Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1149

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12 o’clock, 12 stations (1)

The midnight bell had disappeared, as if it had never sounded like it in the first place.

silent Night.

“Quickly find out the truth!”

Sectors in each country of the temple were in a state of emergency.

‘what? What is it?’

It has not been reported how quickly the flesh amplified by the Moon kingdom affects reality.

‘It’s an assassination attempt. description other than that

I can’t.’

It would have been faster than the bell.


Sirone, who had mined assassination information from Apocalypse, ran to Tormia’s sector.

The knights were standing there as they looked like stone statues, but you could tell just by looking at their faces.

‘ also??????

After entering the depths of the sector, the leaders were running around nervously.

Still still.

As if trying to condense boiling water and freeze it, they desperately suppressed it.


Sirone also slowed down from then on and slowly approached the place where the king was staying.


I took a deep breath and opened the door, waiting for the dark shade of a candle instead of a bright light.


Rufist and Albino were standing there, and Dante was pensive with a serious expression on his face.

“Are you all right?”

The bed was covered by a curtain, so Lou Fist realized from Sirone’s question.

“Is it Apocalypse? Since when?”

“I just found out. I think it’s already too late.”

Dante silently drew back the curtains and found the pale pony lying dead.


The person guarding Pony’s side was Lilia, a mage from the Acaeans Shrine.

“Instantaneous death was prevented. But I can’t be sure.”

Totems and magical weapons placed next to the bed, Sirone asked with a deep breath.

“How did you predict?” Dante replied.

“I couldn’t predict. I couldn’t even guess. Lyria read her breasts through the flow of her intelligence.”

Lyria took the word.

“I created a shamanistic barrier against most of the factors besides His Highness, but this is unexpected. incredibly strong It’s like soaking yourself in poisoned water.”

Choenibardo’s senses sensed the ghost shaking behind the bed.

“Get out of Pony.”

The Miracle Stream wrapped around Pony’s body.

“Key Yaaaa!”

The unconscious Pony opened her eyes and her back bent like a shrimp.

“I will kill you! I will kill them all!” Pony’s face turned into an evil demon as afterimages overlapped on the boundary of the paper.


When the Miracle Stream was destroyed, the demons were crushed again by the laws of Lyria.

“It’s serious.”

Lyria nodded.

“This is not a normal Magi. I also tried using anima, but the flesh energy is too strong, so it’s useless. If I forcefully tear down the paper bag, His Majesty the King will die.”

Sirone’s eyes tightened.

“It must be the Moon Kingdom. I figured out the future where they use witchcraft to assassinate the kings of each country.”

Rufist asked.

“Who will die?”

“That doesn’t make any sense. Since we have already mined, the future will change slightly according to the changes in reality. However, I think the first assassination target was 6 people. Tormia, Jincheon, Corona, Tribal Union, Paras, Gustav.”

said Dante.

“Half of 12 countries. They set up a smoke screen without knowing who instigated it. Anyway, information about Apocalypse cannot be accepted as evidence. Evidence that each country can choose according to its advantage cannot secure objectivity.”

the albino murmured.

“There is no Kashan.”

Everyone turned to him.

“From the viewpoint of the Moon Kingdom, the Emperor of Kashan must be the first priority to be eliminated. Actually, of the traditional three empires, only Kashan is missing. I can’t help but think that I took his hand.” Lyria asked.

“It could have been deliberately omitted for that point, right? To cover up Kashan.”

Lufist shook his head.

“Blowing flesh is a kind of declaration of war. If it is pointed out as a war criminal country, other countries also gain a justification for assassinating the king. In such a situation, if you dare to force the Empire, you will face a backlash. Even if I was prepared, it would be better to kill all 11 countries in the first place.”

Dante agreed.

“Allies seem certain. All that remains is response. We must also keep in mind the possibility of union. It’s only going to be quiet until tonight. When the day is bright, the sword will move.”

A bloody wind will blow.

“Use Quan.”

The albino spat out nonchalantly.

“Call me.”

As Dante nodded and left the room, Lilia watched with sad eyes.


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‘It’s cruel, a life where you have to win.’

Sitting on the bed, Sirone touched the forehead of Pony, who was breathing sharply.

It seemed desperately holding on.

‘Hold on a little longer.’

The moment the foil collapses, the ghost will tear Pony’s heart apart.

‘I’ll save you.’

In order to revive the pony, there was no choice but to remove the demon directly from the underworld.

A knock was heard.

“The president of the association.”

The face of the Foreign Minister of Tormia who opened the door and entered was flushed red.

“This is Code One.”

Rupist and albino reacted simultaneously to the word referring to the summit.

“How are you?”

“Shirt. It is a tribal union.”

It was a force that had not yet taken any special steps since the holy war was held.

The albino rested his chin.

“Hmm. It’s called Code One… …

According to Sirone’s words, the South was also among the targets shot by the Moon Kingdom’s flesh.

‘The King of Tormia is unconscious. He would be no different in the South. Could it be that he’s safe?’

Rufist said the same thing.

“It could be a ploy to spy on the situation in other countries. Let’s proceed with code two for now.”

“No, that… … In the south, it’s okay if you’re not the King of Tormia.”

The albino’s brow wrinkled.

“What do you mean?”

“The condition suggested by the South is Sirone’s presence. Other than that, he said he would adjust to the convenience of this side.”

I realized two things.

‘First, it is a meeting with a clear purpose. Second, there is a high possibility that Euntara, the leader of the south, will be safe.’

In other words, it means that he stopped the flesh of the kingdom of Moon.

‘Information about alliance possibilities and witchcraft. Either way, this code one is necessary. The problem is sirone… …

It was doubtful whether he would step forward because he was currently drawing a line with Tormia, but it was nothing.

“Let’s go.”

Sirone got up from the bed.

“Maybe he can tell you how to save Pony. Please set up a meeting as soon as possible.”

“yes. then.”

When the Minister of Foreign Affairs left the room, an albino prepared the necessary documents for Code One.

“Are you going to attend?”

Rufist nodded at Sirone’s question, but couldn’t help feeling bitter.

‘For a friend… …

Is Yahweh moving just that much?

‘or not.’

is that all

At the sound of the midnight bell, Fermi stopped work and stretched.

‘Collect the information of the temple and try to reverse it with the information mined from Apocalypse.’

It was a time-consuming task, but once the vital points of each country were identified, the effect would be enormous.


At that moment, Gold Bird, the magic of Lampa, the world’s greatest information wizard, infiltrated the secret room.

Of course, the person who cast it must have been someone from the Parrot Mercenary Corps, not Rampa.

‘at las.’

With simultaneous events impossible, Fermi had to choose between an apocalypse and a crusade.

He chose to attend the temple, but he did not go unprepared.

‘If you have a telebud, you can receive information in the shortest time.’

What Rampa demanded in exchange for magic was, of course, Apocalypse’s mining information.

Surprisingly, the transaction went smoothly.

Because Lampa was already over 100 years old, and he intended to put an outstanding disciple named Chong in the foreground.

‘Gold Bird is a real-time information communication system. It means that the Parrot Mercenary Corps has succeeded in mining.’

Any information is fine.

If we can detect changes, changes in the world, Arduino’s wide field of view will provide an answer.

“Shall we turn the temple over?”

With that thought in mind, when he touched the gold bird, the code was unlocked and the screen opened.

The information contained on the screen is

“Damn it!”

The chair fell with a bang and Fermi immediately left the locker room and ran down the hallway.


King Manolka of Kessia.

The first time I met him was when I lost to Sirone in the graduation exam and wandered around the world.

“What is the young fellow doing here?”

At the time, an old man approached Fermi, who was working in a remote coal mining town.

When Fermi, who had been warming himself by the coal fire, looked up, there was an old man who looked like a corpse.

“Are you dumb? This old man doesn’t ask me. What is a limbless young fellow doing here?”

“… … work.”

After a short answer, Fermi looked back at the coal fire and the old man sat down next to him.

“Where is it? Of course it is. But this coal mine isn’t very profitable. At any time, the ground could collapse and die. That’s why when the state’s prisoners do labor, or when there are people whose names cannot be revealed, just like you.”

Fermi stopped stirring the charcoal and asked


“So what?”

“Chuck! eyes are still alive For those who want to die, Mekia Coal Mine is the best place. But after watching you for a few days, you seem a bit different.” The old man stared intently at Fermi.

“Has the world you knew changed at all? Have you lost someone important to you?”

“A long time ago.”

Yoga’s face came to mind.

“But it doesn’t matter, because I couldn’t keep it. It is natural for the weak to be deprived of something.” This time the old man was silent.

“By the way, what are you doing in rough terrain? Let’s watch the grandkids at home.”

“This mine is under my control. Shouldn’t we check how it goes back?”

It sounded otherwise.

“There is no heir. There are plenty of family members to feed, but I mean. I’m looking for people who can be of use to this kind of place from time to time.”

“Will you pass on the family business?”

“It’s okay. If you own a coal mine that has no value, you will be able to eat and live.”

‘A coal mine with no stall.’

Fermi, who pondered the true meaning of the words, shook his head as if it was useless.

“Get to know someone else.”

“Think carefully. it will be better than now You can get a pretty maid, and you can also eat meat side dishes.”

“Why me? Smart guys are all over the world. Anyone can hold on to it.”

“It is not wise to have a lot of knowledge. What’s the use of claiming what you know when no one’s listening? It would seem less ignorant to chop off someone’s head with an encyclopedia. Then I’ll beat you down.” Fermi was just listening.

“What should I do to convince my opponent? Not many people think like that. Because it’s a different level of difficulty from knowing something. It means to be patient and patient until you get the results you want. as soon as… …

The old man pointed his index finger.

“Like you.”

Silence passed.

“You didn’t give up, did you? Come to me if you intend to carry it through. It’s not a mine with a lot to dig, but you won’t lose.”

“… … After 3 days.”

Fermi rose from his seat.

“Let’s go to the royal castle. However, I have no intention of inheriting the throne. So if you want to sit on top of the world before you die, live as long as you can.”

Hearing footsteps receding, the old man looked down at the fire and raised the corner of his mouth.

“Did you just get caught?”

Well, it’s strange that you don’t know.

“The son of Yolgah.”

Ardino Fermini.

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