Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1103

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Rules of the Holy War (1)

Looking up at the assembly of angels that filled the sky, the kings were devastated.

‘I didn’t think so.’

I had heard reports that the army of Heaven had disappeared from Jive.

‘Attracting an angel?’

Humans can trade even with ghosts if they know what they want, but the shock was considerable.

‘Was there any room for compromise? At that scale, it can bomb a country.’

Satiel quickly scanned the procession of each country.

‘Where is Ikael?’

It doesn’t seem to be next to the Nephilim.

‘Did you steal it already? no, that can’t be As long as I’m here… …

Her eyes widened.


Gustav Havitz.

Although the form was different from when he fought in heaven, Satan’s energy was the same.

The culprit of the collapse of heaven that annihilated countless angels, including the archangel of union, Methiel.

“How dare you say this place… …

Harvits, feeling Satiel’s soaring rage, was the first to show interest.

“Hoo? angel?”

He climbed onto the saddle and turned around to sit down, hugging Urin’s waist and shielding her from the sunlight with his hand.

“Hmm, it’s Satiel. It’s a familiar feeling. Yes, I swallowed them.”

Feeling more essential than memory, Havitz absorbed all of Satan’s past.

“Ooh, that’s scary.”

Hearing the angels’ intent to kill through God’s frequency, Habitz nodded.

“A very firm resentment. those are the problem Everything has to be clear.” I saw Satiel with her eyes wide open.

“Eh, eh.”

He pulled out his long tongue and moved the tip of his tongue up and down as if licking Satiel in a landscape.

Satiel’s starlight body vibrated terribly.

“You wormy bastard!”

“Heh heh. eh, eh. Heh heh heh.” Even as she couldn’t contain her laughter, Havits teased her tongue even more messily.

“I’ll take it apart!”

Satiel’s asteroid spread into a halo, and the angels in the sky took a bombardment stance.

Geese said calmly.

“Be patient.”

“shut up. Don’t tell me this or that from a human being. Shall I kill you first?”

“That doesn’t matter, but Ikael will like it if I make a fuss here?” The ring of light returned to the sphere.

“Satan is also in the plan. Trust me. Ikael will be less fortunate than you.”


Hearing Satiel gnashing his teeth, Gis raised his lips.

‘The reason I can make a deal with an angel. Because Satiel’s motives are extremely human.’

Although the fire was set by Ikael in the first place.

‘Emotions are desires. And as long as they have desires, they can control anything.’

Like the people of Jive.

Satiel said as she turned to the headquarters.

“I won’t wait long. Bring Ichael and make her shed tears of blood.”

“… … All right.”

While the ordinary angels disappeared one by one, officials from other countries were serious.

‘It’s a mountain beyond the mountain.’

Sirone said.

“The number of ordinary angels that Satiel has gathered is over 300. If you add Mara, I think it’s probably the best firepower of a single country.”

It’s not the old humanity.

“One-third of the world’s population has shrunk. 30 countries have disappeared from the map. There is a shortage of key personnel, and now there is no great power to do this.”

Lufist turned his head.

“Cards from other countries are not easy. Tormia is also a problem, but your convictions are also carried through

It seems difficult to do.” Sirone’s eyes narrowed in thought.

“total war.”

“Argan. Freeze.”

Sirone stopped at the place where the Pyramid of Truth shimmered on the horizon.

“Yes, Messiah.”

While the party looked at them incredulously, the two apostles immediately bent their knees.

“Go to Jive. Right Now.”


I couldn’t figure out why I suddenly changed my destination with the Pyramid of Truth right in front of me.

“How come… …

“I found the whereabouts of the angels. All 12 apostles will be summoned. Follow my instructions there.”

At the word angel, the apostle’s eyes changed.

“All right.”

As soon as the words were finished, the apostles who kicked off the ground and flew up turned into dragons.


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The image of the machine dragon and the ice dragon flying high into the sky in an instant reminded Ares and the others of the new world.

‘Yes, it was a dragon.’ He was the one who restored the parched Nagnak Oasis with tremendous magic.

Glenn was worried.

“Is it okay without the dragon? The Pyramid of Truth is an unknown space where little is known.”

Now that Rukia’s emotional illness has been put on hold, the next thing to think about is safety.

Canis shot.

“If you don’t have confidence, go back. Even without dragons, we have been doing well together.”

Glenn didn’t lose either.

“It means to be fully prepared. Power departure is a big variable in any situation. I heard that wizards are smart, but now that I see them, it seems that not all of them are like that.”

“What is it?”

The conflicting emotions at Nagnak Oasis showed signs of spilling over into the second game.

“So, when your lover is sick…

Canis stopped speaking startled.

“Sheesh, it’s okay.”

He also had a precious person named Arin.

Feeling that fact, Glenn’s feelings softened, but it was necessary to make it clear.

“It is true that Yahweh helped Rukia. Maybe I could pay it back with my life. But the faith will not be broken. I still deny him.”

“Who said what? Got it.”

Isn’t it petty to help in hopes of getting something in return?

Of course, it was not something everyone could do, so Glenn belatedly acknowledged Canis.

‘… … Still a wizard.’

When Canis grumbled and returned to her seat, Arin smiled and held her hand.

– You did well. Kill your temper please. It was a mental channel.

– What am I? You’ve been whining ever since. Of course, it’s not that I don’t understand.

It would have been terrifying if Arin was in that situation.


Arin, who smiled at Canis for a while, kissed him on the cheek in front of everyone.

When Canis’ face turned red like a carrot, Sirone smiled and looked away.

‘You’re still doing just fine.’ Even so, I didn’t expect Canis to be taken aback by kissing me on the cheek.

‘It’s worse than me.’

Glenn, who was looking at him with envy, glanced away, and Rukia raised one eyebrow.


“huh? Oh no, did you just see it?”

“It’s tricky.”

Rukia pinched Glenn’s forearm hard.

“ouch! Sorry!”

There was no doubt about their love for each other, but as priests, they were clumsy in expressing their feelings.

Ares put his hand on Sirone’s shoulder.

“There is love like this, and there is love like that.

It is there.”

“Ah yes. Yes.”

Silence passed.

As the awkwardness reached its climax, Ares pushed his face in and asked softly.

“I guess my little sister is ‘safe’, right?”

“yes? Oh, that’s… …

Ares burst into laughter when Sirone stuttered, unable to hold the standard of ‘safely’.

“I’m kidding! I can tell just by looking at it. I’m telling you as an older brother, you have to be determined. Once Karmis burns, it won’t stop until it becomes the best.”

Watching Ares walking towards the Pyramid of Truth, Sirone put on a puzzled expression.

‘What kind of brother is that?’

Then, couples Canis and Arin, Glenn and Rukia walked hand in hand.

There is love like this and there is love like that.

‘I hope everyone is happy.’

Sirone followed them, and the reticent Youfra and Zulu moved from the rear.

“Oh, the Pyramid of Truth/

The endlessly gigantic structure overwhelms humans with its size alone.

As Ares knelt down and performed his own ritual, Arin said.

“Kanis, this… …

her voice was trembling.

“huh. How do you look?”

Arin recognizes everything as if he is seeing it for the first time, but this time it was severe.

“I don’t know. What is this? huge light. However, black drops sprinkled like noise… …

It was a color that mixed light and dark, but did not feel harmonious at all.

‘It’s bizarre. It’s hard to even see. What does this form mean that emotional disease can be cured?’

Zulu said.

“The Pyramid of Truth existed before human civilization existed. The ancient Kingdom of Paras also built many pyramids based on this pyramid. It is the king’s tomb.”

Sirone said.

“It is meaningful. Did the ancient kings know that the afterlife was connected to the outside?”

The ultra-ancient civilization did not exist in Omega because it erased the records on its own.

“I don’t know how much they understood the outside world. However, if you remember that the kingdom of Paras is the beginning of astrology, it cannot be denied.”


Ability to transcend time.


After completing the ritual, Ares took up his backpack.

“Let’s go in. Whatever it is, if you investigate it, it will come to light. Maybe I will meet God.”

“Oh God.”

While Glenn and Rukia were talking, Sirone walked to the Pyramid of Truth.

Compared to the overall size, it would be smaller than a crack, but I could see a gap that a person could enter.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t dark inside.

“It’s strange.”

When Ares turned off the lantern, it became a bit dark, but there was still no difficulty in discerning.

“There is no place for light to enter. How can we see it?”

“It looks like an electron.”

Sirone said.

“Electrons in the atmosphere emit weak light. I feel pretty bad.”

The skin tingled.

“Hmm, but for an electron to emit light, a certain amount of energy must be applied to it. … … no way?”

“yes. Perhaps the energy is produced in this pyramid itself.”

“Is it possible? This is a relic from before history.”

“It must be the same principle as Oparts. Everything in the ultra-ancient civilization generates electricity.”

“Then it’s infinite power, right?”

“At least from the perspective of this world. More importantly, the electric field of Oparts disrupts brain waves. Erasing even the data of the Akashic Records

Same. be careful.”

“Right. now! Let’s all be careful.”

Ares threw a bony joke, but it wasn’t in the mood to laugh.

Kanis looked through the rooms along the maze-like path and put on a serious expression.

‘It’s really big.’

The overwhelming feeling of seeing it from the outside was incomparable to the present experience with the body.

‘There will be no end to researching everything. The problem is that none of the rooms show signs of civilization.’

It was a characteristic of ultra-ancient civilizations.

Ares, who had been reciting geography with red eyes, suddenly stopped walking.

“This is not a room. I can’t find the intention. I think it was just because we needed a lot of space in this shape and size.”

“Couldn’t it be controlling the flow?” Sirone said.

“A complicated road. Rooms of different sizes. irregular arrangement. If this structure is designed to create a special invisible flow… …

“So electricity happened. Hmm.”

When Ares was lost in thought, Arin looked behind him and said with his eyes wide open.

“Canis, look over there.”

Blue letters glowed on the walls of the aisle and started coming toward them.

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