Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1150

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12 o’clock, 12 stations (2)

Fermi did not give up.

‘It wouldn’t have been too late.’

Of all the regrets we experience in our lives, there aren’t many when it’s truly late.

While running through the Kessia sector, he encountered fewer than three people.

Everyone was soaked in angels.

In the time that slowed down as the speed increased, Fermi thought countless times.

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The crazy idea of ​​concocting drugs was accepted without question by King Manolka.

It was clearly not a rational judgment, but a blind trust in Fermi.


After a short time of less than one second, Fermi opened Manolka’s door.

” Inspiration… …

His gaze stopped hastily in front of the door and fixed on the old man sitting at the desk.

Was it once or twice that I was tricked by seeing him fall asleep, skinny like a corpse?

However, even the dripping blood with his head bowed was not likely to be a lie.

Trying to suppress the thought of being late, Fermi moved on to Manolka.

As I reached for his shoulder, Manolka flinched and raised her head.


Fermi’s eyes widened.

“Old man!”

The first thing he did when he confirmed Manolka’s survival was recovery magic. As the warm light spread through the room, Manolka’s pained expression gradually calmed down.

“Don’t make a fuss. She only dozed off for a second.”

“song. I have a doctor friend.”

If you asked Seriel, you could get help from the World Health Organization.

Manolka shook her head.

“Don’t you know? This is not a physical disease. It’s a disease of the mind. There is no turning back.”

Just as Fermi was about to speak, Manolka squirted a bowl of blood again.

‘What is it?’

It was invisible to the naked eye, but the cool energy of the other world was felt to the bone.


Manolka laughed.

“We had quite a good time. I guess it’s time to stop That’s the way it is.”

“Don’t bullshit. This is an assassination.”

“Do what you want to do. Don’t get carried away by emotions. That’s really not like you.”

“What do you think of me? An emotionless machine? A drug lord who polluted the world with drugs?”

“A competent fellow.”

Fermi kept his mouth shut.

“Yeah, not a good guy. But if you live a long life like me, even bad boys look cute.”

” I am??????

Just as he was about to speak, Manolka’s hand pulled Fermi’s collar roughly.

“End the bad boy.” “End in bad boy. don’t be a devil There is nothing you can do until you throw yourself away.”

Manolka’s eyes were as intense as burning life.

“Bad boy or devil, what’s the difference?”

“… … Nothing different.”

After freeing Fermi’s collar, Manolka relaxed again and laughed.

“Are you a good guy? It seems like he’s trying desperately not to be seen.”

In front of Manolka’s dying eyes, Fermi gave up his refutation.

“I have to be on top of the world.”

“Atop… …

Manolka stared vaguely at the ceiling as if the place were real.

“I’m glad you are here.”

After those words, Manolka’s eyes closed and the last breath escaped from her lungs.

The King of Kessia is dead.

In the lonely room where no one entered, Fermi slowly stepped back.

‘Time was too tight.’

They could not immediately respond to the attack of the Kingdom of Paras and the change in the laws of the world.

‘Sirone is late. If only I had stayed in Apocalypse… …

Could mining be a little faster?

‘You’re short of manpower. Everything from conception to design is my responsibility. All drunk on drugs… …

Thanks to that, the expansion of Satanism was suppressed.

‘Angel should be used in moderation. I was told to do shift patrols every 2 hours. Why are you so stupid… …

Fermi stopped thinking.


I can’t blame anyone but me.

‘Calm down, Fermi.’

Don’t whining, it’s a baby.

‘It’s not something I couldn’t do. If I had given up on sleeping, I would have been able to patrol.’


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I think it is efficient to secure about 40 minutes of sleep every day to maintain brain function.

‘It’s a misjudgment. So it didn’t work. i’m incompetent Divide more time into collecting information, sorting, managing personnel, and understanding the situation… …

After the self-criticism, Fermi put the imaginary revolver to his head.


Click, click, click, every time he pulled the trigger, his anger cooled.

‘Let’s think.’

Because it is a primate.

‘What I can and cannot do. The first thing that can be done is to be done. Identify all the problems at hand, and solve them one by one… …

Angry, my head was spinning.

“Oh really.”

Fermi, who took out a cigarette and lit it, murmured as he let out a long puff of smoke.

It was a dirty curse.

In the shadowy alleys of the Jive Capital, the bell announcing midnight rang.

“Hmm. Sironera… …

Gustav 4th Awakening heard how the Wizard came to this place.

Even from the Wizard’s point of view, there was nothing to lose if he could get their help.

‘Kill Habits.’

Wizards when concentrating were more calm and calm than any other wizards.

thought Natasha.

‘It’s not like a child. When that child becomes an adult, will he become a wizard with this feeling?’

Even without hearing it, I could guess what the Wizard had to pay to create this spirit.

Balkan said.

“I understand now. At the moment of hostility, Satan runs out of the law. Therefore, in order to kill Havitz, a murder without intent must take place.”

Even <Slayer> failed, but Wizard was different.

“Sirone created a <Law Killing> that can be thought. that’s you But I was defeated by Satan, and now I can no longer treat Havitz in a pure state.”

“that’s right.”

It was the reason the Wizard couldn’t use his hands.

“With the slightest logical thought, Harvits escapes my cognition. The sound of my heart will still be unreadable, the original strategy needs to be modified.”

Vulcan rested his chin.

“Hmm. It’s a way to break through the vanishing. I do have one too… …

At that moment, the wizard activated the free god.

Before the 4th Gustav had time to react, she shouted as she glared forward.


The moment Vulcan looked back, the air around him felt as cold as sub-zero.

I don’t know what.

‘ what?’

However, the wizard, who had super-sensibility, sensed a cold aura that seemed to freeze the bones.

‘It’s an emotion beyond imagination.’

Blood-red screams, rancid rage, hearts torn to shreds.


The moment a bowlful of blood poured out of Balkan’s mouth, Jetaro’s face turned white.


The body of the giant, forged in schema, collapsed with a thump, like a tree struck by an axe.

“Vulcan, wake up!” Natasha asked the Wizard.


“I don’t know either. what kind of energy It’s not real, but it’s not even from the underworld… …

It was a terrible han standing on the border.

“Ouch! Kuck!”

Vulcan, who received Zetaro’s emergency resuscitation, came to his senses with a rough breath.

“Turn it off!”

However, the body that had already been hit by the flesh was rapidly deteriorating its functions.

“it’s okay. It’s okay now.”

Vulcan shook off his hand, but Zetaro grabbed it again and felt the pulse.

“Stay still. This… …

Zetaro’s expression gradually wrinkled as he tilted his head as if he was listening to the pulse.

‘Damn it.’

He was so strong that he could withstand it right now, but if he was a normal human, he would die immediately.

Vulcan was also feeling it.

“Something… … An attack has come.”

When Natasha glared at the wizard, revealing that she was going to kill her, Vulcan raised her hand.

“No, it’s not like that. There is nothing to be gained by that child killing me.”

Sumodo asked.

“Then who are you?”

“It must be someone from another country. The reason I had to be eliminated was because I was Gustav’s emperor. Something has infiltrated me. extreme anger… …

Vulcan coughed up blood again.

“It’s a kind of energy. If it’s long, it can last for a month, if it’s short, it can last for about a week or two.”

There was no reason to be sad, Natasha asked.


“Well, there’s no way you wouldn’t know about this type of attack. Anyway, that’s not what’s important.”

Vulcan spat blood on the floor and looked up at Wizard Judd.

“If you agree to join us, there is a way to kill Havitz.”

Wizard asked calmly.



Power entered Vulcan’s eyes.

“How to kill without intent to kill. It’s okay to create such a system. It’s kind of a game. The question is whether Harvitz will be interested, and you will be fine.”

he was sure

‘Havitz did not kill the wizard. no chaos It’s obviously emotional and logical.’

If so, you can poke.


Wizard said.

“Approaching with a system, not an emotion. It will definitely work, if it ends with a game. But this is not a game. You have to actually kill Havits.”

As much as the moment you take your last breath, you have no choice but to be emotional because it is not a game.

“don’t worry.”

Vulcan looked back at Zetaro and said.

“Because the experts in the game are on our side. I can definitely beat Habitz.”

A paradox that he could rather kill because he is a human who only wants Havitz’s pleasure.

“The moment we drive Havitz to the brink of death, we will surely face vanishing. But you can do it with Zeta. yes?” Zetaro just had a sad expression.

“And I… …

Vulcan said, tearing the corners of his mouth.

“I have never lost a game.”

“Are you insane?”

Upon hearing Havitz’s request, Uorin asked with an absurd expression.

“Are you sure you would do that?”

“It doesn’t matter. The flesh has already been shot. It is also the strongest age. Tomorrow the temple will be overturned.”

Harbitz looked at Uorin’s hardened expression.

“What is so serious? that’s what you wanted If you can’t control it, you’ll make a mess. Then the initiative will pass back to you.”

Of course it was true.

Also, from the moment Satan brought out the word of favor, the disaster was already predicted.

‘No, it’s much more logical than I was prepared for. even reasonable. It’s good if it’s good for Kashan, a strategy that won’t lose.’

The reason why I couldn’t readily accept it was because it was a problem related to Sirone.

Harvits said.

“don’t worry. Because this is just a game very fun game. There are other things I want to do.”

A Wizard who loves Sirone.

‘I want to meet you again.’

Even in the middle of a conversation with Uorin, Habitz couldn’t forget her for a moment.

‘Meet the Wizard… … So, we should meet once in a while. and… … huh?’

I suddenly realized.

‘I am……

what do you want to do with her?

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