Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1085

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solar power (4)

Dongguk starting point.

Sirone woke up in a temporary barracks located under the Zeta Plateau at an altitude of 600 meters.

It was in mid gear, and it was fast charging.

‘Still, 20 minutes have passed.’

Because the delay that occurs here is large, the penalty of death is incurred.

Upon opening the door and going out, numerous guild 3s were arranging the resurrected ones.

There are a total of three starting locations, but there were more than 100 users at these locations alone.

“Yahweh 2.”

The Demon God of Destruction 707, who woke up almost simultaneously in Mid Gear, was approaching.

Princess Death’s right arm was missing.

“You are dead too. Sorry. We should have protected you a little longer, but when we thought that all the users were staring at us, we forgot our original mission.

‘We should have died instead of Yahweh 2.’

They were mortified that a moment’s error in judgment had had such a result.

“are you okay. The fact that we made a mistake means that Seoguk also made the same mistake. The perfect side doesn’t win. It’s a battle of how quickly you can control the variables.”

they raised their heads

“When Seoguk makes two mistakes, if Dongguk makes one mistake, that in itself is an advantage. Let’s focus on winning. It’s not that Dongguk is weak enough to turn the tide just because we broke away.” Regaining courage from Sirone’s consolation, the Destruction Demon 707 and the others nodded.

“huh. From now on, I won’t care about relaying.”

The third generation of gold coins approached carrying a load on a cart and started maintenance.

The Princess of Death’s right arm was re-equipped, and the others were provided with auxiliary items.

‘It’s a huge fight over quantity.’

Large guilds had several of the same parts in preparation for the death penalty.

Armor-piercing shells and grenades were loaded, and auxiliary charging devices were issued to each personnel.

He looked back at Yahweh 2, who was listening to the explanation of the strongest code name from the 3 Jin of the golden ring.

‘Are you okay?’

never is perfect

Can there be a more confident statement about war, the totality of relativity?

‘But it’s something no one can say. How many battlefields do you have to experience… …

Is it possible to have such a confident voice?

The golden ring 3 Jin said.

“This is an order to return as soon as possible. Use boosters when going up the plateau.”

Depending on how you climb the 600m height, the total power consumption changes greatly.

‘Is the initial strategy an emergency maneuver?’ Since the battle for momentum was not yet over, Sirone also agreed and left the barracks.

“let’s go!”

Dozens of users simultaneously started the rocket engine and ascended the plateau.

-Yahweh 2. Joining the battlefield.

When the guild communicated, Aegis replied.

– It’s a melee. If you can’t get there in 7 minutes, you’d better take a detour and hit the center.

When I checked the satellite image, users called Seoguk’s nae were gathering.

In the center of it, Yoga’s son was seen.

‘He fights well.’

Even in the middle of the operator and the little witch’s pincer attack, he skillfully bought time.

‘The operator is outside. Therefore, tactically, stabbing the Sun Palace is the best.’

The reason Fermi handed over the option was because he did not know Sirone’s current condition.

– Join. I’ll go turbo.

After a while, the answer came.

-I agree.

As Yahweh 2’s aircraft accelerated, the distance with Destruction Demon 707 gradually widened.

“Wow, they’re faster than us now.”

The strongest code name smirked.

“It was going to be like that anyway. let’s do what we can You’re going to win the solar war.”

Death Princess said.

“huh. Whether or not it is captured on the relay screen.” After exchanging glances, they nodded and activated their boosters.

Meanwhile, a familiar code name appeared in front of Sirone as he headed towards the center of the battlefield.

“You son of a bitch!”

West country ranker Bishamuncheon’s aircraft blocked Shi Lone’s way like an iron wall.

The moment all kinds of firearms spewed out fire, Sirone hurriedly threw herself away.

‘Sheesh, of course.’

The time Aegis requested is now 3 minutes.

“Ha ha ha! what’s the matter? It looks like you’re busy on your way, right? But you will die by my hand…

Before he could finish his words, the God of Destruction 707 slammed his machine into Bishamuncheon’s side.

With a thump, the huge body was pushed away, and Choi Kang-ko Demyeong and Death Princess joined while shooting.

“Yahweh 2! go! We’ll take care of this!”

“but… …

Even if the three of them worked together, they could not compete with Bishamuncheon, a ranker in the west country.

707, the God of Destruction hanging from the giant body, met his eyes.

“Don’t make mistakes twice. yes?” It doesn’t matter if it’s a bullet shield.

Turning to the front, Sirone even withdrew her last gaze.


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“Da Vinci.”

As the back shoulders opened and energy was output, the scenery rushed in rapidly.

Upon arriving at the target point, more than 30 rankers were fighting each other.


Sirone ignored them and charged.

Aegis is dead.

It must have been the 7 minutes she said, and Yoga’s son was dealing with the operator and the little witch.

Yahweh 2 was caught on the relay screen again.


While the users’ eyes were focused, the little witch’s eyes suddenly opened up.

‘I catch it.’

Even if it was a simulation, it was unpleasant for Sirone to be killed by someone else.

As she rushed to Yahweh2, Yolgah’s son grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her.

A confrontation between output and output.


As she was dragged away, pushed by the power of the engine, a knife-clawed hand flew out.

The little witch ducked her head to evade and used her left hand as a weapon to attack Yolga’s son.

Puff puff puff puff!

The sparks exploded, and Yoga’s son, who had distanced himself, spoke, maintaining a defensive posture.

“Are you proud? Because we are not the main characters here.”

“you… …

Just as the little witch was about to speak, a terrible roar erupted from the operator’s side.


Turning his head at the familiar noise, numerous rankers were colliding in the air.

Yoga’s son laughed bitterly.

“That is hard.”

A rare secret technique that always kept Operators alive even in critical situations.

‘what… … Although the one I got is a monster.’

Blacksmith is a crafting item.

In order to collect all the parts of the 7-step process, you have to go around the world of High Gear dozens of times.

The operator aimed at the Yahweh 2 at a place where fragments of the aircraft were pouring like rain.

“I will definitely finish it.”

After clearing the rankers with the collapse, she thought to show the difference in her skills this time.

Sirone activated the Michelan gun.

‘Everyone is fighting.’

Even if it wasn’t real, the hearts of the friends who sacrificed themselves for Sirone were real.

‘I’m fighting too.’

I finally felt that I was living in this world.

‘so that.’


Sirone’s senses permeated the array of codes that made up the simulation.

‘so that.’

The world is not different from me.

As the sphere of light created by Michelangeon shook, the entire landscape began to shake.

Regardless of East and West, the users of the Solar Field stopped the battle with a surprised expression.

“uh? uh?”

What appears on the relay screen is like the sun.

Floating above Yahweh 2’s head was a golden orb over 10 meters in diameter.


The operator hastily applied the brakes.

‘What is that?’

It was a photon of a size that even she, the first designer of High Gear, could not have imagined.

When Yahweh 2 fired a flash of light, the operator’s artificial intelligence outputted attack information.

– Barrage level, level 879.

She was terrified in front of the trajectory of direct fire and the difficulty of avoiding defined only by speed.

‘blood… …

Before he could finish his thoughts, the flash hit him directly and a shock wave swept the area.


The operator’s conference room analyzing the site was quiet.

Someone shot at him as if he was frustrated.

“How many? tell me quickly.”

The lollipop mark lit up.

“2.1 million force.”

The atmosphere became more stuffy, and the silence was going to be much longer than expected.

‘It’s not an illegal program. But you can’t use this power with the Michelan gun. That means it can be used infinitely.’

It’s an obvious loss of balance.

‘Should I take urgent action?’

If only one Michelan thing could decide the outcome of the solar war, users would say something.

‘But on the contrary… …

Wouldn’t that become a problem later if we patch while the solar war is in progress?

“I’ll watch it for now.”

The gear mark said.

“Because I approved the operator’s play to prepare for this unexpected situation.”

Where they looked again, a crater was clearly formed.

Users of the solar cell were mesmerized by the screen.

“oh my god… …

Even in images taken at altitude,

It was a huge depression that could be confirmed as


In the center of it, the operator who had driven the black field into the ground was kneeling on one knee.

“Just blocked.”

In a split second, what they saw was the black magnetic field expanding to enormous size.

Fermi murmured.

“Did you use all the remaining output on collapse?”

Although separate from the power of the high gear, the charging time was much longer than that of Michelan.

‘Then now is the opportunity.’ Even if he loses Collapse, his Operator is strong, but at least his win rate is realistic.

Users in Dongguk shouted.

“Go, Yahweh2! Kill the Operator!”

Burying the cheers of a thousand people in her chest, Sirone jumped into the crater.

The operator’s eyes lit up.

‘The power is ambiguous.’

Because she fought to the end without dying once, her power was lower than other rankers.

The symbol of an operator was to cleanly annihilate the enemy and return leisurely, but now the situation was in front of the enemy.

’19 percent. I can hold out for a while. Destroy Yahweh 2 and go to the Palace of the Sun… …

The next moment, she bit her lower lip and started running towards the Sun Palace.

There was a stir in front of the relay screen.

“What, what?”

The operator is running away.

It was the first time in the history of High Gear that they were shocked.

“Could it be because of the undefeated record?”

Obviously losing 1 is painful.

However, the appearance of running away to protect the 1st loss was also never honorable.

Sirone chased after the operator.

‘It’s not because of the honor.’

The reason she remains undefeated… … .

‘Because this is everything. Because this world that escaped from reality must be real.’

Defeat is to think that death is soon.

‘How much I wish I didn’t want to go back.’ Although he fully understands the injuries the Operator received, Sirone also knows.

Death is not so light.

‘Resonance, Da Vinci.’

As the metal wings were activated, Yahweh 2’s aircraft was shot forward like bullets.

The operator gritted his teeth and ran.

‘Never die.’

this world is real

The emotions of parents who fight every day, and the guilt of abandoning them are just illusions.

‘You mustn’t die. the moment you die… … I mean, I realized

Where reality is, in fact, who you are who knows it all.

mind is impatient

Even the body that was proud to be the strongest in High Gear couldn’t let her mind go to the sun palace.

And at that moment, something quickly passed by and blocked her path.

‘Yahweh 2.’

In the rigid accident, the black field was swung, and Sirone’s aircraft jumped over the code.

‘Double jump?’

Take a picture from afar and come closer.

Cirone, who avoided the black field with a gap of 1 millimeter, activated Raphael and Da Vinci at the same time.


Yahweh 2’s fist shot like a rocket and pierced the operator’s chest.

“Ouch… …

Her expression was so terrified that it couldn’t be considered a simulation.

While the entire continent fell silent, Sirone stabbed her fist and spoke.


Her eyes moved slowly.

“Now it’s one win and one loss.”

The moment I saw the smiling Yahweh 2, the damaged high gear started to run fast.

pounding, pounding.

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