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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1110

Human unknown (3)


“Are you Youfra?”

People trapped in the Pyramid of Truth have experienced numerous causes that shaped their lives.

Great Swordswoman Yufra frowned.

‘Damn it, how long can I see this?’

What he could see was when he was in his mid-thirties, a time when he was ashamed to be called a great swordsman.

However, prosecutors who tried to confront him by managing rumors well in their own way often came.

“Is that so?”

At that time, Youfra sensed that the prosecutor who came to him was surprisingly strong.

maybe more than yourself.

“I’ve heard rumors that he is a master swordsman. However, I also have a family opinion with swords, so I ask for a match.”

Youfra looked at the man pretending to be indifferent.

‘To be honest… …

I was afraid.

My heart was pounding, and the imagination of being slashed mercilessly by his sword ran through my head.

“I’m sorry. Today is my friend’s anniversary. I don’t want to commit pointless killing.”

‘I was talking about it like that.’

Because there were countless friends who died.

‘I have always been like that.’

While other swordsmen risked their lives for their dreams, they only fought against opponents they could defeat.

The real Youfra spat out.

“shit! So what?” qualifications.

At that time, he was far away with his back turned, so he couldn’t see the opponent’s face.


The eyes of the man confirmed in the pyramid of truth.



The yuprah of reality popped out.

“okay! let me fight! Come on! Do you think I can’t win?”

In the past, all he could do was run away, but now his skills have improved considerably.


The instant the swords clashed, the young swordsman’s face changed into that of his old friend Balzac.

“It’s the same, Youfra. Yes, you draw your sword only when you can always win.”


My heart pounded again.

“You knew. If you persist like that, many competitors will disappear on their own.”


No matter how much I shook my head, lies didn’t work in the pyramid of truth.

The scenery changed and I saw Balzac slashing enemies in all directions on the battlefield.

‘He’s a genius. He really is a genius.’

It was only now, decades later, that Yufra was able to accurately evaluate his friend’s skills.

‘What was I doing then?’

As the scenery quickly changed, he saw himself leisurely patrolling the civilian area.

‘The safest place.’

If you slash the enemy’s general, you can count on it, but it will lead to death with a high probability.

‘I didn’t want to gamble. i just… … It was enough to live like that.’

While on patrol, Yufra sees flames burning on the horizon.

“Wide area magic?”

The area was devastated by the magicians’ tactical bombing, and there were no survivors.

Remembering his friend, he shouted.


He drew his sword and was about to run to the battlefield, but his subordinates grabbed his arm.

“Leader! be patient! You must not break the ranks!”

“Let go, you children! Balzac is over there!”

really… … Couldn’t I have resisted?


Was it all about worrying about a friend?

“stop! You son of a bitch!”

maybe i… … Didn’t he dream of a new hope while looking at that burning flame?

“Aww! plague! What are you asking me to do!”

The moment the scenery changed to a friend’s funeral, Youfra’s face turned pale after shouting.


Eliana, who had become a widow, was far more beautiful than he had seen at the time.

Yufra in his 30s thought.

‘I liked it first.’

As if his own reason was an indulgence, he walked over to her.

“Eliana, you are very sad.”

Throughout the funeral, Youfra stayed by her side.

“Balzac was a sword-mad guy? It was the best finish as a swordsman.”

She was silent and there was a lot of talk about you.

“Bastard Balzac, I heard you don’t have much legacy left behind. I will help you.”

“Mr. Youfra.” Those were the first words Eliana uttered.

“Please don’t do this.”

And the way she looks at herself is the same as that of the man who challenged her… … .

contempt and disgust.

“whatever! Dogs!”


Youfra’s twin swords were blocked by Balzac’s sword.

“okay! loved it! I loved you so much! So did I even lay a hand on your wife?”

I swung my sword to forget.

Strong opponents were avoided, victors were greatly inflated, and after decades… … .

“big. knife. like. Youfra.”

“shut up! Do you know what is different about you? If you’re so confident, you’ll even see your past! They’re all the same! A little cowardly, shamefully! That’s how everyone lives!”

Youfra lost half of his reason.

“I have done many good things in my life! There was a time when I was proud of myself! Why are you ignoring me!”

Balzac smiled sadly.


Like a voice out of time, Youfra thought for the first time that it might not be an illusion.

“Be happy.”

The landscape began to gather around Balzac, who was getting away with his sword.


Youfra lowered his sword.

“To turn your whole life upside down and be happy? Is that really what you want to say to me?”

There was life in his eyes as he stared into the darkness.

“Canis, how long will you be here?”

In the narrow room of the pyramid, Canis and Arin sat side by side with their backs against the wall.

A considerable amount of time passed, but there was no desire left to move.

“It can’t be.”

said Canis.

“This crazy space is trying to drive us crazy. lets think. Are you saying twins? Are there any similarities between you and me?”

there was.

It’s not identical like twins, but it wasn’t impossible with fraternal sex.

Arin lowered his head.

“we… … How is it going?”

“No need to think! Nothing will change. Arin, think of the years we spent together!”

A person more precious than life.

‘I mean I want you. I meant to live with you for the rest of my life. But the same blood flows?’

Captivated by rage, Canis grabbed Arin by the shoulder and kissed him roughly.

It’s a great courage, but Arin would have been willing to tolerate it.


However, she pushed herself away, and Kanis, who had stomped her butt, put on a dazed expression.

“Why, why are you doing this?”

She shed tears when she read Kanis’s feelings with menarche.

“Sorry. I love you too, but only

one in… …

“No! I can’t ever do that. No, you decided to live believing that there was no way!”

I’ve never said it verbally.

“It was. But now you know. At least until I know for sure…”

“this… …

Just when Kanis was about to scream in anger.

“Here you are.”

Eyes burning red in the dark approached.

“Mr. Ares.”

“Is everyone all right? We need to find Sirone.”

As he muttered that, he approached and was surprised to see the faces of Kanis and Arin.

“What happened? What is the color of your face?”

There was no answer.

“Yeah, you guys got it too.”

“Ares-san too… … Have you seen the past?”

“hmm. I’m still resetting it with Hong’s ability, but it’s a pretty terrible job. The timeline here is twisted. The fact that the entire party scattered must be proof of that.”

Canis murmured.

“Why are you doing this to us?”

“There will be no reason.”

Ares looked at the letters flowing down the wall.

“It’s just such a space. It seems that all causality here is dissolving regardless of time. It’s like… …

“God’s point of view?”

Ares nodded.

“okay. From the outside of the universe, even time is just a line. Maybe God really lives here.”

“let’s go.”

Canis stood up.

“I will meet you in person. Why are you doing things like this to us? will turn it back If there really is such a thing as God… …

Even if you kill that god.

Each WHO delegation was given a private room.

Seriel, who put the large bag on the desk, was disappointed that it had ruined her mood from the morning.

“it’s annoying.”

Fermi’s face came to mind.

A small incident in my school days that I couldn’t tell anyone at the time.

‘If Amy finds out, she’ll try to kill me.’ Her face flushed hot, but at the same time I had this thought.

‘Is it really so?’

Everyone has a secret.

If a person’s life is deconstructed into cause and effect, there are countless impulses, shame, and joy in it that no one else can imagine.

‘At that time, I didn’t know the world would end up like this.’

She sat down at her desk, put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it.


Why did you want to smoke?

maybe that too… … .


Around the time Seriel was in her senior year.

It was the day when the 19th week of training was over and a day of rest was given.

Amy and Seriel were best friends, but they couldn’t even dream of a leisure life in their senior year.

“Amy, today is my day off, what are you doing?”

“Trying to do Spirit Zone reinforcement training. you?”

Unlike the tireless Karmis, Seriel was an ordinary person who needed a break.

“I was just wondering if I should drink some coffee.”

“Okay then… … Let’s go to the cafe.” She said it readily, but Amy’s eyes flashed with embarrassment.

Sensing it, Seriel put her hands together.

“Oh right! It’s the day the sequel to Primal Lasso comes out! Amy, sorry. Let’s have coffee next time.”

“okay. Go to the bookstore.”

Not wanting to disrupt her friend’s training, Seriel came up with an excuse.

“Ho Ho! no. It is a very dangerous book. It’s deadly to kids who don’t have immunity like you. Goes. See you tomorrow.”

“hey! Seriel!”

Amy called urgently, but Seriel was already running down the hallway and turning the corner.

Couldn’t you really catch it?

I suddenly felt that way, but there was no time to think about the task at hand.

“… … You have to train.”

Meanwhile, Seriel, who came out, sighed in relief at the fact that she hadn’t become an intruder.

“Why don’t you play alone?”

The place she arrived at after leaving school in peace was a shabby bookstore.


Her own hideout, far from the aristocratic district, and where dark books often flow in.

“I thought you would. It’s in the corner.”

Seriel put on her big glasses and covered her face with a scarf, but the bookstore owner immediately noticed.

Seriel’s eyes shook her head and shone in the glasses.

‘There is, the primal lasso sequel.’ A not at all beautiful love story of a nobleman and a maid.

It’s decadent and explicit in depicting sexuality, so it’s treated as an adult, but it wasn’t particularly shocking to Seriel, who read romance novels from a young age.

From the first page, it started with the characters of the previous work sharing love.

As she gulped down her saliva, she fell in love with the content.

‘The position has changed.’

The maid who had chained the nobleman came with a whip.

‘Her breath bristled all the man’s hair. The jelly-like wet tongue slipped through the red lips, “licking the man’s nape?”

Surprised by the sudden voice, Seriel closed the book.

“Hick! Who is it!”

When I turned around, I saw the face of a man I didn’t want to get used to.


As she lowered her large glasses to check, Fermi raised a hand.


With a polite mischievous smile.

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