I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 54

◈ Episode 54 Red snake in the mud (1)

Rudger, no, Moriarty now, didn’t know what to say.

The first thing you need to survive in this world is your eyesight.

Dutry immediately grasped the situation.

“Kill everyone!”

Dutri’s orders were swift.

If Moriarty came to get rid of them, there is no answer other than a deal or a big fight.

At Dutri’s command, the men moved.

They threw away their non-functioning guns and took out daggers in their hands.

However, the flow was not so good. Since a seat is a seat, not being able to bring a proper weapon became poison.



But the opponent is a wizard.

The moment you hesitate, this side will die.

If you attack from all sides at once, you have a chance of winning.

Above all, it wasn’t too far away, and Moriarty was sitting in the center of the bar proudly.

What caught him was the black werewolf standing reliably behind him.

This side was close to 100 people with only pages.


Hans asked with his gaze as he saw the Red Society gangs rushing towards him from all sides.

What are you going to do now?

Hans was honestly admiring the enemy society that did not run away, even if he was afraid to see himself.

loyalty? no. Rather, it was overflowing with venom to the point of attacking anyone and biting their throats.

True to the name of the red snake that lives in the southern jungle.

The enemy society was such guys.

Rudger did not answer Hans’ question. He only seemed to act instead.


Rudger raised the staff in his hand and lightly tapped it on the ground.

At that moment, a shadow began to roll around the cane, and the fire spread throughout the bar.

“Uh huh?”

“What is this!”

The members of the Red Society were embarrassed by the shadows and tried to move, but their bodies did not budge.

No, to be precise, his body moved, but he was closer to not recognizing it properly.

Darkness swallowed all the light inside the bar.

The shadows created by Ludger were much thicker and darker than the alleys outside without streetlights.

A pitch black where the light has completely disappeared.

And in this, only one.

Rudger himself was able to move without incident.


“what! Aww!”

“I can’t see anything!”

A scream echoes in the dark. All of these were the final words uttered by the members of the Red Society.

A sword stick taken out of the staff. Ludger grabbed it and quickly eliminated his gang members one by one.

“Sah, save me!”

“boss! Help! boss!”

As colleagues died one by one and the sound was heard, the rest of the organization lost their sanity.

The fear of not seeing anything.

At the same time, the sound of death steadily approaching was heard, and the mind could not stand it.

“Aww! die! Die!”


“It’s here!”

Crazed with fear, the members of the organization brandished their weapons in all directions, unable to bear the fear.

And it was directed at other colleagues who were nearby, and in an instant, the bar turned into a melee in which each other killed each other.

It wasn’t just magic.

To be precise, it was more of a complex magic that used darkness and shadows, and then added a curse that planted fear in the other person’s weakened mind.

Expression line attribute element.

3rd tier dark magic.

[The Fool’s Dream]

Although it does not work for those with strong mental power or those with proper skills.

It was a magic that exerted a greater effect than anything else in a space full of terminals.

“Damn it! What are you doing! Stop it!”

Duthree gritted his teeth and shouted. Although blind, his will was unshaken by the darkness.

Because he had a corner to believe in.

At his command, the two men who had been standing near Dutri as escort so far moved.


As the two swung their swords, an aura was carried on the tip of the sword, cutting through the darkness made of magic as if crossing it.

Eventually, the magic was dispelled and the light returned to the surroundings, revealing the appearance of the bar.

Dutry’s lips trembled.

“This, this.”

The pub was a mess reminiscent of a horror.

In a state of close to 100 subordinates, less than 10 were still alive.

Even those guys were bloody and full of wounds and were almost dying.

Dutry’s bloodshot gaze turned to Moriarty, who stood at the center of the horror.

‘What about that wolf monster? Where did it disappear to?’

The werewolf disappeared somewhere in the gap, and Moriarty was alone.

The sight of him standing still holding a sword stick among the corpses was like a reaper who appears right before he dies.

Even though all sides were covered with blood, not a single drop of blood had splattered on Moriarty’s body.

Dutri felt goose bumps on his skin without realizing it.


As soon as Dootri’s order was given, the two men moved.

He was a slim long-haired man with his hair nearly shaved and his hair grown long.

The two split in two and rushed towards Moriarty at terrifying speed.

Its speed is really fast.

A normal person would have allowed access at the moment of ‘uh’, and their necks would have been blown right away.

seminal article.

Those who did not become knights, but possessed far greater physical abilities than ordinary people.

‘I can’t be seen as funny.’

Not only did they split the magic they had just spread, but they also know how to handle auras.

Even if it’s not a regular knight level to enter the knights, it’s a level that’s almost equivalent to it.

Stronger than apprentice knights.

‘I don’t think I’ll lose though.’

Rudger stepped back and spilled the vial at his feet.


Right after that, the vial exploded, and purple smoke spread all around.


The long-haired swordsman stepped back and protected Dutry. No matter what anyone says, it’s over when the water owner dies.

The hunk wrapped an aura around his body, trying to resist any possible poison.

At that moment, the memory flew through the smoke.


He calmly swung his sword and slashed all the memorized words.

It was a sudden attack, but he knocked it all out with his transcendent reflexes.

But there was something he overlooked.

It is said that there was a bottle of poison mixed in between the memorization that was cut out.


The venom that flowed from the exploded reagent bottle landed on his forearm.


Chii profit!

However, no matter how much the aura was raised, the poison that came into direct contact with the skin could not be easily blocked.

What Rudger threw was more like a chemical drug that dissolved everything than a poison that reacted in the body.

As long as you can’t protect yourself with an aura shield, you won’t be able to block it.

“Damn it!”

The hulking man who lost the use of one arm in an instant swung a knife with his free arm toward the purple smoke with a murderous gaze.


A huge black wind blew and the smoke was torn away.

The big guy, who was about to pursue Ludgar right away, was puzzled when he was nowhere to be seen.

“Where are you?”

“be careful! down!”

At that moment, a colleague who was watching from behind warned me, but it was already too late.


Ludgar’s swordstick, which had come out of the shadows below, pierced the hulking man’s chin and protruded all the way to the top of his head.

“It’s not that wizards don’t engage in close combat.”

Rudgar said so and pulled out the sword stick from the corpse.

The hulking corpse tipped over and fell on its side.

The reason for his defeat was that he thought that his opponent was a wizard, so he would increase his distance and prepare for the next magic.

That’s why Rudger was able to win right away by stabbing the opponent’s loophole.

The long-haired man, who had no choice but to watch the death of his colleague, gritted his teeth.

“You guys. What the hell is it?”

“Didn’t you tell me earlier? Professor James Moriarty.”

“There’s no way that rumors about a wizard fighting like that wouldn’t have spread in the first place. It’s strange that there hasn’t been any news for several years now. Were you hiding your identity?”

“Do I have an obligation to tell you that? He is going to die soon.”

Rudger laughed at the long-haired man and looked at Dutley over his shoulder with a sneer.

Dutri’s complexion turned pale.

“Lord, kill! Kill him! It’s worth the money!”

One of the two people in charge of the enemy society’s greatest force was struck. All she could trust now was this long-haired man who was protecting her.

The long-haired man clicked his tongue and looked up.

Rudger’s actions in killing his comrades seemed very rich in combat experience.

From psychological warfare to catch opponents off guard, to actions that do not hesitate to engage in close combat even though they are wizards.

There was nothing that would go unnoticed.

“Aren’t you going to fight?”

“Will you watch me when I step back?”


At the words of the long-haired man, Dutri became contemplative and shouted.

“Ji, are you going to betray me now?!”

“It’s a betrayal and you’re sleeping, look at the situation now. A guy with skills similar to mine died without even using a side. You want me to fight a monster like that?”

“I gave you money!”

“That money is not more valuable than life.”

“Twice, twice! No, I’ll triple it! Including the share of dead friends! So kill him!”

When the word “three times the money” came out, the long-haired man was tempted.

3 times? That being said, it was worth the challenge.

Because the money he usually received was quite large.

‘Is it possible?’

At first, Ludgar’s existence was quite intimidating, but hadn’t you seen the way he fought?

Bondi fighting is to understand the opponent’s way and read the number.

If it is not possible to press down with force, the top priority is to somehow induce the guard and poke loopholes.

Didn’t Rudger actually fight like that?

As long as you’re careful about that, somehow.

At that moment, Rudger pulled out a gun from his waistband and fired at it.

visor! visor!


He swung his sword and deflected the two bullets fired. However, the feeling in his hand was somehow strange.

not a bullet Rather, it is closer to containing mana… … .

‘A magic bullet? this crazy They say they use things like this?’

It was not something the wizard he knew would do. It is said that eccentric wizards sometimes do strange things, but isn’t this completely beyond common sense?

At that moment, Ludger fired another magic bullet.

The long-haired man, who had deflected it with his sword, thought he couldn’t keep his distance like this, so he jumped out of his seat and charged.

Rudger backed away again.

The long-haired man, who was a semi-artist, was chasing him very fast, but reagent bottles were rolling around under the seat where Ludger had retreated.

‘Do you think I’m going to suffer the same way I saw you a moment ago!’

I already noticed Ludgar’s fighting method.

That’s a bottle that spreads a poison mist. Long-haired Nam swung his sword first before it could activate.

It was the intention to cut down first before activating.

However, his face immediately contorted.

‘The sword… … !’

When he cut the bottle, the sticky liquid that protruded from it fixed his sword to the floor.

I tried to get rid of it by wrapping the aura around the sword, but there was a gap of a few seconds.

Rudgar pointed the gun at his forehead.

‘If you can’t stop it, avoid it!’

With my reflexes, I was able to dodge the incoming bullets just by seeing the other person pull the trigger.

That’s why, while staring intently at Ludger’s figure, he had no choice but to look down as he suddenly felt a burning pain in his abdomen.


There was something like a black spear sticking out of his belly.

I struggled to turn my head to look behind me, and saw that a spear had come out of his shadow and pierced his abdomen from his back.

“Uh, how… … ?”

Wasn’t the magic used by wizards usually activated by the caster?

You used magic and spun it away to aim for the back?

Not like that. If that was the case, there was no way he wouldn’t have recognized it. Because he didn’t take his eyes off Rudger.

If so, only one.

It was said that this magic was literally activated from a different direction and aimed at him.

It’s magic that comes from a completely different place.

“I’ve never heard of this… … .”


Ludger’s magic bullet pierced his forehead.

In the end, the two quasi-knight-level fighters died in vain without leaving a scar on Ludger.

Dutry, who watched the scene from beginning to end, slumped down in his seat with his face facing the male grim reaper.

Tboob. Tboob.

Rudger slowly approached Dutri and looked down at him.

With his back to the light, his face was obscured by the shadows and could not be seen properly.

“Okay then.”

But I could tell for sure that he was smiling at me.

“Let’s finish talking about what we couldn’t tell you.”

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