Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1112

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big dream (1)

The guards gathered there felt the world shake every time Quan took a step.

It was a step that was neither fast nor slow, in a way it was pitiful.


It was difficult to keep my balance, as if I was on top of a boat crashing into waves.


While Natasha pursed her lips and made an interesting expression, Fengzhang was displeased.

Leader Yula said.

“Close access.”

Among all the killing spree, the most powerful energy was directed at Poongjang.


Just when the 99 swordsmen were about to disperse like the wind, Kido walked forward first.


Kuan’s steps stopped.

“Are you the prosecutor from Tormia? This is a place where no one without a security permit can enter. go back.”

Because I can’t hate Tormia.

“I have business to take care of at the headquarters.”

Kido looked back at Delta’s buildings and shook his head at Kuan again.

“Then I can’t send you any more. After the temple is open, no one can come in or out.”

Rai intervened.

“You can go in. He belongs to the Tormia Task Force, and has a pass.”

Kidou pursed his lips and asked.

‘There is intent to kill, but no hostility. Of course, if this aura turns into hostility, it will be tremendous, but… …

I wondered if it would be okay to just send it to him if he had the pass.

‘It must be killed.’

Yula was firm.

Although not as good as Kido, Fengzhang is also the closest to Woo-Lin to check his intentions.

‘That man is the Empress’ misfortune. maybe it’s a good opportunity Even if I cut it here, it won’t affect the temple.’

It’s because Kuan crossed the line.

“I don’t know why I was late, but this is a security area. You can’t go through this way.”

“Then where are you going?”

“That is your heart. But this is the only way to Delta Headquarters.”

I was thinking of trying to figure it out somehow.

Kido, who knew Yula’s personality, spoke to Quan with a desperate expression.

“Go back, please.”

Quan calmly accepted the look in his eyes and slowly raised his gaze and murmured.

“You’re lucky.”


Clown Pierrot – Initial feeling.

Suddenly, the ground tilted sharply toward Quan, creating a slope of over 70 degrees.

At the same time, the guards released external gravity.


The one that fell naturally was Natasha, the one that was attached to the ground was Kido, and the wind blew away like the wind and pulled out the sword.

‘I can’t miss it.’

Quan felt as if he was falling down a cliff, and if he missed it even for a second, it was doomed.

At that moment, the tilted 70 degrees flipped to the left this time.


The north and south were reversed again, and now they were making a messy turn like a sphere.

The only thing that could confirm Kuan’s movements was Kido, who was attached to the ground with the Earthquake Spirit.

“Pooh! It’s really bizarre.”

Natasha, on the other hand, was enjoying the feeling of the world turning around as if she were on an amusement ride.

‘It’s not easy either.’

Although it’s easy to get out of line of sight if you use a single-target starter.

‘It’s hard to ostracize everyone.’

There were hundreds of swordsmen here, and all of them were the best in the kingdom.

A member of Poongjang told Yula.

“Captain, there may be an ulterior motive. If you move as a group, there may be gaps in the escort network… …



The fact that everyone was dragged around by only one prosecutor was shameful enough.

‘But he’s that much of a man.’

It reminded me of Quan in his youth, crawling along the mountain road with his Achilles tendon torn off.

‘Has it reached this far?’

As a single swordsman, she suppressed the desire to clap her hands as she instructed.

“It is done in one go. Spread the death roll.”


The 100 Fengzhang crossed like a net and started to rotate around Quan.

‘If I get caught, I won’t even be able to collect the bones.’


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It was not an exaggeration.

However, Kuan’s expression was colder than ever when dealing with Kashan’s best swordsmen.

‘I’m just doing what I have to do.’

The reason why he refused the position of captain of the guards was that he was not suited to protecting someone.

‘I’m a clown.’

A clown who would do anything stupid to make her laugh.

‘What did I expect?’

Since he was still human, did he even have a delusion that he could be with her?


He remembered Shiina’s face as he stood in the blackout of the wind farm that narrowed the encirclement.


Because it’s fun.


100 blades created a strong wind, devastating the place where Quan was.

The slope of the scenery returned to its original position, and the members of the Fengzhang formed formation again.

Kido’s expression darkened.

” does not exist.”

Didn’t see.

One moment the scenery was distorted, and the next moment Kuan’s body evaporated.


Ray came running.

Red blood dripped from the center where the grass was swirled like a whirlpool.

“… … Did you cut it?”

Yula did not perjure.

“no. None of us cut. Right before the sword could reach him, he disappeared first.”

“Then what about this blood?”

“maybe… …

Yula pointed at her head with her index finger.


By rupturing his own eardrums, his hearing was now half as good.

‘Mr. Quan.’

In front of a situation where the guards of all 12 countries had broken through the camp alone.

‘Are you really trying to become a ghost?’ Rai had a little idea of ​​what he had to give up to become the strongest swordsman.

The pope gave an initiating speech.

“Lamicyo is a world-class religion. But people all over the world do not believe in Lamie.”

It was a quiet atmosphere.

“There is always a price to pay for faith. It is the act of burying the soul and knowing that there is a higher transcendence to any rationality.”

The pope’s gaze turned to Sirone.

“What you get in return is strength. The rest I can get by believing that I am not mine. Isn’t that what this world needs?”

The gaze was withdrawn.

“Maybe the value of Lamigyo is the courage, sacrifice, and hope that those who cannot fight can rely on.”

Geese murmured.

“Oh, my God.”

“No one is God. As the Pope of Lamie religion, I earnestly pray to God Krea that a leader who can only fight for humanity will emerge.”

The sound of applause embroidered the conference hall. It was an uncomfortable situation for the kingdom of Tormia, which had to borrow the power of Yahweh.

“It can’t be helped.”

Lufist leaned his temples on his fists.

“Because it is an official religion of the Temple Leadership Bureau. Above all, there is a cause that does not exist in the kingdom.”

Flew agreed.

“It’s not explicit, but it’s using wording that subtly denies Yahweh. That must have been what he was aiming for.”


“o” ?

Although each person’s inner thoughts may be different, the official atmosphere was emotional.

“Next, the motion of the International Court of Justice will begin.”

Socrates, the leader, put the fat giant on the podium and wiped away his sweat.

“Hyster. Whoa, it’s a hot day. No, am I the only one hot? I was wearing a dirty suit.”

When no one responded, he let out a roar that bordered on shouting.

“It’s not farming! Fuhahaha!”

The atmosphere was the worst.

“Hmmmm. Then I will propose. I, Bebeto Socrates, head of the International Tribunal, he spat out, widening his eyes.

“I will resign as of today.”

Officials from each country did not respond, but those who worked at the temple were agitated.

“Socrates, what do you mean by that?”

“Literally. It’s a resignation. All I can say is that I want to eat at least one more piece of bread. Because what remains is to eat. Bio recommending Mr. Mito Shirano as my successor. more.”


Socrates went down, and a skinny middle-aged woman came up to the podium.

Nicknamed the Swamp Witch, she was once the head of the Magic Association in Stang Kingdom.

“Thank you, Mr. Socrates. Because you handed over this F*cking position to me.”

His mouth was rough, just like his personality.

“Then I propose. As of this time, I will resign as general manager.”

“What the hell! The temple is a joke!” Finally, resistance from some officials arose, but Cyrano had nothing to be rough about.

“Shut up. I’m not making fun of wizards, I’m not saying don’t put us in this house game politics. Everyone knows anyway, right?”

Amidst the silence, the chairman said

“but… … If even Mr. Cyrano resigns, there will be no one to propose. Even when resigning, isn’t it polite to each country to present an agenda?”


Cyrano spat out.

“The strong one eats it. more.”

When he went down the podium like that, politicians were taken aback, but some smiled.

They were sorcerers.

‘There is a peculiar stubbornness. You are a race that never swallows anything that is against you.’

The king of the Moon Kingdom, Moonryong, arose.

“How absurd! Raising the banner of the jungle-hard-and-strong in a place promoting world peace!”

the chairman said

“Calm down. It’s just a statement from one manager. Besides, you’re not the manager anymore… …

“Looks like that will work! The International Sanctions Board is not an organization that oversees all the regulations and laws of the holy war!”

Certainly, the intensity of the remarks was strong.

“The world’s villain, Habits, is not allowed to attend the holy war, but now the strong one eats it. Do you want to smell the bloody temple? Literally, even if the king’s throat was cut off, that doesn’t mean I won’t get involved!”

“You talk too much!”

When the assassination of the king was mentioned, those who had been watching so far reacted sensitively.

“This is a gathering for peace. Isn’t King Moon, who has such bad thoughts, what he’s aiming for?”

“What is it? dare… … !”

Because the hwadu was the hwadu, everyone stood up, and the atmosphere in the temple became militant.

‘Assassination is attempted anyway. The one who is pushed here will be the first to be beaten.’

The door to the conference hall opened amid a flurry of wording, including ostentation, bravado, and threats.

Everyone was surprised just by the fact that the door had been opened, and in an instant it became quiet.

“What, what?”

The one-armed swordsman bowed his head.

“Sorry if I disturbed you.”

Then, as he limped down the stairs, the bewilderment of the onlookers increased.

‘Mr. Quan.’

While Shiina watched with mixed emotions, the chairman stopped Kuan from doing so.

“for a moment. who are you?”

“This is Tormia Kingdom Special Task Force Parka Quan. I was late for some reason.”

“No, I mean that now… …

More curious than scolding Quan, the chairman stopped talking and asked again.

“How did you get here?”

Once the general meeting is held, the National Guard guards the only exit.

Quan turned around the door and replied.

“afoot… …

“Not that! She’s asking how did you get in! All the doors of the headquarters are closed and you can never enter the building unless you pass the guards… … At that moment, the chairman realized.

“no way?”

Did you break through all 12 national guards?

At that moment, blood gushed from Quan’s ear and fell to the ground.

Shiina’s eyes widened, and everyone who knew him looked shocked.

‘enter. I lost one ear.’ She leaned further.

Sensing this fact, Quan took another step while the crowd remained silent.

The stop was Tormia’s Teachers’ Association.

“I’m sorry.”

“Ah yes.”

Saad shifted his seat, and Kuan slowly sat down in his chair.

It was next to Shiina.

“why… … ?”

“This is my seat.”

There was no way that Kuan, the person in charge, did not know what the albino and Wulin expected.

‘A country that touches Shiina… … die first

The albino nodded as the unspoken threat weighed heavily on the hall.

‘If you can’t keep it, cut it all down. If you truly let go of everything… …

Kuan was now a sword demon.

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