I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 10

◈ Episode 10 Undercover Employment (2)

The man was like a calm lake with mist rising at dawn.

It is cold, chilly, and still.

Like a peaceful sleep that is not shaken, each action is restrained, quiet, and free of superfluities.

Even when the door to the classroom is closed.

Even when the footsteps of the shoes climb onto the podium.

Even when putting papers on the desk.

There is no sound.

The silence swallowed the entire lecture hall like ripples on the water.

“uh… … .”

Even the aristocratic students who kept talking were swept away by the atmosphere and kept their mouths shut.

The quiet students turned their eyes to the main character standing on the podium with their eyes shining with curiosity.

The suit, suitable for his tall stature, was not wrinkled. On top of that, a black frock coat that fits the body is added.

Stylish, yet not overdone attire.

When the man takes off the top hat and tosses it lightly, it gently flies toward the hanger in the corner of the church and lands on it.

While the series of movements were so natural, his appearance hidden by the hat was revealed.

A sharp jawline and a straight nose. unblinking eyes.

His strong, yet charismatic eyes were sharpened to such an extent that he could hardly be seen as a new teacher.

His hair, long for a man, was tied neatly at the nape of his neck.


Some of the aristocratic students who were talking behind their backs secretly swallowed their saliva without realizing it, weighed down by the momentum.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Ludger Celish, who has been assigned to the newly appointed academy this time.”

The moment he opens his mouth and makes a sound.

As if water was sprinkled on dreamily scattered watercolors.

The atmosphere of the classroom, which had been immersed in quiet silence, returned to reality.

* * *

“Once it’s the first day of class, I won’t go to class right away. But, let’s make an announcement in advance.”

I slowly hung the frock coat on the hanger.

It wasn’t difficult to keep the conversation going. It was enough to just recite the words that I thought of in advance at the right timing.

This is a kind of play.

I am the actor on stage, and the students are the spectators.

All you have to do is follow the flow and continue the monologue naturally.

Because the script is all in my head.

“My class is an expression series. However, there will be no teaching purely about the manifestation system. Rather than that, I will focus on applying it in real life beyond the principle, a little closer to practice.”

Scanning the crowd, I saw a few shrug their shoulders.

That’s a good response.

Since there is a soldier in the past of this status, no student looked at him strangely even if he maintained such a tone of voice and intense eyes.

“And classes can be applied for not only the second year, but also the first year. In other words, it can be seen as a joint class for first and second graders.”

At my words, a murmur began to emerge from all over the place.

The students gathered now were all sophomores, so it was embarrassing.

However, there is no school rule that says classes must be divided by grade, so it was not impossible.

The moment the noise slowly subsided, I opened my mouth at the most appropriate time.



In an instant, the noise inside the classroom disappears.

Everyone’s eyes turn to this direction again.

“It is natural for sophomores to be dissatisfied with the fact that they have to take the same classes as first-year students. But don’t worry. Just because I’m considerate of the first graders, I won’t teach the obvious things that beginners would learn.”

Relief-filled reactions flow from all over the place.

The teaching method of Seorn Academy is more like a university than a high school.

However, it is not completely university, so it can be seen that it is mixed a little vaguely. Shops and penalty points are prime examples.

Students at Seorn choose the lectures they want to take according to their specialties, and earn credits by completing the subjects.

Students here are children who hear prodigies wherever they go.

Even if you are in the 1st year, there is nothing much different from the 2nd year. With that in mind, I decided to hold a joint class for first and second graders.


When only sophomores get together, stories about teachers inevitably come out.

The curiosity and main target of the sophomores, who have already known each other for a year, cannot but be me, the new teacher, not my classmates in the same grade.

But what if a freshman who just entered the classroom is in the same classroom?

The nerves of the sophomores are diverted to the juniors in the first year.

Then there will definitely be fewer people talking about me.

Even if there are complaints, they do not dig further.

The existence of a freshman is a kind of smokescreen and breakwater that prevents anyone from doubting my qualifications as a teacher.

“Why do you allow first-year students to take classes?”

Someone raised their hand and said.

Upon closer examination, it was a female student with wavy blonde hair that reached her waist.

The unshakable gaze towards this side has a strong feeling of being somewhere.

They recognized her around them and were talking to each other about something. what? Is she a good kid?

Upon closer inspection, there was a familiar face somewhere.

that face… … Where have you seen many?

‘That kind of person who is reluctant to think of something… … .’

Once the question was asked, I decided to answer it.

“Because I thought they needed a chance too.”

“What do you mean by opportunity?”

“I find it very unfortunate that I have to take my classes only for a certain grade. That’s never the right attitude as an educator. Giving equal teaching to all regardless of grade level. That is my opinion.”

Well, you might ask why I didn’t mention the 3rd year and beyond here.

Of course, they can also take my classes if they want. However, the 3rd graders will have a hard time digesting the required subjects they are learning right away.

In fact, the only thing I can afford is up to the second year.

“Of course, that means that the classes I teach are not restricted by grade. I am proud to say that it is definitely different from the existing ones.”

Well, it’s not like you just throw it out without thinking.

Because I was prepared for the class.

For a peaceful future, there’s nothing I can’t do by solving a few tips I have.

“It’s hard to understand unless you explain exactly what class it is.”

“If you have any questions, just come to my class. It’s not fun to tell them in advance.”

As I deliberately scratched my insides, a small wrinkle formed on my blonde haired forehead.

I’m sorry, but I have no intention of telling you what to teach right away.

Rather, it was intended to annoy me and make me more curious.

Because there is nothing that students at the academy are more wary of than an unknown class that they may teach.

“Just one warning. If there is a guy who wants to take my class with the absurd idea that I’m a new teacher and I’m going to get good grades easily.”

After deliberately controlling my breathing and resting.

He spat out the last word strongly.

“At that time, I will carve in my bones what real education is.”

That is, if you interpret the last word.

Please don’t come to my class.

If you have to take classes with the first year, it will hurt the pride of the second year.

He even openly warned that the class was tough, so the guys with high self-esteem said, ‘That class. Don’t listen!’ There was a high chance that it would pass.

I openly planted a mine like this, but if you step on it and it explodes, honestly, it’s the fault of the person who stepped on it.

Of course, it would be a disqualification as a teacher if I just spit out all these processes.

I made a hole to escape by wrapping this process for a plausible reason.

There’s a reason for everything. You’ll know when you take the class.

It’s tantamount to distributing irresponsible empty checks, but what can I do?

Of course, this is the only way I can do, as I have not lived through the regular method.

“It is more than that. Any questions?”

I asked, prepared for the students to raise their hands and question me.

* * *

Inside the classroom, it was quiet.

None of the students raised their hands when Rudger asked if they had any questions.

Everyone just rolls their eyes and looks at them.

It is not that there are no questions. I also liked the little questions about how to do the assignments, what the exact curriculum of the class was, or what they had taught before.

But no one ever said it out loud.

Everyone was overwhelmed by Ludgar Celisi’s spirit.

‘That’s a new teacher?’

‘He said he was a soldier, but the atmosphere is no joke.’

‘There was a saying that it was at least 4th level. Is it true?’

Unbelievable pressure for a young person. It’s absolutely not because of your mood that you get breathless just by making eye contact.

Even the aristocratic students, who had dismissed their opponent as a fallen nobleman, avoided Ludger’s gaze and swallowed dry saliva.

How could other students dare to step forward when the upper classes do?

Everyone felt it implicitly while listening to Ludger’s words.

That man never said everything in vain.

a look. speech. to a confident voice.

Unless a person is genuinely proud of their class, they will never show this kind of reaction.

What the hell are you trying to teach me? If it is not bound by theory, is it practice? If so, how is it in practice?

In everyone’s head, only such complex thoughts bubbled up and disappeared repeatedly.

But one thing is certain.

The class taught by a teacher named Rudger Celish is that you will never be taken lightly.

“Any questions?”

His voice asked again.

It sounds like someone asking a question, but the students weren’t fooled.

The moment you raise your hand here and open your mouth, Rudgar will immediately stamp you.

Look at those staring eyes. The will to never allow questions is conveyed desperately.

The blonde girl who had raised her hand for the first time was still standing still.

“No. Then the opening ceremony will end with this.”

First day of school opening.

The breathtaking orientation ended just like that.

* * *

When the orientation was over, the students got up one by one and left the classroom.

I watched the scene carefully from the pulpit.

Since I said everything I wanted to say, I guess you understood everything?

However, it was frankly shocking that no one raised their hand when asked to ask a question.

Right up until the night before, I was prepared to receive all kinds of questions and even prepared answers, but all of them were useless.

Isn’t it normal for academies like this to have only kids with strong egos?

I rather thought that they would make fun of me and pour out a barrage of questions, but did I think it was too much?

‘no. wait for a sec.’

It could be the other way around.

What if, in fact, you were deliberately chewing on my words?

I’ve heard of it. Isn’t that the case often in Korea in the 21st century?

The act of students deliberately ignoring a new student teacher without paying any attention to it.

This is especially true for female teachers.

It is mainly a method used by Iljin students to take the initiative of the class from the teacher.

A skill that you can’t stop even if you know about it.

Perhaps it was a case similar to this that no one answered my words.


I said it with the utmost sincerity to be scary on purpose, but did that have the opposite effect?

Perhaps this coercive tone or behavior has touched the pride of students who consider themselves geniuses.

‘Then it’s a bit of a big deal.’

In the military, the successor is the senior, the assistant shooter is the shooter at work, and the student ignores the teacher at school.

This is often said to have been eaten.

It is self-evident that if you lose the initiative in the atmosphere in the beginning, it will cause problems in future classes.

So, should we be a little more friendly?

‘no. Now come and suddenly it will be taken even more strangely. I just have to push this to the end.’

Smiling and being friendly for no reason doesn’t suit my temperament.

It’s like my nature, and most of the roles I’ve acted so far have had this kind of personality.

Besides, it’s already been 3 weeks since I came here.

Everyone already knows what kind of person Rudger is. It’s funny to pretend that soldiers are included in the history, but now they are pretending not to be.

I put on a hat while putting on a frock coat hung on a hanger.

In the meantime, the students who remained in the classroom did not approach me.

It’s not that I’m not interested. I could clearly feel the gaze trying to analyze this.

Still, I thought I would be able to ask the clichéd questions about how old you are or if you have a girlfriend, but I didn’t know that I wouldn’t say it.

That’s scary. kids these days.

* * *

Tboob. Tboob.

Leaving the classroom with leisurely steps, I walked slowly down the hallway.

It was the first day of the semester anyway, so this was the end of today’s work.

Since the course registration correction period is not over yet, you can change the people who want to change the course, and set the same for those who don’t.

The first class to start in earnest is 3 days later.

Until then, let’s seriously think about how I can take the initiative in class from students.

At least I have to avoid hearing that I am not qualified as a teacher.

Thinking so, I checked the front, and I saw that all the students walking down the hallway were looking at me and avoiding the road.

Both boys and girls alike would cling to the wall or window in amazement when they saw me walking.

What. why do you do that

Could it be that rumors of a seemingly easy-going new teacher have already spread throughout the academy?

I hear that there is a community like the university community ‘Everytime’ where you can exchange opinions with each other inside the academy. Could it be because of that?

Just when I thought the class ahead would be pretty tough, someone started talking to me.


I stopped and stared at the woman talking to me with a smile in my direction.

“Are you Mr. Ludgar Celish, who has just been appointed this time?”

“yes. you’re right.”

She was an attractive woman with pink hair with slightly wavy ends and a warm smile like a sheep somewhere.

I don’t think I’m a student because I’m not wearing a uniform.


Before I could understand anything, she made a fuss.

“Ah, too! nice to meet you My name is Selina. He is a new teacher who has just been appointed to the new Seorne Academy. You could say it was Mr. Rudger’s motive.”

“okay. nice to meet you.”

When I looked at him, asking what business I was here for, Selina looked at me as if she was a little embarrassed, and then spoke quietly in a crawling voice.

“that… … Have you eaten?”

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