Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1037

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Emotional Disorder Case, No. 13-465.

Paimon’s Pandemonium, Emotion Scale, crossed the Central Continent and took control of the Southern Continent.

“Ouch. Gagging!”

A tall man, left alone in a huge mansion, lay on the stairs and groaned.

Clovis, the rich man of Calais.

He was the second richest person in the kingdom’s financial hierarchy and one of the 100 largest conglomerates in the southern continent.

“Why why… …

Clovis wept.

“Why are you still sick?”

At first, he killed the maid.

Next friends, then 13 wives, then 7 children.

It had all happened in one day, and he had just split open the stomach of Cassie, whom he loved.

“Couldn’t he be dead yet?”

Clinging on his reason paralyzed by pain, Clovis limped down the stairs.

His wives and children, whose eyes were open, collapsed on the cold floor, watching him.

“Huh! it hurts. so painful.”

It didn’t seem like a pain a person could bear.

“Cathy, are you still alive?”

A dog belonging to a large breed was sticking out its tongue with its intestines spilled.

“die. just die fast I’m having a hard time.”

Even the sensation felt every time he was stabbed with a long sword was as painful as breaking a bone.

“OMG! Aaaaaa!”

It was only when he saw the dog’s body that there was no more place to poke, that Clovis realized the reality.

“What should I do! I killed them all! What more do I have to give up to not get sick!”

The thrown longsword ricocheted off the wall and hit the bottom of a shelf topped with pottery.


At the same time as his face turned pale, the shaking pottery fell to the floor.

“no! no!”

He hurriedly ran away, holding one of the hundreds of fragments and shaking his hand.

“shit! How much is this! You stupid child!”

At that moment, Clovis realized that his sense of pain had returned to normal.

“money “

The first thing he did after finding a new bow was to shake his head.

“no. How am I called money

I haven’t taken a day off since I was 7, but no one can be happy.

“Bastards! hybrids! lowly things! How dare you go after my money! Guess who will live like you guys!”

A single piece of pottery was worth a grain of dust, and the sense of pain began to soar again.

“Aaaah, no.” Clovis trembled in terror.

“Please someone stop this. I’ll give you 100 million gold, no, 1 billion gold, so fix me.”

please please… … .


As the threshold rose, twice as much as before, a terrible pain gripped her whole body.

“Save people! Yes, save people!” 16 hours after that.

When the World Health Organization arrived, it is said that the burning mansion lit up the dawn.

«Puuuuuu.” Seriel, who closed the number 13-465 file, saw Clovis lying on the bed.

It was black and hard like charcoal.

“Is it just incineration?”

After signing the file written by the mind wizard, he stood up and the inspector covered the body with a cloth.

“yes. I tried to contact them, but no one came forward to hold the funeral. It is natural.”

It was a lonely death.

“all right. Please treat it like this.” Seriel’s expression after leaving the mortuary remained calm until he returned to the laboratory.

What greeted her was a note on the wall and a large graph with timed records.

Reality rushed in.


The kind of life the victim lived has long been buried in the hundreds of reports that arrive every day.

“ha! ha! ha!”

Why can’t it be cured?

A sense of helplessness rose, and I desperately raised my anger to deny it.

“Aaaaa! it’s annoying!”

He tossed whatever he could see.

‘Hold on! I have to be patient!’

Although he knew that anger could not solve the problem, his body was not controlled by his brain.

Sirone strongly opened the door to the lab.

“Seriel! what’s the matter?”

When I came to my senses, the room was a mess and blood was flowing down my fingertips.

“Are you hurt? Why are you so excited, not like you?”

As I approached to check the wound, Seriel lowered her arm and spoke in a trembling voice.


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After reading the despair in her eyes, Sirone realized that the blood was not the problem.

“Seriel, it may be difficult, but… …

Seriel buried her face in Sirone’s chest, clutching at her collar and crying.

“iced coffee… … Aaaaaa… …

It was a sad cry.

“are you okay.”

Repeating the only words she could say, Sirone rubbed Seriel’s back.

“are you okay. Everything will be fine.” how much time has passed

Seriel’s breathing, which poured out tears until her clothes were wet, gradually regained stability.

“… … Sorry.”

Unable to show her face, she pulled Sirone’s collar even more.

“I’m sorry. When it’s hard, you can cry as much as you like. No one doubts your best.”

Even if not everyone in the world.

Only then did Seriel raise her head and pout her lower lip.

“If you tell Amy, she will die. Keep your mouth shut until I tell you.” “haha! okay. Let’s see your hands first.” Seriel’s specialty was recovery magic, but somehow this situation was a matter of mood.

The wound was long, but fortunately not deep.

“How did you get excited?”

Seriel, who was sitting on a chair and receiving Sirone’s treatment, lit a cigarette.

“I don’t know either. I’ve been having nightmares lately. Maybe I should reduce the case inspection.”

Sirone smiled bitterly.

“that’s right. Are you tired.”

“Emotional disease. You have to look into the deepest inner side of that person. It’s not going to be sane.”

Seriel turned her head.

“It’s really great. How can you stand it? If I were you, I would go crazy.”

“You are doing well enough. After analyzing numerous cases, you made guidelines. Just know that there are far more people you saved than people you couldn’t.”


Seriel was grateful.

“Ah, I called you because I wanted to ask you something. Is it possible to go on a business trip?”

“business trip? What is it?” Seriel extinguished her cigarette and searched her desk.

“Where have you been?”

Fumbling through the papers, she sat down on the floor and examined the scattered documents one by one.

“Yeah, this is it. Would you like to see it once?”

When Sirone looked, the area where cases of emotional illness were received was marked on the map.

“One red dot is 100 people. Less units will make it much more sophisticated, but that should be enough.”

“huh. I know what.”

It was obviously an abnormal distribution.

“Emotion-scale hospitals spread through the wind. Although humans are also included in the infection route, the contagion power is not great at the time when most countries have initiated quarantine policies. thus… …

Sirone answered.

“The frequency of reports of emotional illness cases should be the highest in the central continent, and should gradually decrease as you move southwest to be normal. But if you look at this map, there are empty areas here and there, as if the wind has stopped.”

“okay. It feels like there is a windless zone in the southern continent. At first, I thought it was invaded by demons, but when I inquired at the temple, I heard that the army of hell is blocked by the border of Calais. So this time I researched the area. Perhaps it is an administrative city of the kingdom, or a military hub.”

“Well, in that case, announcing the death might be poison to the country.”

“But no.”

Seriel pointed to the map.

“After my research, I couldn’t find any reason not to report the case. Rather, most of them were local small estates with no particular characteristics.”

“Did you send the inspector?”

“Once I reported to the superiors. If my opinion is persuasive, I will issue an emergency order, but it is unclear whether we can postpone the nobles of each country who need to be dealt with first.”

The issue of redemption of their property was important.

“It was frustrating to just wait for a decision from the superiors, so I thought about it for a while after that, but I suddenly had this thought. Maybe it’s not that it hasn’t been reported, but maybe there are areas that really overcome emotional illness?”

A moment of silence passed.

“Hmm, even if that’s the case, isn’t it too big for the entire southern continent to happen simultaneously? It’s not even a core city, it’s a small town… …

Silenced, Syrone connected the empty spaces on the map with imaginary lines.

“It’s the root of something.”

“It’s the same idea. So I researched all night. Local specialties and even farm equipment materials distributed in the region. The results do not match either one. I was blocked by a wall there, and last night I decided to try it. If goods from a certain region are being distributed to the southern continent, the place that benefits the most is the place where the goods are produced.”

“Did you investigate all of that?”

There was only one way to find the production site.

“I took out all the reports, starting with number 1, and started scoring them one by one. Did you do that for 2 hours? I suddenly realized that there was no need for this. It reminded me of a place that had never appeared before.”

Sirone concentrated.

“So I gave up the map and handed over the papers until I found the location. The result is 0. There are regions, no kingdoms, where no cases of emotional illness have been reported.”

Seriel drew a border line on the southern continent, to be exact, on the southernmost kingdom of Iron.

“Do you know where it is?”

The thought of Sirone in my head made me goosebumps.

“The Kingdom of Kessia.”

It was where Fermi was.

“It’s a drug.”

“Yes, this is a drug trafficking route. It is produced in Kessia and spreads to all parts of the Southern Continent. And no cases of emotional illness are reported where this drug is distributed.”

“but… … Is it possible?”

“That’s the problem. I tried all kinds of morphine, sedatives, sedatives, and even special drugs, but the symptoms of emotional illness did not abate. What is this? What kind of drug can I use to overcome emotional illness?” Sirone covered his mouth and thought.

‘It’s too suspicious to be a coincidence. Even Fermi became a drug trafficker long before the Pandemonium opened. Could you have foreseen this situation… …

A sound came out involuntarily.


There may be.


Sirone shook her head.

‘I honestly don’t know. But it’s even harder to believe that he backtracked and caught his mouse. If all of this is calculated… …

On that unforgettable day, what did Fermi suggest to himself?

‘And I… …

Why did you accept that offer?

“Go to Kessia.”

Seriel, who was looking at Sirone, said while pressing the tip of the ballpoint pen with both hands.

“No matter how you think about it, this is impossible for the investigator to confirm. Since Fermi has already taken control of Cathia, it is ambiguous to make an official response. I know this is a difficult request, but I want you to go and check it yourself.”


A means of suppressing emotional illness is also important, but he was a person one must meet before the holy war.

“I’ll leave now.”

Another Sirone left for Cathia.

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