Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1151

12 o’clock, 12 stations (3)

The Jincheon Empire sector blocked the corridor with an unprecedented level of alert.

“Your Majesty the Emperor!”

Jin Kang, who was struck by the flesh of the kingdom of Moon, collapsed vomiting blood before going to bed.

“What happened!”

As a result of dozens of lawmakers attaching themselves to the situation, the same findings came out.

“Your spirits have weakened. It’s not a normal Mac. You fell for the trick of the enemy.”

“You say that! Jincheon, the world’s strongest, is just playing tricks! Even if you do… … !”


Jin Kang got up from the bed.

“Your Majesty, you need to rest.” Those who get hit in the flesh have a broken metabolism, and if it is serious, they may be possessed by evil energy.

“Aren’t you saying it’s okay?”

Jin Kang also had no blood on his face, but his eyes were intense.

“It’s a killing law… … I’m doing dirty things.”

As Jincheon’s roots are in the kingdom of Moon, there were many parts in the same context about witchcraft.

“How to live, how to live?”

The officials’ faces turned red.

“The Moon Kingdom is coming! The only person who can do such shameless things is Moon Ryong!”

Jin Kang moved calmly and sat down on a chair.

‘Why couldn’t I stop it?’

Although not as much as the Kingdom of Moon, Jincheon was also full of experts in witchcraft.

‘It broke through all the shamanic defenses and hit me. It’s impossible with human power alone.’

It must have been the work of the behind world.

” your majesty.”

Hearing the news, Jincheon Space Agency’s Anchal bowed his head in front of Jingang’s feet.

“Please kill me.”

As the head of the department preparing to intercept the underworld, he could not shirk his responsibility.

Jin Kang did not blame her.


“We have confirmed the abnormal action of demons in certain areas of Hell. It is estimated to be about an hour ago, and it was only 7 minutes ago that the Jincheon Space Agency confirmed it.”


Since Jin Seong-eum is connected to Gwangcheon-seong, Jin-cheon can investigate the world behind it.

Of course, it was mathematical data to the end, just like observing planets in other galaxies.

‘Gwangcheonseong alone has technical limitations. Rather, what was captured in 53 minutes should be regarded as great.’

1 hour anyway.

‘I don’t know if it was agreed in advance, but I can’t erase the feeling that it was urgent. Also, in the other world… …

Harvits cannot be ruled out.

‘In other words, the result of Satan’s impulsive tendency. It’s like a cornered mouse biting a cat.’

Jin Kang said.

“The opponent pulled out the sword first, so we should fight back. Anchal, you have to do it.”

“… … yes.”

Although she is the director of the Jincheon Space Agency, she was the strongest secret agent with a magical eye.

the legislator said

“Your Majesty, please rest now. I will find a way to loosen up somehow.”

“no. There is no need for that.”

Jin Kang got up from his seat and took out the emperor’s treasured sword and looked around the audience.

“no o op I exhaled for a long time, but the grievous feeling did not escape, and rather twisted my insides.


As he stumbled again, coughing up blood, the members of the council jumped up with surprised expressions.

“your majesty!”

Jin Kang pointed the sword at him and blocked his approach.

“Don’t come.”


Jin Kang’s face was grotesquely distorted, and the devil’s face shimmered like an afterimage.

“Quack. Kkkkkkkkk.”

“Lungs, Your Majesty… …

“Moonryong, you said you would kill me?”

Tears of blood flowed straight down from his eyes as he clutched at his chest.

‘My daughter is in hell. In eternal pain with no place to escape and no end… …

Father’s heart… … .

“I am a ghost! My heart is hell!”

A shimmering haze around Jin Kang filled the room like thick smoke.

Anchal’s single eye widened.


It smelled like rotting, and there was a scream of a ghost that seemed to be torn apart.

“I will chew and eat them all! Whether it’s a demon or a god, I’ll chew it up and eat it without leaving a single bone fragment!”

As all the veins stood up on Jin Kang’s face, the officials cried out in tears.

“Your Majesty, fix it! If you injure the jade body, no! please… … !”

Anchal stopped the officials.

“for a moment!”

“What is the chief talking about? If we continue like this, His Majesty is in danger!”

“for a moment… … Wait.”

The ghost’s face was revealed beyond the staggering Jin River in a state of self-control.

‘I’m suffering.’

The strongest flesh with demons from hell added to the grudge of a virgin is howling.

Anchal shouted.

“Your Majesty, win! It makes no sense that the Emperor of Jincheon is haunted!”


“Your Majesty’s judgment is correct. If you can’t control your mind, the ghost’s resentment will only grow.”

“So shouldn’t we stop it now?”

“Resentment is an emotion that cannot be endured without resenting someone. Therefore, the ghosts who have not resolved their grievance will find a new target. The first thing to happen… …

Anchal turned to the officials.

“The one who blew the flesh, the shaman. It will depend on the circumstances in which the witchcraft was performed at the time, but it does not end there. A ghost with high medicine will harm everyone who is present at the time, until the resentment is resolved.”

Officials finally realized.

“no way?”

“yes. At the time of espionage, fortunetellers in the Kingdom of Moon called this phenomenon.”

Anchal said.

“Reverse killing.”

around midnight.

Seventeen thousand fairies were stationed at the entrance of a forest called the Green Ocean.

In the depths of the forest, at the end of the sea, untouched by humans, was the home of the elves.

“It’s embarrassing.”

The body of the fairies with colorful wings was 1.5 times larger than other fairies.

Of course, he was much smaller than a human, but Aura was huge like a mountain.

Fairy King Crown.

The sole existence at the top of the 72nd fairy class, and the only male fairy.

‘Jeong with the highest concept.’ Fairies know.

‘As much as the time there was water in the lake, as much as the time the wind blew in the valley, as much as the time the fire boiled in the lava, Crown-nim was at the highest place.’ Now that even Ikael had abandoned Heaven, it was only natural that he would try to become king himself.

A senior official from the 72nd rank reported.

“Crown, the search team has arrived.”

Fairies wearing cute camouflage clothes and wild makeup flew to Crown.

“I found the elven fortress. We are building a defensive posture, but we can guide you right now.”

Crown rested his chin.


Although he was as beautiful as a boy, the attitude of having spent many years was ingrained in his body.

‘Chasing and chasing, I finally drove it all the way here. But the elves in the forest are on a different level.’

It was also the largest forest in the world, so it was an impregnable castle from the Fairy’s point of view.

‘The ability of the fire family, the creation of the small world is also tricky. We also have to prepare for annihilation and stick together.’

Then a roar erupted from the sky.

“Is it a surprise?”

The moment all the fairies looked up at the sky, a flash of light landed in front of their eyes.

“uh… …

A gigantic archangel that overwhelms fairies,

Yuriel stood with her arms crossed.


There is no angel with as much authority as Ikael, but with Uriel, the story was different.

“O Archangel of Destruction.”

In order not to be destroyed, the crown immediately landed on the floor and lowered its head.

The best emotion has become unpleasant.

‘A proud archangel came to visit us. Ikael has already abandoned Heaven.’

Uriel’s words shattered Crown’s doubts.

“I need your help.”


A request rather than an order has never happened in the history of heaven.

‘What’s going on?’

While receiving suspicious glances from 17,000 fairies, Uriel waited for an answer.

the darkest night.

In the ‘Village of Heaven’, the truth that the Vatican wanted to hide so much, Sirone and the others waited.


-Melkidoo does not exist.

There must have been a reason why the Catacombs, headed by Giyorgi, kidnapped Seina.

“Lamicyo is the largest religion in the world. And Satanism is growing in power under the great shadow. What if the shade disappears in that situation? Satanism will die.”

It was Iruki’s opinion.

It was clear that there was some truth to it, but Shirone couldn’t get rid of the uneasy feeling.

‘Is that really all?’

It must be because Gyorgi is his demon.


-Melkidoo does not exist.

Sirone summoned Mika every 30 minutes to check if Melkidu materialized.

‘Mika only extracts information about specific keywords. She can’t detect it automatically.’

When Sirone didn’t call, Mika was just a nameless portrait.

Around dawn, Sirone opened her mouth.


-Melkidoo materialized.

Rookie, Nade, and Eden sensed that Sirone jumped up.

“I found it?”

Sirone asked Mika.

‘Where is it?’

– Here it is.

‘What are you talking about?’

No matter how much Sirone looked around, the Heavenly Village did not show any particular change.

-Melkidoo is detected as existing everywhere in current time, phase space.

‘So you’re saying that someone went in?’

-From the time location detection was possible to the present, a total of 4 people entered the world.

Sirone sensed it.

‘Something they have and I don’t.’


‘Mika, can you copy and deliver the psychological state of the person who entered Melkidu?’

if the hypothesis is correct.

– Value judgments about psychological states are impossible. It is possible to copy brain waves.

‘that’s enough.’

As soon as the words were finished, someone’s brain waves were overlaid on Sirone’s brain.


Of course, just because the brain waves are identical does not mean that the events he experienced are reconstructed.

What Sirone could feel was a murky desire and even greater anxiety.

“Sirone, over there… …

Nade pointed to a dark space in front of him, emitting gray smoke.

“okay. Maybe that’s Melkidoo. You felt my yin qi and showed up.”

Eden asked.

“How did you do it?”

“Murder. I killed someone a while ago.” It was such a brain wave.

The friends did not readily understand, but Sirone moved instead of explaining.

“Let’s go in. You’ll find out when you go.

Sirone and the others pushed themselves into the black space that seemed to be sucking them in.

After passing the boundary, I saw a human silhouette running in the thick haze.

‘Criminals all over the world.’

Every time I acted, the sound of my heart was resonating in my head.

– Someone help me! I don’t want to go to jail!

– This is a mistake! I didn’t mean to kill you! I’m just, I’m just mad. I’m so angry… … .

-Never get caught. will kill more More women, more pleasure…

After walking for about 5 minutes, frowning, the gray smoke finally disappeared. It was in a dense forest.

“A fleeting impulse.”

A woman’s voice was heard.

“Or have you been unable to endure years of longing and have done something irreversible?”

Back to back, Sirone and the others looked around.

“where are you? come out!”

“No, it’s not like that.”

Based on Andre’s experience in the labyrinth, Sirone guessed what Melkidu was.

“I don’t know how long it has been, but at first it was just a space to suck in negative vibes. Then, one by one, criminals began to gather here.”

“You mean the system they created?”

“okay. It has become the safest place to hide for those who need to be judged by society.”

“Those who have crossed the forbidden line.” said the woman.

“Welcome to the starting point of Melkidoo.”

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