I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 53

◈ Episode 53 James Moriarty (3)

Hans didn’t bother to ask why Rudger gave him the wolf’s tooth.

Because you know your body better than anyone else.

“No matter what, the atmosphere doesn’t live up to me if I go alone. You need a big guy who can properly threaten you from behind.”

“… … I don’t know if there will be a fight like this. I will run away right away.”

“You don’t have to worry about that part.”


Hans sighed and took the wolf’s fang in his hand and stabbed it into his palm until it bled.


And right after that, numerous black hairs began to grow on Hans’ body centered on the wolf’s teeth.

When the gene contained in the wolf’s teeth crossed his skin and came into contact with his blood, the constitution of the beast factor being expressed was activated.


With the sound of bones twisting, Hans’s size grew almost 1.5 times larger than usual.

Before long, Hans was replaced by a werewolf with black fur wearing clothes that were about to explode.

Hans carefully took off his jacket and carefully placed it nearby, as if his clothes were stuffy.

“Are you okay?”

“hmm. Not bad. Well, I was going to say that I don’t even need pants… … .”

“… … Please look at that.”

“okay. I need to understand that part.”

The transformation was released later, but if you took off all your pants, there wouldn’t be anything more terrible than that.

Hans let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s fortunate.”

“hmm. The size isn’t bad either. As expected, it is certain that the shape changes depending on which beast’s teeth are used.”

“… … Well, that’s something I had no choice but to know through various experiences to the point of being sick of it. I didn’t want to know.”

“Sorry. I wanted to keep the teeth of a bear or a tiger if I could get them.”

Hans didn’t have to be bitten directly by the beast.

His constitution is activated only when the factor of the beast touches the inside of his body.

In other words, it is said that the conditions for transformation are satisfied even if only the teeth of the beast are used to injure the skin.

“Still, I think these wolf teeth are unique, right?”

Hans looked around at himself and said so.

It was Hans who had transformed into many different forms, so I could feel how special he was now.

His body is full of strength, and his muscles and bones are 1.5 times thicker than usual.

I was sure it wasn’t just wolf teeth.

“okay. It is the tooth of the Black Fang that exists in the North Continent.”

“her. Those beasts that are only as dangerous as they are ferocious? no wonder. He said he had more energy than usual.”

“Compared to anything you’ve changed so far, you can be proud that you’re high enough. Of course, if you use ‘it’ that I gave you as a gift just in case, you can become stronger than anyone else.”

At the word ‘it’ coming out of Ludger’s mouth, Hans’ face frowned to the point where it was clearly recognizable even though he was in a wolf state.

“older brother. Anyway, it’s kind of like using such a dangerous thing. If I do something wrong, I might be eaten by the wild nature.”

“In case you didn’t know, I handed it over to keep it. Because I don’t know how things are going to go. If your life is in danger, use it. It would be better than dying.”

“It is, but… … .”

Hans remembered those huge molars.

It was a tooth, but the size was so large that it was cut into the shape of a dagger.

It was a special gift from Ludger for Hans.

Hans, who considers his constitution a curse, kept the tooth in his possession despite his reluctance.

“Then let’s go.”

“I’ll say it again, after a fight I’ll jump right in.”

“I told you. You just need to set the mood. I’ll go in first, so when you signal, follow me.”

“Whoa. I see.”

Ludger, dressed in black, and Hans, who became a black beast, immediately disappeared as if they melted into the darkness of the alley.

* * *

Located on the outskirts of downtown Lederbelk, Forges Street is famous for its many shops, restaurants and music halls.

Also, in some areas, there were workshops where mechanical clockworks were made, and it was a place where not only adults but also children were active.

Deep in Forges Street.

The boundary between the bright outside of the city and the back alley.

In the large bar that everyone knew, instead of the customers, men with stern looks gathered in a pile to maintain an uncomfortable atmosphere.


Among them was a red-haired man who blew a trumpet and drank from a bottle.

Compared to other people who have a lot of muscles, there was nothing special about her body, but her face did not.

He had long sideburns and had a large scar across one eye, so his sternness was extraordinary.

When he got annoyed, the subordinates around him only noticed.

At that time, the subordinate who acted as an advisor mustered up the courage to step out.

“older brother. Are you okay?”

“Do I look okay now?”

“… … It’s hard to say honestly.”

The man was Dutri, the red snake, the leader of the Red Society.

It was only natural for him to be angry now.

This is because Bellbot Rickson, the biggest source of funds and a big hand in the enemy society, died suddenly.

From the point of view of Dutri, who was closest to Bellbot and raised the enemy society with his prestige on his back, one of the big pillars that supported him collapsed.

There were still a few more pillars to help them, but the problem was that before Bellbot Rickson’s death, the Red Society invested a huge amount in his business.

It is a self-evident fact that all the property he has is scattered because the conductor of the business has died.

Most of the investors would share it, but it was difficult to recover the invested principal from Dutree’s point of view, who spends dishonest money.

There would be no such thing as ruining the enemy society, but the atmosphere was unavoidable.

“But since you can still hold on, why don’t you look for a new path?”

“That’s why I called you all here. I think we will have to expand our business in the near future.”

Business expansion.

That’s what I said, but it will be a somewhat bloody and violent operation.

Perhaps we will have to fight another organization that has only been growling and glaring at each other until now.

But no one was worried about that.

They were enemies, and their strength was the best in this Ledervelk back alley.

“First of all, I somehow took and pressed those black rose girls… … .”

When Dutry muttered that.


The bar door creaked open and a man came inside.



At first, I thought it was a member of the organization who came in late, but I had no choice but to change my mind soon.

It was because the man looked too neat to be seen as a member of the enemy society.

Black Inverness coat, staff in hand. A black silk hat on her head and a monocle on one eye.

He looked like a gentleman with a lot of money and a lot of leisure.

“What is that bastard? hey. Don’t you know the shop is closed?”

Dutry glared at the uninvited guest with a drunken face.

The man took an empty chair near him and sat in the center of the bar, as if he was not indifferent to that gaze.

There was a strange dignity that was hard to express in words somewhere in the sight of him sitting with his legs slightly apart and supporting his cane with both hands.

“What is that child?”

“Are you crazy?”

All the members of the Red Society glared at the uninvited guest.

After Dutry finished the bottle, he jumped up from his seat.

“who are you.”

“Dootree. The boss of the enemy society. Am I right?”

“okay. That one… … It’s a face I haven’t seen. Are we old?”

“It’s a first impression.”

Duttri let out a laugh as if it were absurd.

“Huh. You came here alone knowing that we are an enemy society? brother Do you have a corner to believe in?”

“A corner to believe in? That’s right, I came to find you.”

Despite staring at him from all directions, the man was confident and showed no fear at all.

Dutry felt a strange uneasiness at the sight.

It didn’t look like he was bluffing.

Having been to and fro in this back alley for a long time, he has come to the point where he can tell the difference between the bravado of an incompetent guy and the confidence of a real strongman.

The human in front of me was the latter among them.

‘The clothes he’s wearing look classy, ​​and the atmosphere itself is unusual.’

A person like this came to you?

Dutry thought it necessary to listen to the story first.

“hmm. Why did you come to see me?”

“I haven’t been to this city in a while. So I’m trying to start something new.”

“ah! business! It’s good! You’ve found this person well.”

Dutry clapped his hands in joy.

This man talked about business, but there was no one here who didn’t know that it was money and even dirty work.

The clothes, the atmosphere, and so on.

Judging from the fact that he came to know something, he must be of the same type as Bellbot Rickson.

A wealthy merchant with a lot of money and a dark heart.

Customers who want to make money in any way.

‘It’s a money line that must be caught!’

However, Dutry was not quick to rejoice. Wasn’t it the rule of this side that it was easy for him to blindly believe in a situation full of things he still didn’t know about the other person and get stabbed in the back?

Never trust someone if you don’t know them.

Even if you know the other person, you only half believe them.

Betray first before being betrayed.

That was the way and the rules of people living in the gutter.

“So, what is your brother’s name?”

In response to Dutry’s question, the man spoke in a slightly softer tone.

“My name is James Moriarty.”

“huh? James Moriarty?”

Dutley was puzzled by the name, which gave him a feeling of déjà vu. I think I’ve heard of it, but I don’t really remember much.

At that time, his adjutant and advisor, his right-hand man, hurriedly approached Dutri as if he had noticed something and whispered to him.

‘James Moriarty! That’s him.’

‘Who are you?’

‘A tycoon who once dominated the underworld of Delica Kingdom.’


Dutry could barely recall the name at those words.

James Moriarty.

As they call it, Professor Moriarty.

Calling himself a professor, he was a criminal consultant with notoriety in the underworld.

Delica, the kingdom of iron, made remarkable progress in the steel industry.

It was this man who shook the darkness of the place and stood right under the light.

The rumor was so famous that it was half-legendary in this field.

‘But that was true?’

Dutri got suspicious.

It was several years ago that Professor Moriarty disappeared from Delica.

Rumor has it that he met his end by a detective from a famous honorary aristocracy.

Some say he was captured and rots in the deep dungeons of Delica, others say he chose his own death before he was captured.

Otherwise, there could have been no news for several years.

Perhaps this Professor Moriarty in front of him was a fake.

‘Well, I guess I’ll have to check it out.’

Dootri cleared his throat and said hello.

“Professor Moriarty. I have heard the name many times.”

“I’m glad you noticed.”

“Hmm. By the way, isn’t this a bit ambiguous? Whether or not Professor Moriarty is real is a bit ambiguous.”

“Do you think I am an impersonator?”

“A person who suddenly disappeared a few years ago suddenly appeared in front of my eyes like this.”

Moriarty glanced around with a sidelong glance.

One by one, his subordinates pulled out their weapons from their waistbands and were holding them.

Considering that it is easy to carry, it is closer to a pistol than a dagger.

The faint smell of cheap gunpowder stimulating the tip of my nose convinced me of that idea.

I realize that the enemy society is a fairly large place in that all of these low-ends were given guns.

“I have to warn you.”

“Tell me.”

“I recommend not pulling out a gun if you can afford it.”

Moriarty immediately raised his right hand.

Let’s go!

At the same time, countless subordinates drew their guns and pointed them at Moriarty.

If you do anything suspicious, you’ll end up in a beehive.

But Moriarty wasn’t frightened at all.

With that momentum, as if to try it if possible, Dutri began to wonder if the man in front of him was real.

“It’s quite noisy.”

At Moriarty’s provocative tone, some members of the gang stood up in blood.

They looked at Dutri and asked if he would shoot or not.

Duthri pondered for a moment, then nodded slightly.

Confirming the signal, the subordinate slowly pulled the trigger of the gun in his hand.

Aim for the shoulders, not the head.

If you feed him a lead bullet, he might reveal his true colors.


But no bullets came out.

“Uh huh?”

“Isn’t the gun out?”

And that wasn’t all. The guns of all the gang members now gathered in the bar were disabled.

“That’s why I didn’t warn you.”

Moriarty laughed quietly in the midst of the perplexity.

“Don’t pull out your gun.”

“Oh, wizard!”

Duttri was unaware that all the guns had suddenly gone dead.

It was clear that this was the [silence of fire] magic used by wizards.

That said, it was certain that the man in front of him was a wizard, if nothing else.

At that moment, Moriarty blew a whistle.

When the sound rang through the bar and spread out beyond.

Before long, the bar’s door was smashed and a giant barged in.


“Um, what the hell is that!”

The giant was a huge wolf that walked on two legs.

A gigantic figure with black fur covering its entire body and a body height of over 2.5m. And even the sharp claws that grew on both arms.

Everyone was ignorant of the Werewolf Incident that had stirred up Laddervelk not long ago.

The werewolf slowly entered the bar and stopped behind Moriarty.

As if to protect him.

Dutry immediately changed his stance at the sight.

“oh my. You were real. I don’t know you.”

“Is this enough proof?”

“haha. It’s not enough, it overflows.”

“Then we can have a serious conversation now.”

“yes. What kind of business do you want? What do you need us to do?”

“Rather than that, I have something to tell you.”

“What do you want to say?”

At Moriarty’s words, Dutry’s eyes widened as he asked what that was.

“I am a horse. I don’t like things that are dirty and nasty like this.”


“What that means is that the enemy society will disappear from here as of today.”

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