Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1106

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Rules of the Holy War (4)

“High Priestess.”

Seeing the face of the High Priestess Maximus, Lukia fell into sadness.

‘ sorry.’

He was the second most respected priest after the pope, and he was severely injured.

‘I didn’t mean to hurt you.’

It’s probably because you can’t control your mind.

He was angry when he objected to dating Glenn, and he believed that the devil’s power was manifested because of his disrespectful heart.

‘This is a test given to me.’

I will prove my innocence to High Priest Maximus by subduing the demon in my left hand.


As memories of the past unfold, Rukia notices Maximus looking blankly at the 17-year-old herself.

‘Is that so?’

I don’t remember.

Because even then, I had no idea how great a man named Maximus was.

However, now that she has learned a lot, she found a strangely worried feeling in the eyes of the high priest.

‘I’m not the kind of person who would make a face like that.’

At that moment, time was twisted again, and the past of the high priest, not her, unfolded.


The sight of the youthful Maximus blushing in front of a woman caught my eye.

‘That woman… …

Although not identical like twins, Rukia sensed that she resembled him.


Time goes backwards again… … .

“Oh, I need to eat.”

As Maximus was toddling, he saw his mother feeding him soup.

‘ why?’

A woman who resembles Irene and Rukia.

‘Why are you showing me this?’


The landscape changed to an educational center again.

“Who is that child?”

When Maximus pointed at Rukia, the homeroom nun said proudly.

“He is the most outstanding post-priestly student in the education center. It has great divine power.”


This time, Rukia also remembered.

Maximus had a brief conversation with her and left a benediction that if she worked hard, she would be able to work for God at the Holy See.

‘These words changed my life.’

That night, I saw the scenery of Maximus lying on the cot and losing sleep.

‘No, I don’t want to see things like this. To spy on someone’s bedroom.’


Loved her so much, but Maximus was ambitious.

‘If I could turn back time.’ If she could go back then she was her first and her last to confess her love.

Maximus got up from bed and left the room.

Rukia was shocked to see him heading to the female trainee dormitory.

Even if it is a high priest, it is a serious crime to invade the area of ​​​​Geumnam.

Walking down the corridor, Maximus cautiously opened the door with the sign Rukia on it.

A 17-year-old girl was soundly asleep.

Maximus, who stared at her, let out a long breath.

The years that ran only for success.

Why did God take only his soul and leave his body in reality?

When he first saw Rukia in the chapel, Maximus suddenly had this thought.

could i get it back?

Looking at the hand of the high priest who was slowly reaching out, the real Rukia gasped.

He clenched his fists.

‘no! what is this… …

Even if I could turn back time, I would have chosen the high priest.

‘Don’t make stupid choices. Now that I’m the high priest, it’s just that I have regrets.’

He looked back in the mirror.

A man with a youthful appearance and a person with everything in the world as an authority on the Holy See.


Maximus turned wildly and walked that way down the hallway to the bedroom.

Until dawn, he knelt and struck his thigh with a wooden needle.

“Oh God.”

There was blood clotted on his clothes.

“Resist the temptations of the devil.” My muscles twitched.

“Purify my soul.”

He didn’t stop hurting himself until late at night.


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Rukia covered her head.

“I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know this.”

-Ah, my God.

The voices of many people working at the education center sounded like hallucinations.

– Please punish my desire. I want to go to the Papal Office. I want to become a high priest. Please give me strong divine power.

cause, cause, cause.

– Yes. Woong-ae.

If the totality of causes accumulated from the moment of birth is life.

“Do humans really have the ability to determine outcomes?”

said the pyramid-headed man.

“You who have no cause, are you trying to become a god?”

Sirone shook her head.

“Wrong. Even if there is no cause, the will is connected.”

leads to the heart

“I also went through a lot of agony over time. I am here through countless choices and mistakes.”

“But you do not waver. Are you denying the basis of all the lives that make up you?”

“It is not negative. The cause of all the people who have ever existed in this world is in my memory. It’s obviously confusing, and sometimes cloudy.”

A person called Yin held out his hand.

“Realize your insignificance.”

At the same time as the waves of time rushed in, Sirone emitted the light of agape.

“I forgive you.”

The explosive light filled the inside of the pyramid with white light, and the son-in-law fell into darkness again.

phosphorus was not visible.

“Don’t underestimate the human heart.”

Sirone, who looked ahead with sunken eyes, was convinced after meeting Yin.

that God is here.

Emperor Maximus, recuperating in his room, recalled an incident from long ago.

‘Rukia.’ When did everything start to fall apart?

‘I didn’t go to the education center that day. He ended up hurting the kid.’

No, if Irene was chosen, would Rukia be just a trainee?

‘In front of life, how shabby do humans become?’

A harsh knock was heard.

“Ambassador. High Priestess.”

Maximus frowned.

“Come in.”

As soon as the permission was granted, the priest opened the door and entered, his expression pale.

“What is it?”

“That, that… …

Hearing what was happening in the Vatican, his eyes were filled with bewilderment.

“Yahweh… … You said you collided with the Heresy Management Department?”

“yes. There are rumors like that. Even if we try to investigate the truth, the pope is out of town, and the only person with access is the high priest.”

He rolled his eyes for a moment and smiled.

“Okay. i go up Will you summon the paladins?”

“yes. I’m sorry, you’re sick too.”

Although the part Rukia had suffered was fatal, the treatment was completed with divine power.

“Don’t worry. I am here to do these things.”

The priest left, and Maximus sighed.

“Damn it!”

The reason why Yahweh remains here is left to guess.

‘What a troublesome guy.’

As I was preparing to go up to the castle, I heard a sound coming from the wall.

“Oh, you look busy today?”

Maximus’s body flinched, and after a moment a slender hand caressed his shoulder.

“Are you sad? I was going to make you feel a lot better today.”

“… … You said I was going If you get caught, it’s over.”

The woman’s face touched Maximus’ cheek.

It was Irene.

“you hate me?”

Of course, it wasn’t the real Irene, but seeing her look exactly like her in her twenties made me feel like I had gone back in time.

“You are not Irene.”

Elka, a member of the Catacombs of Yahweh’s assassination unit and a preacher of Satanism.

It was a demon with the ability to reflect the human mind as a mirror and visually show what they want most.

“Ho Ho! yes, that’s right You’re a dirty demon. But who was it that gave that demon a bachelor label?”


Maximus’ face contorted.

“go away. I don’t fall for the devil anymore.”

Elka pushed Maximus toward the bed.

“Yes, I will disappear. But will you be okay? Emotional illness may recur.”

Maximus had far more things he couldn’t give up than others, including the title of high priest.

“Isn’t it you who decided to follow the doctrines of Satanism? It’s an achievement you’ve achieved by suppressing your desires for the rest of your life, but you can’t just leave it now, can you? When you leave the Holy See, you will be just an ordinary old man.”

“no! I am… …

“This is a reward for all the hard work so far. You are still the high priest of Lamie, and now you have a woman you love.”

As she laid Maximus on the bed, she opened her mouth and he turned his head.

“God, please. please.”

“are you okay. I’ve had enough He said he endured 60 years.”

Evil exploits human weaknesses.

“now stop.”

Maximus wept.

“It’s my fault. Please don’t do this to me.”

“I don’t want to break your heart, but… …

A face that looked just like Irene smiled sadly.

“Did I do nothing?”

“iced coffee.”

Maximus’s eyes rolled back as he felt his mind collapsing, and Elka’s lips touched the nape of his neck.

“Moon Kingdom! Entrance!”

As the procession entered, the eyes of those in Delta’s headquarters moved.

‘The author is King Moon.’

A cloud dragon riding a horse, not a carriage, was sweeping his beard.

“joy! Hiding and spying on buildings like a rat? You don’t seem to have the dignity of a king.”

If Paras is the source of Kashan, the Kingdom of Moon is the source of Jincheon.

Also, like Paras, what they dealt with best was astrology and the study of the Book of Changes.

said Fleur.

“Both countries use witchcraft. Unless you have a lot of information, you should be careful.”

“The most threatening thing is when Paras and Moon hold hands. Deliver it to the dragon mine to block it.”

Sirone was still silent.

‘The temple hasn’t been opened yet.’ Compared to the complicated simultaneous events, the temple side was peaceful.

But even that was short-lived, as another country passed through the castle, Sirone’s eyes shone.

“The Gustav Empire! Entrance!”

Habitz abandoned his country and attached himself to Kashan, but Gustaf was a great power nonetheless.

A long procession equal to Kashan was visible from afar, and they finally appeared at Delta’s headquarters.

‘Havitz is gone. Then, who is the current king?’

Until recently, I had been told it was vacant, but it didn’t make sense to go to the temple without a representative.

“Me, who is the author?”

When they finally got close enough to see with their own eyes, the leaders of each country murmured.

“Gustav 4 skills? Wasn’t he dead?”

I saw a Vulcan wearing a crown in the chariot in which the emperor was riding, and next to him I saw three people sitting unkemptly.

Sirone’s expression became serious.

‘Smodo, Zetaro, Natasha. Of course, with their abilities, they could take over Gustav. The political credibility is also considerable. but… …

What is questionable is.

‘Why did you come to the temple?’

As if thinking the same thing, everyone’s eyes turned to Havitz.


Havitz, who had been devouring the food in the banquet hall, approached the window munching grapes.

“I hear you, I hear you.”

Through God’s frequency, the heart of the 4th Gustav class was conveyed.

An obvious murderous intent without the slightest sympathy.


Harvits opened the window wide and pulled out his face.

“Are you going to kill me? Four things?”

Amidst the buzz of people in the headquarters, Balkan pointed at Habitz with his index finger.

“As expected.”

“what? Are you here already?”

Then the remaining three stood up and looked at the direction Balkan pointed.

Silence ensued.

“… … there is. there is.”

A smile popped out of Gustav’s 4th skill eyes.

“Havitz, let’s sunset!”

Havitz’s face when he heard their voices.

“Quack! Kkkkkkkkk!”

“I-I’m crazy… …

The faces of everyone in the main office were grotesque enough to turn pale.

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