Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1059

Tomb of Information (3)

Marsha returned to the main topic.

“Anyway, mining in this state is impossible. Even if it goes down 480 meters, it’s next to impossible to find evidence of a specific time there.”

Sirone rested her chin.

‘Fermi is right. This is a gamble worth taking. If you can predict the future… …

I suddenly remembered.

“Then what about the drug called Angel? Is there any other way to treat emotional illness?”

said Fermi.

“According to the evidence I have gathered, the World Health Organization has not come up with a cure for emotional illness.”

It was a desperate talk.

“but… …

Sirone looked around and waved her arms.

“The cell buster happened. If humanity was wiped out by emotional illness, why is this catastrophe necessary?”

“Listen to the end. Humanity does not appear to have been annihilated by emotional disease. In other words, it’s not that we haven’t been able to develop a cure, it’s that there’s no need to develop it.” Sirone finally realized.

“Feelings… … Are you giving up?”

“okay. Humans in the future will have a completely different emotional system than we do today. Do you know Gyorgi?”

Sirone nodded.

“What is stolen from others is not valuable. Therefore, if you live with plundered goods, emotional disease does not appear. Humanity in the future does not own anything, it simply takes away. In this state, human unity is absolutely impossible.”

“It is a beast.”


“Still, I am free from emotional illness. That’s what pain is. And this is the landscape of the end of the century that mankind will reach.” Fermi continued.

“The medicine I made based on that information is Angel’s Tears. A kind of hallucinogen. why drugs? Do we have to lower the current human spirit to the level of beasts?”

Sirone shut his mouth.

“It took a lot of trial and error to find the golden balance. An astronomical amount of money was invested only in establishing a distribution network in the southern continent. accept it This is the current thread.”

“but… … I can’t report like that.”

The World Health Organization will not be able to announce that all mankind must become wild dogs.

‘No, even if you announce it, it’s not like it’s going to be what you want. Thorough natural selection. It’s just a process in which those with emotions are weeded out over a long period of time.’

Fermi is blocking the process.

‘Tears of an angel.’

Sirone imagined an angel injecting drugs into a human arm and weeping.

Is that angel Fermi?

Or is it just the naming sense of a genius businessman who seems to sell sand even in the desert?

Sirone did not know.

“There must be a way. Anyway, it’s not an incurable disease. let’s go down It’s all mining.”

Marcia shrugged, and Fermi, who exchanged glances with her, said.

“I knew you would like it. but how do i get down? Youkus keeps playing.”

Sirone cast Hand of God.

“It’s about digging out a search point. Can’t you just explore while I’m in charge of Youcus?”

“Mukus is not a simple substance. Powered by a digital Ra, that is, a quantum computer capable of thinking. If you remove 1 ton of Yucus, it will fill up 1 ton in no time. No, maybe I will pour out 10 or 100 times that amount.”

Fermi raised his index finger.

“And another one. This is a world of information. As in the real world, it is impossible to invest a huge amount of manpower or have large-scale construction facilities. This mining machine was finally airlifted by requesting an expert from Undercoder.”

Marsha intervened.

“We were just talking about it. As long as Mucus regenerates with will, it is difficult and dangerous to make mining successful with external factors.”

“It’s an external factor.”

As Sirone bit his lip and fell into thought, Fermi crossed his arms and rested his chin.

“How to fool Mucus… …

After spitting out, Fermi suddenly raised his head, and Sirone hurriedly looked back at him.

At the same time, words came out.


Marsha blinked.

“huh? virus? cold?”

It’s not wrong, but Sirone knew another use of the virus.

“It is a kind of program. It infiltrates the main system and disrupts data. If you can plant a virus on Digitala, you might be able to mine it.”

“Hmm, attacking from the inside, right? But is it possible? They say it’s an incredibly capable machine.”

said Fermi.

“We only need to change a few minor data points. For example, slowing down the playback of Youkus… …


Syrone added.

“There are also ways to freeze or harden.

ji. I don’t even want to paralyze the system. It’s just a minor error that Digital Ra doesn’t recognize.” Freeman asked.

“Is it really possible? This is the end of the world, but that’s why it’s technologically superior. Who the hell can create a program to disrupt Digital Ra’?”

Fermi squinted one eye.

“There is one person who comes to mind. This is a bit ambiguous. Because it is not a personal relationship.”

Sirone ran.

“Is that a problem now? who? let me meet you persuading somehow

I will kill you.”


After staring at Sirone for a long time, Fermi suddenly puffed out his cheeks and burst into laughter.


Sirone’s ears turned red.

“What is that mockery? I said I would help.”

“No, sorry. I can’t stand the thought of you, who is 100% sincere in everything, doing that.”

“What are you talking about? what is that?”


Calming his tickling lungs, Fermi opened his mouth with a smile.

“if… … Have you ever heard of high gear?”

virtual memory area.

Two bluish circles formed in the dark space, and light rose in a cylindrical shape.

Sirone and Fermi emerged from their respective circles.

“Here… … ‘?”

As Sirochet looked around, Fermi stepped into the darkness.

“This is the exclusive exit for Abyss Walkers. If I knew right away, I wouldn’t have to go through hardships then.”

“Is this the exit?”

Sirone simply pressed the button on the pocket watch Fermi had handed him twice quickly.

“It’s one of the new features of Dream Star. When the button is pressed, it is transferred to the virtual memory of the undercoder. In reality, it’s like recalling a memory, but it’s not an actual memory. It’s just a false memory created by the effects of hallucinogens.”

“So I am in a hallucination. And the person who developed all of this… …

“operator. He is also the first designer and operator of High Gear, and the No. 1 user in the rankings. I don’t even know if he’s actually human. Undercoder can come in through Drimo, and if it’s a mental transfer, it can come from the end of the universe.”

“But you said you were a character, right?”

‘A sharp guy.’

It’s information that doesn’t really need to be hidden, but it wasn’t my taste to get caught in this way.

“There are several clues to guess. First of all, this high gear’s combat base is in human form. An illogical type attitude is possible, but would you say the balance is immature? Of course, there are cases in which certain numbers increase tremendously in return, so it is popular with maniacs.”

“What the hell is high gear?”

The only explanation Sirone had heard was that he fought by transforming his body in a virtual world.

“You’d better go and see for yourself. Even if I explain it to you, the key things won’t be conveyed.”

Sirone puffed his cheeks at the disparaging remarks, but now Fermi was in charge.

Fermi, who had escaped to the middle layer of the Under Coder, turned to Sirone and said.

“High gear content is not in the middle tier. You have to go much deeper than that.”

“depths? The Abyss?”

“I don’t mean that, it means that it is illegal. We call it the Floor Corder.”

Not in Omega’s memory means that it was created after Shirone was born.

“Illegal, who cares?”


“ah… …

“All of Floor Coder’s content is using De Limo’s modules. It’s a huge convenience for developers. Not only does it feel the same sensation as in reality, but it also automatically corrects parts that are difficult to implement.”

It was a dream mystery.

“In fact, many of Floor Coder’s contents are stimulating and decadent and lack of perfection. On the other hand, high gear is a luxury product with all the advantages of a floor coder. It’s difficult to get in, so you have to take the Dream Star for Under Coders. If the synchronization is not right, the brain goes into shock.”

Fermi placed his hand between the gaps between the mirrors installed in the middle eye.

“Information magic, information.”

As the magic circle rotated, a rectangular gap formed in the wall, and a red door was born.

Sirone took a step back and watched.

‘It’s not a mirror.’

Just the fact that the communication protocols were different made it possible to guess what the floor coders were like.

Upon entering, there were various doors installed in the hallway leading to Jung-gu Heating.

“But can I just go? I told you that High Gear needs a special Dream Star.”

“are you okay. That’s what I gave you.” Sirone’s silver ■ became thinner.

“Did you know it would be like this from the start?”

“Isn’t it obvious? You followed me to The Abyss before. I vomited like I did today. Of course, this is my first floor chord.”

Fermi, who stopped, was about to smile.

“Are you curious? Can I just tell you?”

Sirone sneered and turned his head.

“it’s okay. It would be much better to believe in myself, whom I have no memory of, than to believe in you.”


Fermi stopped in front of a sliding door that could only be found in an old castle in the real world.

“It’s here.”

He opened the door, but it was dark, and Sirone followed Fermi inside.

At the same time as the door closed, the interior of the old castle was renovated and the scenery unfolded before my eyes.

-Nice to meet you! Welcome to the playground of the universe, the battlefield of High Gear!

Sirone looked around.

It was freezing cold except for someone sitting at the counter far away.

“Is there anyone but us? At one point, they said it was a super-hit simulation.”

“It’s the first time, yes. The first person to link to High Gear has access to tutorial content. Usually, go to the battlefield you saved earlier.”

“Again, I’m not here to do this.”

“know. Still, good to know. Talking to the operator is like picking stars from the sky. I never have a personal conversation unless it is a system-related suggestion.”

“A ranker? 1st place too. Then maybe it’s a battlefield, you just have to talk to it in that place.”

“I want to, but it’s the other side.” Sirone didn’t understand why that was important.

“Look, you said the core things wouldn’t be delivered. Anyway, I don’t know them personally.”

“Then how do you know?”

“Under Coder’s conditional auction market. You can’t just run a world this precise, can you? I once bought some of the operator’s stuff in bulk.”

“How much?”

“Hmm, in terms of real value, would it be around 2,000 trillion gold?”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“what? Two trillion?”

“haha! why are you so surprised Do you still believe that money actually exists?”

“It’s not… …

“Anyway, the reason I took the beginner link is to meet the tutorial manager. Since this is also a deal, maybe they can connect you with the operator.”

Fermi’s work was done quickly, but Sirone was still questionable.

‘… … What’s the point of being on the other side?’

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