I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 216

◈ Episode 216 Order Synod (3)

“John Doe. You’re a bit harsh too.”

Leslie, who mediated the situation, also criticized Rudger.

“No matter how intrusive they are, killing subordinates who are no different from colleagues. You said that you made the mistake first, but you always do too much.”

That’s what he said, but Leslie honestly felt good.

‘Seeing how Nikolai is being beaten, it feels like things that have accumulated on a daily basis are slowly disappearing.’

Nikolai, who shows off himself, had been in frequent conflict with Leslie before.

Unlike the serious and heavy Leslie, the light-hearted Nikolai was more than water and oil.

If it weren’t for the one who served the Zero Order together, I wouldn’t be able to drink it first.

He messed with John Doe today, and he was taken aback.

Is there anything more refreshing than this?

Did John Doe kill his men?

That was something I didn’t know in the first place. What does it matter if a few people who aren’t of any help to Zero Order die?

‘Nikolai boy. He was always jealous of John Doe, who was favored by Zero Order, and it ended up like this.’

Looking at Nikolai, who was still shivering, he seemed to be able to digest well and sleep well for the next week.

‘It’s more surprising than that.’

John Doe was more than he thought.

He knew he had a bad personality, but what he saw today far exceeded his imagination.

‘A mad dog that bites enough to tear off flesh once bitten. That impression was everything.’

A dog that only follows the orders of the Zero Order.

A psychopath who stabs his comrades if they make a mistake.

That was all about the character of John Doe.

‘Because of his overly violent personality, there were many times when I wondered why a guy like that was the First Order.’

Among the First Order, John Doe was a guy who specialized in disguise, infiltration, and camouflage, so his actual combat power was unknown.

This is because very little information has been revealed since it is so secretive.

As a result, opinions about his qualifications were divided among the First Order.

‘Besides, the benefits were excessive compared to the position I was given.’

John Doe even killed the men of the Black Dawn.

The other First Orders had the right to sanction those who couldn’t use them or traitors, but John Doe had a lot of that.

Still, the Zero Order did not blame or rebuke John Doe.

Where is that?

I never once yelled at him.

‘I didn’t know what the Zero Order was thinking about keeping John Doe as the First Order until now.’

Today, I think I finally know why.

And once again, I felt respect for Zero Order.

‘He knew everything.’

Zero Order is someone who is so far superior that nothing compares to him.

The fact that he acted like that was all for a reason.

In fact, now, John Doe’s hidden skills have been proven.

The fact that he knew things that Nikolai didn’t know, and the fact that he moved secretly enough not to be observed by the same First Order.

Today, a particularly unexpected aspect stood out.

Although the personality is still dirty.

‘Especially saying that he erased Ledervelk’s laboratory with his own hands. There’s probably no lies in that.’

In fact, the Ledervelk branch has completely disappeared.

Considering John Doe’s past actions, he must have moved alone without any subordinates.

‘There must have been several troops and even a warlock inside, but the fact that he got rid of them with his own hands.’

It meant that John Doe’s yet unrevealed combat power surpassed his predictions.

‘I don’t intend to pretend, but I have to be careful.’

Even though they belong to the same Dawning Society, the relationship between the First Order is not good.

Rather, it is safe to say that they consider each other as competitors.

“John Doe.”

When Leslie called his name, John Doe’s gaze turned this way.

It was an inorganic gaze that still didn’t feel like comradeship.

It was the same for Leslie, so I didn’t care and asked questions.

“Since you have admitted with your own mouth that you did the Ledervelk work, I will say that. If so, is Baltanung also yours?”

“It is something I do not know. In the first place, the only one I judged was Laedervelk.”

Rudger remained ignorant of Baltanung.

Ledervelk had a cause, but Baltanung didn’t.

“is it.”

“However, there are those who can guess.”

Instead, he intended to turn the arrow the other way.

Leslie’s ears perked up at those words.

“Is there anyone who can guess?”

“According to the information I obtained.”

“Isn’t that something that even Nikolai doesn’t know about?”

At those words, Nikolai, who had been quiet, felt a flinch.

Leslie waited for John Doe’s answer while feeling refreshed.

“A lot of dangerous guys have gathered in Ledervelk recently. The leader of the Knights of the Nightcrawler, Patriot Terrina Lionhowl is a typical example.”

“Well, she’s keeping an eye on our movements too.”

“But there are others who are wary, just like those border guards.”

“Who is that?”

“Casey Selmore.”

When the name came up, Leslie let out a sigh.

Other First Orders responded similarly.

“If it is Casey Selmore, isn’t it a magician of color? No, I’m pretty sure it’s not the same name.”

“I heard the name too. You said you were the detective who took down the notorious James Moriarty?”

Victor, who had been listening quietly, opened his mouth.

“But the opponent we fought was wearing a black shadow?”

“I know one, I don’t know the other. Victor. Wasn’t there a sea of ​​water around you when you went to the factory area?”

“It did.”

Instead, it was Berom who answered.

“Somehow, it was said that everywhere was full of water, so it was like that.”

“That means, the black shadow assailant has something to do with Casey Selmore! Maybe it’s a collaboration with each other! Oh hyo hyo!”

Rudger nodded and said.

“okay. That woman bit the tail of this meeting.”

“That’s definitely a nuisance.”

If an insignificant guy had stepped on his tail, I would have just ignored it.

The wizard with the title of color was too big to be ignored.

Besides, in the Selmore family, there was another wizard who received a title of a different color besides Casey.

It was a bad thing in many ways that a person of this level recognized this side.

It seemed that even Nikolai did not know.

If he had known this, he would have been the first to make a noise.

John Doe said it so calmly.

‘John Doe knows more than Nikolai.’

indeed. Was it for this reason that Zero Order let him be the First Order?

‘It’s more amazing than that. How did you manage to hide this level of skill until now? It’s almost terrifying.’

Leslie knew better because she was working in a place related to magic academia.

Rudger Chelsea.

It was the false identity that John Doe had now used to infiltrate Ceorn.

‘I proved my skills in Seorn, and even made magic that made the academic world buzz.’

When I first heard the news, I thought it was the Zero Order’s help rather than purely my own strength.

But looking at it today, it doesn’t seem that way.

‘Why did you stand out so far and now come out? Besides, it is said that Seorn’s infiltration was ordered by Lord Zero Order, but what the heck… … .’

Leslie couldn’t help but get confused.

The other First Orders felt the same way.

John Dow, even during his usual meetings, did not give any comments or comments.

He was extremely reluctant to reveal himself and did not seek to engage in conversation with the rest of the First Order.

That’s why he showed exceptionally many things today.

There was something that Nikolai had overtly touched, but there must have been other reasons besides that.

For example, trying to solidify his rank among the First Order.

Bentmin was of the same opinion as Leslie, so she stuck her tongue out inwardly.

‘If you’re trying to sort things out, it’s a success. Because I took a good look at Nikolai in front of everyone. Well, I don’t care who wins… … John Doe, no matter how you look at it, he’s awkward.’

Even that Victor was hunched over, unable to meet John Doe’s eyes.

The fact that this irritating scientist is quiet is enough, though.

I couldn’t wash away the feeling that a huge tiger had stepped in instead of a troublesome wolf who had calmed down.

“So what about Casey Selmore?”

“As always, we have to go as planned.”

“You mean remove it? That cowardly wizard?”

“No matter how brilliant a wizard is, if he wanders around without a place to belong, assassination is easy.”

“Oh Hyo-hyo. I agree with you.”

The conversation naturally flowed to Casey Selmore’s treatment.

The result was to get rid of Casey Selmore.

The fact that she didn’t belong anywhere and wandered around by herself had a big effect.

‘I brought up the story first, but if it were her, she’d take care of it.’

Rudger felt apologetic in his heart, but thought it didn’t matter.

With her skills, she’ll survive on her own.

‘If there’s a problem, it’s zero order.’

There were many reasons for the unprecedented move of eliminating Ledervelk’s secret branch, but it was also to see the reaction of the Zero Order.

I got rid of one secret branch. how will you react

However, Zero Order did not respond in any way to the shocking words.

When even the rest of the First Order were stunned, he still watched the situation with unchanging attitude.

Are you saying you won’t show any gaps until the end?

“I think the story is over.”

Zero Order, who had been observing the situation until now, opened his mouth.

“I think it’s fortunate that everyone seems to be doing a good job at their job. Of course, there are times when things don’t go the way you want.”

At those words, Nikolai and Victor flinched.

“What matters is how well you deal with it in the future. So don’t be discouraged.”

“… … Oh Hyo-hyo. After all, you are Zero Order.”

“It’s been quite a while. Today’s meeting ends here. The next time we get together, I wonder if the empty seats will be filled.”

Zero Order waved his hands.

It was a sign that the meeting was over.

‘Is the important thing left unobtained?’

Still, there was an income.

Because I knew that the other First Orders held significant positions in their respective fields, and that they were up to something.

“John Doe. You stay a while.”

At that, the other First Orders overreacted.

There had never been a case where Zero Order called someone separately after the meeting.

Nikolai’s reaction was particularly intense.

It felt like the blood in my body was evaporating because of jealousy.

The mere fact that Zero Order called John Doe was proof of how much John Doe was favored.

“… … yes. All right.”

Even at the call, there was no tremble of joy in John Doe’s voice.

Rather, I was trembling.

‘What is that response? Is that natural for you?’

Nikolai managed to keep the cry from escaping his mouth.

Nikolai hurried out of the conference room, feeling that he could not bear to stay here any longer.

The other First Orders were also a little displeased, but realized they had no choice and left one by one.

The only ones left at the round table are Zero Order, Rudgar, and Zero Order’s lieutenant.

Zero Order raised his hand slightly, and the adjutant lowered his head and stepped back.

This left only two people in the seat.

“okay. How was the meeting today?”

“How are you sleeping? It was nothing.”

Despite what might sound arrogant, he responded with a smile.

“okay. John Doe. If you are, then you are.”

“… … .”

Rudger’s eyebrows twitched at those words.

‘Even though it’s just the two of us, they call me John Doe.’

To maintain such an attitude even in front of an unknown being who might have killed one of his subordinates.

‘For Zero Order, his subordinates may be nothing more than easy-to-use tools.’

So even if someone dies, it probably doesn’t matter too much.

The reason why I call this side by the name of John Doe to the end.

Because I treat you as a position, not as a person.

Now that the previous John Doe had disappeared, Ludgar had become the new John Doe.

Even so, to think of calling such an unknown person to the cadre meeting casually.

I really don’t know what’s inside.

‘If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that there’s no hostility towards me.’

Maybe he is enjoying the situation itself because he is crazy beyond imagination.

If that’s the case, this one has no choice but to match it.

“Is there anything else you want from me?”

“What do you want?”

At that, Zero Order stroked his chin under the mask.

“no. If I have to say it, it doesn’t matter as long as you carry out the mission I gave you diligently.”

“A mission, you mean?”

“okay. Because I can’t stay in Seorn any longer. I have work to do. So, I want you to find it.”

find it

At that, Rudger focused his attention on the next words of the Zero Order.

“A man of fortune. He exists in Ceorn. I must find him.”

‘A person whose destiny is fortified?’

At that, Rudger shook his head.

‘I’m not simply asking you to find your mate. If someone of the Zero Order put the First Order in three ranks, then he’s that important.’

Just then, a person passed over Ludger’s head.

‘no way.’

Maybe it’s a leap, maybe it’s too much speculation.

Because the flashing intuition did not go through rational judgment, but only derived the result.


There is only one person that comes to mind in Ludger’s head.

A user of non-attribute magic.

A diligent child who listens to his lessons.

And, kill her mother with these hands… … His sinful karma erased even that memory.

‘Rine’s eyes are not awakened yet.’

And there is a tradition that the moment a decision appears, it gets caught up in a fateful whirlpool.

Others might not believe it, considering it an old legend, but Ludger was different.

‘Maybe the person Zero Order is looking for is Line.’

Since this was nothing more than a leap on our side, there was a possibility that it wasn’t.

However, the owner of the judgment is convinced that the zero order is worth finding.

If you still don’t know, ask something else.

“Do you have anything special to say?”

“A feature?”

“Knowing even one would help narrow it down.”

“I can’t say with certainty that I am also a character, but if I dare… … By and large, that person was a woman. They also say that they see things that others cannot see.”

Do you see what others can’t see?

When I heard the word woman, I thought of Line, but when I said that I see things that others cannot see, I thought of Flora Lumos.

Because Flora Lumos smells magic and senses magic that others can’t see.

“Can anyone guess?”

“no. Not yet.”

Rudger answered without hesitation.

“is it. If you ever find it later, please let me know.”

“All right.”

“okay. I’m sorry for holding you for so long. Let’s go.”

Rudgar got up from his seat.

After Ludger completely disappeared beyond the stone gate.

The Zero Order called the adjutant they had temporarily left behind.


“yes. Mr. Zero Order.”

“There is a place you need to go to for a while.”

“yes. Please tell me.”

“It’s a bit of a rough place. Aret Mountains. I have to go there.”

The Aret Mountains nestled between the Kingdom of Utah and the Exilion Empire.

It was also the place where Rudger and John Doe switched identities in the past.

“There’s someone to find.”

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