Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1104

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Rules of the Holy War (2)

Sirone and the others carefully examined the letters flowing along the wall where they were.

Sirone shook her head.

“I don’t know.”

The fact that it was impossible to decipher with the Ultima System was proof to the outside world.

“Maybe texting. Because it has a menarche similar to the shape I have seen so far.”

At Arin’s words, Canis groped the wall.

“A weak current.”

There were different types of grooves in the walls, and electricity ran through them.

“This is my first time. If this is a language, there are too many types of grids. I can’t find the same one.”

Ares asked.

“What exactly does that mean?”

“Language is a container for thoughts. If there is a civilization that can speak this language, it must have thoughts beyond human imagination. Otherwise, texting like this is just a waste of space.”

“For example, there are quite a lot of symbols that can be created by shining light on a square grid, such as vertical lines, horizontal lines, and right-angled inequality signs. The combination alone is enough to make a language. But the problem is that even the grids are all different. If you think about what kind of information you need this kind of language to handle… …

Canis rested her chin.

“Isn’t it a means to mark the time?”


“For example, if there is a word apple, an apple is still an apple after a second. However, this character also changes its meaning over time. Therefore, the moment you know the meaning of a certain letter, you can even know the time. The past, present, and future are all contained in these letters.”

A chill was felt.

“It’s a fourth-dimensional language. Still, is there any way to know the meaning at least roughly? It is a matter of life and death.”

“Deciphering ancient letters is like solving a magic square. Even letters have ranks. It is said that the power is different depending on how many situations it is connected to. Taking an apple as an example again, isn’t it used in numerous situations such as eating, dropping, and opening? On the other hand, words like packing apples and smoking apples are not often used.”

Canis pointed to the wall.

“If apples are nobles, these letters are all kings. Because no two grids are the same. Even simple geometric shapes are all different.”

Glenn pointed to the wall.

“I think the triangle here is there too?”

“It must be subtly different.”

Ares activated the crimson eyes.

“… … The coherence of the three angles shows an error of 0.7 degrees. But is it really possible that none of the letters inscribed on the pyramid overlap?”

“It is possible.”

Sirone said.

“It is difficult to see with the naked eye. Mathematically, shapes can be created infinitely. because… …

Zulu said.

“Percentage of circumference. Because the pie never ends.”

“yes. In the shape of a circle, there is an infinite figure. It’s like how mages define the number of laws. And if these letters are the number 1 of the law, it is impossible to decipher them from the inside. We need an Ultima from the outside world.”

said Canis.

“To conclude, decoding is impossible. This is because the characters engraved here can be used in all situations. Even without a context, it has meaning in itself.”



Sensing the party’s gaze, Sirone explained.

“As you know, angels are the embodiment of concepts. Because he can apply one concept to all situations.”

It is called the judicial halo.

“Thus, the status of angels can be seen as the same as the status of the letters written here. In a word, all the letters written here… …

Ares groaned.

“Are they all angels?”

Silence passed.

The procession of letters advancing along the wall was like watching an angel run.


Ares sorted it out.

“Okay, let’s assume that each of these letters has the power of an angel. And that’s what fills this huge pyramid. Why? For what?”

“That might be… …

The moment Sirone was about to speak, Harvest rose from Kanis’ shadow.

“Kanis, it’s a wave.” Something was walking in the darkness where the blue letters disappeared.

Since they had gone through all kinds of battles, they quickly prepared themselves for battle and waited.

“what… … hey.”

I couldn’t stop my mind from going dizzy when I saw the form of the person who appeared.

The naked body was human, but above the neck was a small pyramid.

Sirone activated Miracle Stream.

“who is this? Reveal your identity.”

The pyramid man stopped in sight of each other and stretched out his right arm.

Powerful waves rushed in, and Harvest, born from vibration, converted them into language.

-Arin, connect the spirit channel!

As the mental magic unfolded, Sirone and the others heard the voice of the Pyramid Man.

-I am human.

Goosebumps rose in the moment, and they instinctively chose to fight and jumped out.

“Do it!”

And at the same time, the timeline was twisted.


Yufra, who passed by swinging his twin swords, sensed the change and hurriedly stopped.


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The group was nowhere to be seen.

In the boring landscape of the pyramids, only letters emitting blue light passed by.


He aimed his sword at the darkness on both sides.

“I don’t know what kind of trick it is, but it would be better to come out smoothly. No one can pierce my sword net.”

As I slowly moved 10 meters with crab steps, I heard footsteps around the corner.


As Yufra quickly turned around, a young prosecutor came around the corner.

“foot… … Zach?”

He was a colleague with whom he studied swords as a child.

“How are you here?”

Unknowingly, Yufra, who had been moving her steps, hurriedly came to her senses and raised her sword.

‘No, Balzac is dead. Besides, isn’t that what he looked like when he was young? He I know…

He was a genius recognized by everyone, but he died in battle after being caught up in wide-area magic.

“Yuprah, you’ve become a great swordsman.”


Balzac’s smile was not deceitful, but Youfra felt insulted.

“Eliana will like it too.” Balzac’s wife.

She was also the only woman that Yufra devoted his whole life to and kept in his heart.

“Shut up, you son of a bitch!”

With blood vessels in her eyes, Yufra spewed forward, spewing out external gravity.

Where the sword drew the X, Balzac was not there.

“Huh! Huh!”

Mentally exhausted, Youfra let out her arms and let out a heavy breath.

“What is it?”

It’s a painful memory when I look back, but it was a memory so old that I don’t even have to look back now.

‘It’s over 40 years ago. I haven’t thought about it for over 10 years. But why… …

Did it appear before my eyes now?

“Canis! Canis, where are you?” Running through a maze-like complex road, Arin called Canis’ name without stopping.

‘Suddenly they all disappeared. What happened?’

If this was a hallucination, there was no way Arin, a mind mage, would not notice it.

“It’s not magic. It is something that actually happened.”

said to be human.

‘It had the same shape as the Pyramid of Truth. Why are you a human and not a human?’

She stopped.

‘It’s not a good thing to just walk around. If we don’t get a clue, we’ll keep going astray.’

wah wah.

A cry was heard from somewhere.


Turning her head, she saw a completely different landscape than she expected.

‘Here… … Rhythm?’

Horrible memories flooded in as the five senses began to accept Radum.

“no. It can’t be Radum all of a sudden. This is magic.”

I tried to shock my mind countless times, but the scenery in front of my eyes didn’t change at all.

“Aye! Aye!”

The cries were now real.

When Arin turned her head, the injured woman was running with heavy breathing.

‘I lost a lot of blood. but… … It’s the menarche of someone who has already prepared for death.’

Then a shout broke out.

“Follow me! Kill them as soon as you find them!” As if no one saw Arin, the woman passed by and the soldiers approached.

“Damn it! The place he ran away from was Radum. You can’t change it like this.”

Arin was overcome with fear for a moment.

‘Why are you doing this? heart… …

It was strange that her emotions could not be controlled because she had a strong mental fluidity.

“Breath, I can’t breathe.” I don’t know why, but everything that’s happening here and now is terrible.

“Canis, come quickly. please.”

‘Who the hell is that woman?’

Meanwhile, Kanis, who is experiencing the same radum, quickly chased after the woman.

Although not as sensitive as Arin, his heart was beating uncontrollably.

‘Where did you go?’

I saw a woman turning a corner.

‘Hong, Radum is my hometown. Even if I run with my eyes closed, I can follow him.’

Then the soldiers came running.

“damn! It must have been fatal. What is so fast?”

“What should I do, chief? If she speaks up, we won’t be safe either.”

“You have to catch it before that. Probably trying to hide the baby. I can hear you crying, so take a good look.”

‘A baby?’

The captain continued.

“I heard they are twins. one male, one female. You must never miss it.”

At that moment, Canis’ heart sank.

“Twins… …

no, it won’t be

“It can’t be. It never happened!”

– Canis, calm down. heart beat too fast At this rate, a shock comes to the brain.


in fact… … .

No, the days when I doubted that it might be possible.

I don’t remember coming to Radum.

However, Kanis and Arin were Asians, and their growing up process was almost the same.


There must be some reason.

‘Yes, absolutely not. How many Asians came in through the immigration policy.’

– Canis! breathe! die soon!


Letting out heavy breaths, Kanis followed the woman along the Ladum shortcut.

Exhausted, she was on her knees.

“Hey, you! Who the hell are you?”

Canis’ face turned pale as she shouted at her back.

“Uh, uh… … ?”


Arin sat down and covered his ears.

“I’m sorry, baby.”

A woman who laid fraternal twins on the floor was strangling one.

“Forgive this mother.”

I know how women are treated in Radum.

“huh… … baby.”

“I would be much happier to die. Don’t worry. Mom will follow soon.”

The woman looked back at the baby next to her.

“sorry. Live on behalf of her sister. Her mother can’t close her eyes if you die too.”

“Ouch… … . Kuk… …

The strangled baby’s eyes seemed to be rolling, but suddenly he looked at the woman with a clear gaze.

“Ahhh… …

The eyes were clearly looking at something, and the pale woman stepped back.


The moment the half-mad woman screams and leaves the place.

Canis and Arin’s eyes met.

Hexa’s smoke self-illuminated Shirone asked while looking back at the front.

“What did you do?”

The party disappeared, and the only thing in front of me was a man with a pyramid head.

“Where has everyone gone? Answer me. If judged to be hostile, I have no choice but to subdue you.”

The moment the Miracle Stream spreads sharply, the Pyramid Man tilted his head.

“why… …

Ultima read the waves in the atmosphere.

“Aren’t you bound?”

When Sirone frowned, not understanding, the pyramid man asked again.

“Why are you… …

It can be said to be the karma of all creatures.

“Is there no cause?”

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