Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1083

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solar power (2)

but that’s why

‘It’s annoying.’

If Sirone wants to win the solar war, it means that he will become a user of this world.

Sirone will love everyone.

‘And I… …

i love sirone

‘That’s what happened. There is no choice.’

The only thing Mitochondrial Eve could love on this planet was you, Shiro.

‘I’ll take it.’

Even if you have to sell your soul.

It will not be one of the near infinity that Yahweh loves.

“let’s go. Go west.”

The user of Ascension Binary asked curiously.

“You took the center at best? If we went west, there would have been other users already.”

The result of active performance in solar warfare becomes a point, and it is counted as solar warfare ranking.

Why it’s important to capture key points


“To do it right. This solar war is going to be a bit difficult. I will do my best to make Seoguk win.”

If Sirone does it, she does it too.

“yes! I will give my life!”

With the determination of the little witch, the epitome of freewheeling, the Ascension 2nd class also burned with enthusiasm.

‘Anyway, I mean… …

She was the one who drove countless people to death in reality, so there was no special inspiration.

“Come on, let’s go! For Seoguk!”

In any case, it was necessary to boost their morale in order to win.

Meanwhile, in Dongguk, Geumhwaryun, including Sirone, was engaged in a fierce battle.

Gunfire exploded, and bullets with different personalities rained down from all sides.

‘Let alone fighting, even surviving is hard.’

The first battle is a firefight.

Even if you die, just resurrect at the starting point, so you pour all your firepower into it.

Regardless of East and West, users with low levels began to die one after another.

‘The state of the user in the solar war can be classified into three types. First, those who continue to fight without dying.’

They were current rankers including Sirone.

‘Second, the deceased.’

Those who have no effect on the battlefield until they return to their starting point.

‘Third, the one who joins at the starting point.’

This category is key.

‘Depending on how fast they join and how many people join, the game changes completely.’

Controlling their speed and position is the one who continues to fight without dying, that is,

It was the skill of a ranker.

“Hee hee hee]! die, die! Die all!”

A user from Dongguk was pouring bullets at allies regardless of the war.

Amara all-in-one meant that the level was not even 100.

“uh? Parts, parts!”

When he found the spoils on the ground, he tried to make money, but he was hit by a stray bullet and smashed.

‘… … Fourth, those who act unrelated to the war.’

Sirone, who created another category, was able to draw a rough picture of the flow of the solar warfare.

‘The weight of a ranker’s life in this war is enormous. If one ranker dies, a hole will form in an instant. Then the second category of deaths will increase… …

If there is a delay in replenishment of troops, you will be defeated in the solar war.

‘It’s slowly getting better.’

Currently, the number of deaths is over 2,000, and the ratio between East and West is 5:5.

The first and most intense crash.

This point in time, when only those who survived from the total firepower remained, was the beginning of the Solar War.

– Byeoldongdae to the eastern wall! Mr. Wild West, please take cover from the rear!

– Discovery of Guardian Guild binary! Send coordinates!

As expected, communication continued in real time from the command center of the Ring of Gold.

As users of Seoguk with over 400 levels collided, a local war finally broke out.

‘I can’t die. It’s impossible not to die at all, but at least until the troops return… …

I realized in that moment.

‘What, so.’


Legendary moves undefeated in the history of High Gear include solar warfare.

‘never… … Didn’t die.’

The moment I realized how wonderful a record it was, I was thrilled.

Sirone smiled.

At some point, the fighting spirit for the competition, which was regarded as someone else’s business, began to boil again.

“Catch the ranker.”


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The golden ring, which changed its strategy, expected only one thing from Yahweh 2.

“Yahweh 2!”

It’s not the Ascension Guild, but the code names I’ve seen on the ranking bulletin board jumped at it.

Raphael’s steel gloves deflected the armor-piercing bullets.

Although he had practiced dueling several times, the skills of the rankers he encountered in real battles were on a different level.

In Donatello’s all-round field of vision, he saw something shimmering semi-transparently.


As he hurriedly turned around, a real bullet grazed, and the rankers attacked at the same time.

“Caught?… “!”

Sirone, who jumped over the code with Pakji’s senses, activated Da Vinci with her metal wings.

Flying at Mach speed, he threw out his fist before the stealth user could react.

Raphael’s metal-covered right arm pierced his high gear.


As the stealth was cancelled, the ranker’s aircraft, entangled in electricity, exploded.

‘Caught one.’

Killing a ranker is big.

A warning sound was heard while the rankers whose stealth operation had failed disappeared.

– Attack detection.

Through Donatello’s all-round vision, he saw a terrifying flash of light flying at him.

As it flew up into the sky, a shockwave exploded at the place where the flashlight was hit.

“Michelle’s thing… …

The members of the Ascension Guild were standing in front of Yahweh 2, who realized the identity of his power.

User codename, Mystique.

The upper body was that of a beautiful woman, but the lower body was a gigantic spider’s legs.

‘A person ranked 24th overall in the duel rankings.’ said Mystique holding up the Michelan gun.

“I saw the video. Yahweh 2 was famous. But, as for Michelan, Seoguk is the original.”

A smoke of light hovered over her palms and rapidly compressed into a sphere.

“Let’s see who wins!”

The two users who moved at the same time fired flashes while running across the battlefield.

‘Incredibly fast.’

Mystic’s blocky form exerted an excellent effect in ground battles and was tracking Sirone.

“Ho-ho-ho! Was it just that much?”

With a level 307 output, it was impossible to catch up with Mystique’s speed over level 450.


The code jumped, but Ranker’s artificial intelligence immediately tracked Yahweh 2’s location.


Dozens of spheres of light were simultaneously fired from her Michelangelo gun.

‘Multiple bullets?’

Mystic, who blocked the space to jump the code, charged with a happy smile.

‘Already analyzed by video.’

A series of explosions occurred, but Yahweh 2 was nowhere to be seen when the haze cleared.

‘Sheesh! Da Vinci.’

When Mystique twists her upper body while kicking her tongue, she tries to activate Michelan’s gun again.

A huge sphere of light was born that stopped the fight even for those who were distracted by the battle.

“I-what is that?”

Yahweh 2 was raising the Michelan Gun into the sky, and the light body with a diameter of 4 meters vibrated terribly.


The moment Sirone’s eyes widened, the sphere of light grew in size as if it exploded.

The users even forgot the victory or defeat because of the pure question of what kind of power it would produce.

“Should I show you what the original is?”

The Michelan Gun is a weapon based on Sirone.

“This is the Photon Cannon.”

As I took a step forward and swung my arm with all my might, a huge flash of light went out.

“damage?… “!”

The moment the spider’s leg bent sharply, a flash of light hit it and an explosion occurred.


There were no users remaining within a radius of several tens of meters, as if there had never been.


The users of Dongguk, who witnessed the terrifying power, shouted as they fired bullets into the sky.

“Okay, let’s go! This time we win! You’re taking over the Sun Palace!”

The place where the two rankers disappeared became a weak point for the west country, and the east country pushed endlessly.

Aegis confirmed the satellite image and communicated.

-All troops resurrected from the current starting point will be sent to the east. Push in as far as you can.

As users from Dongguk followed suit, Sirone’s high gear beat like a heart.

‘Win. We’ll win.’

gradually… … My heart was permeating.

Meanwhile, in the operator’s conference room.

“What the hell is that?”

Excluding the operator and number seven, 10 operators were watching the solar cell.

It was also the biggest event in the world they created, and it was to respond to an immediate error.

Lollipop Mark said.

“The Michelangeon’s quantum collection function is basically equal to the total amount of photons in the world. However, since the difficulty level increases each time you pass a certain section, the time to gather is longer. The current power is obviously abnormal.”

said the black circle mark.

“It took about 2.3 seconds to reach the 190,000 force just before. This means that Yahweh 2 has a completely different ability to adapt apart from having a special sense.”

The gear mark said.

“Yahweh 2 will be the biggest concern for this solar war. Well, it got attention from the beginning.”

said Mrs. Mark.

“A new event will be updated after the solar war. Will Yahweh 2 be poison or medicine? …

“Come to think of it, didn’t Number Seven come?”

“From the start, you are on your own. Still, he’s the one I’ve always watched Taeyangjeon. Especially when the operator is active… …

The cogwheel mark has been cleaned up.

“Well, they must be distracted by the events that will follow. First of all, we are faithful to our respective duties. The most important thing is that this solar war ends safely.”

The operators’ eyes turned back to the battlefield.

sun palace.


The operator, still on his knees, found Yahweh 2 through satellite images.

The image of him defeating rankers resembled the visions seen in people’s dreams.

‘But he’s not coming.’

The reason Yahweh of the world entered high gear was because of the duel with himself.

If it’s to save people in the real world, nothing about this place will be important.

‘I’m doing a solar war.’ The moment he saw himself breaking his expectations and fighting fiercely with numerous users.

Ugh. Ugh.

High gear beat like a heart.

‘I’m living in the world I created.’ His two hands were strong.

‘I want to fight.’

Yahweh 2, rapidly approaching the Sun Palace, had already defeated 7 rankers.

‘The first line of Ascension that protects the resistance will be different. but i want to fight Right now, I want to feel you.’

In the quiet silence, the operator’s machine gracefully straightened its knees and stood up.

As I opened the door to the Sun Palace with cold footsteps, the sunlight as bright as gold poured in.

The din of battle set in realistically, and she turned her head to the east.

The operator’s artificial intelligence had a search range of over 2 kilometers.

The coordinates of Yahweh 2 were taken.


Pushing her upper body out and taking a sprint stance, she lifted her head and kicked the ground.

High gear output level 487.

Arriving at her destination even before a few seconds had passed, she turned toward Yahweh 2.

When the users who felt the unrealistic speed turned their heads, only the sound remained.

Sirone’s Donatello flashed.


Before he could finish his thoughts, the operator’s fist flew into Sirone’s face.


It was a terrible crash.

Users from Dongguk and Seoguk who felt the tragedy in the sound turned their heads at the same time.

Yahweh 2, who activated Raphael and Da Vinci at the same time, was punching him.

However, the reason users were surprised was different.

“What, what?”


It was because there was a machine in front of them that shouldn’t have appeared on the battlefield yet.

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