I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 9

◈ Episode 9 Undercover Employment (1)

I lay there blankly in bed for about an hour. I didn’t have the strength to do anything right away.

At this point, I felt a little bit sad.

No, how on earth can an executive of a secret society get caught up in a train terrorism and die?

If you were an executive of a secret society who planted nearly 40 people at Seorn Academy, shouldn’t you have survived in that situation!


yes i know Even if you get angry like this, the dead don’t come back.

That all of this is just pointless emotional consumption.

I had to admit it.

I’m now Rudgar Chelsea, and I’m going to have to hold on for two years in this damn status.

‘Honestly, I thought it wouldn’t matter as long as the academy didn’t get caught, and that wasn’t difficult enough.’

Still, I thought that since I had lived experience, I could imitate a teacher in a plausible way.

I know how to use magic, and theoretical knowledge is not lacking.

It was not recklessness, but the conviction that it was possible to spend it safely in about two years.

But not this one.

It’s a secret marriage. even an executive

Besides, judging from what they say, they aren’t usually dangerous guys. Assassination of some factor in the academy? Dealing with traitors? The method is also quite cruel.

Even the gangsters and mafia of the underworld don’t do this. Isn’t it a radical act that some bad guys would do?

Isn’t it too much that the difficulty is causing inflation due to the addition of new missions?

It’s like going from normal mode to hell mode.

“Let’s think.”

Now I have one more target that this false identity should not be found out.

An academy and an unknown secret society.

If either of these two groups find out that I’m not Rudger, I’m dead from that day.

Whether by the Chancellor’s hand, by Imperial law, or by the secret society’s own purges.

Death is now closer to me than any other moment.

“You have to think.”

Ludgar Celish is a member of the secret society.

The name Rudger is also a pseudonym since it is a created identity, but anyway, he is in a position commonly called the First Order.

Among the secret societies that infiltrated this academy, the First Order said there were only two of them, including me. You don’t need to know right away what their purpose is.

What matters is who the rest of the First Order is.

I couldn’t ask about it openly, so there was no way to know right away unless they approached me from the other side and contacted me.

‘For now, you can ignore the second and third orders.’

It is presumed that the real Ludger had a very eccentric personality even within the organization.

It was a fact that could be inferred enough from the expression of the subordinate who became contemplative even though he only lowered his voice and showed a little bravado.

Her personality is the opposite of that, so from the point of view of her subordinates, she won’t try to touch her for anything. That’s welcome from my side.

In the end, I only had to care about one other First Order, an executive equal to Ludgar’s status.

The question is, who the hell is the First Order?

‘I can’t be bold to ask. No matter how, I don’t know how an executive can handle other executives. If I do that, I’ll be suspected right away.’

Now I had to deal with not only the academy and the empire, but also the existence of a secret society secretly hiding in the empire.

I thought he was only riding on the back of one tiger, but he was riding on the backs of two.

I thought I was a really great guy too. The circus won’t do this either.

It’s over when either side is wrong.

The moment the balance collapsed, I had to see that I almost died.

‘okay. Now that it’s like this anyway, I have no choice but to do it.’

I immediately took out the books in the suitcase and opened the letter next to them.

‘First of all, getting information comes first.’

This letter must be the password used by their organization.

Then it was necessary to interpret it.

All passwords have certain patterns.

And the one that can analyze that pattern must be this book in the bag.

‘I’m a teacher at the magic academy, so the magic books are excluded. Besides that, there were a few books that weren’t ordinary.’

I looked through the books.

[The Watcher in the Rye] [Ringerck’s Philosophy] [Traces of Totalitarianism] [One Hundred Years of Solitude]

Novels, autobiographies, and even bestsellers in nonfiction.

Among them, there was one book that caught my eye.

[A Gentleman’s Discipline]

‘This is it.’

I remembered the image of Ludger I saw on the train.

His petty actions or some untidy actions. A slight trembling of a leg or a shaking of a hand.

If that man had really seriously considered gentlemanly culture and read this book, he couldn’t have behaved like that.

‘Even this book has been touched the most.’

Part of the cover was worn and deteriorated.

It is said that I read that much, but was there a reason for that?

‘This book was being used as an interpretation of the password.’

I opened the book [A Gentleman’s Culture] and turned the pages.


Traces of burnt hands visible between the books.

Some pages I didn’t read, some I read until the paper was worn out.

The regularity hidden in the irregularity gradually came to my eyes.

Upon closer inspection of a particular worn page, I noticed something between the letters.

I immediately took the letter and compared it to the side.

‘It is said that the continent uses a unified language, but each country has a slightly different language.’

Since the traces of Ludgar Celisch originated in the Kingdom of Queoden, you can think of the Queoden language.

In particular, the letter contained explicit traces of some proper nouns or dialects used in the Kingdom of Queoden.

Although it is a small and barren kingdom in the north, Queoden, which unexpectedly produced quite a lot of great writers, has about 20,000 words used in its dialect, and among them, 8,000 advanced vocabulary words.

Surely this must be the point of the password.

Considering the arrangement of their language and the connection between this letter, it is not difficult to distinguish the code.

Because I know Queoden.


My prediction was correct. When I checked the code in Queoden, I could see the connection between the words between the letters.

<Greetings> <Farewell> <Farewell party> <Meeting birds> <Crow> <Eyes> <Starlight> etc.

Next to it, some words symbolizing numbers were jumbled together.

The numbers will represent the pages of this cryptographic codebook, and if you interpret it by combining other words… … .

‘First Order. Infiltrate Seorn Academy as a teacher and earn their favor. From now on, I will pass on the order while watching the situation.’

It goes like this.

I couldn’t get any conclusive information, but this was enough.

I put my head back as I closed the book [A Gentleman’s Culture].


2 years remaining.

I had to live as a teacher at the academy and as an executive of a secret society.

Of course, I couldn’t live like that forever. Even if you safely spend two years as a teacher, the wall of a secret society remains.

Their presence was very annoying to me.

If you make a mistake in the middle, the probability of being killed is the highest.

‘But I can’t get rid of all the secret societies by myself. I don’t know how the structure of the organization is structured, but it’s to the extent that Ganja was planted in Seorn Academy. I’m sure they’re pretty dangerous.’

Dealing with them as individuals is impossible.

But let’s leave it alone, this secret society is a shackle that holds me back, so I had to erase it.

If so how?

‘I’ll have to use the Academy’s power.’

There is a saying, 以夷制夷 (以夷制夷).

Deal with the barbarians and subdue the barbarians.

Seorn Academy is not just a school. It is a place that symbolizes the future of the era, nurturing the future of the empire.

Even though it has the name of the academy, it is not an impossible task as it is a place with enormous power that can affect quite a few countries.

If Seorn and the secret society were to face each other, no matter how great the secret society was, it would inevitably be pushed back.

How many soldiers and how many wizards stay here. Even inside the imperial territory, there is a possibility that the knights will move.

They know that too, so they planted a spy instead of choosing to break through head-on.

In other words, I just had to carefully dig up their information so as not to get caught by the secret society and leak that information to the academy.

‘Of course, if it’s too long, the tail will be stepped on.’

The secret society could purge me for betraying me, or conversely, the academy could suspect me of being a spy and exclude me.

In the end, it was important to keep the right line.

The moment I lean to either side, the only thing waiting for me is the scheduled destruction.

It is like riding a single rope while holding a long pole.

Never leaned towards either side.

‘for now… … Let’s start with the first class in a week.’

There was nothing in particular to do in the directive. Buying favor means, as a teacher, you must first imprint your image with certainty.

Then, first of all, it is important to fulfill your duty as a teacher.

Seorn is a place where smart students go, so if you show even a little bit of a lacking side, you might be bitten by the students.

Originally, talented children at the age of growing up usually think they are the best and ignore even their teachers.

I don’t know what this place is like, but I’ve realized through long experience that all places where people live are similar.

‘… … There are so many things to consider in many ways.’

Don’t be rude to students

The academy shouldn’t look suspicious.

Even the secret society guys shouldn’t find out.

I wondered what the heck I was trying to do, but if I endured all of this, there would be a reward worthy of it.

okay. For that, I was able to endure enough.

I woke up from bed and went into my personal study and opened my magic textbook.

I had to make plans for the future and prepare how to conduct the class.

2 years remaining.

I couldn’t help but play.

* * *

The first day of school has arrived.

Students who went down to their hometowns during the vacation returned one by one, and with the new semester, even the new students of the year entered.

The students, who were first-year students, crossed the school gates with their hearts swollen with anticipation of what new classes they would be able to take in the future as they moved up to the second year.

All around the classroom, the sounds of students greeting each other as they reunited with friends they hadn’t seen for months filled the doorstep.


They are all followers of learning taking classes at the same academy, but not all are the same students.

Loud students and quiet students.

Naturally, the atmosphere among the students was divided, and if the flow was natural, then, of course, their status in society was determined.

Inside the Seorn Academy, students are divided into three classes.

The upper class, headed by royalty, nobles, and high-ranking clergymen.

The middle class, led by wealthy merchants.

and, finally, the lower class occupied by poor commoners.

Even if they were students of the same class, they could not ignore their status, and as a result, they built walls without realizing it and divided their classes even inside the academy.

While the nobles smiled brightly and exchanged greetings, the commoners, on the contrary, often looked at each other or gathered quietly among themselves.

It was the same in the classroom for the soon-to-be Appearance class.

“hey. Did you hear the news?”

“What news?”

“There is this class on understanding the theory of expression systems and elements. I heard that a new teacher who just came in does it?”

“A new teacher teaching second grade, not first grade? Do you think you have enough skills?”

“I can’t help it. My predecessor has left. When I heard the news, I heard that the past history was splendid? They said that he was from the military and had many papers.”

“Then aren’t you a great person? It’s not normal.”

“But you know what?”


“that person. They said he was from a fallen noble family.”

At the mention of a fallen nobleman, a sneer naturally crept into the lips of the faction leading the conversation.

Those who tarnish the noble name of nobility.

It was common for fallen nobles to be treated worse than wealthy merchants among nobles.

At least to the extent that it can be a little off-putting to the common people?

Since he has been appointed as a teacher for Seorn, he may have skills, but he is bound to look ridiculous to the upper class students.

At the same time, aristocratic students had similar thoughts.

If you’re a new teacher from a fallen aristocrat, getting grades in class is a piece of cake.

The moment each person had a conversation about what kind of person he would be, the front door of the classroom opened without a sound.

All eyes turned to the front door.

A man was entering the classroom through the open door.

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