Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1111

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Human unknown (4)

“Chief Researcher.”

The sound of the door opening brought Seriel to her senses.

“It is time to attend the temple.”

“all right.”

She extinguished the cigarette, spread the smell with her hand, and put on her gown to organize her thoughts.

‘okay. We have to meet at least once anyway.’

As I went out into the hallway, a delegation from the World Health Organization approached, guarded by knights.

“Let’s go, Seriel.”


The main hall of the temple was reminiscent of a small coliseum that could accommodate about 600 people.

While all the seats were filled, the chairman of the temple assembly came up to the podium.

“From now on, we will begin the 63rd Temple General Assembly.”

The number 63 was a tree ring engraved in history because it was held at every global event.

“Today, this seat is to elect a world leader. And a leader country exists for the happiness and prosperity of all mankind… …

Even during the speeches, think tanks from around the world did not stop their hands.

The albino’s head spun rapidly.

[All] 冒頭 Speaking time is 5 minutes for each country. According to the voting order, Tormia will be the seventh.’

The text of the speech is already prepared, but it will have to be modified in real time according to the speech of other countries.

“At the opening of the temple, each nation has three powers. A rom means one vote that can be given to another country… …

It was something everyone knew.

When it was time for each ministry to propose, Dorothy, Valkyrie’s acting authority, came up.

“hello. This is Dorothy from Valkyrie. At a time when the whole world is in tension, the military ministry’s initiative is… …

A man raised his hand from Arachne’s side.

“for a moment.”

His name was Phaedra, who started as a pimp in his youth and rose to become the prime minister.

“I only heard that the general commander resigned, but I don’t know anything about the acting authority. Shouldn’t you explain why you took charge of the military department before the proposal’?”

Dorothy replied.

“Are you a girl friend?”

“Girl friend… … . No, Phaedra, who was asking for consent with an exaggerated gesture, realized that everyone was quiet.

“why? Is this just weird? huh?”

While there was still no response, the same thought popped into the heads of the heads of state.

‘It means it’s vacant anyway.’ The country that becomes the leader would be entrusted with all authority over Valkyrie.

“… … Therefore, the proposal of the Ministry of Military Affairs is a comprehensive solution to the peace treaty. I hope that the leaders of each country will make the right decision.”

Listening to dry applause, Dorothy went down, and Smith, head of the Ministry of Economics and Social Affairs, came up.

Although he was from Jive, he was a person who did not care about nationality as long as it was money-making.

“I think that a leading country should have a vision of human prosperity. As a result of the arms race, the value of each country’s currency is hitting bottom. In this regard, while urging the World Bank and central banks of each country to make a decision, “I object” to the deterrence measures against the reckless development of weapons of war.

When Liz of the Nade Group raised her hand, the chairman stopped.

“Wouldn’t it be better to file an appeal after the motion is over?”

“No, I am contesting the motion itself. I think that the expression of reckless weapons of war has room for negative interpretation of the industries of certain countries that are actually at war.”

The Nade Group’s main business is military.

In addition, the card of elemental bomb development had to be pointed out in order to gain power.

‘It’s good timing.’

Rufist nodded.

‘Once the meeting gets underway, the flow gets fast and wild. It’s already too late to attack the initiative.’

Smith retorted.

“The core of this temple is world peace. I don’t think it’s strange to use strong words about suppression of weapons of war.

“Of course, no country will oppose peace. However, wouldn’t it be better to avoid expressions that could grant indulgence to a specific country depending on the issue of equity and the circumstances of each country? Therefore, we ask that you delete the expression or replace it with a word that has a clear standard for interpretation.”

Smith smacked his lips.

“I will suspend the initiative for a while.” With the permission of the Chairman, the position of the Ministry of Economic and Social Affairs

The circles came and put their heads together.

Smith, who came back to the podium five minutes later, corrected it.

“As I accept your suggestion, I will replace the expression ‘reckless’ with ‘a threat to human peace’.”

All weapons would be a threat to human peace, but that was fair.

‘What about this… …

From now on, it was up to me to do it. said Pony.

“You pointed it out well. It was an embarrassing proposal for the king to step forward.”

The reason Liz’s remarks worked was because she was a practitioner in the military industry, which is primarily affected by this initiative.

Rufist replied.

“yes. If you are not a business person, the meaning will be distorted. Aple Leeds is the current head of Nade Group. I have practical experience, and looking at it now, I feel good.”

It was also significant that only Lizman stepped forward at a gathering of top businessmen.

‘I don’t look at the King’s eyes. In other words, it means that he is reading Tormia’s thoughts. I can take over the executive role.’

Phaedra clapped her hands as Liz, who had waited until the motion was over, was about to take her seat.

“Chuck! Mistress Bushgumen. Wherever the company is, one secretary is well kept. Congratulations.”

Liz countered.

“I don’t think this is the place to laugh. And I am not a secretary, but the CEO who leads the Nade Group.”

Phaedra narrowed her eyes.

“yes? Nade group? So, are you the next gunman to push Mr. Nade out?”


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“No, it’s your girlfriend.” Of course, she is the co-founder of Nade Gunsu, but this much was good for her counterattack.

Phaedra leaned back in her chair.

“I’m sorry, Tormia is also a dead end. girl friend? How do you say hello like this?”

“Whoops, I will.”

The aide who answered that thought.

‘Are you the only one? A trashy human.’

Aside from her position, as a woman, Pedra was at the height of hatred.

“What is that guy, a thug? Do you know what kind of market this is?”

When Geese, the King of Jive, grumbled, the think tank ‘Smoke Screen’ spoke up.

“I am the real power of Arachne. He is a person who even rose to become the Prime Minister through politics at night.”

“Politics by night?”

The man waved his little finger and raised his thumb.

“Ah, that.”

Geese’s eyes suddenly changed favorably.

“I see now that he was a hard worker. Make a seat.”


In the meantime, Pope Constantine, the head of the Ministry of Religion, came up to the podium.

“I will pray.”


Geese hurriedly raised his upper body and lowered his head, clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.

prayer began.

“God Krea, all mankind is suffering. Save us from a cruel world… …

In the meantime, Sirone watched the backs of those who bowed their heads.

‘How much will it be?’

The one who truly prays for the happiness of mankind.

‘If everyone is considerate of others, no one will be harmed as a result. It’s theoretically possible, but… …

Is it really so?

Uorin smiled bitterly.

‘It must be disturbing.’

Humans are not Gaians.

‘Give up, Sirone. The world you dream of will never come. Because Eve crossed the forbidden line.

“The Empress.”

Gando whispered.

“I have something to tell you about the issue of deploying shadow warriors.”

“You said you didn’t like it. It feels bad to be a human who looks just like me. After all, Kido will be by your side.”

It was sad that the only beings she believed in were non-human goblins.

“But you also need to be prepared in case Kido breaks through.”


Uorin glanced at Harbitz.

The image of Satan falling into a sweet sleep while listening to the Pope’s prayer… … .

“Punish the evil of the world!” When the pope raised his voice, Geese burst into tears.


“Huh! Oh God.” Turning her eyes away from Havitz, who was snoring, Uorin continued.

“Is it okay if it’s not just vanishing? There is no Le and no Lian. There is no situation in which you can’t prevent it. It is foreign countries, not Kashan, that should worry about the assassination of the king.”

Her gaze turned to Sirone’s.

“However, take care of Tormia. Carefully handle all incoming intelligence.”

“Thormia… … Are you talking?”

“huh. I have a Quan.” The only swordsman who cut Harvitz’s head.

“If it’s a shadowy operation, he’s the only one we need to be wary of besides Havitz. No, honestly, I doubt if I can stop it.”

“If that’s the case, even more so the shadow warrior “It’s okay.”

Uorin caught sight of Shiina as she listened to the prayer with a modest attitude.

It looked beautiful and smart.

“Because he has a fatal weakness.”

The dragonfly albino, who was pretending to pray, felt his gaze and turned his head.

When I met Woorin’s eyes, I felt embarrassed

I laughed, but my heart was completely different.

‘What are you looking at? annoying.’ He couldn’t have known why.

‘Geuk, the nape of the neck must tickle. From the point of view of assassinating the factor, Kashan’s natural enemy must be us.’

They each have deadly swords called Habits and Kuan, but Tormia can die even if the king dies.

‘Of course it’s dangerous. If the person behind the assassination is revealed, public opinion will deteriorate. But it’s true that it’s a card that can be cut and discarded once in a hurry.’

Therefore, if there was a trade-off, the fatal thing was Kashan.

‘But it’s a difficult sword to handle. Well, I guess the same goes for Habitz.’

The albino brushed his beard.

‘Have you not decided yet? stupid


Parka Quan.

At a point 200 meters away from the Delta headquarters, all 12 national guards were gathered.

It was a rule that the line proposed by the holy war was stretched long, and even a step outside the line was regarded as an intention to attack the enemy. While Rai was also keenly aware of the situation at the head office, Jive’s guards spoke to him.

“Are you Mr. Lai, the captain of the guards of Kangshin?”

“Is that so?”

Despite knowing the fierceness of the holy war, the knights’ eyes shone.

“Ohh, so you are August Lian’s older brother?”

Rai’s face crumpled.

“Oh, sorry if I was rude. However, it is the only swordsman who can deal with Ymir.”

“You don’t even have to have qualifications, are you saying this?”

“No, I don’t mean that… … maybe it’s true

‘Well, I don’t know.’

No one knew the position of a brother who had the world’s strongest swordsman as his youngest brother.

‘I am… … Why are they here?’

Because all those more capable than you have died?


Tess’ voice brought me to my senses.

‘To protect the king. Just think about it.’

At that moment, Rai’s spine felt chilly, and the guards of 12 countries simultaneously turned around.

“Who are you!”

As if one person had pulled it out, the sound of the sword’s friction created a roar with a single sound wave.

“That… …

The one-armed swordsman was limping and approaching.

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