Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1058

Tomb of Information (2)

It was a nightmare from the start.

‘Is it the influence of Dream Star?’

It was not easy for Yahweh to have anxiety in his mind, perhaps it was brain chemistry.

“Anyway, this is a bit… …

When I got up, countless corpses were approaching from the edge of the horizon, forming a wall.


The approaching corpses, dragging their dried intestines, wept in unison.

“Yahweh, do you know those who died because of you? Do you know those whom you have not saved?”

Sirone’s guilt.

Behind the ideal of saving humanity, there were people dying right now.

-Every life ends in death.

It seems that the words Fermi heard before eating the Dream Star remained in her subconscious.

“You suffer too. Our pain, our resentment!”

Corpses approach with hostility

Even in the midst of this, Sirone did not move.

‘Such a dream.’

I wanted to ease the guilt a little by being torn to pieces by them.

“What are you doing?”

Fermi appeared among the rotting corpses and looked around Sirone’s dream with interest.

“Hmm, I thought you were just straining your eyes like an old man, but you have a soft corner.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. It’s what you made up. What kind of drug did you give me?”

“Even with that said, it is the next dream star refined by the best drug designers. Because Fear and Eros have clear goals, it is easy to match their addresses.”

The moment Fermi’s words were recognized, the shape of the corpse was revealed in more detail.

Of course, I hadn’t felt blurry before, but it was all a work of the mind.

“Ooh ooh… … . Woo woo!”

Through the tattered clothes, things like breasts and genital utensils were glimpsed.

When Sirone made a puzzled expression, Fermi shrugged understandingly.

“If you mix the two things, it becomes like this. Sirone averted her gaze.

“so… … What should I do now? Undercoders are outside the borders of Drimo.”

“nothing. You just have to wait until the Dream Star is completely absorbed from your stomach. Dreams will collapse when the brain is half-awakened, so we go to Undercoder at that time.” It was a simple method, but the problem was that the waiting area was a nightmare.

The corpses that came close to us were waiting for an opportunity, baring their teeth.

The reason why they can’t attack immediately is because Shirone’s spirit is blocking the development of the incident.

Stopping the progress of the dream was impossible even for a professional diver.

Fermi smiled.

“You’ve changed a lot, that freshman kid.”

magic school days.

“We fought a lot. At that time, I was full of nerds, but now I am the Messiah who will save mankind.”

“I don’t want to talk about that with you.”

“Don’t you have anything else to do? In dreams, the notion of time becomes jumbled up. If you’re immersed, it’s faster than reality, but if it’s like this, you never know how long you’ll have to wait.”

Fermi looked around and said.

“It reminds me of the graduating class survival test. Trapped in icy water, cut by blades… … . Did we go all the way to level 7 then? Ah, I withdrew from step six.”


The corpses came one step closer.

“Actually, I knew you would die in step 7. If I knew I would pass, I would have chased it until the end.”

“What do you want to say?”

“Just what… … Do you feel sorry for me? I’m a loser anyway, but this is a dream.”

Fermi held out his hand.

“I thought it might be possible to turn it around.” At the same time as feeling the eerie death, the corpses rushed at Sirone.


The path was in the air, but it would be intercepted by Fermi as it flew up and down.


As the corpses caught in the explosion of light were torn apart, the flesh flew dozens of meters.

In the open field of view, Fermi snatched the chip made from the depreciation transaction and put it in his mouth.

“Let’s have fun.” Eating Out – Unmanned Sniper. In the next moment, hundreds of bullets fired from 374 places in the air were fired at Sirone.

‘It’s called a railgun.’

Even the Archmage would not be able to react to the speed of the bullet accelerated by the electromagnetic field.


The bullet hit the ground at the same time as the Hand of God swept away Sirone.

The shock wave shook the earth.


Sirone stood unharmed in the place where the flesh of the corpses fell like hailstones.

“Hmm, didn’t you see? sort of… … Is it a skill of the mind?”

Looking up at the huge hand of light floating in the air, Fermi smiled.

The eyes were benevolent.

“You are deceiving my heart like the law. that’s a good ability But it won’t work twice.”


Sirone, who felt the sincerity of life, treated him sincerely.

“Where should we try?”

When the Hand of God spread his palms toward the air, a huge Photon Cannon was born.

Super fast bullets and powerful cannons.

Even in the immediate situation, Fermi was calmly looking at the Hand of God.

‘Using the scale, you’ve transcended the limit of power. You could say it’s like a sirone, but… …

He faced the front again.

“If it were me, I would have developed more of the trick from before. No matter how strong the power is, there is always a way out. On the other hand, that technique can subdue 100% of enemies if the situation is right. There is a downside to being weak in the second use, but isn’t that the trick?”

Sirone frowned.

“What does it matter what magic I study? Take care of your magic.”

“Cheuk, that’s right.”

After Fermi turned around, the ground began to vibrate and crack the landscape.

The dream was about to collapse.

“Time passes quickly when you are immersed. It seems to be taking effect now. Let’s start slowly.”

Sirone released the Hand of God, but she couldn’t erase her displeasure.

“So you deliberately started a fight?”

“Well, both sides and sides.” He was a human being who could not read his heart.

Released by the light from the Undercoder, the two arrived at the middle floor along the blue line.

Sirone asked in a room with many mirrors.

“Where are you going?”

“The Abyss. The graveyard of information and the final destination of the world. That is why it is also called Apocalypse. Would you be familiar?”

I heard that you recovered discarded information to forge Sirone’s signature.

After exiting the middle floor, they put their hands on the mirror that leads to The Abyss.

As the boundaries were reversed, the world of Apocalypse rushed into Sirone’s eyes.

“This… … ?”

Fermi asked as Sirone looked down from a high altitude and put on a dazed expression.

“why? Were you surprised that it was different from what you expected?” Certainly it was.

‘Miro said it was a place that realized the future world where Apocalypse was destroyed. But this… …

The entire visible landscape was covered with slime of unknown origin.

“Is that a Mucus?”

“okay. Ever since Nane left the photon world, Apocalypse has been completely covered in Youcus. Research has shown that more than 98 percent of the ground is slime.”

Fermi pointed around.

“As you know, The Abyss is the destination of information. It is the scene of the apocalypse implemented based on the real world. I think this foreshadows a cellbuster in real life.”

Sirone was quite surprised.

“How do you know all that information? Even in Omega’s log, it’s a record from a very long time ago.”

“As time passes, even the king’s secret diary gets hung up in bookstores. Are you talking to me right now? So, won’t a lot more people know about it in the future?”


I realized in that moment.

“no way… … you?”

Isn’t that a really stupid idea?

“okay. The future is endlessly deposited in The Abyss. Therefore, the longer an object has existed here, the closer it is to our reality. If so, wouldn’t it be possible to predict events that haven’t happened yet? I call it time mining.”

Sirone blinked.

“From then on, I thoroughly investigated Apocalypse. I once picked up something that looked like a piece of paper abandoned deep in the mountains. But it is information from the future that has not yet happened in reality.”

The irony that the garbage here becomes gold in reality.

“By collecting such information as it is, we predicted and prepared for what would happen in the future. Emotional illness is one of them. Of course, the reason you decided to do business with me was after hearing this explanation from me.”


Sirone was confident in his judgment at the time.

“I won’t ask about the deal. But how did you gather that much information? Even if it is trash, it would be difficult to find information about the near future.”

After Fermi, he blew his bangs.

“It was really hard. I couldn’t find an answer because I was trying to do it alone. That’s why I hired the entire parrot mercenary.”

“You mean Marsha-nee is here?”

Fermi smiled and pointed with his thumb at the lowlands covered with eucus.

“Do you want to go?”

The place where they flew through the sky was the middle of a city where a huge excavator was built.

Marsha was next to the excavator while the mercenary officers were sitting on a metal box and drinking.

Fermi walked with his hands behind his back.

“How are you?”

“what? Fermi, what are you doing here… …

Marsha, who found Sirone, stopped talking and then shouted, revealing a bright color.

“Hey, Sirone! Guys! Come and see. A celebrity is here!”

Now, it is a mercenary group dealing with the world, but Sirone’s appearance was as expected.

“Sirone is Yahweh, right? Vice-captain, didn’t you say you had a fight with that guy before?”

said Freeman, still eyebrowless, leaning his arm against the box and holding the bottle to his mouth.

“… … It’s not with me.”

Marsha expressed her pleasure by messing with Sirone’s hair.

“This guy! How have you become more handsome than before? After all, a man must have power. yes?”

Marsha had a knack for making it easy to say anything.

“You are still there. How are you?”

“Hit 1! It’s me, I’m going to die doing something I can’t even sell. Detective, grave robbery, now construction work. Who would have thought that singing mining songs would lead to real mining?”

Marsha’s face was haggard than before, but her eyes were bright like a child’s.

“Are you going to pierce Youcus with this machine?”

“huh. I’m taking a little break right now. It will be useless anyway. Even if you pierce it, it will regenerate again.”

Fermi asked.

“If even the tallest building disappears, it must be quite thick. Have you reached the end?”

“There is a record of hitting hard ground this morning. I think it’s around 480 meters.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“480 meters?”

Marsha pounded the excavator.

“It’s been incredibly accumulated. In this state, it is impossible to search even if you break through. More than anything… …

The Yucus underfoot wriggled and stretched out like tentacles, coiling around Marsha’s legs and climbing up.

The tip of the tentacle hardened like a needle and the moment it soared, Marsha grabbed it roughly.

“This goo is going to annoy me. Anyway, you know what’s pretty. This guy must be a male.”

Freeman came.

“Because it’s near the excavator. It seems that they instinctively sense who is attacking them.”

“Mr. Freeman.”

Before Sirone even had time to say hello, Marsha threw her tentacles on the floor and fired at them.

“shut up. Then you wouldn’t have to be around. On the subject of drinking or drinking all day long. abuse.”


Freeman explained.

“Because I was so rough-mouthed, my subordinates voted. For the time being, Marsha is prohibited from cursing.”

“joy! Do you think you can stop that? Abusive child! I’m afraid he’ll just swear at swear words and tear them apart.”

“?… “haha.”

Sirone made an absurd expression.

‘They live very happily.’

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