Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1036

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City of Magic Engineering (5)

The 3,000 troops in charge of Laviette’s security thoroughly searched the city.

“Shit! Where are you?” The location of Son Yu-jeong was not captured even by the security system operated by the hidden code.

“Squad 3 into the building! Kill them as soon as you see them!”

A security guard passed by, and a human figure protruded convexly from the wall made of slime.

“It’s brutal.”

Among the Taoist arts of Son Yu-jeong, there was the ability to temporarily assimilate with objects.

The mechanism of ‘string’, which changes the law with the vibration of hair, was subordinate to Hexa.

“I can’t stay hidden forever. Either invade the grand duke’s castle, or find another way.”

Richera, clinging to her waist, said.

“You can hide for 3 minutes. Can’t we just keep pulling out our hair and go?”

Son Yoo-jeong lowered her gaze, lifted Richera’s head, and slammed it into the slime wall.

“Wook! Woo!”

After making it impossible to breathe for about a minute and removing it, only the neck remained, and the face was teary-eyed.

“Why, why are you like that?”

“Are you just saying it’s someone else’s hair? A bald monkey is absolutely not allowed.”

In fact, Richera’s strategy was useful.

Even so, the reason why I couldn’t go to the grand duke was because of the long orphan hanging around my neck.

‘If you can dismantle Gingoa, you can activate it. If so… …

Just imagining it was terrifying.

‘Never! I’d rather bite my tongue and die than be treated like a slave all my life! Would you rather just go back? After all, no one in this hell can use this.’

Richera, who was staring blankly at Son Yoo-jung, whose expression changed in real time, said.

“Make up your mind quickly. Are you going or not? I don’t want to be caught and become a wall.”

Seeing the human buried alive in Laviette’s building made her desperate to be purified grow stronger.

“I’m thinking about it, so keep your mouth shut. Before you nail it to the wall right now.” As Richera kept her mouth shut, black shadows quickly engulfed the city.

Laviette Barracks.

“what? Have you still not found it?” The red demon sitting on the chair tilted back and yawned.

Special Mobility Captain Crosade.

It had long horns like a sheep, and a swirling sheep symbolizing the demons was engraved on its skin.

“Do it quickly. As soon as I find it, I will go and destroy it right away.”

Executioner Ithaca was silent.

‘Almost occupied.’

Her black hair spread like the surface of the water around her sitting at the desk with her pods in the center.

‘Black Legacy.’

Ithaca’s hair grows to the extent that it fills the city, and each one is a delicate nerve.


As I focused my attention there, my eyelids trembled and Son Yu-jeong was positioned.

“The 13 block alley on Magol Street. Not fast. It is moving at 23 kilometers per hour.”

“You’re free.”

Crossade got down from the chair and bent his knees.

“Go ahead and cut your throat.”

“It is forbidden to be careless.”

As Crosade’s thighs inflated like balloons, explosive kinetic energy was generated.

“red! I have time or stock up.”

The moment he finished speaking, Crosade flew into the sky with a bang.

Around Ithaca, whose eyes were closed, black hair flowed like a creature.

As the legacy of black took over the entire city, there was no place to hide anymore.

“What is this dark thing? It’s very embarrassing.”

“It could be the tracking ability of the demons. How about using your stealth ability now?”

“Yeah, at what age… …

Son Yoo-jung, who stopped talking, opened her eyes wide and twisted her upper body at a tremendous speed.

The ground exploded with a bang.

“Oh, did you avoid it?” When Crosade appeared in the smoke, Son Yu-jeong took out her two bags of women’s clothing.

The next moment the security forces arrived.

“There! What, Crosade-sama?”

Confirming that one of the 7 generals was there, they spread out in all directions and blocked the escape route.

Crosade extended his index and middle fingers.

“Choose one of the two. Either get beaten to death here, or get hit after death.”

Anything possible in hell.

Hwa-an gold-jeong was lit in Son Yu-jeong’s eyes, and a sound came from the hand holding the woman’s robe.

“Something like a lesser monster.”


As Crosade, who shook his shoulders, spurred the ground, the oil well evaporated at the same time.

A roar shook the city.

In front of the Grand Duke’s castle, Lethe turned her head.


The armored knight, Kimara, also sensed the unusual shock contained in the sound.

“Looks like we found the intruder. Crosade will be dispatched, so don’t worry.”


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The 7 generals were the strongest in terms of simple force, so Lethe opened the door without worrying.

While all the demons working in the castle came out to meet him, the Grand Duke was nowhere to be seen.

Of course, the elder of the elders who can have a drink with anyone in hell is Marguerite, but… … .

‘There’s definitely something.’

It was unusual to even ignore the president of the chemical company.

“What about the Grand Duke?”

Only the butler Biel replied.

“You are in the lab. You know, once you go in, there’s no guarantee when you’ll come out.”

“So I came here myself. It’s really important, can you take me to the lab?”

“I have not received such a message.” The demons working in the castle exchanged glances with surprised expressions at the unexpected words and actions.


Life flashed in Lethe’s eyes.

“Yes, boss.”

“Aren’t you misunderstanding something? Since I treat you well, does the Grand Duke look like I’m on par with you?”

“Who would dare to defy the Mother of Hell. However, I am telling the truth.”

He was prepared for extinction through implementation, and handing over responsibility meant the same for the Grand Duke.


Lethe’s eyebrows curled into a smile.

“Why, really? What are we fighting for? huh? Mr. Biellmann, it’s me, it’s Lethe. Why are you so serious?”

“… … sorry.”

From Bielman’s unmoving appearance with his eyes down, Lethe felt it.

“Yahweh. are you here now? And Rihanna too. Has anyone seen it? At least the gatekeeper knows, right?”

As she looked around, the demons froze and gulped down their saliva.

There will be few people in hell who can fool the president of a chemical company with their eyes.

Even so, Bielmann was calm, and Lethe could not find lies in the eyes of the demons.

‘Is there really no Yahweh? no, that can’t be He’s already used his hand.’

Bielman’s eyes darkened coldly.

‘I’m sorry, Mr. Lethe.’

In the old castle where Magritte is staying, there is not a single demon who knows about Sirone’s whereabouts.

‘I serve the grand duke.’

It was because Bielman had killed them all.

‘It’s such a serious matter. Mistakes are unacceptable when the fate of hell is at stake.’

Lethe was frustrated and angry.


It wasn’t anger at Ha-geuk-sang, but it was regret for the years when they respected each other.

“If it’s like this, I won’t have to be polite anymore. I must meet the Grand Duke.”

Even when he dared to see Lethe approaching head-on, Bielman did not even flinch.

“Vicky. It is an order.”

“You know where the lab is. Is it really necessary to go back a long way?”

“No, I hate it. you get out of the way.” Lethe said behind her.

“Don’t wait.”

There was a clicking sound, and Kimara lowered her head.

“Yes, Lady Lethe.”

“If a butler disobeys the order of the chemical company president, what will be the laws of hell?”

“… … You will have to cut your throat.” Kimara, also a loyalist of the Grand Duke, had a feeling of being squeezed into his voice.

‘What’s going on? Why is Mr. Bielman having a meaningless conflict with Lady Lethe?’

When something is happening that even the 7th General of the Archduke doesn’t know about, his judgment is… … .

Lethe said.

“This is your last chance. Move.”

Bielman didn’t answer, and all that was left was Guimara’s sword to cut his throat.

10 seconds.

It was the only time Lethe could wait while recalling memories of billions of years.

Guimara chose.

‘I am a knight of the Grand Duke.’

10 seconds passed, and Lethe gnashed her teeth and turned away coldly.

“Stupid things!”

Bielmann followed her back with his eyes as she strode toward the laboratory.

Guimara didn’t ask.

‘If the Grand Duke wishes… … Guimara will not ask anything.

A small succubus, Merkede, who was watching on the middle floor, hurriedly came in.

“The president of the chemical company is coming.”

It was a bad news, but Magritte’s response, assuming this situation, was calm and swift.

“It ended up like this. It is a mountain that must be crossed at least once. For now, Yahweh will come this way.”

When the lab floor was ripped open, a deep hole that looked like intestines was wriggling.

“Stay away for a while. I don’t know how long Lady Lethe will be here, but I’ll send you a separate message.”

The hole was narrow and damp, but since Sirone was also shorter in the shape of a demon, it seemed to fit.

“wait for a sec. Apart from me, what about Lian? The person Lethe is looking for is rather Li An.”

“So I have to stay here all the more. Those affected by the Karma Chain are under the watchful eye of the Painter. The only place in this city where you can disrupt the chemical company’s hidden code is this laboratory. Of course, this is also illegal, but take it out the moment you leave

You will not be able to gamble.” said Ryan.

“Yes, Sirone. I don’t have to worry Because it’s an enemy you have to run into anyway.”

“okay. then… … be careful.”

Merkede said.

“Quickly, quickly! You are coming down now.”

As Sirone entered the hole, the intestines contracted and relaxed, sending him down quickly.

When Magritte, who had hidden the hole, opened the warehouse door, all kinds of corpses were piled up like a mountain.

“You go in here. birth god

will be able to erase the smell of You must never show signs.”

It was a terrible sight to capture, but Lian calmly dug between the corpses.

The warehouse door closed, and the laboratory door opened.

“Grand Duke.”

When Lette turned the corner, she saw Magritte buried her head in the blueprints.

“huh? No, aren’t you Lethe? Why are you in such a shabby place without a message?”

She didn’t even listen by ear.

In the silence, her gaze began to carefully scan the scene of the laboratory.

The security guard was in a state of mind.

“Oh, this can’t be…

The demon with the strongest body among the demons, and even more so, the 7th general, Crosade, was terribly broken.

York ”

Croseid, who had all the horns on his forehead broken, looked up at Son Yu-jeong.

“You bastard, you dare me… …

Son Yu-jeong, who was burning like the sun, approached me with smoke coming out of her mouth.

“Are you done now? It’s nothing special.”

The entire block of Magol Street was in a state of being devastated, and the radius of the siege reached 500 meters.

“Don’t think it’s over. All demons in hell will come after you. tear it to shreds I will rip out the intestines alive and throw them into your mouth!”

Son Yoo-jung listened to the woman.

“Yes, yes, if I lose, will you do anything?”

“Ha ha ha! stupid human! You can clearly see the road to hell that will spread to you in the future! ha ha… … !”

There was a bang.

As Crosade’s face was crushed by the blow, the security guard’s eyes tightened.


In the face of the defeat of the veteran, the already ferocious nature of the demon tribe was fully awakened.


Richera’s face went pale.

“We are done! They won’t stop until Hell is gone.”

Son Yoo-jung pulled out her hair and laughed.

“haha! that would be fun too I heard that my great-grandfather almost destroyed the heavens.”

Her hair swayed and shimmered.

“The Magic of Manga Comics.”

At the same time, thousands of Son Yu-jeong were born in the sky and began to scatter in all directions.

“Kyahahaha! Grab it hard!”

The monkey’s frivolous laughter echoed throughout the city.

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