Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1038

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Other beliefs (2)

The Kingdom of Iron, one of the Seven Stars of the Temple, is a powerful nation representing the 8 kingdoms of the southern continent.

Their weapons are advanced politics and capital power that are more than enough to make up for the geographical disadvantages of being located at the southernmost tip of the country.

However, at some point, a subtle tectonic shift began to occur in the southern continent’s power structure.

It starts with the tears of an angel.

It was the name of a hallucinogen that was openly circulating in the small kingdom of Kessia.

“It’s quiet.”

The capital of Kessia was truly secluded.

Neither the once rampant crimes and terrorism, nor the image of a girl crying after losing her home were nowhere to be found.

Literally like a ghost town, only occasional groans leaked through the tightly closed houses.

Fermi looked up at the hot sun.

“Isn’t this also peace?”

An untrimmed beard covered his lower crown in abundance, and dyed hair now rested on the ends of his long hair.


Fermi, who turned around at the voice calling, revealed a smile like a mad joke.


Fermi is from the Central Continent, but now the distinctive Southern accent came naturally.

“what’s the matter? while everyone is sleeping.”

A man of medium height, swarthy, sniffed the whole time, approached Fermi.

“You found it. I was going to go to work. do you have that Angel’s Tears.”

Commonly called Angel.

“Of course it is.”

Fermi rummaged through his pockets, peering into Niaka’s severely swollen pupils.

“Inject as much as you like. Because it’s no fun if you do too much. Now, take this and go back.”

A small plastic bag was filled with a shiny white powder like sugar.

“thank you. but i don’t have money because i can’t work Would you like to go home with me? Take my wife if you don’t mind.”

No one worked in Kessiah.

“are you okay. Because I don’t need money anymore.”

Except for the kingdom of Iron, seven kingdoms in the southern continent were in Fermi’s hands.

“Now, bring this to your wife. This kind of service is the basis of customer hospitality.”

Fermi tapped Niaka on the shoulder and put another bag of drugs into his hand.

“Sniff sniff.”

Niaka held the bag up to her nose and sniffed it, her eyelids quivering and groaning.

“Ha ha. I’m going to live now.”

Niaka, whose focus had returned halfway, asked without removing the envelope from her nose.

“Farmus. Aren’t you an angel?”

“Why do you think so?”

“I don’t know. I just think so. Why aren’t you doing this good thing? does not it hurt?”

“If you enjoy me too, who will make the medicine? At least one person must protect this city. is not it?”

” but??????

After a couple of sniffs, Nyaka waved as she returned home.

“Thank you anyway.”

Fermi sent me off with a smile.

“Keep your dose. It’s a warning.”

Perhaps by tomorrow Niaka wouldn’t even remember meeting Fermi.

After staying for a while, Fermi walked down a desolate road covered with dust and rubbish.

The symbol of the ring of gold was shining on the spire of a state-of-the-art building at the end of the block.

“Are you here, Chairman?”

Upon entering the building, the coolness that chased away the heat of the day enveloped my skin.

“okay. What about the excavation team?”

The pupils of the employee who followed with a face without makeup were also slightly dilated.

“I woke up two hours ago. He is waiting in the recovery room now.” Fermi’s eyes softened.

‘Three days and 17 hours in real time. The excavation work this time was quite tough.’

Upon entering through the automatic door, a white space equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment came out.

There were 200 beds along the wall, and every one of them was empty.

“what? Are you here?”

The bathroom door opened and Marsha, who had just washed, walked out drying her hair.

“Where have you been? You kept looking.” The Parrot Mercenary Corps, which has joined hands with the golden ring, has now jumped to second place in the world guild rankings.

It was a remarkable growth in that it included all existing guilds, not just mercenary guilds.

“I came to get some fresh air. It’s a walk.”

“… … He goes out often these days. No one is on the streets anyway, so there is nothing to see, right?”

“Wouldn’t that be cool?” Marsha, brooding over Fermi’s words, picked up the iron box on the bed.

“ruler. here. It was a bit difficult this time. It’s dangerous ground, and it’s buried too deep. It seems to have been dug in for about 200 years… …

“Thank you for your effort.”

Upon receiving the box, Fermi confirmed that it had never been opened by the jewel in the center.

“How much can I give you?”

Marsha said as she put on her sweater.

“Are you still Hongjeong? All the money in the 7 kingdoms was swept away, but it’s not sticky.”


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“That’s why I’m asking.”

“I’ll be with you for a long time, so I’ll take it in moderation. 8 billion gold. Prepare it with bulk large gold coins.”

Fermi smiled.

“The salary for 4 days is 8 billion gold.”

“How many people do you have in your family? If we divide everything, there is nothing left. Anyway, keep it that way. I’m going to go get a drink.”

As Marsha passed by, patting her shoulder, Fermi said while inserting the box.

“I will deliver it the way I always do.”

“Oh, and.”

Just before leaving the door, Marsha turned around.

“I need to shave. you… … You haven’t been to the kids since then?”

“That’s a bit of a personal matter.”

“okay. If you are, you will know how to do it well. I just thought it would be much better than taking a walk on a deserted street.”

As Marsha left the recovery room and the automatic door closed, Fermi looked back in the mirror.

It looked like a strange person was standing there.

“… … Has it already happened?”

If you dig up a future event that no one knows about, you will forget the present time.

Entering the bathroom, Fermi took a warm shower and soaped her face.


The beard, which I couldn’t remember how long it had grown, peeled neatly over my skin.

He looked closely at his face, grabbed his long hair, and began to cut it with a razor.

Then, when I looked in the mirror, the clean face of the person called Fermi was revealed.


When I came out of the bathroom naked, the secretary who had been waiting outside came in and bowed her head.

“Bring me my clothes. I will go there.”

“… … yes.” Drunk with her angel, the accident slowed down for a moment, she understood her meaning and brought her a luxurious suit.

Neatly buttoned up, Fermi looked at himself in front of a full-length mirror for a while.


Thinking he was ready, he headed to a room where dozens of children were sleeping.

IVs were inserted, and doctors in gowns were checking the time and adjusting the dosage.


As the masked doctor lowered his head, Fermi stepped on his shoulder.

“Pe, Fermi.”

The only adult woman in the room straightened her upper body with blurry eyes.

It was Rachel, a comrade of Fermi’s mother, Yolga, and the director of Aramones Orphanage.


And maybe… … It must have been Fermi’s first love.

The doctor flipped through the charts quickly.

“Angel doses were not above average. Emotional disease is suppressed, and conscious activity is about 4 hours a day.”

said Rachel.

“Fermi, you can’t do this. Doing drugs to these children? This is a great sin.”

I didn’t want to see it again until I ‘mined’ the history of the outbreak of emotional illness.

Because to Fermi, Rachel was a person who replaced Yoga and a woman.

“Thanks to the medicine, I can sleep comfortably. Even the teacher knows. I’m in pain without this drug

She couldn’t have known it, but Angel’s long-term administration had weakened her reason.

“I don’t know. what should i do… … What should I do with these children? Is this really for the best?”

“You don’t have to think. because i will think don’t do anything because i will solve it Teacher, just lay back and dream of her.”

Rachel’s eyes flickered as she looked up at Fermi, who gently laid her on the bed.


It was like that then too.

My colleague’s son, even if it was a momentary mistake, the reason why I allowed my lips to a nine-year-old boy…

‘Because he’s so brilliant and clever.’ I ended up relying on that huge feeling that nothing was impossible in the world.

“Fermi. me, actually you… …

“I will come again.”

As if even knowing that, Fermi blocked Rachel’s mistake in advance.

“Ahhh… …

As the intravenous injection increased, her eyelids trembled and she fell into a deep sleep.

“Let me sleep for a while. Emotional shifts or amplifications can exacerbate the disease.”

“All right.”

While the doctor lowered his head, Fermi looked back at the children in the orphanage.

They convulsed from time to time, but they all slept peacefully.

“Have fun.”

Not in real hell, but in a sweet dream.


When Fermi left the room, the golden ring attendant followed with the sound of a shoe.

“The temple conference is not far off. Before that, shouldn’t we grab at least Iron, a neighboring country?”

“Leave it for now. I bet you have the cards we need.”

If it was Fermi’s words, there was no need to question reliability.

“All right. Then, I will vote as a representative of the 7 Southern Kingdoms, excluding Iron.”


Fermi remembered Sirone.

“Put that on hold too. A guest will be coming soon. Shouldn’t you try to match your hand to the end?”

“yes. then.”

The attendant who recorded the words stopped, and Fermi entered the office alone.

He put the box he had received from Marsha on the shelf and sat down on a chair in front of the windshield.


Looking at the desolate city landscape, Fermi recalled the face of Yolga whom he met in Istas.

‘Do not worry. You’ll do well.’

because he is your son

She died leaving humanity with the opportunity to choose the future.

She is a heroine comparable to Miro, but her tendency is rather close to philanthropy.

“nice… …

A vein ran up the nape of Fermi’s neck.

‘Is it a start again?’

The reason why I didn’t touch the angel is because it’s difficult to ‘mine’ history when the mind is cloudy.

“To be sick.”

As the pain of emotional illness pierced his whole body, the bridge of his nose twisted like that of a beast.

What should I give up?

He had abandoned everything except what he needed to achieve his purpose.

Suddenly, Fermi’s eyes filled with life, and he turned around with a terrifying expression.

He grabbed the military knife held in his right hand in reverse and slashed it down with all his might on the back of his left hand.


Red blood flowed down the blade that had pierced the bones of the hand and the armrest of the chair.

“Tsu” S?

Licking his tongue, Moon Fermi took out a cigarette and lit it with a twisted head.


And leaning back on the backrest, blowing long smoke toward the scenery outside the window


“… … I feel better now.”

The sun was burning uncomfortably.

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