I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 55

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◈ Episode 55 Red snake in the mud (2)

Hans, who escaped under the cover of darkness, crouched outside the door of the tavern and waited for the fight inside to end.

There was no reason for him to take part in the fight between Rudger and the enemy society.

Even though he looks like this, he doesn’t know how to fight.

The sight of a vicious werewolf with black fur over 2m sitting still was a bizarre sight that could only be seen in a dream.


Hans, who listened to the situation inside with his ears perked up, eventually got up from his seat.

‘It’s over.’

The sounds of fighting that had been heard from inside stopped as if silence fell.

The last thing I heard was the painful scream of Dutri, the Red Serpent, who could be said to be the leader of the Red Society.

They were probably torturing them to extract necessary information or things like that.

The fact that even that sound has stopped means that everything is over.

As expected, when I entered the bar, the thick smell of blood wafted up.


Hans, who became more sensitive to smell after becoming a wolf, clicked his tongue and moved carefully so as not to step on the corpses.

Rudger was sitting at the Front Bar, quietly sipping a drink from a clear glass.

“Are you done?”


Rudger answered without looking back.

“The two quasi-knights?”

“Under your feet.”

There were bodies all around Hans.

Exactly what happened, Hans decided not to ask.

“Ugh. If you stay in this state, you will become sensitive to the smell and your head will turn around.”

Hans immediately implanted the drug ampoule Ludger gave him into his forearm.


The swollen size shrank and returned to its human form. Then Hans quickly put on the jacket he had prepared in advance.

He shuddered at the grim sight around him.

“Your brother is great too. Do you get drunk in a place like this?”

“I just got used to it.”

“Rather than that, what kind of drink is that? It smells so good.”

Even though he returned to human form, his sense of smell, which had become a bit sensitive due to the influence of the transformation, caught the smell of alcohol that Rudger was drinking.

The scent is quite sweet.

The alcohol itself in Rudger’s glass was so clean that there were no impurities, and the flavor seemed quite deep.

This would be a fairly expensive drink.

“It’s said to be 38 years in Gorgon.”

“omg! You mean that precious drink? Damn it! Give me some too!”

“When did you say you were offended?”

“Even if you have to vomit from disgust, you should drink it!”

Rudger handed over the bottle of alcohol, and Hans took an appropriately empty glass and poured it himself.

A shabby bar full of corpses.

In a place where the smell of blood and alcohol was bizarrely intertwined, the two men sat side by side and worked on a masterpiece.

“So you sure killed him?”

“I haven’t killed him yet. There are places where you can extract the information you need and use it beyond that.”

“but. Now that I’ve moved to a new place here… … what is it? Don’t you know what my brother told me before? He said he came to make rice cakes?”


“I don’t know what it means to pass rice cakes, but it’s kind of nice to see you since you’ve just moved in, isn’t it?”

“I saw it correctly.”

“It’s an enemy society that has built up notoriety while crippling this side at the same time… … If you hand it over alive, the guys from the other organizations will love it and die.”

Of course, not all enemy societies were eliminated yet.

As they are the ones who dominate this big city, of course the total number of people far exceeds a thousand.

However, not all of those 1,000 enemy societies are perfect enemy societies.

Rather, the 100 people gathered here were the core personnel.

“Now that the head of the organization is gone, the rest of us are virtually left to collapse. What will your brother do? Absorbing all the smallfish?”


Rudger shook his head.

There is no way the organization can be properly maintained even if the population is increased with useless rags.

“This one just uses the few that are needed. Of course you’ll need some guys to subcontract, but not all. Pick someone with a good head and a good personality.”

“Hmm. Let’s go back for a bit.”

“Hans. I’ve done all I can do. As for the rest of the data, if you go up there to the office on the second floor, you’ll find all of his documents and secret ledgers, so you can proceed after looking at them.”

“Hi go. I will be busy again.”

Hans sighed.

This side worked hard for days and days to get information, collect data, and organize it.

Rudger completed all necessary procedures in just one night.

Of course, it was possible because Ludger was so great, but there was a sense of unfairness to Hans.

‘No. I didn’t risk my life to fight and chose the safe path, so I can’t just complain about this.’

Of course, when collecting dangerous information, he also had to take risks, but it was possible to borrow the power of this peculiar constitution from him.

That’s why I thought Rudger was even more amazing.



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Otherwise, he would have no reason to call and follow him.

“By the way, even if the hideout is decided, aren’t there just the two of us, my brother and I? What are you going to do?”

“If not, you need to increase it.”

“Increase? But a little while ago, no one came in… … .”

“I’m not talking about that kind of gossip. Hans. I bet you know. There are several people I know.”


At those words, Hans immediately crumpled his face.

“Are you serious?”


“Because, yes… … .”

“ah. Come to think of it, you didn’t get along well with them.”

“Hmm. It’s not that I don’t get along, it’s just… … .”

Hans hesitated because he knew who the ‘knowledge people’ Rudger was calling were.

Of course, they were also capable enough to be called by Rudger himself, in each field.

However, if there is a problem, it is that Inseong cannot take responsibility.

“No, by the way, those stubborn ones are coming? I wouldn’t even budge from a few words.”

“I have already sent you a letter. I heard that he just finishes what he was doing unexpectedly.”


Hans continued to grumble until he emptied his glass, probably uncomfortable just thinking about it.

“Do you hate it that much?”

“Rather than disliking it, it wouldn’t be right to be uncomfortable. There is no normal person. Well, that’s not something I would say with a constitution like this.”

“Can’t we just get along well?”

“Whoa. It sounds like you’re saying it because you don’t know, but how do you get along when all of them have the same damn personality? Among them, there are those who treated me as a test subject.”

“Is it so?”

“It was. Surely it was. At least, I’m a bit calm when my older brother is around, but if he’s gone, I might really die. Will he stay here?”

“I am busy maintaining my identity as Rudger.”

“Exactly! Haven’t you ever thought about how bloody I’ll be when my older brother is away as a new teacher?”

“That is something you have to figure out. Would you like to die?”

Of course, you won’t die, but you may end up with stress right before you die.

Hans sighed.

If you judge Rudger like this, it has already happened.

“… … ha. If you think about it, you’re doing this kind of dirty work again, but I don’t think there are people who can do it as well as those children.”

“Because you have great skills.”

Wasn’t it one of them that made a huge contribution to making all kinds of equipment that Rudger used right away?

“Would your brother be better than that?”

“What do you mean?”

“First of all, aren’t you Seorn’s teacher? Besides, unlike the previous identities, wasn’t it a bit of a crisis this time because your bare face was sold?”

“It did. That’s why I was moving like this now.”

“You said that you were a little suspicious of your older brother, so is it okay to just wander around like this?”

It was this part that Hans was worried about.

If Ceorn is suspicious, shouldn’t Ludger refrain from going out to the city like this?

Especially since the other person is a magician, I don’t know how they are secretly monitoring them.

Of course, it was necessary to move carefully in everything.

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Really? Isn’t your opponent a wizard?”

“Hans. What do you think of wizards?”

“Hmm. what is a wizard? If you use magic, you are a wizard. Still, if you dare to answer the question… … A very rational and cool seeker? I feel that way.”

“I saw it similarly. As you said, wizards are quite rational. No, I think you should be rational. I am not willing to make any mistakes.”

A calm mindset is essential from the time of manifesting magic.

Of course, since wizards are also human, they cannot be free from all mistakes.

However, doing your best to reduce mistakes in what you can do right now is a basic skill as a wizard.

Especially when it comes to high-ranking wizards.

“The president is a 6th tier wizard. Even his head works fine. Since such a person doubts me, I understand your concern.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“If the president doubts me, let’s say he kept his eyes on me.”

“Let’s assume it is.”

“And what if I noticed? If you ask me why did you secretly watch me? Then, how do you feel about being the president?”

“that… … .”

Hans sighed and couldn’t respond hastily.

You need to track down secretly without getting caught, but you get caught? Isn’t that a pretty bad situation?

What if you shamelessly say something like ‘I was suspicious of you’ there?

“Wouldn’t it be better not to get caught?”

“Undetected is not ‘certain’. However, the possibility of being caught might exist at least once. Hans. What are you considering here?”

“… … Hmm. I’m sure it’s the latter. Unless you’re really sure you won’t get caught, you shouldn’t touch it.”

“The opponent is Seorn’s teacher, and his true skill is not well known. If you recklessly tail such a target and get caught, even the president would be in great trouble.”

“So it’s better not to do it than to lose money by tailing it?”

“That’s what a wizard is. Besides, I have shown a good figure as a teacher so far. If you make a mistake here and disappoint me, the president’s position will be quite embarrassing.”

The president did not trust the teacher and committed a tailing.

That fact alone will make the President’s position worse.

Of course, considering the personality of the president now, I would prepare a safety device as much as possible, but it is as good as already defeated in the part of giving such a ‘room’.

“The seat of the president. Even teachers can’t do anything at the point where there is an opposing faction that doesn’t follow them. The more you do, the more careful you will be. Because that place is like that.”

“aha. I guess So, older brother, you’re saying that it doesn’t matter if you move freely like this, aiming for that gap?”

“Of course, if you are too blatant, you will get caught. If your tail is long, you will be stepped on.”

That is why Rudger manages his image as a teacher and solidifies his integrity.

Thanks to that, even if he went out freely like this now, the president would not pursue or follow him, although he might be a little suspicious.

Especially on a day like today when a sparring broke out between nobles and commoners, and Seorn became noisy.

“I understand. Then there is no need to worry right now.”

“That’s it.”

“So, if everyone gathers like this and now forms an organization, have you decided on a name?”


“Now, brother-nim and I don’t think we’re going to settle down in Leatherbelk properly. If so, you should definitely decide on the name of the organization now. Well, even if we get rid of rank and all that stuff, wouldn’t it be less lively without a name?”

“That too.”


After pouring all the alcohol into the empty glass, the bottle was empty before I knew it.

It was a high-quality drink, and I felt sorry for it, perhaps because it tasted good.

The alcohol was still too much.

“How many will it be if I collect all the guys I need to collect now?”

“Hmm. Including my older brother and me, maybe six or seven, right?”


“Not much. It is absurdly insufficient to form an organization.”

“But more people will come in. Maybe if a few more are added, just 10 people won’t be bad.”

“Ten people? That’s right. So, have you decided on a name?”

“name. It’s a name… … .”

Rudger suddenly remembered a poem and original work of a famous novel of the same name that he had seen in his previous life.

I read it a long time ago, but it was a novel that I still distinctly remember because it is such a famous masterpiece.

There is one character there.

The one who suppressed his own sinful karma and judged those who were difficult to deal with with the law.

In the end, the one who even got rid of himself.


“? The name of the organization, Unknown? what is this Did you just change the meaning of unknown to a pun?”


“I think I like it because it has a good tone.”

Thus, the name of the new organization that Rudger would create was decided.

“older brother. Last drink?”



Celebrating the birth of the new organization, Rudger and Hans exchanged a toast as they briskly clinked the last remaining glasses.

in the alley.

It was one night in a bloody bar.

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