Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1060

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Tomb of Information (4)

When they arrived at the counter, they were greeted by a woman with her hair hanging down to her shoulders.

“hello. This is the High Gear user registration page. Is this your first time with both of you?”

It looked like a human, but there were seams on its face and small bolts were symmetrically inserted into it.

If it’s rugged, it’s rugged, but I thought maybe it’s my preference to smell like a machine.

“Here is the first time this friend and I have the user code. May I register now?”

“yes. Please tell me the code name.”

“The son of Yolgah. Dongguk Dongguk.” Sirone turned his head in surprise, and Fermi shrugged him.

The woman’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh, you are a ranker. 7th in Dongguk ranking, son of Yolga. It is an honor to meet such a great man.”

Fermi smiled sullenly.

‘The acting is of a high quality. Well, since it’s a machine face, I don’t even need to put much effort into it.’

Tutorial manager Magneti.

There was no way that she, who manages High Gear’s real-time accessors, would not know Fermi’s identity.

Magneti said while manipulating the screen.

“According to the rules of High Gear, the privilege is activated for Yoga’s son who registers a new user. As a ‘New Face’ reward, 100 million galaxies will be paid.”

Sirone tightened his eyes and looked back at Fermi.


“You have to take what you can get. don’t worry. I will use 100 million galaxies for you.”

“It’s done.”

Sirone didn’t want to get involved any more.

“I’m not here for high gear. You said you could contact the operator here.”

“It’s hot-tempered.”

Fermi asked Magneti.

“Could you tell the story of the first designer of high gear? It is urgent.”

“It is against the rules to name a specific operator. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.”

” also… …

When Fermi seemed in the mood to withdraw, Ciro-Ne went up to Magneti.

“It will take a while. Once they hear my story, the operator will change their mind.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t approve. Operators of high gear abide by their own regulations.”

“Operator? Then you are not an artificial intelligence. Are you a human on my planet?”

“… … It is a question beyond my competence.”

Her voice was monotonous, but Sirone did not miss the slight delay in her response.

“You know, what kind of situation humanity is in right now. It is the fate of the world at stake.”

“huh? of the world… …

While savoring those words, Magneti’s mechanical face began to twist strangely.


And in the end I couldn’t stand it.

“Puhahaha! It’s the fate of the world. I’m going crazy! Isn’t it more serious than you thought?”

“What’s funny about that?”

When Sirone’s expression slowly grew bloody, Fermi licked his lips.

‘ also… … In Under Coder, where fakes and anonymity are prevalent, ‘sincerity’ was only a mockery.

“Are you asking what’s funny?”

When Sirone opened her eyes, Fermi said.

“calm down. This is a virtual world. No one cares whether the world perishes or not.”

“How could that be? Do you know how many people died fighting? Is this reality funny? you’re welcome. You just ran away from that reality.”

Fermi was at a loss as to how to make them understand.

“ha. So here… … Then Magneti’s smile disappeared.

“Your thoughts are your own, but you may be penalized for verbally abusing the operator. You may not be able to access High Gear for a certain period of time, or you may be permanently banished.”

“Where do you try?”

The light of the Miracle Stream burned from Sirone’s body.

“Would you be able to laugh if I attacked this place? Will you realize what reality is then?”

“You can connect again.”

Sirone’s eyebrows twitched.

“On the other hand, you will be banished forever, and you will never see me again. That’s the worst thing that can happen in this space. So do whatever you want.” “Sirone.”

Sirone never revealed her name.

“It’s funny to say this, but I’m so angry that I’ll put it to the tune just this time. This isn’t reality. You don’t know who I am on the outside. It could be a fighter fighting for the world, or a villain you hate so much.”

Fermi agreed.

Yo O”

“Neither do I know who you are. Of course, I’m also a celebrity I’ve heard of. They brag about saving the world here and now, but how would you know? When you wake up from this dream, you will be enjoying yourself using your own power.”

“I am??????!”

“Actually or not, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is that no one cares. Undercoder is such a place. So please, let reality be reality, and keep your manners here. Your seriousness is making the users here uncomfortable.”

Fermi shook his head.

‘Yeah, that’s what I meant.’

“I don’t know.”

Sirone clenched his fists.

“It’s the same person whether in real life or under coders. Even if it’s not a real body, I’m talking to a person right now. why are you ignoring me? Your world is being destroyed!”

“… … It is very true.”


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Sirone was frustrated.

“How can I prove it? If I get down on my knees here, will you believe my sincerity?”

Magnety snorted.

“knee? There are countless people who become corpses because they want to feel that humans have become dogs, barking, and being dissected. A real-life serial killer takes care of the sick here. Still don’t understand? It’s all fake.”


The Miracle Stream surged up to the ceiling.

“Then I will destroy the fake. so go back Go back, open the window and look outside.”

Magneti’s hand moved to the screen.

“… … Attacking the operator is a permanent ban. I warned you.” In the midst of instant tension, Sirone threw herself at Magneti.

” for a moment… …

When Fermi reached out his hand.


Shirone stopped in front of the counter and touched the floor.

“I want to save the world. Too many people are suffering. There’s no way to convey the truth, so maybe you’re being tricked by me… …

Even so.

“Can’t I just be fooled? Perhaps this could save someone, even one more life.” Magneti glared at Sirone.

The face of the machine, which had been filled with emotions, became cold again.


Finally she opened her mouth.

“What can I tell you?”

Sirone raised her head with a surprised expression.

“There is one thing you should know. It’s the same operator, but I’m not in a position to give orders to the operator. If it’s a strange message, they won’t even respond.”

Sirone jumped up.

“huh! are you okay. If Sirone, or Yahweh, tells you that he wants to meet you… …


Fermi stopped talking.

“Please tell me that Ardino Fermi has asked for a very big business. I am sure you will be satisfied.”

Then he turned to Sirone and shrugged.

“It’s better for me, who has done business under my real name. The name Yahweh does not work here.”

“great. I sent.”

Magneti finished the transmission, but there was no response even after waiting 5 minutes.

She said as if she knew it.

“As expected, the answer… …

Beep- beep-.

At that moment, an alarm message appeared on the screen mounted in the counter.

‘It really came.’

To be honest, she didn’t expect it either.

“An answer came. I will play it now.”

As Syrone and Fermi kept their mouths shut, a strained, distorted voice flowed out.

?go away.

end? Is this the end?

While Sirone made an absurd expression, Magneti rested her chin on the counter and said,

“This is also unusual. Under Coder is a feast of many concepts, but the operator’s personality is really eccentric.”

Fermi agreed.

“If my name doesn’t work, there’s no way. Let’s get into high gear and find a way.”

“You responded anyway.”

Sirone did not give up.

“I wouldn’t have told you to quit if you really weren’t interested. Try again.”

“No, that… … As Sirone stabbed him in the side, Fermi raised his hands and was pushed to the counter.

“okay. Got it.”

Fermi turned to Magneti.

“Can I send you one more message?”

She thought there was some point in what Sirone said, so she nodded her head obediently.

“great. What shall we send?”


Fermi’s eyes changed.

“I’m thinking of putting a recording device supposedly containing data from the outside world on conditional auction… … Sirone’s head turned quickly.

“There are three conditions. First, someone with the ability to decipher the records. Second, share the data you read with me. Third, auctions are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Tapping on the screen, Magneti swallowed.

“It’s not that we don’t know each other, but if you’re interested, I thought it wouldn’t matter if I traded with you personally. more.”

Sirone’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Fermi.

‘I knew there would be a way.’

Anyway, you have to peck to listen.

“I sent.”

A loud bell sound at the end of the speech

Lee exploded, and Magnety blinked.

“Codename operator requests voice chat with operator privileges. Would you agree?”

There was nothing to ask.

Fermi nodded, and there was an exasperated voice that even modulation could not hide.

– Hey, what are you? Using the operator channel privately? I thought you were a smart guy.

“Anyway, isn’t that a tempting proposal?”

-Don’t get me wrong. I was so annoyed that I hooked it up. Do you think I’ll lose in first come, first served?

“actually… … That hasn’t been confirmed yet.”

-Where do you sell drugs? The very mention of an auction means that you haven’t been able to find a way to decipher the recording device. Didn’t you choose an extreme competitive method called first-come-first-served basis to prevent the resulting value decline?

‘Anyway, it’s tricky.’

Fermi’s expression did not change.

“Sure, but the situation is a bit delicate. If you don’t accept the offer, it’s going to be passed on to a distant child. Next to me, a robber is pointing a knife at me.


-What do you mean?

Sirone came out.

“Hello, Mr. Operator. My name is Sirone. I heard that The Abyss… …

-shut up. I didn’t connect you Sirone cried.

– Sirone? What do you think would change if Yahweh intervened? That kind of recording device, I don’t need it.

Fermi smiled.

“Ah, that’s not it. I can guess what they are crazy about just by looking at the things they buy at auction.”

“Don’t do that, let’s do it together. good is good, right? Make one program for The Abyss.”

A moment of silence passed.

-no. I have to do solar warfare. won’t you Then, is it eaten by Seoguk?

Sirone came out again.

“Operator-san, I don’t know what a solar cell is… …

– Get out if you don’t know. Why do you keep interfering? And how do you not know solar power? It’s stupid.

A vein stood up in Sirone’s neck.

“I don’t know. But is that more important than human life?”

-haha! You speak well. I think you’re Yahweh here too, so if you’re confident, come find me. If you defeat me in a duel, I’ll grant you any request.

Fermi sighed.

‘I don’t like this.’

It was close to impossible to defeat the Seoguk and overall ranking operator one-on-one.


Sirone shouted.

“You, just waiting there! I’m going to smash some high gear or something!”

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