I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 8

◈ Episode 8 False Identity (3)

There was nothing in Rudger’s suitcase that would cause wide-eyed eye-popping.

Just a change of clothes and books.

Other than that, it’s just a lot of paperwork and miscellaneous things.

‘I thought there would be something greater.’

I bundled up textbooks, magic books, and papers, put them aside, and picked out and put away my clothes.

In the case of books, in addition to magic books, there were many popular novels and essays by famous scientists.

You’ve read all the odds and ends.

Other than that, a few letters, ID cards, and personal belongings were all.

Even if it were tools, it was just a pocket watch, a small pipe to use as a medium for magic, and a wallet with money.

I immediately checked my ID and documents one by one.

‘Ludger Chelsea. A descendant of the fallen nobles of Queoden, a small and medium-sized kingdom in the northern continent. He has no siblings and his parents are both dead.’

It’s not bad.

Although I am a fallen aristocrat, I am nominally a nobleman, so I won’t be looked down upon anywhere, and since I have no family, no one recognizes me.

‘Let’s see. The history is incredibly splendid. He submitted 12 papers to the Magic Tower, and he is the youngest in the 4th rank? Even a military officer?’

I wondered if it was because he was also Seorn’s teacher.

It’s a record that’s this much at such a young age.

‘Is the subject taught magic manifestation and specialization? Mana release and elemental elements are the main ones.’

Seeing that expression was specialized, there was a high probability that actual combat would be taught in the subject.

I opened the letter and examined its contents.

If there were conversations with acquaintances, I had to catch and learn trivial habits.

‘The contents of the letter are fine.’

In the letters presumed to be exchanged with acquaintances, there were only formal conversations about joining the academy soon, which book was good, or where something happened.

Even when I was in the military, I don’t think I had anyone close to me.

Maybe it was the criminal’s style?

Seeing as there was almost no personal content, it didn’t seem that he was particularly friendly with the person he exchanged letters with.

‘All that’s left is… … .’

This is information about the basic contents of classes to teach students after the beginning of the semester, and how this Seorn Academy came to be and how it is run.

First of all, it was necessary to go around the site and learn the topography of Ceorn.


I was about to go outside immediately, but I had no choice but to stop at the loud sound of the ship.

Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten anything since today’s train.

‘What should I do starting tomorrow?’

I was mentally exhausted because I had so much to do during the day.

First of all, let’s have a good rest today.

* * *

Two weeks have passed since then.

In the meantime, I’ve been to every nook and cranny of the Seorn Academy to understand the geography of this place.

As expected when I first saw it, the site of this Seorn Academy was truly huge beyond imagination.

‘It’s not that people call me Seorn for no reason.’

I sat on an outdoor bench in a secluded cafe and watched the peaceful scenery.

I’ve finished checking roughly, and now I was only thinking about the upcoming class.

‘Is it because the school year is approaching? I see students often.’

I could see students walking around in their Seorn Academy uniforms. Uniform design is cool for men and pretty for girls.

Did you say that the uniform was made by a renowned designer in the empire?

Perhaps because it was an academy that taught magic, some of them flew on broomsticks or rode strange mechanical dolls.

I thought it was a really good time to see young people laughing and having various conversations with each other.

Every day has been a fierce battle since I came to this world, but these children live a blessed life thanks to their innate talents and environment.


Two girls passing by this side glanced at me and started whispering something among themselves.

but. Even I would be suspicious if someone I hadn’t seen before started like this from the day before class started.

I took a sip of my coffee because I noticed it for no reason.

I’m going to go back to my dorm after drinking it all, and I’ll have to prepare for the orientation a week later.

Thinking so, I drank all the coffee I had left and the moment I was about to get up, a woman came and sat down casually at the table next to me.

The moment I thought it was a new guest, she started talking in a voice so low that only I could hear.

“I’m glad you’re okay. Why did you not hear from me for two weeks?”

“… … ?”

My instinctive intuition stopped my head, which I was about to turn back without even realizing it.


I casually set the glass I finished drinking on the table.

“… … .”

Are you talking to me now?

I looked around.

If you didn’t talk to me, but to someone else, and I reacted here, what could be more embarrassing than that.

But no matter how much I look, there are no other people around. I don’t even feel a presence.

The only ones sitting at the outdoor table are me and the woman at the table next to me.

In other words, that person is talking to me now. No, should I say this?

As I continued to remain silent, she continued.

“I was anxious to see if there was something wrong. Other members are also wondering what happened to the First Order.”

“… … .”


First Order.

Someone who worries about me in the first place.

I couldn’t know the details of this alone, but I was sure of one thing.

I’m caught up in a very annoying thing right now.

* * *


I fiddled with the handle of the coffee cup in my hand.

I was just drinking coffee at an outdoor table in a cafe, enjoying the taste of coffee, when suddenly a strange woman came up to me and started talking to me.

However, the words they say to me are all nonsensical.

The polite tone of calling me high and the way members say something.

insane? no. That’s sincere.

So, did I come to the wrong person? no. she came right

——It wasn’t me, it was someone named Ludgar Celish.

The moment I judged the situation, my mouth moved naturally as if it had been oiled.

“There were things to check for a while.”

“Is it related to this terrorist incident? It was just an accident. After all, no one knew that the rebels would raid the train the First Order was on.”

“Everything else. Rough information about Ceorn.”

“Didn’t you have the information you received beforehand?”

“That alone is not enough. There is a big difference between hearing it in words and actually seeing it.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

The woman nodded as if she understood something.

oh i don’t know

I continued with the feeling of being what I was meant to be.

“Did you handle the job well?”

“yes. of course. Completed all of the academy factor assassinations before entering this place. Most of them were servants.”

what? Assassinate the academy factor?

I almost shook my body for a moment, but I managed to hold it in.

“And in the meantime, a traitor within the organization was exposed and we dealt with that too.”

what? betrayer? process?

At the word traitor, I swallowed my saliva without realizing it.

I asked without showing embarrassment.

“Disposition. How did you do it?”

“The limbs were pulled out and shredded and shoved into his mouth. The rest of the body was said to have been fed to wild dogs. I haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve heard about it from other members. It could be said that this is the end befitting a traitor.”

“… … .”

… … They were more insane than you might think.

However, the more I was in this situation, the more calm my mind became.

As the air around me became heavier, I felt the woman sitting next to me tremble.

“Sorry, sorry. I should have listened and reported… … !”

“done. Rather than that, why did you come to see me all of a sudden?”

“That, that. The First Order came here, but there has been no news for the past 15 days… … .”

“So, at this critical moment, you acted on your own?”

Analyze while talking.

They called me the First Order, not Rudgar.

Judging from the fact that First is put in front of the name, there is a high possibility that he is in a fairly high position within the organization.

I believed in that and tried to brag a little, and it seems that was the correct answer.

“Hey, hee! sorry!”

I replied in a cold voice to the woman who seemed to be bowing her head right away.

“Be quite. Do you want to arouse suspicion from the people around you?”

“Sigh. sorry, sorry… … .”

“Don’t even say you’re sorry.”

“… … .”

“okay. It’s time to check it out anyway. How many members have gathered now?”

“yes yes?”

“It’s about how many members are in here.”


She looked around as much as she could and spoke in a low voice.

“Currently, 31 members of the Third Order and 7 members of the Second Order have successfully infiltrated. And the other First Order came in first and settled down as planned.”

“hmm. It’s suitable.”

While nodding formally, I combined the information I had picked up as best I could.

What I roughly noticed was that there was one more First Order member besides me, and that there were almost 40 of them.

The scale is not large, but if it is enough to plant this much number in Seorn, its ability is unusual.

Fortunately, the guy in front of me right now doesn’t even question my identity.

Rather, it sends awe-inspiring gazes of fear and respect in real time.

‘As expected of the First Order!’ Well, to think like that seems blatant.

Looking at it like that, it seems that at least something can be used to eat it.

“i get it. Checking is over, so I’ll stand up now.”

“ah! After that, if you have a tangent, you can come to the designated place.”

meeting place? Wasn’t there a place like that?

But now, ‘Where is that?’ I can’t possibly ask the same question.

As I was thinking about how to do this, a good idea came to my mind.

“Oh? Are people like you talking about Mara, come to me on your own right now?”

As I deliberately lowered my voice and gave him a cold gaze, I could see his complexion turning pale.

Perhaps this side’s bluff had worked, he desperately made an excuse, trembling like a baby squirrel.

“That is not so. I-I just… … .”

“I hate to hear excuses. When a tangent is needed in the future, it is decided here. The place and time are the same. Got it?”

“Ah, I see.”

“If there is something I really need to tell you, I will only allow it if the First Order like me calls for it. Or higher than that.”

“More, if it’s higher, surely Zero Order-nim?”

There are zero orders.

I wanted to, but it was.

“okay. Don’t bother me with little things other than His words. Got it? This is a warning.”

So treat yourself well.

I said that and got up from my seat.

I was about to leave without looking back, but the guy called me from behind saying ‘over there’.

He stopped in his seat and turned his head slightly to stare at him.


“That, that… … What will you do when you call us… … .”

The moment I heard that, I wanted to ache.

Come to think of it, I didn’t explain myself.

But I can’t explain right away how I don’t know.

“… … Do I really have to say that with my own mouth?”

“Hee! Oh no! I made a mistake.”

“I’ll just skip this one time.”

After saying that, I quickly left the place.

* * *

thump thump!

Upon returning home, I hurriedly went up to the bedroom on the second floor and took out the suitcase I had put in the closet.

After scattering the letters in Ludger’s suitcase on the bed and checking them one by one, I realized that my anxious imagination had finally become a reality.

“… … Ha, damn it.”

The bizarre sense of heterogeneity I felt while reading the letter.

Why did he bother to exchange formal words like this with an acquaintance who had no family?

Why did a man with such a brilliant history refrain from private life to the point of being so close to mysophobia?

All those questions have finally been answered.

– In the first place, this was no ordinary letter.

I scanned the special characters of certain words written inside the letter. The sense of heterogeneity that I instinctively felt was in the certain patterns of these characters.


This was the ‘password’.

Their own password that they use to avoid being caught by others.

Throwing away the letters, I read the documents proving my identity again.

‘Falling nobles? don’t have a family? Even from a small country far away from the empire?’

all of that is fake.

Even the flashy traces of the past are all lies.

The existence of Ludger Celish was an identity created by someone with great effort.

why didn’t you know Why didn’t she doubt it?

Why did I naturally accept this ‘blatantly ideal’ status?

‘Then, the true identity of the Ludger I met on the train… … .’

A member of the secret society hiding in Seorn Academy.

Even an executive with the title of First Order.

And now, I’m wearing that guy’s mask.

My legs gave out and I sat down on the bed.


The identity of this Ludgar Chelishi, which I thought was ideal for starting a new life… … In fact, it was a nuclear bomb that was more dangerous than anything else.

I’m so tired

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