“Honestly, I also think that efficiency is low. I understand Mr. Curtis.”

“A bad thing?????

Sirone murmured.

“I said it was an honorable evil. The people we killed are a group of vicious bandits.”

It seemed that he was saying that it was evil anyway, and that you were no different from us.

Nade comforted him.

“don’t mind. This is a game made by the wicked. You know, the moment it shakes, it’s the end. That’s what the Catacombs are aiming for.”

“okay. Of course, but… …

Maybe that too was true.

“Nade, I will stick with this strategy until the end.”

“of course.”

After recovering her heart, Sirone picked up the Crime Dice from the floor.

A transparent ground formed under my feet, and it began to sway like a wave.

‘Random number structure.’

If it was the code that made Havitz, it would be perfect.

– Reward history. Base reward, 100 crime points. Additional reward, crime points awarded for rolling 3 crime dice. Perks, honorable misdeeds. All rewards are doubled.

said Iruki.

“It looks like Sirone still has the ownership of Crime Dice. If you play normally, you can get up to 36 points more than 100 points.”

Nade clicked his tongue.

“Are you too salty? That’s why the killer acted so small. It will be difficult to find even the original money.”

Eden said.

“Still, Mr. Curtis had three crime dice, right? They have more faces than ours. It’s a structure where the more you strengthen the dice, the bigger the reward you can receive.”

“Guys… … Hey.”

Sirone looked at her friends with a blank face.

“Do you think I can ‘double’?”

“What are you talking about?”

“There are no restrictions on magic or incarnation here. therefore… … that you can do it Quantum decay.”

It was the method used to obtain legendary grade items even in High Gear.

Iruki confirmed.

“Really. In a state where time has stopped, even the signals that restrict us cannot come.”

It was a world of probabilities.

“I’ll try it.”

Rolling the dice on her palm, Sirone glared at the vibrating ground like a string.

” wow??????

perseverance of the mind.

As the quantum collapsed, the ground froze, and two dice flew over it.

‘Completely observed. In other words, 100 percent probability.’

The dice, which had been bouncing along the bumps, stopped rolling as they scattered left and right.

The numbers 6 and 6 came to mind.


The number combined to 12 with a thrilling sound, and the dice fell in front of my eyes again.

– It’s a double. You get 1 more chance.

“It was good.”

The second time, 6 and 6 came out, but this time the system voice was not heard.

“Hmm, that’s right. You only get one chance at a double in an inning. But we still have two more chances, so we can roll a total of four. Of course, if a double comes up.”

“No problem.”

Sirone caught the dice falling in front of her eyes and immediately threw them away.

The additional reward obtained by doing so is 72 points,

When adding the basic reward, it was 172 points, and with the double benefit, a total of 344 points were obtained.

“Oh yea! It’s great!”

While Sirone and the others were shouting hurray, Daneide jumped up and down.

“Awesome! It’s this way

ah… …

Time returned, and Nade came to his senses with a hearty smile.

“huh? what?”

Hawkeye, the civilian investigators, were looking at them with a blank expression.


“What happened?”

“No, no.”

Yes, you instinctively blocked information leakage

Unlike Id, Sirone spoke frankly.

“I was rewarded. And I’m sorry.”

I could even tell you that I fell into the spirit world, but the investigator did not ask.

“No, we got help. thanks.”

“Are you going to wait again, until the bandits attack the village?”

The investigator’s face darkened.

“I cannot delay any longer. We know the rules of Melkidoo. The felon would have fled much further. So we have no choice but to… …

I have no choice but to kill the villagers.

“Actually, they’re not even real people, and I even confirmed that dead residents are resurrected. I don’t know why I’m talking like this. just… … I don’t know. We have to go.”

Sirone tightly closed his lips.

‘This is why it’s difficult.’

Unlike extreme goodness and extreme evil, this was the reason why Gong and Ae could not hastily judge good and evil.

‘Humans are evil?’

It may be so, but before that we should ask ourselves:

‘Isn’t the system wrong?’ Maybe humans, society, and ourselves are driving ourselves into evil?

‘Because I have to live.’

Competing inevitably, inevitably pulling others down, being jealous, jealous… … .

‘I hate the wicked too. I feel the same way Miro feels about the injustice of evil.’

Just perfect system.

‘If a world comes in which there is no need to worry about disease or energy within a reasonable intellect, even then, if humans harm, deceive, and harass others… …

You can criticize it as much as you like.

‘But no. We just haven’t reached that level of intellect yet.’

Human beings are hurt by the word evil, and warmed by the word good.

‘Why don’t you know how great it is? To value good over evil… …

in the very distant future.

‘It means we’ll get there eventually.’

As human history proves.

‘You shouldn’t define human beings already. You shouldn’t give up in advance.’

One day evil will end.

‘Because I’m human too.’ I just want to believe that this is not all.

“yes. I wish you luck.”

Sirone couldn’t get the many words that came to his mind out of his mouth.

‘My ideal is just a delusion for every individual.’

Because even at this moment, all of humanity is trying to block the pain bomb.

‘I’m right.’

If you think about those who live in the present, this world would have been enough even if it was closed.

As the civilian investigators limped away, Eden approached and whispered softly.

“Let’s do what we have to do.”

o ≫


Good and evil, until everything is integrated.

“Well then, shall we go? I said one person can’t roll the dice in a row. Who will do it next?”

Iruki pointed at Nade, who spoke up.

“I can’t make an artificial double without Sirone anyway. It doesn’t matter who rolls it.”

“Ah, yes. Damn, I could have eaten it raw.”

Eden comforted.

“I still have 354 points. If I had played normally, it would have been only about 100 points. I can say it’s good for a start. I am lucky to have met Mr. Curtis.”

Nade was handed the dice.

“good. Let’s stretch out hotly. The dice god is watching over me.”

“okay. Throw it quickly.”

“Goes! Our splendid destiny!” As Ned threw the dice as hard as he could, a red number appeared on the other side of his path.

It was 1 and 2.

“Oh, hey, hey, hey… …

After turning into light, Sirone and the others advanced 3 squares.

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