Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1084

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solar war (3)

Aegis wide area communication spread.

– Urgency! Yahweh 2 and operator confrontation! Do you support the 1st troop of the golden ring?

The members of Geumhwaryun checked the satellite image.

44-caliber magnums puffing smoke, the Wild West opened its mouth like an idiot.

“what? Is it real?”

Nearby, users from Seoguk who had fallen with their foreheads pierced were strewn about.

– Shall we go? If it ends here, it ends. Since I asked for the bait, I can quit Taeyangjeon.

Yoga’s son communicated.

– Just wait. There won’t be a winner in the beginning.

After giving the instructions, Fermi thought.

‘The win rate of the East and West matches is almost 5 to 5. However, the winning patterns are different.’

Excluding the invincible user called the operator, the power is evaluated as high.

The Ascension Guild members are also excellent, but the Golden Wheel is a gathering of professionals.

because it is between

Still half the win rate.

It was a passage that showed what the existence of an operator means to users in Seoguk.

Aegis opened a private communication channel.

– Boss, how do you see it? If you’ve really pulled out an operator, this is your chance.

There is no need for Dongguk to make sacrifices.

-Even so, the promise is a duel. Shouldn’t you be convinced whether you win or lose?

-But a head-to-head confrontation is unlikely to win. This is a fact that Yahweh 2 also acknowledged.

– Undefeated record.

It is virtually impossible not to die even once in a battle of the sun where thousands of users collide.

‘Thus, it’s right to see that the record has been managed.’

If he put his mind to it, Fermi could have built an undefeated record.

‘There’s no reason for that.’

How inefficient is it to pursue honor in a system that resurrects you when you die?

‘In high gear, death is also part of the tactic. But the operator can’t do that anymore.’

This is because it has already gone beyond individual honor and is directly related to the morale of the entire Seoguk.

-Let’s watch. As long as Yahweh 2 focuses on solar warfare, the Operator won’t be able to hit it too hard.

Sirone is right.

-All right.

After cutting off personal communications, Aegis delivered Fermi’s instructions via wide-area communications.

In the meantime, Yahweh 2 and the operator were engaged in a fierce search battle.

Broadcast satellites broadcast live to all continents in High Gear took a close-up of the two.

“wow?… ”

The users gathered in front of the large display board were in a state of fascination with their battle.

“Four major legend ranks.”

It was the first time he had gathered all of them, and his skills in handling parts were truly superhuman.

A sphere of light vibrated above Yahweh2’s palm.

“The Michelan thing.”

The operator, who had moved to avoid the flash of light, put out one foot and applied the brake.

At the same time, his back opened and a mechanical steel frame with a muzzle was thrown over his shoulder.

“The black key.”

The steel frame swayed back and forth whenever the ion cannons were fired from the two gun barrels.

It was a speed comparable to that of Michelan’s case, and Sir Rone’s sense of time slowed the flow of time.

‘OO O……I’

■― ?I ■? ?

So it was terrifying.

The operator could be seen between the ion cannons approaching while scratching the ground in two rows.

‘What’s so fast?’

Her weak fist passed Yahweh2’s cheek as sharp as an awl.


Immediately, a fist from the other side flew in and severely hit Sirone’s side.


The armored Rafael was activated, but it was unavoidable that the entire aircraft was blown away.

‘The aircraft itself is a weapon.’

The top rankers were all strong, but the operator seemed to care less about the performance of the aircraft than the firearms.

As Yahweh 2 landed dragging the ground, the forces of East and West crossed and blocked the view.

“Ha ha ha! I will catch Yahweh 2!”

Over the heads of the crowd, an aircraft more than 8 meters tall fired a cylindrical rotary machine gun.

Codename Bishamuncheon.

As the large bullets scratched left and right, the users of the same country were broken into miserable faces.

‘A monster.’

In reality, if a person with two arms is equipped with four arms, it will be difficult to manipulate the aircraft.

‘Nevertheless, he treats it like his own body. The story that the incarnation itself is huge. It cannot be confirmed because all creatures who dream can come to the Under Coder.

Bishamuncheon charged while activating a booster.


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“Is this all!”

Plasma beams spread out in a fan shape from the pair of lenses on each shoulder.

As it swept the front with a roaring sound, the armor of dozens of Dongguk troops melted.


When Bishamuncheon raised the corner of his mouth at the pleasant scream, the back of his back felt terrifying.

When I turned my head 180 degrees, Sirone was floating a huge sphere of light.

‘Sheesh! Is it Pakji?’

As Bishamuncheon blocked his chest with an X, his forearms opened and turned into thick gloves.

A flash of light hit the armor plate directly.

“Kuh… …

The aircraft shook with a bang, and the aircraft weighing 80 tons slid across the ground.


In the end, the armor plate of Bishamuncheon lying down was terribly depressed, and the rankers of the East country rushed at it.

“Bastard! Let’s see!” At the moment of death, the operator spread his legs wide as he slid closer.

A black jang was held in her hand.


The paper bag opened, and Sirone jumped over the code and came out behind the operator.

what I saw at that moment.


It was a black blade that went into his throat.

‘You’re foolish, Yahweh2. I know all the locations.’

Even if you jump over the code, you can’t escape her intention as the designer.


As the high gear spewed out the maximum power, the blades were cut at a terrifying speed.

Sparks flew in the black field.


The power of the bullets could be easily guessed just by the operator’s arm being lifted.

“Gel gel gel! You must not forget me.”

When Sirone looked to the side, Wild West was spinning a 44 Magnum.

The horse was a 44 Magnum, but it was a weapon with the strongest single-shot power in high gear.

The operator lowered the raised arm.

‘It’s a solar war.’

Watching the users from Dongguk running from afar, she bent her legs.

The arm behind her crossed her head, and she said while aiming at the black longboard.

“… … Come on.”

said the Wild West, filling a .44 magnum with a bony hand.

“If you push too hard, your undefeated record could be cracked, right? What is it like for a lady to quietly stay in the palace?”

The operator checked the satellite images.

‘I’m being pushed.’

It was only the beginning, but users from Dongguk were concentrating on this place.

If the undefeated operator is Seoguk’s morale, then Dongguk’s morale wants to defeat her.

‘It might be helpful if I don’t step out.’

That’s what he thought, but the operator’s will rooted even deeper into the ground.

“Then break it.”

I thought it was my own reward for Yahweh 2, who sincerely accepted the solar war.

“This may be your only chance. And maybe… … Yahweh 2 would be undefeated too?” The people who were watching the broadcast became agitated.

“What are you talking about? Yahweh 2 is not even a ranker, so why does the operator care so much?”

“I know. Aren’t you just a celebrity?”

On the other hand, the rankers who were actually playing the solar war felt it with their skin.

‘This solar war is different from usual.’

All the guild members of the Ring of Gold were moving towards supporting Yahweh 2.

The Wild West opened its mouth and thought.

‘Are you trying to say that the death of Yahweh 2 is not free from fraud? Well, it can be seen that the risk is greater on this side, which is only level 307.’

Aegis communicated.

– This is the boss’s order to proceed as it is.


Wild West at gunpoint.

“Let’s go.”

A powerful bullet was fired, and the operator moved the hump with an afterimage.

With sparks flying on the blade as a signal flare, the elements of the East and West countries clashed.

The scene spread through the relay screen.

It was a matter of great interest to the extent that even users who were playing Solar Field left the screen open.

Rankers gathered one after another, and now even those belonging to the second generation joined, and the battlefield with Yahweh 2 turned into the core of the solar war in an instant.

707, the Destroyer Demon, firing firearms, shouted through a friend’s channel.

-hey! Look at the relay screen! I’m caught on the screen right now, right? that’s me!

Death Princess’ voice trembled.

-That’s right. To think we were caught on the main screen of the solar warfare. Isn’t that how you become famous? ho ho ho!

The strongest code name said.

– I’m already a celebrity. Users from all continents are watching us.

“good! I am the God of Destruction!” The moment the Demon God of Destruction 707 rushes with increased output, augmented reality picks up and turns off.

‘ uh’?’

After a while, the aircraft exploded, and Death Kong Ju and the strongest code name turned their bodies like mirrors.

“Damn God of Destruction!”

The West Country’s ranker little witch was stepping on the broken body.


It was only a simulation, but the moment they heard the voice, it felt like their souls were frozen.

Moments later, two explosions erupted in quick succession.

4 What? ”

Sirone confirmed the deaths of her friends, but had no time to care about anything else.

Aegis joined the battlefield.

– Yahweh 2. I’ll cover it.

Even if they fought on an equal footing, the lack of power coming from the difference in level was unavoidable.

‘Auxiliary charging device… … Just as Sirone was about to back down, her little witch threw all her grenades at her.

“Catch Yahweh 2!”

After hearing her words, the West Country rankers realized that an explosion occurred as they focused their firepower.


After escaping through the paper, Sirone stumbled and stood up, but a shadow shimmered in the mist.

It was the Wild West.

“Gel gel gel.”

Isolated by the bombardment, he kept pulling the trigger and turning the empty magazine.

“It was unlucky.”

The operator who appeared like a ghost shouted at his high gear.

You can hear the sound of gas penetrating.

“… … Excellent judgment.”

Shirone, who jumped over the code with Bajiro, was stabbed in front of the Wild West.

‘It’s better for me to die.’

The Wild West met eyes with Yahweh 2.

“It’s a debt.”

His hand was filling the magazine even as he watched the electricity flow through the entire aircraft.

The black field comes out.

At the same time that Yahweh 2 collapsed, the muzzle of the 44 Magnum spewed fire forward.

bang! bang! bang!

Operator fled to the side.

‘That’s dangerous.’

All users of the solar cell flinched as the smoke from the grenade stopped and was captured on the relay screen.

‘ what?’

Yahweh 2 was down.

‘For now, one win.’

The operator, who raised the count coldly, threw himself in search of another prey.

‘Sacrificing considering power was good. But what about Dongguk’s fraud?’ Aegis communicated to Fermi.

– Yahweh 2 is dead! Back to the starting point! Abandon the battle point and retreat?

– Just hold on. I’ll come back anyway

-But now Dongguk’s morale is… … .

– I’ll go up.


When Aegis narrowed his eyes and asked, Fermi burst into laughter.

– Kuck. Kkkkkkk.

If you sincerely want to become a high gear user.


?Hold on.

Fermi’s speed, galloping furiously, was transmitted over the communication frequency.

-Because that will be the most fun place.

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