Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1042

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Training limits (2)

After purifying Merkede with pure magic, Magritte opened the warehouse door.

“Come out.”

In the unpurified body, Lian revealed his face with one eye closed.

I don’t know what conversations they had.

However, it was possible to intuit that someone had died just by looking at the Archduke’s eyes.

When Lian came out of the storage room, Magritte busily went around and grabbed the experimental tools.

It was originally something Merkede had to do.

“I don’t have much time. Originally, I planned to do a deep study on you, but I’ll start remodeling right away.”

Lethe was going to come back.

“Why are you doing this?” “… … what do you mean?”

“The succubus is dead, and Lethe is gone. She must have been precious to you too.”

“Isn’t that what you mean? When the boss comes back, it won’t be the same then. This is your final warning. It is the last consideration given to us.”

“That is what I want to say.” Lian was embarrassed.

“If Lethe is a person like Satan, there’s no way he’ll just go back to this. She’s serious about it. Why is she helping us when you know?”


Magritte stopped his hand.

“Lethe-nim is a good person. He’s cool-headed and fair, but he has a lot of affection. That’s an inclination that doesn’t go with Hell. But don’t forget, Lethe-sama.

is not a demon.”

He turned his head with cold eyes.

“I am the manager of this world. They are different in nature from us, even different from Satan.”

“That doesn’t change her mind.”

” mind?”

Magritte laughed.

“Then tell me. I honestly don’t know. When Merkede died, Lady Lethe backed down even when the fate of Hell was at stake. If so, is it the mind? or not… …

the terrible truth.

“Is it programmed that way?” “According to the boss, I sent the chief secretary Monoras to consult you about your error. But he did not come, Yahweh arrived first. Do you think you’re lucky? I don’t see it that way. Because Monolas is also a manager.”

“What are you talking about… …

“How can a human being who lives only a few decades understand the great natural law? However, the lord you serve must be somewhat suspicious. Because it’s such a level of mental ability. What I am trying to say is how much is real and how much is illusion.”

Magritte confirmed Lian’s scan information.

“Your ability is based on the user of this world, that is, the master identity code. The reason why Gehenna’s chain was broken must be an error that occurred when its authority transcended the system. So, are you a being from the outside world?”

Ryan couldn’t answer.

“I don’t know. That’s it. Even if there is an outside world, we don’t know who we are unless we come into direct contact with information there. Maybe it’s another program for you.”

“I decide and act on my own will.”

“know. But what if even that is a program? Got it? I can’t come to a conclusion this way. But the manager is the only one who knows who he is. You are free to define them, but remember this.”

The chain of Gehenna, pulled from Lian’s chest, was caught in the prince’s grasp.

“It may be different from what we imagine. That is a 0.5-dimensional wall. If you really want to keep Yahweh, you must not trust anyone.”

As Lian remained silent, Magritte peered at the broken part of the chain.

“Let’s start.”

Stang National School of Magic.

Sirone, who allowed his parents to observe as a condition of training wizards, kept his promise.

But it might have been better not to make that promise.

“oh my god… …

While all teachers and students were watching, Wizard was being bombarded by Sirone.

“Reaction is slow!”

A seven-year-old child was pushed back by magic powerful enough to devastate the radius.

The contemplative parents screamed.


When the Photon Cannon exploded, a roar erupted and fragments scattered across the wide training ground.


Through the haze, I could see the wizard who cast defense magic exhaled heavily.

Teachers thought it was crazy.

“principal! No more! If you stay like this, the child will die!”


The principal’s expression was also not good, but if it was the Five Stars of the Ivory Tower, he couldn’t interfere.

Most of all, it caught on that there was no change in the expression of the 10-member group of 1-star residents across the street.

‘Can we really leave it like this? If we’re seeing something we don’t know… …

At that moment, an explosion occurred, and this time the wizard flew several tens of meters away.


Even in the wind flow like a typhoon, when she landed, who was accurately centered, Bartok, the leader of the Mado 10, saw wonder in his eyes.

‘I blocked it this time too.’

The more I looked at it, the more amazing it was.

‘Currently, the battle level of the five great castles is at a fairly high level. It’s not a situation where you can stand alone even if it’s a group of 10 demons. And yet, that child… …

Then Sirone shouted.

“Don’t be offended!”

The moment the Wizard hurriedly raised his head, Sirone, who had come close to him, fired a photon cannon.

With a bang, flashes of light broke through the Wizard’s formidable defenses.



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Wizard pulled his shoulders and lifted his feet.

‘I crouched down.’

In a situation where the defense magic was destroyed, it was an instinctive attitude to somehow minimize the impact.

Amy wondered in her heart.

‘I can’t be safe. But that subtle difference saved the Wizard’s life.’

bang! bang! bang

After the wizard bounced off the ground like a rubber ball and fell to the ground, Sirone charged again.

“Another 2”

This time, the 10 magicians also opened their eyes wide.

Realizing their expressions, the principal hurriedly ran forward and shouted at Sirone.

“Hey, stop now!”

Sirone did not stop.

In the short time I approached the wizard, countless thoughts ran through my head.

‘Is this okay?’

He knew that her current condition would make her unable to defend against his attacks.

‘I could really die this time.’ That’s why you should.

‘Havitz… …

Probably because the Satan that the wizard needs to eliminate won’t stop at this point.

“Wizard! Wake!”

As she shouted, Sirone arrived and swung the photon cannon compressed in her hand.


The moment everyone thought so, Wizard’s eyes lit up and a barrier was formed.


The curtain of air swayed as far as the eye could see, and the wizard flew through the air and crashed to the ground.

“We, Wizard?”

The wizard, who had not even moved for a while, stood up with his broken right arm dangling.

“ha. ha.”

she murmured softly.

“Just blocked.”

Sirone took another step.

‘Breaked the limits. One more time, one more time… …

At that moment, I shook off the hands of the teachers and my mother came running.

“You bastard!”

At the same time as Sirone turned around, her hands grabbed her collar.

“What are you doing to my daughter! The kid broke his arm! Why is that seven-year-old boy!”

“You promised to take charge of me. You don’t have to come out if it makes you uncomfortable.”

Life turned in my mother’s eyes.

“So you made that promise? Did you know that if I showed you something like that, you wouldn’t come? If so, the person is wrong. I don’t need money or anything. It ends here.”

“The arm can heal. If I cast a spell… …

A pair of sounds broke out.

“Uh-oh… …

The teachers’ faces turned pale as the mother, who had slapped Sirone, screamed.

‘it’s crazy. Hitting the Five Stars.’ But Amy knew. Anything you can avoid

The reason why I purposely touched her cheek…

‘Sirone is also having a hard time.’

I thought that if I got hit by one, the feeling of guilt I felt like I was pretending would alleviate even a little bit.

” ah.”

The mother who came to her senses looked at her hand.

Not because he hit Oh Dae-seong, but because he had never hit anyone before.

Sirone understood her feelings as well.

‘Even my mother would have done that.’

Looking back at the wizard, he was so busy catching his breath that he couldn’t even get involved in the fight.


Sirone looked back at her.

“Wizard is a brilliant kid. A normal seven-year-old will cry when his arm is broken, but he won’t hold back. That means you already understand the pain in your head.”

When her husband, who had been looking after her daughter’s condition, arrived late, the mother shed tears.

“What are you talking about? What the hell is it to understand pain? Wizards are not crazy children. I was too scared to even cry.”

Dad also helped.

“Stop it now. I can’t stand it either. Why should my daughter be treated like that? Is it because we are farmers who have neither learned nor possessed?”

“It is rather the opposite.”

Sirone’s voice rose slightly.

“Because it’s great. I do it because I can. What the Wizard is learning now is the knowledge of the blood and sweat of countless talents that she could never have achieved alone. She benefited from that and progressed at her door, in a situation where humanity was at risk, and of course she too… …

that you have to sacrifice yourself.


Sirone couldn’t help but exhale.

‘Being a lovely daughter, a beautiful lady, meeting a good person, loving her, and living a happy life… …

Is it more important than world-changing innovations?

“… … sorry.”

After bowing her head and apologizing to her parents, Shirone turned around and left the training ground.

“Today we will end here.”

While no one saw Sirone off, the wizard who finished the treatment approached.

“mom and dad. what’s the matter?”


Mother shed tears as she caressed the arm of the wizard who was wearing a splint.

“Are you in a lot of pain? How hard could it have been?”

“Where has my brother gone? Are you done training?”

“Okay, it’s over. Her mom told me not to. I will never entrust you to someone like that again.”


The wizard stared at the back of Shirone, who was shabbyly moving away.

“Thank you, Mom. She said, ’cause this time she really almost died. But I’m really sorry

place… …

Wizard said hesitantly.

“I don’t want you to interrupt me in training from now on.”

The parents’ faces darkened.

“We, Wizard? what are you… …

“sorry. First, I’ll go see my brother. I have a question about this training.”

As if in a real hurry, the Wizard made his way through the group and followed Sirone.

While no one said anything, Bartok, the leader of the 10 Magicians, deepened his eyes.

‘Talent pulls.’

The only adult recognized by the Wizard.

It instinctively knows that the only way to survive is to follow Shirone’s heels tenaciously.

‘There’s no doubt about the potential, but I was dubious about the inclination.’

When Sirone said she could die, she smiled brightly and said she would.

‘Although the time to worry was short.’

Perhaps in the mind of a genius, all the things he had to deal with passed by.

‘I can understand Oh Dae-sung’s feelings.’

Would you want to waste your time in front of the greatest talent in all of human history?


The wizard’s bright voice came over from outside the training ground.

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