Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1043

Training limits (3)

“brother! brother!”

Wizard, who had left the training ground, shouted, but Sirone hurried on as if he hadn’t heard.

The place we arrived at was the most remote place in the school, and it was not designed as a resting place.

Sirone, who has lived in the mountains since childhood, always found nature when she wanted to rest.


I sat down on a small rock and breathed out, but I couldn’t let out my stuffy mind.

‘What is the right thing to do?’

In order to kill Satan Habits,

Judd’s power is absolutely necessary, but ‘Wizard’s life?’

It was a situation where a seven-year-old child had to kill the most evil and cruel man in the world.

Sirone laughed.

‘Yes, maybe it’s me who’s crazy.’

In fact, it was a fact that I knew myself at some point, but this time the case was different.


Sirone raised her head at the Wizard’s voice.

Perhaps it was because he was caught in his heart, but the sight of him wearing a splint added to his guilt.

“You are very hurt. Wizard, I want to tell you… …

“I’m sorry, brother.”

Wizard was in tears.

“I didn’t even think about what mom and dad would hate. Learning is so much fun, so I’m so excited… …


Sirone realized what he had forgotten.

‘Oh yeah.’

It was so hard and so painful, but humans can still endure it.

‘As long as I have the conviction that I can become stronger.’ Nothing more thrilling than that was given to humans.

“Wizard, why is magic interesting? Do you want to be the strongest in the world? Do you want to run over me?”

“I want to jump over it. But now it doesn’t matter. Magic is just fun.”

“There are many ways to be happy. You don’t have to be the best, you can have fun. Why are you still learning magic?” Wizard blinked.

“Um, of course… …

And, as always, he said with the brightest smile in the world.

“Because this is the world I will live in.” Sirone cried.

“Yeah, right.”

No matter what others criticize, this is the only world we will live in.

Only we can understand ourselves.

“Today’s training was a bit weak. I told my mom and dad. It will be fine starting tomorrow.”


Sirone wiped away her tears.

He hadn’t had the two words “defeat” since he entered the world of magic, but… … .

“Okay, let’s grit our teeth and run.”

It felt like all the resentment I had to suppress to get that one result was comforted.

The Wizard approached Sirone and wiped the tears from her cheeks with a small hand.

“Your brother must be having a hard time too.”

It hadn’t been long since he had increased the intensity of his training, but the Wizard’s insight had deepened considerably.

“You have grown a lot. It is a great talent to know how to read other people’s hearts.”

“lol. So, brother. Are you already in love with your sister?”

“huh? yeah… …

“Then, if I become stronger than you later, will you like me more?”

‘But he’s still a kid.’

Sirone suppressed a laugh and said.

“There are many things I like. If you really surpass me… …

If you become the best wizard in the world.

“Yes, in some areas, wouldn’t there be cases where you value it more than Amy?”

It was an adult’s classification, but the Wizard was amused by the possibility.

“great! Then tomorrow I will jump over my brother!”

“Oh, really?”

Shirone pulled Wizard’s broken arm and glued the bones together with the Miracle Stream.

The next day, the atmosphere at the training ground was cold.

Even after watching the collapse of the world yesterday, Wizard’s parents insisted on observing.

“Whoa, it’s going to be bloody today too.” While the teachers were already nervous, Sirone and Wizard warmed up in front of the Image Zone.

“Is this practice practice?”

“no. Basics today.”

The Wizard’s resolution gave Sirone enough courage, but he couldn’t rule out his parents’ position.

‘Seeing your child sick is the worst thing for a parent. I was too careless.’

No matter how much it is our world, we must consider the hearts of those who see it from the outside.

“Today’s class is a heartbeat.”

It was the optimal training that did not drop the intensity and did not look radical.

“I will demonstrate.”

Wizards, who were awakened from birth, cast instinctively and were ignorant of theories.

‘Rather, that’s more amazing, but to deal with Harvitz, I have to teach everything that can be taught.’

When the wizard’s creativity was bitten by Havitz’s chaos, the body would remember this moment.

Sirone stood in the center of the image zone installed at Stang National School of Magic.

Memories of training to improve my grades in my senior year flashed through me like a kaleidoscope.

‘I should do well.’

As the heartbeat developed without warning, the eyes of the teachers who were watching widened.

“Uh-oh… …

The spirit becomes visible in the image zone, but it is not seen to and fro.

‘Huge sphere… … ? No, it’s definitely going back and forth. Because the count keeps going up.’ Every time I reached the maximum radius, the buzzer sounded like it would tear the speaker apart.

‘Heart beats 6,000 times per second.’

I don’t know who the world’s second-largest wizard is, but it must be several times faster than that.

The ten magicians shook their heads.

‘I can’t win.’

It would be a natural result for someone who has mastered the art of the mind, but the problem was the Wizard.

‘I can’t reach it, but even if I do, I usually die. Oh Dae-seong is sincere.’ When Bartok turned his head, the wizard was watching the demonstration without blinking.


The 10 Magicians came to mind at the same time.

‘1 minute and 17 seconds.’

It was a time when a wizard who did not know the basics realized it after seeing 6,000 heartbeats per second.


Without needing to explain, the Wizard nodded and entered the Image Zone.

“I will try.”

Sirone took her seat next to Amy, followed by the 10 Magicians Council. She is only part of the training, but pure curiosity arose to see how far she could go.


After taking a deep breath for a while, she suddenly opened her eyes wide and developed a spirit zone.

A buzzer sounded, and teachers and students fixed their eyes on her heart rate reading.

Bartok’s heart raced.

‘800 times per second. Far beyond the level of a professional wizard. However, the talent we want has reached the end of the universe. To this extent… …

“Huh? uh huh?” At the same time as the students made faces of astonishment, their heart rate continued to rise.

2,000 times per second.

The Wizard’s pupils vibrated terribly, but the size did not exceed the critical value.

‘I’m in control.’

His heart rate continued to rise, and blood dripped from Wizard’s nose.

“Hey, honey.”

Wizard’s mother grabbed her husband’s arm.

‘More, faster.’

It was probably the height of soaring without even feeling the changes taking place in his own body.

When the rate exceeded 3,000 times per second, blood flowed from her eyes, and her mother could not stand it and ran to Sirone.

“Stop! My child will die.” Bartok knew why Sirone was silent.

‘I am… … They are 1-star residents of the Ivory Tower.’

He was capable enough to be the president of any kingdom, but there were 2, 3, 4, and 5 stars above him.

‘Why didn’t you wish? Why didn’t you long for it? But it’s not a place you can go just because you want to.’

said Wizard’s father.

“Stop it now. As I said yesterday, our daughter’s safety is our top priority.”

Bartok thought.

‘I don’t know.’

How crazy the people in this world are for wanting to become stronger.

Mental beats 4,000 times per second.

‘I don’t want to beat anyone. It’s not that I want to gain something by becoming stronger. just get stronger The fact that my existence is endlessly rising is itself very happy.’

to put it differently.

‘All humans… …

Power entered the Wizard’s eyes.


Mental beats 5,000 times per second.

‘You can become stronger. I can do better. you believe The moment you doubt it, it breaks.’

Tears of blood mixed with pure tears.

‘The sky… … I want to fly.’

The Wizard’s Spirit Zone, which reached its limit, began to collapse into a distorted form.

“If you lose your rhythm, it’s over.”

Sirone said.

“The accident is rigid. put everything down The desire to be recognized, the obsession to be successful, let go of everything and focus on the present. Do not converge your thoughts, but release yourself with a divergent feeling.”


When the mental beat reached 6,000 times per second, Sirone felt a thrill of goosebumps.

‘Understand immediately, change the state of mind.’

I didn’t feel any jealousy, it was like watching a piece of art.

But to others, it was a harrowing sight, with a seven-year-old bleeding from his eyes, nose, and mouth.


Wizard’s mother cried.

“Stop it now. please. I know my child has talent. but… … What does it mean if you have succeeded in doing this?”

“A talent?”

Sirone was the first to speak.

“Does that child look like he is taking all the pain right now because he has talent? If you think so, you are committing great disrespect to the Wizard.”

“Ha, but… …

“Yes, Wizards are geniuses. Maybe there is such a thing as talent. But mother.”

Sirone looked back at her.

“There is no talent in this world to do something well without effort.”

With a force different from yesterday, Mom shut her mouth.

“Humans are all the same. Would a genius hurt less when pricked with a needle? no. It’s just a difference in how we understand the pain and how we digest it. Are you seeing the wizard’s talent? I am the opposite. All I can see is a seven-year-old trying to reach the current level… …

Sirone turned her gaze to the Wizard.

“It’s just the amount and size of the pain I had to digest from inside my mother’s stomach.”

How much the fetus must have cried to sort out those ridiculous feelings.

“My daughter… …

Mom cried.

“You said you were a farmer.”

Said Sirone, feeling apologetic.

“I don’t know, but farmers say they remove rotten rice seeds in advance. However, that feeling won’t be good. Raising huge creatures sometimes has to be brutal.”

Dad’s eyes changed.

“You can’t make us understand our world. Just as no one else knows exactly what the farmer’s world is like, neither do we. But within that, we dream and compete. For us, that is the only real world.”

≪ o ” ?M.

Everyone was like that.

“Wizards want to be the best. It’s not because of her talent, but the sheer amount of pain she’s endured doesn’t allow her where she is now. That is why she threw everything the moment she met me.”

Sirone begged.

“Leave it to me. I will quit when I find the Wizard really intolerable.”

“But even now I am possessed with blood like that… …

“You stay still.”

The husband who dried up his wife said to Sirone.

“I see what you mean. I am a male too. It’s not like I’ve never had a dream of climbing to the top of the world. But my daughter is going to be the best?”

“yes. If you can endlessly digest the pain you are now, you will soon be.”

Dad looked at the wizard.

Tears welled up in his eyes as he clenched his teeth and endured even though his eyes were bleeding.

‘Damn it! yes, i want to fly Dad wanted to fly too. So feel free to do it. Dad will protect you.’

He closed his eyes, lowered his head, and shouted.

“i look forward to!”

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