Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1105

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Rules of the Holy War (3)

After escaping from the paladin’s pursuit, Shiro and his party took a moment to breathe in a secluded place in the Vatican.

It used to be a place where prayer rooms were lined up, and now it was empty and felt even shady.

Sirone said.

“I don’t think he’s doing anything in public. Let’s go down to the basement.”

“But they must be guarding it? If they knew we didn’t leave the Vatican, they would read our thoughts.”

“I can’t help it then. By breaking through the front… …

Crying was heard in the hallway.

“Huh. Whoa.”

Leaning my back against the wall, I looked out the corner and saw a woman with a spear walking towards me, weeping sadly.

“God Krea, why is the world so turbid? give me courage Nade spoke of the power to subjugate everyone to your feet.

“Why are you here? Are you crazy?”

“In a sense.”

Sirone guessed.

“It must be a paladin of the heresy management department. Maybe if I’m right… … The one who weeps.”

“Are you crying?”

“It’s the title of those belonging to the Heresy Management Department. Those who cry, those who laugh, those who mourn, those who are angry. And the Holy Knight Commander of the Heresy Management Department is the one who forgives.”

“Excessive. Confining human emotions to one tendency.”

Sirone nodded.

“I heard that it has disappeared these days, but according to Oh Mega’s records, the holy knights of Lamie religion received special training from the time they were born. Austerity of mind and body. Among them, the training received by the Heresy Management Department was so terrible that Sirone couldn’t even speak.

“Huh. God, please punish me, a sinner.”

Nade came to his senses when he heard a woman’s voice close by.

“Let’s conquer it first. If I ran away with such a strange person on my tail, would I feel bad for my backbone?”

Iruki said.

“Don’t be too strong. Like before… …

“okay. It’s been a while, so it’s just that it’s hard to control.”

Nade, who generated electricity through his fingers, turned the corner and charged at the woman as if by surprise.

“I’ll knock you out in one hit.”

“Hey, hehe. My god… …

When Nade approached with spark magic and applied an electric shock to the back of her neck, the woman’s body trembled.

‘ done.’

The moment she thought that, the woman’s body twisted and the tip of the spear flew toward her neck at terrifying speed.


The blade passed in front of Nade’s eyes, who leaned back in the air, and the woman let out a scream close to screaming.

“Oh God!”

‘That’s a lot of speed. but… …

Nade, who was in a state of brain regeneration, was so fast that even Sirone could not catch him.

The window passed, and Nade, who took a detour while generating static electricity, this time filled his palms with electricity.


With a popping sound, the clothes on her side were burned, and the woman who dropped the spear vibrated with her limbs spread out.


After kicking off the ground, Sirone pushed the light of agape into her forehead, just like Seina did.

“Ahhh… …

I wondered if the woman’s tears would stop for a moment… … .

“God, my God.”

Blood flowed down the pupils.

With her lips barely moving, her vocal cords swayed and a sharp voice was heard.

“You bastard like this dog.”

‘I can’t clean up. It’s a huge brainwashing.’


Just before the woman charged, nailing her nails, Nade struck her back with both hands.

With a bang, the woman’s body flew over Sirone’s head and landed on the wall in the hallway.

“ha. ha.”

Nade let out a rough breath, and this time even Iruki couldn’t pinpoint him.

“It’s a fanatic. It could have been dangerous.”

Iruki approached the fallen woman and checked her pulse.

“I am not dead. but… …

Where her clothes were burned, her back was visible.

Even though only part of the body was checked, there were traces of torture.

“Did you get whipped? How can the human body become like this?”

“Go to sleep.”

Sirone is approaching.

“The mission of the Heresy Management Department is to find and torture heretics. But that’s definitely an evil methodology. So, the heresy management department of Lamy Church… … Before you torture someone, you have to inflict pain on yourself.”

As the atmosphere cooled, Sirone continued.

“Otherwise, the divine power cannot be displayed. But this is really dangerous. The experience of dealing with a terrible self-harm is intact… …

Iruki said.

“It can be done to others. Without a single word of guilt, calmly.”

“huh. Anyway, it’s been a problem. If it is brainwashed to the extent that it cannot be purified by agape, “Hee hee. Hee hee hee.”


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Laughter was heard from the hallway on the other side.

“God, I am so happy.”

After discovering numerous shadows, the party turned around the corner and ran away without saying who was first.

“Chicken meat is sprouting. What are you going to do? They say that if it is not purified, there is no choice but to beat it.”

“There is no end to catching and fixing one person at a time. Let’s find the evidence. Find your way underground… …

Sirone stopped walking.


From the side of the hallway, about 10 paladins were walking hand in hand.

“God bless the world. I wish everyone happiness.”

the one who prays

Their prayers gathered together and hummed, and laughter was heard from the other side.

“Is there no choice but to fight?”

The door to the prayer room opened, revealing a familiar face.

“Come this way.”

It was Seina.

Thinking that it was normal rather than people rushing in from the hallway, the group went into the prayer room.

When Seina activated the device in the fireplace, the wall opened and a secret passage appeared.

“Follow me. hurry. If I get caught by them, I’m doomed too.”

As he followed her into the secret passageway, both hands grabbed Sirone by the collar.

“Yahweh! You bastard!”

Nade and Iruki approached in a sudden situation, but Sirone raised a hand to stop them.

“What have you done to me? Why is the divine power weakening!”

Sirone calmly accepted Seina’s fierce gaze.

“nothing. It’s just brainwashed.”


The hand holding the collar loosened for a moment, but then he lifted the sirone with even stronger force.

“What nonsense are you talking about? I’m not brainwashed. A paladin from the Trust Management Department.”

“You don’t even have to ask me, do you know it yourself?” Moments later, Sirone’s feet touched the ground.

“ha. I’m going crazy, really.”

Sirone asked.

“There is something I want to hear. The harsh training of paladins, is it still going on?”

“… … Although officially abolished.” Seina opened her mouth with difficulty.

“It is showing signs of a revival after World War II. Because the number of Paladins is much less than before the war.”

“The heresy management department?”

“I don’t know where. Even if it’s the same paladin, the Heretic Management Department is supposed to only approach up to the third rank in the Vatican hierarchy.”

“It’s number three. The first is the pope, and the second?”

“… … The Holy Knight Commander of the Heretic Management Department, Vanisa.”

He was a forgiving person.

“If number two is the root of the problem, there is only number three.”

“That’s right, High Priest Maximus. However, he is not feeling well right now and is recuperating. It seems that a woman named Rukia was injured because she awakened her demonic powers.”

Iruki asked.

“What kind of education do paladins receive?”

“Everything against evil. I push my mind and body to the limit, then memorize the phrase. We are loyal to God, we reject the words of those who deny God, the same.”

Seina trembled.

“It’s a tough process, but I didn’t think it was unreasonable at the time. Because I thought it was a natural process to fight evil. But now… … I don’t know.”

Was it really his will?

Seina glared at Sirone and questioned.

“Even if I was baptized by you, my belief in Krea hasn’t changed! But why did the divine power weaken?”

“You can get it back.” Sirone said.

“If the doubts in your heart are cleared. You need to go through the process of believing in God yourself. So if you have any doubts, check it out now. Whichever you choose, be sure of yourself.”

Seina, who was deep in thought while biting her lip, asked.

“What can I do?”

“Take me to the basement of the Holy See. what’s going on there Because you can never reach good in a coercive way.”

“… … That’s the territory of the Heresy Management Department. Because it’s underground, you rarely run into it even within the Vatican.”

Having made up her mind, she turned around.

“Follow me. I don’t know how helpful it will be, but I’ll try as far as I can.”

“Paras Kingdom! Entrance!”

While the nations participating in the temple were taking a break at the headquarters, the kingdom of Paras arrived.

‘It’s fast.’

Even if it was through the space movement magic circle, it was a distance that could not be reached without the highest level of mobility.

A man with a huge serpent wrapped around his neck rested his chin on a golden carriage at the head of the procession.

‘Kitra. The new king of Paras.’

The current ruler of the Middle East is Kashan, but everything in Kashan started with Paras.

‘The beginning of civilization.’

It was a procession full of pride that it was the place where intelligence began.

“It doesn’t look like much.”

Rufist spat out, but Sirone didn’t answer.


“No, no.”

It was Sirone who is currently confronting a person called Human in the Pyramid of Truth.

“Emotional disease.”

Sirone murmured.

“The king of Paras may have been cured of his emotional illness.”

Paras procession arrived in front of the headquarters.

Kitra opened her mouth, making eye contact with Cirone, who was standing inside the window.

“Did you receive the baptism of seal?”

‘ also.’

Sirone was convinced.

‘The reason King Kytra approved of exploring the Pyramid of Truth. already… …

his eyes shone fiercely.

‘It’s already been in and out.’

As if reading Sirone’s thoughts, Kitra gave a cool smile.

“Human karma.”


“It’s a really awkward thing.”

A man in a robe approached the king and whispered softly.

“Your Highness, it’s time to change your destiny.”

At that moment, Sirone did not miss the madness in King Kitra’s eyes.

‘The astrologer. They are the most dangerous.’ It was the think tank of the kingdom of Paras, the zodiac.

“Glen! Where are you? Glenn!”

Inside the time-warped pyramid, Rukia searched for Glenn.

‘Please be safe.’

Her powers can overwhelm opponents, but Glenn’s specialty is only recovery.

“Where did you go?”

The moment I took my first step again, the landscape changed, just like everyone else.


A priestly education institute under the jurisdiction of the Holy See. It was where Rukia first met Glenn.

“Here, you fool!”

Seventeen-year-old Glenn and Rukia were running around the empty chapel like a playground.


A smile formed on Rukia’s lips.

It was a time when I just enjoyed playing with friends at an age where I didn’t know the world.

“Hey, it was so slow that it exploded… …

“These guys!”

The nun in charge opened the door and sighed.

“What are you doing in the sacred chapel! Today is an important day, so I told you to take care of yourself!”


A middle-aged man walked by the nun as Glenn and Rukia froze.

“Heh heh, don’t blame me too much. It was like that when I was that age. It was the same for me.”

He was currently third in the hierarchy of the Holy See, Maximus Archpriest.

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