Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1041

Training limits (1)

After staring at Sirone’s face for a while, Oris came to his senses and joined hands.

“Oh, yes. thank you. however… … Even her torso vision left nothing in her memory.

“How did you do it?”

There was no way to explain the realization of the destruction of the incarnation following the quantum movement.

‘I can’t even explain it.’

Now, it was Yufi, not Yahweh.

“It’s not over yet. You’re not the kind of person who deserves to be beaten like this, so please stay away for now.”

Oris pursed her lips.

‘What, are you ignoring me now? too bad.’

Even so, the reason why I can’t reply is because I directly confirmed Son Yu-jeong’s inaction.

“I have nothing to say since we lost in a head-to-head battle, but how about we fight together? Enough bait for me… …

At that time, the side wall exploded with a bang, and Moonom, who evolved into a grotesque body, arrived.


One arm was huge like a crab, and the head was elongated so that the back of the head reached the back.

Sirone realized.

‘Super evolution.’

It was not simply a mutation applied to the body, but the function of the brain had evolved.

As if to prove that fact, Moonom guessed the situation by looking around once.

“Did you fly over there?”

It was a great bass.

“Moonom, the enemy is stronger than expected. All 7 generals must work together. Especially the power of Yuffie.”

Maunom’s one-eyed stared at Sirone.

“… … is it?”

The violent temperament revealed in the barracks was controlled by Ji Sung’s eyes.

“If you say so, you must be of royal blood. But I am a warrior trained for 100 million years. I’m not the type to back down without a fight.”

The evolution of the monomome is based on mutation.

“I beat the odds of 2.7 percent to get to Generation 4 Disruption. I can kill you.”

If someone other than General 7 defeated the enemy, it would be embarrassing to Crosade.

When Moh Nom looked around, Son Yu-jeong was walking towards him, blowing smoke from his mouth.


Her expression was serious.

“That thing you just did to me, what kind of technique is it?”

The reason why the belligerent girl asked for a conversation first wasn’t simply because she was strong.

‘The incarnation is cracked.’

Feeling the heaviness of the Buddha in the attack of a single demon tribe was an illusion that could not happen.

‘It’s a blow with enlightenment. That too… …

If it felt like being hit by Nane, it meant that the depth of the realm was comparable to that of Buddha.

There was no choice but to be embarrassed in front of Yu-jeong and Deuk-do, who had no fear in the world.

While Sirone was still silent, Moone approached her.

“Did you kill Crosade?”

It literally looked like something you would see in hell, but Son Yoo-jung did not look at her for more than one second.

The red robe aimed at Sirone.

“Answer me. What is identity? How do you know the true intention of the sect… …


Moonom’s huge fist slammed the side of Son Yu-jeong and crashed into the wall.

“Tsk. Nothing.”

When he lowered his fist, Son Yu-jeong, who was stamped on the wall of the organism, was frowning.

“You wanna die?”

When Son Yu-jeong finally focused on herself, the satisfied mother turned her shoulders around.

“It sure is solid. but… …

The air vibrated with a whimper, and Moo Nom threw a huge ball and fired a series of hits.

“Just hit it until it breaks.” As Son Yu-jeong nimbly twisted her waist and tried to approach her, her eyes widened.


As if she had expected it, Mornom’s fist changed its trajectory and struck her hard.

bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

With dozens of shots being fired almost simultaneously, her mind became complicated.

‘I don’t think it’s that fast, how are you predicting my movements?’

Having reached the 4th generation cataclysm through super-evolution, Mo Onom’s IQ reached a whopping 1,700.

‘It seems, all the variables. No matter how you move, I never miss.’

The speed of continuous hitting increased.

“Ha ha ha! die! I am the strongest demon!”

Oris murmured.

“Fourth Generation Cataclysm. I was prepared to die and evolved over and over again. But with that ability… …

I don’t know if I can defeat Son Yoo-jung.


Sirone shook her head.

“Not quite like that.” In fact, the one whose face was distorted was Moo-nom, who repeatedly struck.



No, the taste of hitting is definitely alive.

‘Then it means that they are creatures made of flesh and blood. But, but why?’ Monom reached the limits of apnea

screamed this evil

“It won’t break!”

Realizing that Yuffie was right, Oris immediately kicked off the ground and threw herself.

Two 7 generals launched a coordinated attack, but it was Son Yu-jeong who overpowered them.

“I can’t, you guys. You are not qualified.”

Son Yu-jeong, who was brandishing two clubs, suddenly twisted her back.


As tremendous kinetic energy was generated, time slowed down and the surrounding buildings bent outwards.


Oris pursed her lips.

‘Can you see it this time?’

A red club was moving along the space as if it were being separated into several pieces.

I couldn’t move a single fingertip in the seesaw of time, and the same was true of Moonom.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

The 1,700 IQs analyzed the current situation with brutal clarity.


It was to die, and neither Oris, nor Moonom, nor even Son Yu-jeong doubted that fact.

clear future.

And Sirone, like that law, cast a miracle stream on frozen events.

Hand of God – the skill of the hand. The seesaw of time unraveled the moment the palm of light swept away Oris and Moonom.


Buildings within a radius of several tens of meters were blown up, but General 7 was not included.

Son Yu-jeong, who exhaled smoke from her mouth, glared over her shoulder.

“What is this again?”

The feeling that a certain event has disappeared.

But since it’s impossible, the correct answer would be to make them mistaken for disappearing.

‘Is that possible? At the level of the law?’

I was thrilled, but the bizarreness that exceeded the normal level rather chilled the accident.

‘This is something Buddha would not do.’ because it’s not the truth

‘But I never thought that I was inferior to Buddha. then… …

is it god

After a while, the hand of light that put down Oris and Moonom turned white and evaporated.

“uh? what?”

Oris looked around, and Mo Onom opened his mouth in a bewildered expression.

I don’t know how the 1,700 IQ was analyzed, but he didn’t open his mouth at the end.

Sirone blocked their way.

‘This is the limit.’

If Son Yu-jeong invoked Hwa-an-Geum-jeong, Yahweh’s identity would also be discovered.

“I will take care of the intruder. The two generals go to Ithaca and get a new strategy.”

Moonom’s one eye was full of strength.

“Don’t talk nonsense. we are demons Don’t you know what it means to run away from an enemy?”

Sirone was not a demon.

“Heh, Royal is always like that. The same goes for Ithaca. Just like a human being, only looking for efficiency… …


Sirone said coldly.


Perhaps 90 percent of Yahweh, Oris trembled at the feeling of being pierced by the gaze.

‘To think that I, the 7th general, was afraid.’

On the one hand, a sweet and strange feeling that I had never experienced in my life covered my whole body.

‘I, that demon… …

Of course, if this aura were amplified and reached 100%, affection would change to hatred.

Oris took Mornom’s arm.

“let’s go. It’s better to leave it to Yuffie for now. Ithaca would feel the same way.”


In the end, Moonem gave up and left, and Oris turned to Sirone.

“Be careful, Yufi.”

Sirone felt heavy in front of the cat’s expression, expecting a friendly touch.

‘I shouldn’t call it Yuffie.’

I didn’t mean to mock them.

“I’ll be right there.”

Oris, whose face lit up at Sirone’s smile, nodded and jumped.

Yoojung Son asked.

“Can you tell me now?”

The reason I had been watching until now was the look in Sirone’s eyes as he slowly turned around.

“Huh, now you’re showing your true colors.” They were clear eyes that seemed to wash your mind just by looking into them.

“… … Did you send me?”


Son Yu-jeong, who felt like she was talking to Buddha, stroked her chin and fell into thought.

‘I really don’t know. Seeing that he doesn’t recite Gingoju, it doesn’t seem like he’s on par with Buddha.’

Sirone is aware of Gingoju, but to be effective, she must be 100% Yahweh.

“Go back and tell me. I’m busy anyway, so take care of the troublesome stuff on your own.”

Son Yoo-jung’s eyebrows twitched.

“Well, okay. From now on, you can ask the woman. Are you ready to fight?”

“Let’s move places.” Preferably to a place without Oris. ” location’?”

Son Yoo-jung, who lowered her center of gravity, shot the body heated like molten iron like an arrow.

“Knock-knock! Why do I care about that?”

‘It’s like a thunderclap.’

Sirone, who twisted her nose, invoked 93% of Yahweh and pummeled her.


The city shook and a huge cloud of dust rose into the sky.

Lethe hit the table.

“No matter what Yahweh’s essence is, the position of the chemical company remains the same. The Archduke is making a big mistake now.”

“What do you mean… …

Tired of the squirrel running on a treadmill, Lethe stood up coldly.

“If the Grand Duke does not know the figures, I will do the same. I’ll be waiting for you here. Whether it’s one year or 100 years, the grand duke’s lies will be exposed.”

“I am a demon who prefers to study quietly.”

Lethe laughed coldly.

“Are you afraid now? The fact that the informator didn’t detect it means that Lian is still in the lab.”

As Lette inspected the equipment in the laboratory, Magritte spoke in a low voice.

“It is a sensitive machine.”

“So speak up! I’m saying don’t put the Archduke to shame!”

“I am not cheating. I know how you feel, but this is a waste of time.”


Lette approached Merkede.

“Tell me honestly, Merkede. Have you ever seen Yahweh or Lian in this laboratory?”

“Oh, no. I don’t have one.”

Magritte’s eyes narrowed.

If it was the spirit of the Grand Duke, he could resist Lethe, but Merkede would not be able to endure it.

“don’t worry. I will never let you get hurt. Just say a word.”

“no. I didn’t see it.”

Merkede was almost crying.

“You know. yes? Now, don’t turn your head and look at me. Look into my eyes.”

The succubus, who had been hit directly by Lethe’s gaze, felt fear as if it would blow its mind away.

‘uh? Huh?’

No matter how much a child does, in the end, he can’t fool his mother’s eyes.

‘If I do this, I’ll get caught.’

Realizing that a signal of lies was floating in his eyes, Merkede made a decision.


she smiled faintly.


Just as Lette, reading her eyes, was about to scream, Merkede’s head exploded.

“ah… … !”

Shaking back and forth from the mental shock, Lethe stared blankly at the faceless corpse.

“Me, Merkede.”

Memories of laughing and chatting with her flashed through my mind without missing a single scene.

Magritte came.

“Stop going back. I’ll have to clean up the lab. I will give you a separate message.”

Lethe tightened her eyes and turned her head.

“Grand Duke, I said… …

“Would you like to ask me too?”

The Grand Duke would never make the same choice, but his words increased Lethe’s guilt infinitely.

‘I’m sorry, Merkede.’

Like Gaia in the real world, all demons were of equal value to Lethe.

“This is the last time. Next time I come back, I will never back down.”

In order not to make Merkede’s determination meaningless, Lethe promised the future.

As the laboratory door closed, Magritte raised the hand of the faceless corpse and kissed the back of it.

“Rest in peace.”

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