Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1102

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Beginning of Ruin (4)

The Tormia dispatch team arrived across the moat of Delta, the capital of the Jive Kingdom.

“Open the drawbridge!”

The bridge crossed the moat while the sound of turning gears echoed through the sky.

Rufist entered the castle and said.

“Well done.”

Unlike the castle that was built naturally, it was a building built according to the city plan.

Sirone said.

“They said it took 20 years for this to change. That is proof that politics is stable.”

Delta’s headquarters was visible.

It was of a modern style and was a flat, rectangular structure when viewed from the sky.

Kashan and Corona arrived first, but they didn’t seem to care about Tormia.

‘That’s the reality.’

Pony checked her thoughts.

‘To become a leader, we need a conversion card that will convince the world. The technology of the elemental bomb is great, but other countries have this level of cards.’

Actually, it was a simple matter.

‘Kashan who can control demons, Corona who has the intelligence of the Ivory Tower, and Tormia.’

What kind of country will the people of the world want to be the leader?

‘At least it’s not Tormia.’

Nevertheless, the reason why they can compete with other countries is because of Yahweh.

‘Without Sirone, Tormia is just an intermediary with one vote. I am also in a position where I have to think about which country and how much to sell this one vote to, but I am the king of the world.

I couldn’t help but feel my heart beating the moment I didn’t get pushed even in the encounter with the superpower.

‘It’s not impossible if Sirone helps. That’s why Lufist-san is also risking life and death… …

Yahweh’s position would have been different.

‘Sirone doesn’t mind if Tormia doesn’t become the leader. The reason I attended the temple was for the unification of mankind.’

Of course, as long as the kingdom of Tormia supports Sirone’s beliefs, the alliance will not be broken.

But will that be enough?

‘It’s also politics that you have to dip your feet in dirty water. And Rufist will do whatever it takes.’

No, it shouldn’t be passed on like this.

‘Me too.’

For Pony, who was pushed out of the succession hierarchy early on, power was the object of overcoming.

‘A time when I just wanted to escape.’ It was good to have no destination.

‘I entered a magic school, and while receiving contempt and contempt, I entered a beauty contest… …

He was able to become a puppet king because he was so disgusted with power, ‘actually…’ …

Wouldn’t he have longed for it more than anyone else?


Pony shook her head.

‘It’s just a fleeting desire. Let’s just think about helping Sirone. As one magician, for humanity… …

when he first became king.

The first thing that came to mind was the expressions of the royal family who were ignoring her.

‘Now I’m aiming for the king of the world.’

The joy of self-esteem, which could not be confidently revealed anywhere, explodes brilliantly.

‘I don’t want to end here.’

Something inside her began to whisper.

‘Bind Sirone to Tormia. If Sirone moves only for me… …

you can get what you want

Pony stared straight ahead and looked at the profile of Sirone, who was lost in thought.


I thought there was nothing more lacking than her.

‘If the person next to Sirone had been me instead of Amy, would he have helped? Me more than mankind… …

Did he make you the king of the world?


Power is a scary thing.

‘Yeah, that’s why I can’t do it.

If it were Amy, these disgusting thoughts.

“Kessia Kingdom! Entrance!”

The status of the country could be known just by the officials of Kashan and Corona turning their bodies.

“Hmm, Kessia. A tough opponent.” Iron was still the strongest player in the southern continent, but Kessia also took over 7 divisions and 7 countries.

‘The person at the center… …

Ardino Fermi.

As the procession led by the golden carriage, Rampa of Corona said to Chongi.

“Don’t miss Kesia Kingdom. It is the most unpredictable variable in this temple.”

“Because think tanks are gold coins. It’s an organization that ate 7 countries on the southern continent with Angel. The head is the drug lord Fermi.”

“Ardino Fermigi.”

Young and old are defined differently.

“Master, I know you are older, but isn’t it too retro? You said updating information is important. After Yoga’s death, the Ardino family was completely pushed by Adrias. Fermi is also excellent, of course, but it’s a bit difficult to compare it to Miro, which is polar… …

“Adrias of the Depth.”

Lampa said.


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“There was a word called an ardino of width. At the time when the two heroines were coexisting. Wizards these days know Ardino as Hogu, but have you seen Yoga? Don’t renew if you’re not sure, don’t you know this saying?”

“but… …

“Yolga’s vision of reading the flow of the times far exceeded the scope of human beings. The log has been erased, but it is widely accepted that Miro’s philosophy was also influenced by her. If you underestimate Fermi’s skills, even Corona will be in danger.”

The gun licked his lips.

“Someone says they look down on you. I’m thinking of doing it right this time too.”

“why? Do you have a wife you like?”

“No, what… …

Information wizards are the backbone of all warfare, but far from getting the spotlight.

‘But the temple is different. here

It means I can stand out. in other words……

can appeal to women.

‘The world might be ending, but before I die, shouldn’t I still date and die?’

The disciple’s thoughts were as clear as the palm of his hand, but Lampa did not criticize.

‘Maybe that’s all.’

Why do humans need a great reason to live?

Meanwhile, Uorin was bitter.

‘It came at last.’

It was because Apocalypse thought that there was a possibility of keeping Sirone in check.

‘It’s not easy, he is.’

The capital power of the ring of gold, the cure for emotional diseases, the information buried in the apocalypse.

‘The guy who knows how to deal with all those elements in the messiest way.’

To become a leader, Kessia’s cards had many elements of darkness, but that made them even more dangerous.

‘It will work.’

Sirone thought the same.

‘Fermi pursues extreme efficiency. In other words, the tendency to solve any problem as easily as possible.’

And people prefer easy things.

‘At least once it can turn the game. That’s Keshia’s greatest weapon.’

Moving towards the headquarters of the Delta, Fermi received numerous stares and smiled.

“Was I this famous?”

The analysis of the key characters was carried out quickly in the leisurely gaze processing.

‘Corona is also quite strong. It looks like there are stars too. Kashan is centered on Pungjang… … huh?’

I saw a man leaning on Uorin’s back.

‘Atrocities, Harbitz.’

The two’s gazes collided for a moment, but Habitz immediately turned his head back and yawned.


God’s frequency was speaking.

“… … A strange guy?”

That was all Satan’s sentiment was, but everyone else was keenly aware of Fermi’s actions.

‘I have to use it.’

Those who knew the essence of politics could swallow Fermi’s card as much as they wanted.

‘Tormia, Corona, and Kashan are waiting in order. They’ll intervene with what they consider to be their allies.’

Fermi whispered something to the king. With the direction of the leader set in that way, Keshia’s move was beyond expectations.

“What, what?”

Even though there was plenty of room to intervene, he went to the outer edge of Tormia.

Fermi’s eyes softened as the procession, which was smaller than that of other countries, settled down.

‘This is the vital point, you idiots.’

With the plan to ignore the Kashan Empire and Corona, the heads of the leaders became complicated.

Lampa stroked his beard.

‘Hmm, not being caught in the middle is a sign of active liking for Yahweh. If it’s for the sake of practicality, it doesn’t matter what face it is. That makes sense too. When it comes to building trust, I’m inclined to take any damage.’

It’s fine if you’re just that inclined.

‘If there was something that could only be seen by Ardino’s field of view, Kashan and Corona would have made a mistake.’

said Fermi with a smile.

“Hey, Sirone. Did you see it again yesterday? I’ll settle for this.”

Sirone replied bluntly.

“It is an official position. Be careful what you say.”

“haha! What do you think? It’s not anyone else, and I’m also from Tormia. Long time no see Pony. How are you? Let’s be comfortable when we’re together. That’s why I came this way.”

“huh? Oh yeah. It’s been a really long time.”

Even though she knew it was a pretense, she couldn’t resist the outstretched hand of Kessia’s heart.

Sirone’s eyes narrowed.

‘A clever fellow.’

In any case, it wasn’t bad for Fermi to take care of Tormia for now.

Pony looked back at the king of Kessia.

“Nice to meet you. Tormia’s… … As she stops her words, she sees Manolka, King of Sironedo, and her mind goes blank.

His body was skinny like a mummy, his face was full of wrinkles and his mouth was open as if he were dead.

‘It looks like he’s really dead.’

Maddened by the drug, Sirone glared at Fermi, revealing a murderous look in her eyes.

“Fermi, you bastard… … !” To mummify the king and bring him back.

“What am I? ah… …

A realizing Fermi shook Manolka.

“Grandpa, Grandpa. Wake up. don’t sleep.”

“Uh, huh?”

The king’s body trembled, and he looked around at Dut, who had regained consciousness.

“Oh, have you already arrived? hee hee hee Nice to meet you, young people. It is called Manolka, the king of Kessia.”

Sirone asked.

“Are you okay? You must be feeling unwell.”

“Everyone says that. It’s because I don’t gain weight. Chuck!” Fermi shrugged.

“What am I supposed to do? This inspiration is originally like that. He is 72 years old, and he is in the prime of his youth.”

‘You look 172 years old.’

Everyone had the same idea.

“Youth is yeski, you bastard. What kind of greed do you have at this age? If you want to do something, tell this young man. By the way, I, Kessia, come to the temple, so I’m relieved before I die.”

“Why do you die? Sooner or later, beauties from all over the world will propose to the old man.”

“Don’t live too fiercely, you bastard. It is said that being hit by the world is human, but if you get hit together, only four goals will be broken. Do everything in moderation, in moderation.”

“yes yes.”

Even though I listened to their conversation, I couldn’t figure out what kind of relationship it was.

‘What is it?’

Just when Sirone was lost in thought, the main office door was wide open and music rang out.

“welcome! Leaders of the world!”

A man with a sturdy physique and a clean impression with a split chin appeared without an escort.


He was the king of Jive.

“The eve is held at a place where all 12 countries gather, but I thought it was not polite to those who were waiting, so I prepared an intermission event like this.”

“An interlude event?”

While everyone was puzzled, a woman who was much taller than Geese came out of the main office.


Archangel of Decomposition, Satiel.

“I am introducing. New power to lead the future of Jive. It is the army of heaven.”

The roof of the main office flashed, and hundreds of flashes of light intersected and soared into the sky.

Each flash of light was an angel, and judicial halos of different concepts unfolded at the same time.

“Damn it.”

The faces of the officials turned pale at the overwhelming power that seemed to shake the world.

Geese opened his arms.

“Welcome to Jive.”

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